• The Long, Winding Road

    ""Why would you offer me a lift?" The obvious explanation was unlikely, she told herself. Malfoy wasn't stupid, as such – people would notice if he was the last person seen with her before she was pushed into the Irish Sea." Hermione has a problem. Draco offers a solution. Simple, right?
  • Lament For The Living

    Regret buys no second chances. On a rainy Halloween night, the headmaster of Hogwarts counts the price of glory.
  • Family Matters

    It's not easy, being on the outside when everyone else has a family of their own. Harry Potter knows that only too well.
  • A Yuletide Carol

    "I shall not participate in any Christmas celebrations this year whatsoever. I refuse to spend one more evening surrounded by tinsel, tasteless ornaments or meaningless expressions of goodwill. From now on, I intend to observe pagan holidays – you and the students can have Christmas, Easter and the rest of it to yourselves." Severus opts out of Christmas. It does not go as planned.
  • Keeping It Short

    A collection of mostly Dramione drabbles, each chapter complete on its own. Originally written for the dmhgchallenge and Draco100 on LiveJournal.
  • Beacons Of Light

    After the war, the battle for the Ministry's soul is fought over at interminable committee meetings. A reformed Draco is there with a Muggle pen in his hand, fighting very hard to stay awake. When he notices that Hermione Granger actually has a sense of humour, it gets a lot more interesting...
  • The Other Side Of Now

    Hermione is plagued by love letters. Unfortunately, they're not for her. Even more unfortunate, Severus claims he has no idea who they are from or what's in them.
  • In The Deep, Dark Woods

    Harry Potter died fourteen long years ago, but the Order is still fighting. Beware: werewolves are howling outside the camp, and there is a stranger at the fire. Voldemort Wins A/U
  • Impossibly Far And Incredibly Close

    Draco looked again, just to be sure, but there was no mistaking that high-pitched voice and the remnants of bushy hair. Somewhere, someone was laughing their arse off. Fate, perhaps. Or some Ministry parchment-pusher overcome with mirth at the prospect of Draco Malfoy spending the rest of his life in a cell next to Hermione Granger.
  • The Trouble With Veelas

    Draco just wants to make Hermione happy. Unfortunately, telling her he is a Veela and she is his mate would achieve exactly the opposite, so he has to find another way. Nothing else in Draco's life has gone according to plan, so he ought to have known it would only go downhill from there...
  • How The Hogwarts Library Got Its Own Back or L-Space Interrupted

    It's no secret that magical libraries can be strange, even dangerous places. When the Hogwarts library starts behaving even more oddly than usual, Hermione Granger, curse breaker and book aficionado extraordinaire, is just the woman for the job. But why does she keep running into Snape at every turn?
  • The Lost Children

    Every student knows that Hogwarts has a mind of its own. They probably wouldn't sleep at night if they knew what the castle really wants… When a number of students disappear without a trace, Minerva realises how little she knows about what goes on at Hogwarts. Sentient!Hogwarts
  • To Have And To Hold

    No one opposed Marriage Law Number 57. In retrospect, that ought to have made the Ministry very suspicious... In which the marriage law wreaks havoc in the Wizarding world, only perhaps not in the way one would have expected.
  • I Will Find You

    Draco is gone and a stranger has taken his place, speaking with his voice and pretending nothing has changed. Hermione will do anything to find him and bring him back to her, no matter what Lucius Malfoy is willing to do to prevent her from marrying his son.
  • Potions And Propriety

    For a well-bred British wizard, a Grand Tour is essential to complete one's education. Severus has been entrusted with the unenviable task of ensuring Draco Malfoy completes his travels unscathed. When they encounter the lovely Lady Heloïse and her unremarkable companion in Venice, the undertaking becomes almost impossible. Regency A/U, SSHG
  • The Thin Blue Line

    There is a thin line between order and chaos, the ordinary lives most of us lead and the dark forces that want to destroy them. The Aurors will defend Muggles and wizards alike, to the best of their ability - the only problem is that they're ordinary people, with weak spots and pets and families waiting at home. How can they win against someone like Bellatrix Lestrange?
  • Friends, Teachers, Countrymen

    Some things remain the same, even with Hogwarts beneath the thumb of the Dark Lord. Severus celebrates the annual staff Christmas party his own way.
  • How To Win Friends And Influence People

    Draco and Ron are stuck in an office at the Ministry, seeking cover from a barrage of spells from their business partner Hermione. FOWL has made a fortune from giving wizards a taste of Muggle technology – if only its founders were equally successful in their personal lives...
  • Mother Knows Best

    Draco finally brings a girlfriend home to meet his mother. Unfortunately, it's the wrong one. He probably should have remembered no one, not even the Dark Lord, ever got the better of Narcissa.
  • By Moonlight

    Severus is waiting. Eagerly, at first; later on, impatience is replaced with horror as he watches Hermione fly straight into the trap set by the Muggle-Born Eradication Task Force. Powerless to do anything to save her, all he can do is to bear witness to her downfall.