Severus Snape in Dragon Ball saga

I am doomed

Severus Snape had known that he would die from the hands of Dark Lord Voldemort but he had never known that said death would be by the fangs of his pet snake or hocrux Nagini.

Dumbledore may consider himself all intelligent in the field of Dark Arts but he certainly was not as Severus had already understood that the boy was dark lord's hocrux. Did he surely thought that he would not know about such an interesting topic like Hocrux nor that he would have read about them in some of the darkest books he had access to.

Dumbledore may think that people won't know about hocruxes after he removed the book from Hogwarts library but he never took the fact that Old families collected a ton of knowledge in their libraries and not even the ministry couldn't interfere with them.

Still he fulfilled his promise to Dumbledore and provided memories to the Potter brat as he finally died.

He had hoped that he would go to afterlife, he had been curious about the existence of heaven and hell since childhood and now was the perfect chance to see if they certainly existed.

However when he closed his eyes finally, he would have never thought what was going to happen with him

The next time when he opened his eyes Severus though he would see a white area and a place where each of his wishes would be fulfilled by angels or somewhere in a dark dungeon of the hell.

However the situation in which he found himself was not one he expected. Severus found that he was laying in something soft and that his whole motor control was gone.

The answer came to him a minute later when he tried to get up and couldn't do so and decided to bring his hands bear his face to see them. The sight frightened him as his arms were those like that of a baby.

The next thing he knew was that he was crying his lungs out.

Bess looked at her son who was trying to walk slowly on the floor and couldn't help but laugh softly at her son's clumsy attempts.

Her son was an odd child from what she had observed, he didn't bawled much like other children and was mostly silent unless he was hungry.

He was sharp and she had seen it in his eyes, it was a shame though that her son was a low level Saiyan like her and Abinn.

Abinn was on a mission with his teammate Bardock and she couldn't help but miss her mate.

She would have never thought that she would have mated with that knucklehead Saiyan but slowly she had been enamoured by him.

She looked at the date and sighed, Abinn still won't come till next two days.

She wondered about what to do and decided to visit her friend Gine who too was heavily pregnant and maybe had some little talk with her.

Severus Snape was out of his wits at the moment, it has been six months since he was reborn in this world.

He had started to relax about the fact that he was reborn but then he had discovered that he had a tail.

It scared him and once again he had bawled his lungs out. He might have the skill of thought processing of an adult but he was in the body of a child. The brain of a child was not the same of an adult.

It grasped concepts slowly and was not able to process information faster not to mention that sometimes his child brain caused him to have childish actions sometimes.

It was difficult to not cry when you're hungry or you wanted to potty.

Still he decided to go with the flow and was already starting to enjoy his new life.

His mother Bess was a little odd but actually likeable as she was not too overbearing like that Weasley mother. She carried him around and had started to teach him some small words.

His father Abinn was a little different, he was a little strict but loved him in his own unique way. His spiky hair was permanently standing defying gravity and he usually liked to drink and eat and ofcourse regale the missions to his mother.

He had already suspected that he was an alien now judging by the tails he had seen in all over the people he had met till now.

Apparently he was what these people called a Saiyan. A race of alien warriors who loved to fight and eat according to his mother.

He had been freaked out when he saw his father arriving in a landing pose. Seeing his wide eyed look and taking it as an expression of wonder he had then proceeded to show him his flight skills.

Severus had been amazed, his new father flied faster than sound which was way too speeder than he could in his previous life.

He was already excited to try flying when he grew up a little and couldn't help but chuckle at his situation.

A lifetime ago he would have never thought that he would have a chance at happiness but now living a new life and family certainly changed him slightly.

Perhaps he was getting soft, he chuckled inwardly.

Three years later...

Bardock looked at the missive and frowned slighlty, his gut instinct was getting frenzy and he looked at his friend Abinn and his mate Bess.

Gine spoke up "Bardock, is it necessary to do this?" she asked her mate who had just tucked their younger son Kakarot to a pod.

"I am feeling that something is not well Gine. Frieza has been distrusting and hostile towards us lately and summoning all the Saiyans to the planet suddenly does look suspicious to me" he said to her and he felt a sadness over what he was doing. He may be a fighter but he did loved his mate very much.

"He is right Gine. This doesn't feel good at all not to mention that the rumours about the legend of Super Saiyan are increasing. I think Frieza is starting to feel uneasy by the rumours" Abinn spoke up as he too looked at his son who was on the stasis pod alongside Kakarot.

The boys had never been friends but then again all the Saiyan children were aggressive, well the only exception he had seen till now was his own son.

Gine nodded and Bardock contiued "besides if my worries stand for naught then I will go and retrieve them personally" he said to his mate as he looked at her.

Gine nodded at his words and even though she still felt uneasy. They saw as the Saiyan responsible for mission ordered the ship to launch and both her and Bess son's were sent to a small and weak planet.

Hours later the news of destruction of Planet Vegeta by a meteor was echoed throughout the universe.

Little did the two boys on the space pod knew that both had become orphans and their home was no more.