• This is Why

    The events that take place after Because Why Not. Years 5-7. Autistic!POC!Hermione. Cedric Lives AU.

  • Two Lines

    For the past ten years Hermione has been working hard at the Daily Prophet in hopes of becoming an editor and one day editor-in-chief. Unfortunately, someone else wants the role as much as she does. Cedric Diggory. He drives her up the wall and is as competitive and stubborn as she is. So what will she do when she finds they have more in common than either realized?

  • Alone Together

    Cedric regrets taking Divination, especially when Professor Trelawney predicts he's going to die. The one silver lining is that she says he has a soulmate, only if he keeps an open mind. And he's about to find out exactly what that means.

  • Too Many Birthdays

    Fiyero and Galinda discover that Elphaba has never had a birthday party before and take it upon themselves to throw one big party to make up for everything she could have missed. Elphaba humors them and goes along with things. It just... doesn't quite go according to plan.

  • I Will Not Explain

    A collection of stories for Monthly Challenges For All. Mostly Ship fics of mixed pairings.

  • Study Your World

    Traumatized and sad after the end of the war, Hermione's parents try to help her by taking her on holiday to Greece. She continues to roil in hurt and guilt, until she befriends a mermaid named Cedric who wants to learn about the human world. Can a fish fall in love with a bird? Where would they live? ((Universe Alterations))

  • Why Not? Because

    The day Cedric and Hermione first met, from Cedric's perspective. A Because Why Not vignette.

  • Working Title: Rewrite

    Theodora "Teddy" Williams yawned broadly and rubbed her face despite the glare of the morning sun. It was a crazy shift that night at the hospital and she had been pulled in every direction. It was times like these where she wished her Mutant power was to clone herself. Or turn invisible. Whoever was following her must've been new at their job– or just bad at it.

  • Sweet Tooth

    Cedric falls upon a hole-in-the-wall candy shop by chance and who should work there but Hermione Granger?

  • A Brand New Life

    Cedric has spent the years since the war traveling the world, never really able to call a place home. Until one day he happens upon someone he barely knew in the place he least expected.

  • Love at First Sight

    Cedric escapes to London to get a break from his from the pressures set by his overbearing father. This simple, impulsive act throws him on the path of meeting his true love.

  • How to Ignore the Nightmare That is Life

    Step One: Get a secret admirer. Step Two: That secret admirer sends love notes. Step Three: Agonize over who that secret admirer is! Step Four: Fall in love with someone who may or may not be the person that sends you those... oh... oh no.

  • Perspective

    Hermione opens up to Ron and it blows up in her face. She finds comfort with Viktor.

  • Serendipity

    Hermione is stuck in a time loop and only one person believes that she has to live each day over and over.

  • Chessboard

    A snippet in the life of Ron and Harry as roommates while they're in Auror Training.

  • Catalyst

    Hermione's job was just being the researcher for heroes in the city until a new situation causes her to take charge. SuperheroAU

  • Smart Inking

    Cho and Harry work at a tattoo parlor and admire the new neighbor running the flower shop next door.

  • Quests of Lore

    Quests of Lore is the most popular online game in the Wizarding World and it is the past time of three young wixen. These are their stories.

  • Another Day At the Coffeeshop AU

    Cedric is a barista at the Hogwarts University coffeeshop and he pines over Hermione, a regular and fellow student.

  • Premature

    Hermione's going into labor. With her husbands out of town, Harry steps up to the plate.