• Weremione

    Harry and Hermione don't quite escape from Professor Lupin unscathed at the end of third year,which results in unexpected complications and struggles as the pair face adversity and bigotry while trying to stay alive. This is a Work in progress and will be updated as i can.

  • The Muse's vault

    My muse has ADHD, these are some of the musings I have put to paper. They may eventually see the light of day as part of full stories, they may not, only time will tell.

  • Magic Decides

    The Goblet is older than everyone ever thought, and during the choosing of the champions at Hogwarts it wakes up. It wakes up, it realizes it has been duped, and it's upset. It cleanses Harry, then sends Him and his bonded to a better place. When they return, The magical world won't know what hit them.

  • Acceptance

    In the months after the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry reflects on the reactions of the Magical People of Britain, and the changes in his own life and relationships.

  • The Duel

    Severous Snape is vindictive, nasty, and generally reprehensible. As DADA Professor, he decides to let his Slytherins attack the other houses under the cover of 'Dueling'. The students who had Harry teach them the previous year show what that training means, but what happens when he has to face his best friend and secret crush in the finals?

  • Death's Child

    Sirius Black has Moonlighted as an actual Grim for years. Then, that fateful Halloween, he calls in a favor from Death. How will the wizarding world react to a Harry Potter raised by his Sirius Black and his favorite 'uncle': The grim reaper himself.

  • The Ritual

    After the Battle in the Department of Mysteries, Hermione's life slips away. Driven by grief, love, and a determination not to let his best friend down, Harry searches to find a cure before time runs out. He finds a ritual, but will she let him try it?

  • Interrupted

    the Golden trio return to Hogwarts to complete their education, but what will happen when Hermione comes to Harry after a fight with Ron? Will they finally confess their repressed feelings for each other? Will that confession change everything? Will Ron survive finding out?

  • Accidentally on Purpose

    It had been an Accident, a mistake. So why can't Hermione stop thinking about the kiss? And what does it mean for her friendship with Harry?

  • The Tapestry

    For two years Hermione has poured everything she felt for Harry into a project, the only family hs efelt she could give him. Now it's complete and ready, just in time for his 18th Birthday. but how will he react?

  • The Trial of Gilderoy Lockhart

    In the caves below Hogwarts, Gilderoy Lockhart tried to stun Harry and Ron before obliviating them. The spell backfired, the cave collapsed, Harry beat the basilisk, and now they've returned to the school with a stunned Lockhart no one is quite sure what to do with. Enter a newly unpetrified Hermione Granger. Not only did the ponce try to attack her Harry, he LIED in a BOOK...

  • Confessions

    After Ron wins his first Quidditch game, he kisses Lavender. This leads to other Kisses and confessions no one expects. H/Hr, one-shot

  • Future's Gift

    A bit of Fluff, a possible future, and a gift to make Harry the happiest wizard ever. one shot

  • From now to Eternity

    When harry and Hermione visit Godric's Hallow, Harry speaks to his Parents graves and finds new hope.

  • I'll go With you

    A simple offer has much bigger implications as long denied feelings are identified. One-shot HHr implied