• Validation

    Cho had predicted Harry's reaction to the wedding invitation. However, she was not going to let him undermine her choices, not anymore.

  • Self-preservation

    No one told Lily that standing up for herself would leave her lonely.

  • Conversations with the Dumbledores

    Albus and Aberforth are brothers, even if that sibling bond demands more than Aberforth has to give.

  • Old Traditions and New Beginnings

    Albus was nervous about travelling on the Hogwarts Express, however that old tradition held the promise of a new beginning.

  • Piece of You

    Petunia's soul was more than her own, it contained her sister's too.

  • Acquaintances

    Petunia and Severus were not friends but there were things they could only tell each other.

  • Cyclical Arguments

    Padma is reckless, by choice, and Parvati can no longer beg her to act rationally.

  • Responsible Resistance

    Seamus is not built for leadership and being alone doesn't make the job any easier.

  • Towards a Better Tomorrow

    Kingsley knows he can always do better. However, this, right now, is all he has to give.

  • Threads of Fate

    Lavender Brown is not reckless enough to fight against a fate written in stars.

  • Firm Decisions

    This time the Sorting Hat actually thinks before it sorts Hermione, Draco, Harry and Ron.

  • Sugar Flowers

    Padma doesn't know why Pansy needs to make Ron's wedding cake, but Padma is determined to make sure it is as poison-free as possible.

  • Saturday Afternoon Naps

    Saturday afternoon naps with her partners were one of Hermione's few vices in life, and she was not pleased to have it interrupted.

  • Valentines Blues

    When does a marriage of convenience enter into a marriage of love?

  • Wet Butterfly Kisses

    Minerva describes that kissing boys feel wet and kissing girls feel like a million butterflies exploding in her belly.

  • Preamble

    Dean would love nothing more than to be out and proud with his boyfriend. But it is a step that doesn't feel right until he comes out to his mother first.

  • Lazy Mornings

    The Creevey children had always been partially Skeeter-Richard kids. Now it was time for Rita and Joshua to show those children what that meant.

  • A Magician's Wand

    Petunia is a wandmaker who is happy with her tiny Salem shop. However, repeatedly ignoring the Ministry of Magic summons had its consequences. Petunia could not have predicted that Lily would be one.

  • Moments Before

    Bellatrix really does love Alice, although her actions say otherwise.

  • The Pact

    Fleur is not a monster. Ron is the one responsible for making sure that she doesn't become one.