• Free on the Ice

    Everyone sees Ron as someone who merely likes Quidditch or Wizard's Chess, but he has a hidden passion for ice skating. Who knew?

  • Happy Birthday, Sirius

    It's Sirius's birthday, but he forgets all about it.

  • A Birthday Wish

    Newt Scamander is studying creatures in Turkey and comes across a new species. For the Houses Competition.

  • Big, Orange Beast

    If there's one thing Hermione loves, it's grumpy gingers. For the Houses Competition. JUDGES PICK

  • Something Blue

    Ginny comes across her 'something blue' at her bachelorette party. Rated T for language

  • Man Talks Back to Mother Doesn't Get His Ass Beat

    George is just trying to run his shop when his Mum comes by dealing with some Empty Nester Syndrome and decides to help out. For the Houses Competition.

  • Luna's Quick and Easy Soulmate Discovery Potion!

    Find out more!

  • Pandora's Locket

    The day Xenophilius learned of the accident that took his wife from him. For The Houses Competition.

  • Mistletoe

    The unknown story of the relationship between Cedric's mum, Fleur's mum, and Luna's mum. One-Shot. For MC4A Winter Bingo.

  • Paulina

    The real reason why Hermione cried on Halloween her first year.

  • Diwali

    Harry is invited to his favorite teacher's house after school one day. Pre-Hogwarts. POC!Harry.

  • Road Trip

    Luna wants to learn more about where her mother came from. She decides to bring Harry and George along for the ride.

  • Mrs Norris

    Professor Sprout decides that Filch needs a companion.

  • Home at Last

    Harry feels the weight of rejection after unknowingly revealing himself as a parselmouth. An unexpected friend comes along and stands with him while he makes the greatest change of his life.

  • Title Needed

    Cedric Diggory is locked in a classroom by Peeves and someone unexpected climbs through the window. How will they pass the time?

  • Lend an Ear

    Neville is spending an evening at home when Hermione shows up seeking someone to talk to.

  • And They Were Roommates

    Oh my god, they were roommates.

  • Holyhead Harpies

    Ginny's first day as a Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies. For the Houses Competition.

  • Babbity Rabbity

    The story of Babbity Rabbity. For the Houses Competition

  • Terribly Clever

    Luna decides to send George a pet to help his loneliness. For the Houses Competition.