• Plums

    Blaise found him in the Greenhouses. It was the first place he looked, and the first place anyone would expect to find Neville Longbottom.
  • Cupboard Confessions

    Where James went, Regulus went. That was the deal they had made, long ago, when Regulus came to the door of the castle, asking for refuge with the side he had fought against for so long. If he was to live in the Kingdom, then he was to prove his loyalty by protecting the Prince. It was not a deal he would have made if he knew how insufferable James was. Or how easy he was to love.
  • Out Of Time

    When the time finally comes, years and years after a long, happy life, for The Boy Who Lived to stop living, Helga Hufflepuff is the one that greets him.
  • Best Ideas

    "You're such an idiot," Hermione hissed through her teeth, shutting the door and locking it with a snap of her wand. "I told you not to touch it, but no! You saw an ancient, shiny statue in the middle of the tomb and you simply had to touch it, didn't you, Ronald?"
  • Funeral Flower

    In a twisted version of Beauty and the Beast, Bellatrix keeps Lily captive in a manor, descending deep into madness all the while.
  • Eager

    Blaise notices that Daphne isn't wearing her engagement ring. It only takes a conversation to clear it up, but he's never been all that good at communicating.
  • Suits and Mirrors

    Charlie isn't the best person to talk Ron down from wedding-related woes and worries, but he's the only one in the room, and he's not going to let any of his siblings down. Not again.
  • Red Velvet

    There was no magic in this world, a fact that always left Albus sorely disappointed, and so he was tasked with finding magic in the smaller, more ordinary things. The lavish way a cake was frosted, for example, or the dimple that punctured Scorpius's cheek whenever he smiled, or the fact that they were getting married soon.
  • Keep Your Head Up, My Love

    Potions Professor at Hogwarts is supposed to be a safe, comfortable job. When Albus is poisoned during an ordinary school day, it shocks everyone around him, and he spends the week in hospital, recovering. They might not have been dating for long, but Lysander has no plans to leave his bedside until Albus is awake and well again. Even if it means taking up knitting to stay sane.
  • Beastly

    The Pygmy Puff was pretty small, and it did look a bit like it was still trembling, but even though Albus wasn't completely heartless, he was still reluctant to show sympathy. Scorpius would see it as a weakness, and he would pounce, and soon they'd have a small army of pets living in their flat.
  • Safety In The Dark

    After Albus lets slip that he's afraid of the dark, Scorpius offers to help him through his fear for long enough to learn the Nox Charm.
  • Looking For Pearls

    It was one year since Astoria Greengrass had passed away. All week, Scorpius had withdrawn, growing quieter and stiller until he was barely a shadow of a person. Albus stuck by him, but in contrast, he got a little louder, drawing the attention away. He hated every second of it, but there were far more painful things he would do if it meant that Scorpius was okay.
  • Daily Influences

    Raising Harry was never going to be an easy task, but it's made much easier when Sirius doesn't have to handle all the ridiculous, hilarious, troublesome parts of it alone.
  • A Pile Of Memories

    Sirius runs away from home after a fight with his mum that goes painfully wrong, and ends up at The Potter's house. It's pretty lucky that he's got James to take care of him.
  • When The Last Leaf Falls

    Padma waits for summer to come each year, just so that she can see Luna again.
  • Fall In Frustration

    Ron suffers an injury during a routine Auror mission, and Draco is the fool lumbered with looking after him while he recovers.
  • A Change In Her Colours

    Usually Seamus didn't revise much for exams, but Dean was busy with Ginny, and the whole castle seemed to have gone love-mad, so he had some spare time on his hands. Might as well do something useful with it. Hence, the gradual and doomed-to-fail wooing of Hermione Granger.
  • Off The Beaten Path

    Narcissa settled herself primly on a barstool, sweeping her black, velvet skirts off to the side, as though she was riding a horse side-saddle. Everything about her was black tonight, from the smoky shadow that lined her lids, to the pleasure running through her at the thought of what was happening in the shadows, unseen.
  • Something Of Value

    The party was in full swing by the time Theo stepped on board. The Marauder was awash with lantern-light and colourful flags, music spilling from the corners and ale spilling from the flagons. The scent of rum and spiced meats was strong in the air. Blaise had foolishly eaten half a mango in anticipation and was perched on a barrel, waiting for him.
  • Leaving You Breathless

    It took guts to write to Viktor Krum.