• He Who Fights Monsters

    ...must be careful lest he become a monster. As the war gets worse, James and Lily run away with their baby son to avoid the prophecy. What the wizarding world doesn't realize is the terrible secret they left behind.

  • Identity

    How do you recover when you've found out your entire life has been a lie? How do you come to terms with events that rock the very foundations of the world you know? The journey of a young boy as he discovers who he really is. Companion story to "He Who Fights Monsters".

  • Metamorphosis: The Journey of Cho Chang

    Cho Chang never thought love would ever touch her, but she comes to realize she was wrong. Her life was transformed forever by the warm-hearted boy with the mesmerizing gray eyes, and their special relationship inspired her to become a better person. A story of deep love, devastating loss, and finding the courage to move on.

  • The Boy Who Said No

    AU. When Harry Potter arrives on the Dursleys' doorstep, Petunia vows to do whatever it takes to protect him from the world that destroyed her beloved baby sister. Harry grows up loved by the Dursleys, because they realize he cannot control where he came from. When his Hogwarts acceptance letter arrives, he says no. And the entire world changes.

  • Keep Holding On

    AU. Albus Dumbledore told Sirius Black to lie low at Lupin's for a while, and then go and rally the old crowd. But Sirius, feeling more resolute than he ever had in his life, looked the Headmaster straight in the eye and said, "No. I'm staying with Harry. I'm not leaving him alone." And from that moment on, everything changed.

  • It is Our Choices

    A blinding bolt of realization rocketed through him, and in that instant, his mind was made up. Harry Potter had chosen. "Welll done," said the Sorting Hat, with true respect in its tone. Its brim opened, and the word it yelled altered the course of many lives, and set Harry's path toward his destiny into motion. "SLYTHERIN!"

  • No Laughing Matter

    Suddenly, there was a shifting within him; his world spun, and before Harry knew what he was doing, he was screaming at Moody, "Stop it! Stop it! He doesn't deserve this!" Or, Harry reacts differently to the Bouncing Ferret scene, and everything changes.

  • Metamorphosis: The Story of a Journey

    At fifteen years old, Cho Chang truly believed that love would never touch her. But she couldn't have been more wrong. It transformed her, strengthened her, inspired her to be the person she was destined to become. Through the rest of her life, she would always remember Cedric Diggory. This story goes from the beginning of Cho and Cedric's relationship to the end of DH.

  • Wind Beneath My Wings

    Cho Chang was a happy, smiling girl who shone like the sun, who always tried to see the joy and positivity in life. On the night of the Third Task, however, her entire world changes, and her innocence is forever shattered. This story encapsulates the journey she takes to heal from a devastating loss, and to remember a love that will never leave her heart. Goes to end of DH.

  • Back to Back

    The night Voldemort attacked the Potters, James was out. Lily sacrificed her life to protect her twin sons, and one of them bears a scar on his forehead. Through the years to come, James will try his hardest to be someone that Lily can be proud of, and to give his sons the life they deserve. They form the strongest bonds, but can they withstand the trials and tribulations ahead?

  • He is Always with You

    "I know this does not sound very consoling to you, child," Dumbledore said softly, Cho's face still buried in his robes. "But he is always with you. He would want you to move on." After Cho's disastrous date with Harry on Valentine's Day, she seeks out the only person left who she thinks might understand her pain.

  • An Axe to the Gut

    And there they were. Lily's eyes, Lily's beautiful, mesmerizing emerald green eyes on the wrong face. The face that had filled his school days with nightmares, the face that had smiled in glee as he took the one thing in this whole miserable world that Severus Snape had ever loved. Harry Potter had no right to have those eyes; they belonged to Lily and only Lily.

  • A Bitter Brew

    "Black is on the loose!" Snape roared, losing control for the first time in a long, long while. "And Lupin will abet his crimes just like he did in school! Thank you very much, Headmaster, for proving once again that the house of Slytherin means nothing to you. Your blessed crop of Gryffindor bullies can do no wrong!"

  • I Promise

    AU. "Harry, what does she make you do?" Sirius asked in a barely controlled voice. "How does she make you write it?" A powerful moment between godfather and godson when Sirius asks Harry about the detentions he's had with Umbridge.

  • Purpose

    AU, set at the end of first year. Where was Severus supposed to go from here? What was he supposed to do now, when the last link to his Lily was gone for good? How could he go on when there was no more of her precious memory to protect?

  • Candle in the Wind

    AU. As Cedric sat in his seat, looking at all the people attending Harry's funeral, he felt guilt squeeze his heart. That killing curse was meant for me, he thought, tears prickling his eyes. Not you. AU aftermath of the third task.

  • Enough

    Sometimes he resents being named after two legendary figures, because he feels as though he has to live up to them. While his brother and sister find pranks and jokes hilarious, he is more serious. What will be the thing that reassures him that he belongs in his family?

  • Angel

    From the moment he opened his beautiful eyes in the delivery room, Cedric Amos Diggory was the light of his parents' lives. Seventeen years later, the boy still had his eyes open, but they would take in nothing more. Mr. and Mrs. Diggory's reactions to the third task.

  • Violated

    As Tom Riddle, Sr. lies in his bed, having returned to the home he had lived in for so long, he knows the truth. He will never be able to escape the nightmare his life has become. He'll never be able to forget how he was hoodwinked. How he was tricked. And how he was violated.

  • Always in Our Hearts

    AU. Sadness and despair shook the crowd as they sat at the funeral of Harry Potter, who had been defeated by Voldemort. What can anyone say or do in this time of grief, loss, and tragedy? What hope is there for a world that now seems doomed? Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny.