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  • Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition Season Eight Collection

    I will be adding all my entries for season eight of the Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition. Feel free to check them out! :)
  • The House Competition Collection (Year Five)

    As The House Competition progresses, I'll add all my entries. Enjoy!
  • Encomium Ombre

    "A sacrifice must be made." Dumbledore's voice came out softly, singed with impenetrable night of concern. "The Demon has set claim to her. What other choice do we have to let him have her?" Shattered heart Two bonded souls Torn between time. Encomium Ombre
  • Ephemeral Daily Drabbles

    A collection of Drabbles ranging from the unexpected to the just plain out weird. All couples- unconventional/canon/non-canon- will be included. No updated schedule; publications rely on when I finish the drabble. Will post it the same day I finish.
  • Symphony

    Hermione Granger was sick of life stringing her along, so when an opportunity arises to enter a competition for free dance lessons, Ginny Weasley signs her up and miraculously wins. Once she learns the instructor is none other than Marcus Flint, a boy she went to school with at Hogwarts, she can't help free drawn to the over-zealous man with the impressive moves. MarcusxHermione
  • This Life We Live

    After discovering that Hermione has stolen a Horcrux from Lord Voldemort, Severus Snape takes her away and into hiding. Shortly after arriving to the secluded cabin in the woods, Severus confronts Hermione, and he doesn't like what he discovers. The mistakes that he makes today could never atone for the mistakes he'll make tomorrow. Though, love has a proven people wrong.
  • Submit to the Power of the Moon

    All Hermione Granger wanted was his love. After a hundred and seventy-four years of living and roaming as a werewolf, is Remus Lupin ready to find his mate? During one of their usual meetings in the Forest of Dean, Remus attacks her, unknowingly marking her as his mate.
  • Underneath The Same Starry Night

    Hermione Granger is looking for a change. Two years after divorcing Bill Weasley, she is asked to attend a formal gathering held by the Ministry of Magic where she meets a mysterious stranger from her past. She soon realizes that there is more than meets the eye with her newly acquainted friend and she finds herself more drawn to him with each encounter.
  • The Catacombs of the Sulfuric River

    Tom Riddle travels to the catacombs of Mahoutokoro School of Magic, hoping to find an amulet that would raise the dead and catapult his vision of a world without Muggles and Mudbloods. The only problem is, the creatures of the land know that his plans are nothing less than pure and try to stop him with their proclamations and visions. Instead of turning away, he performs an oath.
  • He Could Kiss Someone Brand New

    Sirius Black is torn from the party in the Gryffindor Common Room when he notices that Remus Lupin, his life long friend, is missing. He checks the balcony where the two share an intimate moment and a fond memory at the turn of the Full Moon. It's one of many that Remus has no memory of, but Sirius holds onto hope that he'll one day remember the times they shared together.
  • 100 Word Drabble: Mommy

    In which Draco sits down with his son and talks about mommy's
  • Dramione 100 Word Drabble: Kitty

    Just a cute little conversation about babies, Kittens, and mommy's name.
  • Tomione Drabble: Diadem

    Tomione; Humor; Horcrux
  • Snermione Drabble: Breathe

    200 word drabble Drama;Romance;Snermione
  • Dramione Drabble: Lust

    Dramione; Drama; Romance
  • Dramione Drabble: Everything

    Dramione; Romance; Angst
  • Taken by Death

    He had mistaken their cries for nothing more than all the bent-up energy of battling for so long. But, for this war hero, death was only another exception.
  • Cruore

    Desperate to bring back his deceased wife, Xenophilius Lovegood calls on ancient powers to bring her back. Inside the board lies the answers, but little does he know- the spirits who came to play are not easily fooled, nor is their price for resurrection too grand.
  • In the Name of Payback

    When a prank orchestrated by Sirius and James goes terribly wrong, Remus is left to clean up after them but not without planning a prank of his own. Revenge never tasted so sweet.
  • Once You're Home

    Facing death once is always hard, but having to decide between going back to see your friends or the ones you lost, the decision is even harder.