• What Is Required

    The Room of Requirement provides what is required; what is needed. During eighth year Harry and Draco WANT a place to duel without getting caught and expelled. What they NEED is something quite different. The Room makes sure they get it. Harry/Draco slash. Drarry. WIP. MPreg.

  • Something To Live For

    Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy became lovers after the war, but split up due to Draco's refusal to cancel his engagement to the pure-blood girl his parents picked. Fast forward years later, and their sons have thrown them back together against their wills. Has either of them ever really moved on? Contains flashbacks. Epilogue compliant. Contains MPreg. Drarry & Scorbus slash. WIP.

  • In The Stacks

    In the library during their Eighth Year at Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter have an accidental run-in that leads to clandestine meetings in the stacks. Will their stolen kisses turn into something more? And when a rumor saying Voldemort isn't really dead spreads, how will that change things? Started life as a PWP and turned into something more. WIP. Draco/Harry Slash, EWE

  • In The End

    Harry learns how to live while dying, with Draco's help. And however hard he fights his attraction to Draco, he eventually learns how to love from him, too. Harry/Draco slash. Boy love. Gay romance. Maybe tragedy; potential major character death. IF it occurs there WILL be an alternate ending. Severitus. MPreg. Dark!Harry. Father-Figure!Lupin.

  • In The Dark

    Returning to the castle for 8th year brings a lot of changes for Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. They find their lives entangled in surprising and unexpected ways. Draco soon realises that Harry's keeping secrets... but what is he hiding, even from his best friends? Creature fic. Harry/Draco slash

  • Holiday

    Harry is forced to take a vacation before becoming a full Auror, for his own health. He is less than pleased about that fact. Adding to his displeasure? The fact that in order to ensure he used the allotted vacation time to relax and not continue to work himself to death he was assigned an escort - none other than his Auror partner, Draco Malfoy. Creature fic. Harry/Draco slash WIP

  • Head Canons

    Short collection of HC's written for one word prompts. Leave a prompt in a review or a PM and I'll write one for you! :D Ongoing, various themes and plots. Each chapter is a stand alone ficlet, although some may be continuations of others. Slash Harry/Draco

  • Harry Potter Boot Camp Ficlets

    A series of ficlets telling independent yet interconnected stories about various Hogwarts students and characters. Mostly Drarry. Contains slash, femmeslash, and het. Focuses on Slytherin for the most part, but dabbles in Gryffindor and touches lightly on Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. VERY much Draco centric. Contains all your favourite characters, plus a few not well known.

  • From A Pauper To A Half-Blood Prince

    What if James and Lily's uncertainty and fear regarding Harry's fate kept them from being able to move on? When little Harry needs help, they look to an unlikely source. Featuring titled nobility, magical theory, Dumbledore!bashing, Severitus, good!Malfoys, and a sweet little abused boy who learns what love really means - a lesson his adoptive father needs just as much. mild slash

  • My Lives As Fate's Chew Toy - Heroes Are Over-Rated

    Our OC is reborn as Harry Potter, and proceeds to have A Very Bad Time. Deeply traumatized and fed up with everything, she repeatedly attempts to get the plot out of the way early, and is continually thwarted by a well-meaning-but-oblivious Albus Dumbledore. She is Not Impressed. At All. This life is going to require a lot more alcohol. Magic is crazier than chakra. 3rd in series

  • How To Build Your Triad

    How To Build Your Triad (In Ten (Not-So) Easy Steps) By Lily Evans-Potter-Black & Sirius Potter-Black [{Shut up and look pretty, James.}] Sirius tells baby Harry how his parents' got together as a bedtime story. Lily helps. {James doesn't get to talk; the dense one didn't do any of the work.} [Silence in the peanut gallery, Moony.]

  • My Lives As Fate's Chew Toy - Black Magick

    CT finds herself back in the wix world; this time growing up as Cassiopeia Black. She's determined to change the world and save her family - and to make a better future for the alternate of the best mother she's ever known. Cassiopeia Black is going to change the world - whether they like it or not. Taking Over The World Was An Accident. REALLY. 7th in FCT series.

  • Grey

    "I throw myself down on the bed and close my eyes and think of grey. Grey, grey skies, and stormy eyes." Harry Potter is broken after the war, but maybe Draco Malfoy can fix him. Slash, oneshot. COMPLETE. Harry/Draco (Drarry)

  • Confession

    Confession is good for the soul. Harry is doesn't trust Lucius, but when he observes him unawares, he hears something surprising. Implied Harry/Draco. Just a piece of fluff to make you happy. COMPLETE

  • Birds of a Feather

    Draco's dressed like a gangster, he and Harry are getting drunk, someone they both thought was dead makes an appearance, and really; it's all that bloody bird's fault. Harry/Draco slash. COMPLETE

  • A Tussle Turned Tasty

    Harry and Draco get into a fight... that suddenly turns into something entirely different! Sixth year AU. Drarry - Draco/Harry Slash. COMPLETE

  • My Little Wrackspurts

    Harry and Draco's daughter Alicia has a problem. Harry and Draco try to help, but don't quite see eye to eye. Implied Harry/Draco. Daughter is an OC. COMPLETE

  • When Scarred&Lonely Met SerpentinePrince

    Draco and Harry are each finding solace in a mysterious stranger online. What happens when they meet offline? Harry/Draco slash. A picture fic. COMPLETE

  • Silver-Green Dragon

    Harry and Ginny have a fight while they're visiting San Francisco. Harry goes to a bar, runs into Draco Malfoy, and they end up buuying each other drinks. He wakes up the next day with a hangover, no memory of the night before, a ring on his left ring finger and a silver and green Dragon tattoo on his right arm. What the heck happened? Harry/Draco slash COMPLETE

  • Oh Potty, Oh Potter, Draco Wants To Say, Come Out, Come Out And Play

    Draco has a toothache. All the firewhiskey in the world can't seem to make the pain abate. But in his drunken state, Draco has an epiphany about what will - shagging Harry Potter. Now if only Potter would agree. I think this is the funniest, best fic I've ever written. Harry/Draco slash, Drarry COMPLETE