The Marauders: solemnly together

What to tell

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Last time: they make the Slide Prank. Sirius tells James and Peter some horrifying news, Remus overhears and is desperate for some chocolate. While Remus and James are in the kitchens, he tells Remus that werewolves like chocolate.








What to tell

James was jubilant that Sirius was on with the 'ask McGonagall' plan. He was afraid Sirius might want to do something on his own, their constant assurance didn't make Remus come to them, but if they talked with McGonagall, and made her talk with him, then he could get it out and get help.

For once it didn't rain outside. Which was great cause it meant his 'practising Quidditch' excuse would be believable, but it was still cold so Remus wouldn't want to be outside.

Usually, they wouldn't have Astronomy right after Transfiguration, but Professor Sinistra had announced that they wouldn't need to look at the stars tonight. Last year they also had Astronomy classes at different times, but most of them took place around midnight.

So after History of Magic, Transfiguration and Astronomy they decided to grab a little snack in the kitchen. Peter was delighted to discover that the house elves loved to serve, they even took an extra great liking in Peter seeing as he asked for so many things.

It was time to start their plan.

"When are the tryouts for the Quidditch team?" Peter asked, trying to sound casual.

"In a couple of weeks," James replied a bit more casual than Peter. "I was thinking of practising for it today, the weather isn't too bad so it will be great."

"I'll come with you" Sirius stated even more casual than both of the other boys.

"I'll come too."

They all turned to Remus with a shocked expression, this was not part of the plan. Why did Remus suddenly voluntarily want to be outside?

"But you hate being outside" James accused.

Remus shrugged. "Just thought I would come to support. Why? You don't want me there?"

"No no no!" he quickly exclaimed. "I mean; of course I want you to be there, I just don't want you to feel like you have to. I know you don't enjoy being outside that much because it's cold." James hoped he hadn't upset Remus, but mostly he hoped the other boy would stay in the library with Peter or something.

Remus smiled and was about to answer, but Peter saw it has his cue and spoke before him. "Uhh… I was thinking of practising some charms I still struggle with, don't you want to help me, Remus?"

"Are you not coming with us? It could be so much fun" Remus insisted.

"Uhm… I just thought you would like to get some studying done before you visit your mom…"

"There's a reason we have Study Sunday" he pointed out. "What is the big fuss about? I just thought it would be nice to do something fun together."

Sirius did not like the pout that was appearing on Remus' face.

"We can ask Madam Hooch if we all can burrow brooms, then we can play Quidditch two against two."

Remus smiled, but James and Peter had a confused expression. They were supposed to keep Remus away from them so they could talk to McGonagall, but Sirius realized they couldn't do that now. He actually had another plan coming up.

"Great. James and I will ask Madam Hooch, then you two can pick up our scarfs and gloves from the dorm?"

"Course" Peter quickly agreed as he understood Sirius' plan and raised himself before Remus could say anything.

Three of the boys were already in the other end of the kitchen when Remus finally spoke up. He tried his hardest to not sound desperate, Remus had to speak to McGonagall before them so they could plan a plan.

"There is no way she will lend brooms to two of the biggest pranksters in the school. Why don't we all go? You all always say the teachers love me, why don't we use it?"

James, Peter and Sirius all shared a look, how could they get out of this one? Remus was apparently determined to not split up, but they had to. How would they be able to help him if he kept standing in the way?

"Come on" Remus continued and led the way towards Madam Hooch's office. The other boys hesitantly followed him not sure what else to do.

James' mind raced to find a solution to the problem, what could they do now? They couldn't get away from Remus now, it would seem weird and as if they were avoiding him - which they were trying to - but it was for good reasons. They were trying to help him.


Surprisingly enough Madam Hooch allowed them to borrow the brooms if she could come with them (she was surprised herself). She had noticed James' flying and was more than delighted to know that he wanted to try out for the team. Of course giving him the chance to practice with his friends would do no harm. McGonagall surely wouldn't mind when she saw the talent the boy had.

She was convinced he would make a fantastic Quidditch player one day, no matter the position he chose, though she could see him more like a chaser or seeker, being a keeper would mean standing still. James had mastered both Weaving and Fast Laps after only a few tries, he seemed like the kind of player who enjoyed making these kinds of tricks.

Though she was surprised that Remus would willingly get on a broom. After she heard about him, she read a bit more about… his thing. Just like many of the other professors had, and Madam Pomfrey. Werewolves were rarely seen flying as the wolf inside of them didn't like it. He would have made a great seeker otherwise because of his small form.

When she heard about Peter Pettigrew, she expected him to be a great flyer like his dad, but she had to be surprised by his lack of talent on a broom. It was a shame, really.

What was even more of a shame was Sirius not wanting to try out for the team. He lacked the natural flow whom James had, but with a bit of practice, perhaps he could become good.

