• Cho the Vampire Slayer

    Cho Chang was just a normal teenage girl, until she becomes activated as the new Slayer.

  • New Horizons

    Draco Malfoy is in love and he's willing to do whatever it takes so he is worthy of her.

  • Former Chosen One Just Wants a Cup of Tea

    Harry is just looking to spend a quiet evening alone when he gets sucked into another adventure. One-shot. COMPLETE.

  • Stars As Our Witness

    Cedric started an Astronomy Club which only has two members, Hermione Granger and himself, until 1994 when they receive a new member.

  • Hear No Evil Speak No Evil

    Hermione had been bullied mercilessly in London, so she's getting a fresh new start in Ottery St. Catchpole. There, she finds friends in Cedric Diggory, Fred, George, and Ginny Weasley, and Luna Lovegood. It felt good to have people care enough about what she had to say to learn sign language.

  • Phoenix and Basilisk

    After his run in with the Basilisk and being saved by Fawkes, Harry is facing some odd changes. Then again, doesn't every teenage boy? For Jetainia. Warning: Dumbledore bashing.

  • Harry Claus

    Harry writes a letter to Santa asking for a new family. Little did he know that Santa decided to respond. Drabble-series.

  • Into the Crooked Story Line

    What if Charlie and Fleur became friends? Just some behind the scenes stuff that wasn't important to Harry's story.

  • Advice For Friendship Making Will Backfire

    Hermione needs to change her ways before going to Hogwarts. Just not in the way she thinks she does.

  • You Won't Believe What This Woman Does

    All for the sake of her only son. For Quidditch League.

  • Insert Click-Bait Here

    You know, nobody really brings up the fact that Hermione had to be on her period while the trio was on the run. Which probably sucked a lot.

  • Spirit of Patroclus

    Dumbledore was wrong. Harry wasn't a horcrux at all and Hermione is not about to let her best friend die.

  • Never

    In a world where soulmates are connected, Lily is about to discover that love is not something that can be assigned. I'm really firing at the hornets nest with this one but if I write it I get 10,000 points. Warnings inside.

  • Wedding Song

    It's a Viktor and Cedric soulmate story that isn't sad because Cedric is alive. Can I get a wahoo?

  • Killer Queen

    Lily Potter is of the notion that the only good fascist is a dead one. She'll do whatever it takes to make the world safe.

  • Local Boy Needs Everyone To Like Him

    So, so much.

  • Don't Make the Same Mistake Thrice

    The Triwizard Tournament is getting rebooted. Again. Hermione Granger refuses to let anyone die this time. What she doesn't realize is how this is going to connect her back to Viktor Krum.

  • According to the Handbook

    Umbridge is a transphobe who plans on outing Theo Nott to the entire school. Theo's friends decide to comply to the rules maliciously.

  • They're Taking the Wizard-Nazis to Nurmengard

    Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald's final meeting years after Grindelwald was defeated.

  • Prank Wars

    Hermione has finally reached her limit. Her unfortunate targets? Fred and George Weasley. For brokenbottleaurora.