Harry Potter Valentine's 2020 Oneshot Collection

Chocolate & Dinner

Chocolate & Dinner

By: Sheltie

I don't own Harry Potter at all

A/N: so I had this slotted for HBG then decided to make it its own story for Valentine's Day. It's a part of group of other V-day type HP stories.

Hannah Abbott had two real obsessions in her life.a The first was chocolate. She loved chocolate, really loved it. She had even admitted to loving chocolate to death a few times. Though whether she was joking about that was a matter of an opinion between her friends. It didn't even matter what it was as long as it had chocolate in it she'd be willing to try it. That's not to say Hannah was an unhealthy person. But she loved indulging in the sinful sweet, but never to the point of over indulging. She did have some self-control though her friends would state she had none. Though a fantasy or two about it would creep into her mind, but she'd never actually do it. Death by chocolate sounded good, but probably wasn't actually.

Her other obsession was her boyfriend, Harry Potter. She started seeing Harry when they both joined a cooking club at school. It shocked Hannah that Harry loved cooking just as much as she did and he was quite good at it. The two shared their love for the kitchen and easily became the big honchos in their club and their favorites in the teacher's eye.

So with Valentine's Day approaching she knew what she had to do.

"So what are you going to make?" Susan Bones, Hannah's best friend, asked.

"I haven't decided yet, but I do have some ideas. Here" Hannah said as she opened up her book that was filled of food ideas.

"Great googly moogly, Hannah" Susan exclaimed as she stared at the contents of Hannah's notebook.

"What, these are the simple ones" Hannah said casually.

"'Simple'. Hannah, none of these look simple and all are chocolate inducing comas waiting to happen" Susan said with pure astonishment in her tone.

"Now you're exaggerating" Hannah said with a roll of her eyes.

"How am I exaggerating? There's got to be enough chocolate in some of these that would empty out a couple countries' stashes" Susan said as she flipped through the book looking at each chocolate filled treat.

"Now you're just being ridiculous" Hannah said.

"Whatever" Susan murmured as she continued to flip through the pages of the notebook.

Hannah just sighed.

"I'll need to gather the ingredients soon though so I have enough time to make it" she said.

"We've got ages til the day" Susan said.

"Yes, but I need to try some of these since a couple of them I've never done before. I found them going through numerous cookbooks and looking online. I want to make sure I do them right," Hannah said, "plus it wouldn't hurt to taste them." she added sheepishly.

Susan gave her best friend a critical look making Hannah wiggle uncomfortably.

"Riiiiight~" she drawled.

Hannah had the decency to blush.

/Scene Break/

"Why am I here?" Susan asked as she sat in one of the stools in the Abbott kitchen.

"You're here to be a taste tester and keep me company Susan" Hannah said as she donned her apron and tied up her hair.

"And probably to keep you from eating everything too" Susan added with a smirk on her lips.

"I have self-control Bones" Hannah said sharply.

"After all of it is gone" Susan quipped.

Hannah huffed and began to pull out all the ingredients and other items she'd need. She had gone to the store to buy all the things she needed beforehand.

"Hannah, how much chocolate did you buy?" Susan asked as saw stacks of chocolate on the counter.

"Enough" Hannah answered.

Susan shook her head.

"Are you sure you left enough for everyone else?" she asked.

Hannah gave her friend a glare for that comment.

"You know, one of these I make you can give to Neville" Hannah suggested changing the topic a bit.

"Huh, I never thought about that" Susan said, "but maybe a small one though."

Hannah nodded as she began to cook. She first needed to melt the chocolate.

Several hours later and Hannah had a couple chocolate creations finished. She had a few smears of chocolate of her face and she was a little tired, but satisfied with the results she was making in each new confection she had created.

Susan mainly sat and watched, but helped out if Hannah needed assistance in anyway. Susan wasn't handy in the kitchen, but she could get by without setting fire to a pot of water. She just didn't have the ability her friend had.

"Okay, try some" Hannah offered.

Susan nodded and took a bite from one of Hannah's creations. She felt her friend's eyes on her as she chewed.

"Well?" Hannah asked trying to keep her impatience out of her tone.

"Good, it's good Hannah" Susan answered.

"I see, is there anything that needs to change?" Hannah asked wanting more details.

"No, it's good" Susan said.

"Fine, try the others" Hannah said.

I'm going to get a tummy ache from all of this Susan thought as she eyed the rest of the chocolate creations.

After finishing each one she gave her opinion on them and they were all the same. They were good. Hannah just nodded as she began to flip through her notebook to try some more recipes, some more complex than she had already done.

"Where are you going to keep all of these?" Susan asked.

"Hm, oh, my mom cleared out a fridge for me in the garage" Hannah murmured, "dad wasn't happy since he had to clean out his beer he keeps in there. But then my mom suggested to get another fridge and he was happy since he likes that kind of thing, buying new stuff."

Susan just nodded. She knew Hannah's parents were a bit quirky, but whose parents aren't really.

/Scene Break/

Today was the day, Valentine's Day. Hannah was a bit nervous since this would the first V-Day she and Harry would be spending as a couple. She had figured out which of her chocolate creations she wanted to give Harry. What she'd do with the others she wasn't sure, but her mom offered to bring them into work for her co-workers to have.

"Hey Hannah" Harry greeted as he pecked Hannah on the cheek.

Hannah felt her cheeks get hot. She wasn't used to PDA even the little the couple actually engaged in. Neither one were big into that kind of thing in the first place.

"Hi Harry" she murmured.

Harry smiled, liking how shy Hannah could get. She looked adorable to him when she was like that.

They headed into school chatting about cooking and stuff. Neither one really paying too much attention to the décor of their school. They went through the day like it was any other. When the day ended Hannah asked Harry over to her house. It wouldn't be the first time since they went there to cook plenty of times. The same when they went to Harry's home. He agreed and they went off with Susan cat-calling them until her mouth was smothered by her boyfriend's.

/Scene Break/

"Here you go Harry. Happy Valentine's Day" Hannah said as she presented Harry his gift.

"Thanks Hannah" Harry said as he pulled Hannah into a tight embrace and kissed her. Hannah blushed at this, but wasn't as prominent since they were alone. But still she was abashed.

"As for your present, what are you doing tonight?" Harry asked.

"Um, nothing" Hannah muttered.

"Great, dinner. I'll make dinner for us" Harry said.

Hannah had told Harry before that her parents were going to be gone for the evening spending a romantic Valentine's together. So that meant the two had the house to themselves.

/Scene Break/

Hannah fidgeted as Harry was in the kitchen cooking them dinner. It wasn't that she was anxious about Harry using her kitchen. Of course not, they've used each other's kitchens before to cook. Just this was the first time one of them was cooking for the other. She was dressed nicely for the dinner and Harry told her to sit and let him work his magic. So that's what she was doing. Harry bought the groceries and told her not a word of what he'd make.

"It's a surprise" he'd say when she asked.

After the first few times she figured not to continue to ask. She wouldn't get any other answer.

After waiting for who knows how long and getting a bit hungry from the smells Harry appeared carrying food.

"Here we are" he said as he placed the platter down.

Hannah's eyes widened as she saw what was being presented to her. It was seafood linguini. One of her favorite dishes. Along with that fresh garlic bread too. Harry had used the bread machine to make the dough and then some time in the oven and with proper garlic seasoning and voilà. Harry seemed to have bought the freshest ingredients as he could to make it all, that's why it took so long.

"Harry, this is" Hannah uttered.

"Only the best for you Hannah" Harry said with a smile.

The two have a lovely dinner together and then after dinner they had a chocolate mouse that Harry whipped up. Hannah was so happy.