Madam Hooch had been so nice to even pick out the original Quidditch balls, though she refused to let them use the Bludgers. A couple of second years wouldn't be able to handle those. She would let the snitch out later confident that James would be able to catch it, if not she could always use Accio. But at first, she would let them play with the Quaffle.


"I can't believe she actually lent us brooms" James stated shocked. He had kind of hoped she wouldn't; then they could come up with another plan to talk with McGonagall without Remus' knowledge.

"It seems like I'm not the only teacher-favourite" Remus grinned and nudged James in his side.

James nudged back and smiled. Even though it had never been the plan to go outside and practice, he was glad they were doing it. He was terrified he wouldn't make the team, but it helped to know his friends supported him. Hopefully, this would calm his nerves.

"Nervous for the tryouts?" Peter asked, easily recognizing the expression James wore.

"A little bit" he shrugged.

"You are gonna kill it" Sirius clapped his back. "You're a natural on a broom, they are crazy if they won't let you play!"

"But they never let second years play" James complained. Last year there had only been one third-year, so there was no way they would let James play.

"That's because they have never had you before" Sirius replied. "You are gonna make the team! And if not, then we'll practice a lot this year, and then you can get in next year."

James nodded, but he didn't want to wait, he had already waited a whole year. One more would be awful.

Remus smiled wryly. "Now is a bad time to say Quidditch isn't everything, isn't it?"

All three other boys looked outraged.

"Remus! It's always a bad time to say that!" Peter exclaimed for all of them.

They laughed, Sirius and James raced the last bit towards the pitch. When they were out of earshot Sirius whispered to James.

"I'm gonna fake an injury so Remus will take me to the hospital wing."

James nodded quickly. A few moments later Peter and Remus both joined them, Remus looked a bit regretful even though he was trying to hide it. Peter looked nervous at the thought of flying.

"Up on the sticks mates," James smiled and got up on his own broom. His parents had gotten it for him on his last birthday because he wanted to join the team. The others had borrowed brooms from the school.

Sirius got up on his as well, Peter managed with a bit of struggle, and finally, Remus got up even though his whole body was shaking.

"Can we… uhh… do it near the ground instead of…" Remus glared at three seventeen meter tall goals and gulped. "...instead of up there?"

Under other circumstances, James would have been against it, but not only did Remus look terrified, but Peter also looked quite nervous. Plus Remus needed to know they would do things for him if he needed it. Doesn't matter how high up they were anyways.

"Course. What teams should we make?" he asked and looked around.

"One good and one bad on each team?" Peter suggested. "James and Sirius against each other and me and Remus against each other."

"I'm not-" Sirius began but was cut off by Peter.

"But at least you can stay on the broom" he pointed out.

Sirius shrugged his shoulders. Maybe if Remus and he made a team it would make sense if Remus was the one who brought him to the hospital wing.

"I think me and Remus will make a great team" he announced to the group. "If it won't work, we'll just switch teams." Before any of them could complain he grabbed Remus hand and dragged him away from the two others.

James quickly leaned closer to Peter's ear. "Sirius is going to fake an injury so Remus will take him to the hospital wing, we'll talk to McGonagall."

Peter nodded and both boys prepared to start the game. Madam Hooch walked into the middle with the Quaffle. She made Sirius and James shake hands as they were unofficial captains.

"I want a fair game" she announced as always before a game.


"Argh!" Sirius almost cried in pain as he clutched his broken leg. He was supposed to fake it, but it hadn't gotten right.

Oh whatever, magic can heal it.

Madam Hooch had gotten inside to use the restroom, so there were only his friends outside to rush towards him with worried expressions. He knew James knew it could be fake (and probably also Peter), but no one could have faked that fall.

"Sirius are you alright?" James was the first one next to him

"Remove your hands!" Remus ordered and Sirius let go immediately.

He clenched his teeth and nodded. It wasn't worse than being locked up in a tiny box for a couple of days after all. This was a pain he could deal with, not the whispers in the dark. He wanted to reach out and grab his legs to stop the pain, but the logical side of him (yes, he has one) told him it was stupid.

When neither of his friends said anything, Sirius became frustrated.

"No, I'm fine, don't take me to the Hospital Wing" he snapped.

Remus and James were quickly by his side to help him stand up and then walk towards the Hospital Wing, they met Madam Hooch on the way and explained the situation to her. Peter opened all the doors for them and also called Madam Pomfrey while Remus and James helped Sirius sit down on one of the beds.

Madam Pomfrey examined his leg with her wand.

"It's broken" she stated. "I can heal it easily, but you have to stay here overnight." Without a warning, she flicked her wand which caused Sirius to groan loudly. One second after it didn't even hurt anymore. "You can stay for thirty minutes and then go back to your dorms before curfew," she told the others.

