Harry Potter Valentine's 2020 Oneshot Collection

Ruined Night

Ruined Night

By: Sheltie

I don't own Harry Potter at all

A/N: so, I decided to do some V-day themed stories. I don't really do these holiday themed ones a lot. Basically I forget and don't have enough time to get these done in time. But I did this year. Hurray! Oh, and there's some Ron bashing in this. So you've been warned.

Lavender had a smile on her face as she was doing the finishing touches on what she hoped would be a wonderful Valentine's Day date with her boyfriend, Ron Weasley. She had been planning this for weeks making sure she got everything right. She even worked on her cooking skills so she could make his favorite dish. She had picked out a very sexy and expensive lingerie for the night and over that a dress she knew would strike him dead along with perfume. Bought a present she knew Ron would love, the Chudley Cannons lover that he is. Her apartment had lovely romantic atmosphere and she was lighting the candles. Everything was going to be perfect.

A chime was heard and she went over to her communications mirror. The mirrors were becoming a big success in the wizarding world since they were much better than using the floo, not as hard on the knees.

"Accept" Lavender said.

"Hey Lav" Ron greeted as his face appeared on the reflective surface.

"Hi Ron, when are you coming?" Lavender asked.

"Uh, yeah, that's the thing" Ron said, "I can't, I'm busy, got swamped you know."

Lavender frowned at this, this had been Ron's excuse for the last few dates they were supposed to have.

"You can't duck out?" she asked.

"No, I can't" Ron said shaking his head.

"But it's Valentine's Day" Lavender said.

"Huh, it is" Ron said like this was astronomical news.

Lavender had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. She should be used to this. Ron wasn't one to remember important dates like birthdays and such.

"It is Ron" she said.

"Oh, okay" Ron said, "well gotta go, bye."

Lavender was furious. He didn't even have the decency of even wishing her Happy Valentine's Day or even apologizing for not showing up. She threw her mirror down on the couch as she fumed. Then she grabbed the mirror and made a call.

/Scene Break/

"Thanks for coming over Harry" Lavender said.

"It was no problem Lav, I really had no plans" Harry said.

He and Lavender of course knew each other since Lavender is Ron's girlfriend and Ron is one of Harry's closest friends. The two got along fine and became good friends with each other. Harry saw through Lavender's blond hair and big boobs appearance and Lavender knew Harry was more than being one of the top bachelors in magical Britain.

Lavender had cleaned up what was supposed to be a romantic date and the place was back to normal. She was wearing some casual clothes.

"I did, but Bilius canceled on me" Lavender said sourly.

"He did, what did he say?" Harry asked.

"He was busy with work" Lavender said.

"Funny, Neville told me he saw Ron skip out of work early today" Harry said.

"What!?" Lavender exclaimed.

Harry nodded.

"That loathsome bastard" Lavender growled.

She looked ready to hunt the redhead down and exact some vengeance. But Harry stopped her by looping an arm around her waist and pulled her down.

"Calm, calm little rabbit" he said gently.

Lavender blushed at this, "I knew I shouldn't have let you look through my album."

What she was referring to was that there was a picture of Lavender dressed as a bunny when she was a kid. Harry thought it was cutest and funniest thing so he decided to call her little rabbit. It embarrassed her every time since Harry didn't use it too often for her to get used to it.

"Hey, it got you to stop, didn't" Harry said with a grin.

Lavender sighed, "I guess, but I will wring his neck for this. I had everything all set for a lovely romantic night for us. I learned how to cook his favorite dish, dressed up for him, even bought him a gift I knew he'd love. I wasted all that money on it."

"Sorry to hear that Lav, I am" Harry said as he rubbed her back in a comforting way.

"I know, and thanks for being here for me" Lavender said sincerely.

"We're friends Lav, of course" Harry said.

Lavender smiled.

"Um, Lav, you can get off my lap now" Harry said.

"Why, I'm comfy" Lavender said as she wiggled in Harry's lap.

Harry sighed then his eyes flashed and his hands darted up and began to tickle Lavender. Lavender wasn't prepared for this as she burst out laughing, trying to wiggle out of Harry's clutches, but he was too nimble for her to escape.

"Stop, stop Harry, oh gods, Merlin above, please stop" Lavender laughed as tears leaked out of her eyes.

Harry finally relented and Lavender's stomach was sore from laughing so much.

"I hate you Harry" Lavender wheezed out.

"Love you too, Lav" Harry said.

"I don't know why" Lavender muttered as she sat up.


A/N: so, this one was tricky finding an ending honestly. I couldn't find a good way to end it that felt right to me. So that's why it's so abrupt. Sorry. Thanks for reading and please review.