• Retired Prometheus

    AU: Since 1980, Voldemort has not made his face known. Muggleborns are treated equal to Purebloods because of Dumbledore propaganda. Many hogwarts post-graduates participate in mentorship programs. Draco Malfoy gets Gilderoy Lockhart much to Hermione's disappointment while she's stuck with some obscure, hermit NOBODY that can talk to snakes. Ugh. Her life is the worst.
  • Malfoy in Montenegro

    AU of Retired Prometheus: Draco Malfoy doesn't get Abraxas to intervene with the mentorship program, so he ends up being apprenticed to the faux-american we all love to laugh at: Montgomery Goldsmith. AKA Lord Voldemort in hiding. Or: That one fic where Abraxas and Tom meet, resolve their differences, and marry in like one chapter.
  • Two Trash Time Travellers Trash Time Together

    Harry Potter travels back in time to 1942 to kill Tom Riddle. Needless to say he feels utterly confused when he sees that Hermione Granger's already there with the same end-goal in mind. But then again he shouldn't be surprised that Hermione's always ten steps ahead of him.
  • Malfoy in Montenegro

    AU of an AU: OK this is basically if in my story Retired Prometheus instead of having Hermione Granger apprentice to Voldemort who's pretending to be an american named Montgomery Goldsmith it's Draco Malfoy. Things get complicated when Abraxas Malfoy, Voldemort's 'it's very complicated' boyfriend, gets wind of this and goes to confront him. Please read Retired Prometheus first.
  • The Disinclined Partisans

    AU, TIME TRAVEL: It's 1927 and Harry and co. have traveled back in time because Hermione found a book with time travel schematics and decided to try it out. They're wrangled into fighting the Good Fight against fascism while they try and figure out a way back to their respective times. (Riddle era meets Harry era meets Newt era)
  • Remembrance

    After the accident Wirt starts drawing the characters they had met from The Unknown and when his mother asks him to show her his drawings one night Wirt can only watch as the colour from her face drains as her eyes see the beast's image on paper. He finds out something interesting that night.
  • What Started It All

    Harry rummages through a box with old memories and an asortment of cluttered things and finds Ginny's old poem. He finds it incredible that it has a co-author. Fluff!
  • Ruin

    Draco and Voldemort have a talk about certain types of afflictions and how to remedy them, or at least that was the topic until it spiralled out of control. Drarry and Voldemort/Abraxas
  • Tom Riddle Sr

    Doesn't cast out that wretched woman. Becomes an unwilling father. Tries his best not to hate his son.
  • Breakfast at Tom Riddle's

    AU: Lord Voldemort is defeated at the battle of Hogwarts, stripped of his magic, bound, and reduced to being practically a muggle. On top of that Hermione Granger acts as his guard, whom he enjoys tormenting. Hermione Granger has too many problems, and most of them come from Voldemort.
  • Squib

    AU: Harry's a squib. The Dursleys still abuse him because they just like to have a punching bag in the family. Harry's tossed out of his home during New Year's Eve and wanders off to London, being tugged by some instinct telling him it's going to be fine there. He runs into Lord Voldemort who is too stressed to think about children.
  • Minerva Deserves A Medal

    Minerva McGonagall deserves a medal because Tom Riddle keeps propositioning her on behalf of Abraxas Malfoy to become Minerva Malfoy. 'Why can't he ask me in person' 'He's scared you'll reject him. Besides, purebloods say it's demode to have a marriage that isn't already arranged. So, here I am. Arranging it.'
  • Les aventures d'Antoinette Malfoy

    Antoinette Malfoy est la grand-mère de Draco et ce sont des extraits de sa jeunesse. (Ici je pratique mon francais)
  • Hermione Granger is Tom Riddle's Beard

    or: that fic where Tom Riddle is asexual, not interested in women, but agrees to go wife hunting so his very traditional, very pureblood followers get off of his back about it. AU: Time Travel, Tombraxas, pretend Tomione
  • awareness

    AU: Lord Voldemort wins in 1981. This is a story of a man that's finally gotten what he's been fighting for, but now that he has it, he doesn't know what to do with himself. For eleven years Lord Voldemort waged war. For longer than that he hated Dumbledore. Once both are taken care of, Lord Voldemort is left with a hole in his soul to fill. Professor!Voldemort
  • Sirius's Summer

    Orion Black sits Lord Voldemort next to Sirius during one of Walburga's infamous dinner parties. They bond over a common foe: the ever screeching Lady Black.
  • Reptile Room

    AU: Lily Evans is a parselmouth. Right before going to Hogwarts for the first time her parents take her to the London zoo where she finds a fellow parselmouth hissing at snakes. 'Sir, what's your name' 'I am Lord Voldemort.'
  • Words on Skin

    On his ankle is coiled a sentence: Let's duel. /Tom Riddle looks at it and wonders what these words mean as no amount of raw scrubbing and skin peeling can get them off; when his skin mends so do the words. On her wrist is coiled a sentence: Girl Who Lived, prepare to die. / Hermione Granger looks at it and wonders why these frightening words are on her skin.
  • Peacocks eat snakes, don't you know?

    This story contains many scenes from the lives of Tom Riddle and Abraxas Malfoy, ranging from their first years of Hogwarts to the grim evening of 1980. (Warning for later chapters: they get dark)
  • A Great Aunt's Love

    Bathilda Bagshot loved Gellert Grindelwald like a son she did not have.