• Hitch

    Severus and Hermione are happily married with a baby on the way. But something is wrong, and neither of them have any idea what.

  • To have loved, and lost (was MISSED CHANCES)

    Renamed, was MISSED CHANCES. A drunk and distraught Snape looks back on how he missed his chance to find happiness with the woman he married. The first chapter was a one shot, but am now continuing. The rating has been upped to M because of the bad language, although there will be some other M rated content later.

  • Memories of Deception

    Hermione finds herself trapped as a slave to Snape in Hogwarts during his time as headmaster, but her memory is faulty and she seems to lose days at a time. Can she work out what is happening to her and find a way to free herself and help her friends defeat Voldemort? SSHG. Now COMPLETE!