• Obligation

    A 'what if' story. What if Colonel Fitwilliam's comments about marriage and fortune had compelled Elizabeth to think more deeply about her family's situation? How might this affect her response when Mr Darcy offers her his hand in marriage? Rated T for later chapters. (Rating may go up.)

  • Hitch

    Severus and Hermione are happily married with a baby on the way. But something is wrong, and neither of them have any idea what.

  • To have loved, and lost (was MISSED CHANCES)

    Renamed, was MISSED CHANCES. A drunk and distraught Snape looks back on how he missed his chance to find happiness with the woman he married. The first chapter was a one shot, but am now continuing. The rating has been upped to M because of the bad language, although there will be some other M rated content later.

  • Memories of Deception

    Hermione finds herself trapped as a slave to Snape in Hogwarts during his time as headmaster, but her memory is faulty and she seems to lose days at a time. Can she work out what is happening to her and find a way to free herself and help her friends defeat Voldemort? SSHG. Now COMPLETE!