Harry Potter Valentine's 2020 Oneshot Collection

Surprise Date

Surprise Date

By: Sheltie

I don't own Harry Potter at all

A/N: here's another V-Day themed story. Enjoy!

Padma sighed. She looked down to see another conciliatory chocolate in her in-box. Due to the great wisdom of her employer it was declared that everyone was to give chocolate to everyone in their office. A way of boasting moral or something. Padma thought it was kind of stupid, but of course didn't voice her opinion since she was just a lowly peon in a cubicle.

"So Pad, any big plans for tonight?" Padma's cubicle neighbor, Lisa Turpin, asked.

"No, like I told you Lisa. I have no boyfriend, and haven't had one in ages" Padma said feeling kind of like a broken record.

"Well I can hook you up with someone if you want to come out tonight" Lisa suggested.

"No, I'm fine thank you. I think I'll find a book to read" Padma said.

"This is why you haven't gotten a guy Pad, you're too plain" Lisa said.

"Gee, thanks Lisa" Padma said with sarcasm.

"Sorry girl, but you know I'm only speaking the truth. You gotta get out there, let your hand down, have some fun" Lisa said.

"My twin has enough fun for the both of her if all of her letters to me are the truth" Padma said.

Lisa shook her head.

/Scene Break/

It was the end of the day and Padma was relieved. She headed out catching the bus before it left. She got home and shucked out of her work clothes to take a nice long hot bath. After her soak she grabbed a bottle of wine and popped it open. She was so thankful that tomorrow was a Saturday. She could sleep in. She was on her second glass when she heard a knock on her door. She sighed as she got up. She was about to grab a book and begin reading.

"Yes, can I help you?" she called through the door.

"Yeah Pad, it's me" a voice called back.

Padma knew her twin's voice and opened it to find Parvati standing there grinning along with a man with messy black hair and green eyes.

"Parvati" Padma greeted, "and who is this?"

"I'm glad you asked Padma. I'd like you to meet Harry, your Valentine's Day gift from me" Parvati said brightly.

"What?" Padma asked startled.

"Yeah, I know how totally helpless you are in dating, not able to find a guy and everything. So I did the leg work for ya. I found the perfect guy for you" Parvati said happily.

Padma looked stunned. She couldn't believe her sister had done this. She just couldn't believe this at all.

"So, I gotta go, you two have fun" Parvati said as she skipped off.

Harry stood there looking a bit embarrassed.

"Look, sorry about this. I know Parvati through Lavender, who's one of my friend's exes. Parvati kind of talked me into this. Not sure how though" Harry said.

"No, it's fine. I'm not upset with you. It's my sister I am" Padma said coming back to herself.

"Um, I can go, if you want" Harry suggested.

"Um, you could come in, if you want" Padma offered shyly.

"Okay, if it's alright with you" Harry said.

"Sure" Padma said.

Harry entered and looked around.

"Nice place" he commented.

"Thanks" Padma said.

She was feeling so awkward and in her own place. This wasn't supposed to happen at all.

"What do you have in the kitchen?" Harry asked.

"Excuse me?" Padma asked.

"I thought I'd offer to make us dinner, if that's alright" Harry said.

"Oh, um, that's okay" Padma said. "I don't really know what I have in there to be honest."

Harry nodded and headed to the kitchen. He began to look around and found several things.

"Um, could you excuse me. I kind of feel underdressed" Padma said and she did since she was just wearing some old sweats.

"You don't need to dress up or anything. You look nice as you are" Harry said earnestly.

Padma blushed at the compliment.

"I gotta go" she mumbled then left.

In her bedroom she tore through her closet to find something to wear. She was rushing through feeling all kinds of frantic.

"What can I wear, what can I wear, what can I wear" she muttered over and over like a chant.

She finally found something that was right. It wasn't too overly showing, but it didn't look like a dress that she'd wear to show she was that disinterested.

/Scene Break/

Changed and feeling a bit more confident since she was able to gather herself she exited and found her kitchen was filled such delicious scents that she had never smelt before in her kitchen.

"Hey, you had a lot of stuff in your fridge and freezer" Harry said as he noticed Padma.

"Yeah, I buy a lot, but never have time to cook" Padma said feeling a bit sheepish.

Harry nodded and smiled, "you look quite nice."

"Oh, this old thing" Padma said trying to act nonchalant though if she were telling the truth this was brand new. She had bought it a while ago and stashed in her closet to forget about until now. It even had the price tag on it. She quickly removed that of course.

"Right, everything should be ready soon" Harry said.

"Um, okay. Sorry I don't have much to offer. I didn't expect to have company" Padma said.

"That's fine, I didn't expect to be someone's company really" Harry said, "Parvati somehow talked me into this."

"I know the feeling. Parv has always been a fast talker even when we were kids" Padma said.

The two sat down for dinner and Padma couldn't believe the glorious food before her. It smelled so good it made her mouth water. Thankfully she didn't drool that would've been embarrassing. The two began to eat.

"This is good" Padma commented.

"Thanks, I like to cook. It's kind of a hobby of mine" Harry said.

"Really, that's amazing" Padma said.

"It really isn't. I just dabble" Harry said modestly.

"But you're so good. You could probably open a restaurant or something" Padma said.

"I have been told that, but never thought about really" Harry said, "so what do you do?"

"Oh, just an office worker. Nothing too exciting there" Padma said.

"Nothing wrong with that" Harry said.

Their conversation flowed from one topic to another and Padma lost track of time. When she noticed how late it was she was surprised. She's never had a date like this before. There was some anxiety given it's a first date, a blind date. But that ebbed away quickly since Harry had such an easy calm demeanor.

"Wow, it's that late" Harry said checking his watch. "I best be going." He then looked at Padma. "This was a great evening despite how unexpected it was."

"Yes. I had a great time too" Padma said, "um, would you, um, like to go out on a real date, maybe next week?"

Harry smiled, "that sounds lovely."

Padma felt relief wash over her.

"Great" she said.

They exchanged numbers and Harry left.

Padma leaned against her closed door quite pleased with how everything turned out. She may thank her sister for this. After of course berating her for doing such a thing in the first place.