Severus Snape in Dragon Ball saga


Severus didn't know how his consciousness went completely black but he attributed it to his small body.

Looking around he saw Kakarot being held by an old bald man who was inspecting his tail while Kakarot was acting his usual violent self.

Severus or Savinn which was the name given by his parents sighed, in all his experience with saiyans he had only seen himself as a quiet child whereas all the other saiyan kids were extremely violent.

He looked around and saw two space pods, his mind suddenly started to form theories.

He had learnt from his new parents that saiyan children were sent to weak planets so that they can purge them and sell it to highest bidder.

He panicked because it meant that he was on another planet, looking at the old man who lacked tail he could guess that he was perhaps human and he was most probably on Earth or similar planet which housed humans.

Still it meant that he was on another planet having nothing in his hands except his magic.

Yes, you heard right. Apparently he still had his magic but it was more volatile and stronger to control.

He looked at the old man who was holding Kakarot "you seem like a troublesome child" the man spoke up amusedly.

Severus or Savinn now looked at the old man and decided to just watch both of them as Kakarot was loudly roaring and thrashing his arms around to hit the old man. He wondered how a saiyan like Gine could birth this demon child.

"No no, you are now my grandson and your name will be Goku" the man spoke up placatingly which did nothing to console the boy.

Severus sighed and trudged forward, saiyan physiology allowed him a rapid growth and he spoke up in his baby words "who are you?"

The man was surprised and looked at me as he held Kakarot single handedly at an arm's length.

"Hello child I am Gohan and I hope you are not like him" he said jovially.

I nodded with a small smile afterall baby smiles were cute and worked well in manipulating till now.

He pointed to himself with a finger "Savinn" he spoke up in his childish voice.

The man was surprised and looked at me interestingly "if I am not wrong did you just said that your name is Savinn" he spoke up curiously.

I nodded and the man smiled and spoke up with a smile "atleast you are a calm one and not too energetic like him" he said in an amused tone.

Severus nodded and he thought about telling the old man more about their mission to wipe out this planet.

Gohan spoke up looking at both of them and their tails as well as their hairstyle. Judging by the spacepods the children were perhaps aliens and he decided that he will took them with him and raise them like his grandchildren afterall he too felt alone in Mt Paozu.

He looked at both of them and said aloud "if you two decide to come with me, I can give you food" he said to both of them as in his long life he had seen how children loved to eat.

The boy whom he named Goku immediately calmed down and nodded whereas the another one called Savinn thought for a moment and then nodded. He wanted to name the second one but it seemed that the boy already knew his name. How strange, he inwardly thought one is a volatile one while the other is perfectly calm and collected as if he was an adult.

Though he decided to think about it later as he bent down and scooped both the boys and carried them on towards his house.

He did not see Savinn looking carefully through the path and remembering the locations of their spacepods.

Severus wouldn't had followed the old man but when the old man had told them about food he couldn't control himself anymore.

His new species were heavy fighters and eaters and he himself had been disgusted by the amount of food he ate himself though he ate them with grace unlike a red haired Weasley.

Still no matter how much he suppressed a part of him wanted to fight and eat more, he blamed it all on his physiology.

Still there's not much he could do at the moment apart from following the old man who did seemed kind and genuine towards them.

Gohan was astonished as he saw the amount of food the two boys consumed.

Goku ate like a maniac everything he got his hands on whereas Savinn chewed slowly and ate everything nicely but he too ate a large amount of food.

The two of them had completely finished his supply of food and he thought for the first time if bringing them here was a right thing.

"Thank-you" Savinn spoke looking at him a little guilty.

"Oh no problem child but it seems we must find another choice for dinner and I think I know what to bring" he explained gently to boy.

The boy nodded and after a moment he spoke up "thank you for taking us" and Gohan just waved him off.

"Ohh, it's nothing child besides I would have done the same for anyone" he frankly spoke with a laugh.

The boy nodded after a moment and Gohan decided to ask out "do you know how and from where you both are?" he asked the boy.

The boy stilled but after some moments replied "we be called Saiyans. We fight" he spoke up in his childish voice.

Gohan laughed a little thinking the talks of the child as joke but stopped when he saw the serious looks from him.

"Is it so?" he asked curiously to the child.

The child nodded "we be strong" he said taking small breaks between words.

Gohan stilled and looked over both of them and asked "so you really are from another planet"

"Yes" the boy replied and Gohan nodded.

"You said you were a bunch of strong people, how strong you are" he asked the boy curiously.

The boy didn't said anything and extended his hand for a handshake. Gohan who understood what he was going to do extended his hand albeit slowly.

The boy's grip was extremely strong, too strong from that of a normal human, Gohan thought as he looked at his pink hand now. The boys would be extremely skilled in martial arts if they learned and practised it.

"Perhaps, you should tell me more about yourself and your planet young Savinn as your other friend is quite tired" he said and pointed to the sleeping Kakarot.

Severus nodded and started to give him some general knowledge about Saiyans he learnt from his father and mother and some books. Afterall the man looked trustful and for some odd reasons his gut feeling was asking him to be nice which itself was a surprise afterall one like him can't climb so high without trusting his or her gut instincts.

Ofcourse he still didn't said anything about destroying planets or such besides if he was now on Earth then it meant that he was safe for the moment.

Three Years Later

Gohan looked at both the boys who were having a small spar in the frontyard.

