Chucky Ray

  • Harry Snape (Remake)

    The night that Harry James Potter became the boy who lived it changed Severus Snape's life forever. For he was about to do something that he thought he would never do,.. help raise the son of his worst enemy. (A reboot of an old fanfic of mine due to the fact that there are some changes to it and it's now roleplay based.)
  • A Nightmare Come True

    Harry's father has a nightmare about him and Voldemort and Harry, Ron, and Hermione get trapped inside of it! Episode thirty-nine in the Friendship Is Magic series and the second Halloween special.
  • The Man In The Mirror

    Harry Snape along with his younger brother and sister return to Hogwarts for the annual Halloween celebrations and he discovers a possibility that his biological father might still be alive. Episode twelve in the first season of Friendship Is Magic series and the first Halloween special.
  • Harry Snape and The Case of The Writer's Block

    This is just a crackfic I did because I was bored and still very stuck on how to continue with Harry Snape and the Battle of The Bands. So these are the characters' reactions to it along with a lot of fluff between Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, and Neville/Luna. So hopefully you'll enjoy it and find it humorous.
  • The Harry Snape Collection

    A bunch of cute oneshots (sometimes two shots) with Harry Snape and his family as a child since they seem to be the most popular. You guys are absolutely amazing! I can't believe how much positive attention it's getting!
  • Midnight Ride

    Severus and Lily Snape go for a moonlight stroll in Godric's Park and then on a magical broomstick ride through the stars. A romantic oneshot since I don't give these two enough love in my Harry Snape series.
  • Mummy and Me

    Seven year old Harry Snape and his mother spend the whole entire day together and plant a garden. A Harry Snape Mother's Day story.
  • Harry Snape and The Battle of The Bands

    When Harry Snape and the rest of his family and the Trinity band members travel to LA with The Dragons for a music competition, there they meet the Dragonettes who are an arrogant group of teenage girls who would do anything in the world to win no matter what the cost. (supposed to be a movie in the Friendship is magic series)
  • Live and Let Die

    One of Eve's friends reveals a secret about herself that is causing the other students to bully her. Meanwhile Teddy's goldfish passes away. Rated T for very dark themes. Episode Forty-three in the Friendship Is Magic series.
  • The Bunny Hop

    It's Teddy's and Heather's turn to watch "Bugs" the charm school pet rabbit for the Easter holiday. However, the rabbit accidentally gets loose at Aaron's and Brittany's baby shower. Episode twenty-six in the Friendship Is Magic series and the first Easter episode in the series.
  • Make A Wish

    Justin (Long of The Dragons) finds an old magic lamp that is home to a beautiful female genie. Meanwhile Neville and Luna get married. Episode Forty-two in the Friendship Is Magic series.
  • A Very Hoppy Harry Easter

    Nine and a half year old Harry Snape suddenly is given a lot of responsibility to try and prove to his little brother and sister that the Easter Bunny is real. Meanwhile, when Tobey and Eve start getting too competitive about the Easter egg hunt at church, Lily reminds them all about the true meaning of the holiday.
  • It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want to

    Theodore (Teddy) and Heather Snape get ready to celebrate their eighth birthday by having their annual birthday party while meanwhile their father is on the search for a new mother for them, and Eve's horse Harmony starts going into labor. Episode thirty-nine in the Friendship Is Magic series.
  • Pet Plaza

    Hermione and Luna decide to start their own pet rescue business and Luna starts making wedding plans with Neville. Episode thirty-eight in the Friendship Is Magic series.
  • Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

    Ron and Hermione get into an argument that causes them to (briefly) breakup. Meanwhile, Neville and Luna have some very interesting news to share. Episode thirty-seven in the Friendship is Magic series.
  • The Ears Have It

    Eve decides that she wants her ears pierced. Meanwhile, Teddy is afraid that he's losing his hearing. Episode thirty-six in the Friendship Is Magic series.
  • The Terrible Twos

    Johnny Weasley turns two years old and both of his parents realize that they're about to have their hands full with him and his unborn baby sister on the way. Episode thirty-five in the Friendship Is Magic series.
  • Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

    Ginny's Chihuahua Peanut Butter runs away and her friends and family gather together to help her find him. Meanwhile Teddy and Heather learn how to work together when they set up a lemonade stand. Episode thirty-four in the Friendship Is Magic series.
  • Make New Friends

    Heather's best friend moves away and an autistic little girl moves in instead. While Tobey and Eve teach their little sister how to stand up to bullies, Jenna rescues an injured baby bird and learns a very difficult life lesson. Episode thirty-three in the Friendship Is Magic series.
  • Tokyo Here We Come

    The Dragons and Trinity travel to Japan as part of their world tour while Jasmine and Jenna take their first family vacation with them. Then, they meet a group of female ninjas who speak very fluent English and seem to be after a very rare artifact. Episode thirty-two in the Friendship Is Magic series.