With a little help, Sirius managed to sit comfortably in the bed. Remus and Peter found some chairs and James sat down on the bed. Getting separated from them was harder than James had thought. Did they really do everything together?

"This is why I don't play Quidditch" Sirius joked which caused the other three to laugh.

"It's just because you sacrifice yourself for the team" Remus stated. "Because of you, we almost beat the others."

James snorted. "Please, you were a hundred points behind."

"It's not fair when we were playing against the next big Quidditch star" Sirius stated and crossed his arms. "And Peter."

Peter frowned. "We probably only won because of James."

"Nah, you were a good partner, Pete. At least you could keep your eyes open" James glanced at Remus who blushed. Even though they were near the ground, it was still too far up for the wolf.

"Well, I wouldn't trade him for anything" Sirius stated proudly and would have swung his arms around Remus if he had been in a position to it.

"I would trade you for James" Remus laughed.

Sirius narrowed his eyes at Remus but then joined the laughing.

"Next time, it's gonna be you three against me" James stated. "That way the teams will be fair."


Remus took a deep breath and knocked on the door to McGonagall's office. He had 'borrowed' James' invisibility cloak to sneak out after curfew as he had heard James whisper to Sirius, that Peter and he would get Sirius early the next morning to speak with McGonagall.

She told him to get in, he did and sat down on the chair in front of her. Even though he had done nothing wrong he still felt nervous. The place looked exactly like he remembered it from last time.

"What do you wish to speak about, Mr Lupin?" she asked politely.

"James, Sirius, and Peter they… they think I'm abused at home…"

His professor leaned back and glanced at him over the top of her glasses with an unreadable look, he might have been able to figure it out if he dared to look at her.

"Are you?"

"What? No! Of course not!" Remus exclaimed, confused as to why she would even think such a thing. "It's just that I visit my mom every month and come back hurt… I don't know what to do" he felt helpless uttering the last sentence.

She nodded, understanding that he wanted her help. "What exactly has made them believe you are abused?"

"Sirius… he saw my arm... and the scars. I overheard him telling the others that he noticed I'm hurt every time I return, and they think I just came from my parent's house… I guess that's it."

"So they haven't confronted you about it yet?" McGonagall's head was spinning to find a solution. She wanted to find one as quick as possible, so the poor boy didn't have to worry. It wasn't fair to him.

"No, they want me to come to them. And they wanted to talk with you to see if you could help, I just thought it was better if you were prepared for it…"

She smiled carefully. "It was the right decision of you" she replied assuring. Remus nodded and simply wished he could leave as soon as possible.

They were both quiet for a few moments as Professor McGonagall began looking for a solution.

"Mr Black has only seen your arm?" she asked finally.

Remus nodded. "He saw a couple of scars, and after that, he looked at the whole arm while I was asleep. I told him my cat hurt me when he saw it the first time."

"When you told him, could it seem as if you were lying? Because then you could have gotten them from something else, and didn't tell them because you were embarrassed."

"That could work" he agreed and was relieved they had a plan.

"You could tell them someone attacked you, and you were worried what your friends would think" she continued.

Remus quickly agreed again.

"As for the abuse, they think you receive…" McGonagall eyed Remus in a way that sent shivers down his spine in a very unpleasant way. It was as if she was looking through him. "I will tell them that I was worried myself and spoke with both Dumbledore and the ministry about it. We concluded that you weren't, but simply exhausted because you were worried."

Remus nodded again. It all sounded much better than his original of leaving Hogwarts.

"You'll have to let them know you investigated profoundly, or else they won't give it up."

"There is a potion which forces the drinker to tell the truth, I will tell them your parents drank that" she offered, and Remus nodded. Sirius knows about the potion without a doubt, and if they all believe his parents drank it then they will be more likely to let it go."

"About the thing with your arm" McGonagall continued. "Maybe let them believe you have something to tell them. Tell them that you are embarrassed, but you felt bad for lying. Take some time -but not too long- because they will wait for you to come to them."

"Thank you, Professor. Thank you so much!" a little smile played on his lips. Remus was glad Professor McGonagall was willing to help him. When he first overheard the others everything seemed so impossible, but now everything seemed more manageable.

"You could also tell them the truth" she offered innocently.

Remus smile fell along with his shaking head. "They will hate me."

"You can't know-"

"Sirius and James are both purebloods, and Sirius is a Black. I'm very aware of what they think of my kind."

"Take a biscuit Mr Lupin."

Remus looked up to see her offering a biscuit, he took one and ate it quietly.

"You can't know how they will react to it" she stated kindly. "But I'll stick to the plan until you say otherwise. Now I think it's time for you to go so they can come to me."

He nodded and left her office without another word. Why did she want him to tell and risk ruining his entire future along with his dad's and Dumbledore's?








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