When he had taken them he hadn't thought much but it seemed he should have.

Goku was a terror in himself with his erratic and violent nature but all that had changed when he and Savinn found him hurt after he had fallen from a ravine. Such an injury should have killed him but Goku had survived due to his alien physiology which Savinn theorized. Since then he had become a happy to go person with loving and warm nature. Both him and Savinn were baffled at first at his sudden change but when they saw that his behaviour didn't changed for two months they had finally concluded that he must have lost his memories. After seeing that Goku had become a nice person, Gohan had finally decided to teach both of them martial arts. Both of them were quick learners but Savinn held an extra edge due to his calm mind unlike Goku who became reckless.

The child was another mystery to him, ofcourse he loved him as his grandson but the child was always mature save a little times when Goku dragged him to somewhere else. The child was frighteningly intelligent with grasping any knowledge in his first time and Gohan had thought that perhaps study would be more of a thing for the child but the child had denied it. He wanted to learn from him and Gohan brought books from nearby villages to keep the boy occupied.

Saiyans, he thought with worry in his mind. When they had reached their fifth year, Savinn had told him personally everything about Saiyans which he hadn't told about him previously.

How they were a race who destroyed planets and sold them to highest bidders. How they could transform into their ape form when they are in the presence of full moon. Gohan had been stunned and angry at first but had been pacified when Savinn told that he didn't trust him at first as he still was a stranger to them. Gohan had felt a little happy that the boy finally trusted him enough to tell him.

And then he asked the most important question about if they were going to destroy Earth. The boy had immediately declined and said that he never wanted to destroy it and instead was happy that Goku had finally become a kind hearted child as he was like the other Saiyan violent kids previously.

Though he later told him that their planet was destroyed and he and Goku were the only survivors he knew about. Gohan had been stunned when he learnt about the destruction of their planet and vowed to teach them martial arts.

Since then he had started to teach them more about martial arts and how to fight and survive in wild as most of their food was meat they gathered during their games.

Savinn normally cooked the food as he cooked the best among them all. Savinn was perhaps the most extraordinary cook from he had ever fortune to eat. He mixed the ingredients and spices like an artist and cooked them like a professional.

Gohan had dismissed it as another quality unique to Savinn who just constantly defied his expectations. Goku considered Savinn like a brother and rival, which was the reason he too applied himself in studies and activities in which Savinn applied himself. He had seen Savinn letting Goku win sometimes so that the boy won't be overly depressed and couldn't help but admire the boy for his actions.

Savinn also kept Goku in check during every full moon by hauling him in the basement with him. Gohan had decided to broaden his house and with the help of the two kids they had managed to finally build a new house and basement.

The boys were heavy workers and pushed each other to their limits and Gohan firmly believed that they will surpass everyone in the planet, never knowing how correct he was in his assumptions.

Goku was stubborn whereas Savinn was the rational one among the two. Due to Savinn's insists he had taken the two of them to a nearby village and it had showed him how much dangerous a sheltered upbringing can do.

Goku had asked a woman why they didn't have tails and flipped her skirt to confirm whether she had a tail or not. It had been quite an experience for both Gohan and Savinn for the former mortifying whereas for the latter amusing.

Severus sighed as he dodged another kick to his face and replied with a feint kick to the left and when Goku dodged to right he got a sudden kick to his ribs.

"Enough, Goku you have to pay attention to your surroundings more and Savinn your stance was not correct at the beginning" Gohan said to both of his pupils.

Goku and Savinn nodded and replied with an "okay gramps" to the smiling face of Gohan.

"Good now both of you are dismissed for today" he said to both of them.

Goku and Savinn nodded and both of them trudged towards the house to change into some of their clothes.

"huh, your kicks hurt Savinn" Goku said as he patted Savinn in the back.

Severus sighed internally already too familiar with the ball of energy that was Goku and replied back with a smirk "yours too hurt but I think it's okay as we both are learning."

Goku nodded "want to go for fishing, we haven't had fish for so many days" he said with a laugh.

Severus considered at his words and nodded "okay", never would have he thought that he would spend his days living in wild and hunting animals but he had started to enjoy his life in the wild.

His magic was come along nicely and he could cast some spells like the banishing and the summoning spell wandless now. He still personally thought that a wand would have better for use but then again he didn't relied much now on magic as he used his skills to learn.

A visit to the spacepod alone told him that his Planet Vegeta was destroyed along with the other Saiyans, Severus suspected it was because of Frieza as the tyrant had ordered every Saiyan to come to the planet and he had vowed to kill that bastard himself for taking a family which he had started to care for. It was the reason he pushed himself to his limits in training and studied everything he could to make himself better fighter.

Goku was his rival in fighting and Severus had to applaud the knucklehead boy. The boy was a quick learner and excellent strategist in the midst of fight. Goku considered him a rival and Severus only fuelled his determination as Goku had started to spend more time in learning and reading, cooking food and even small important works. Severus didn't minded because it will only helped the child in his long run. Even Goku had started to meditate with Severus and he had been happy because it will help him in achieving the stability in the oozaru form.

He decided that he will take a look at the spacepod today as it was his birthday today. Perhaps he would saw the picture and remember the times with his new father and mother.

He braced himself and changed into some normal clothes, he had a heavy day to look forward to.

"Come on Savinn let's go to catch some big fishes for dinner" Goku called out to him.
Severus smiled which he had started to do more in this world as he acco