• The Thestal and the Snake

    Hazel had always been different, and even at Ilvermorny she had been an outcast. She had hoped that things would be better after transferring to Hogwarts, and being placed in Slytherin no less. But it is here that she meets Tom Marvolo Riddle, the new bane of her existence.

  • Only God Will Judge Us

    "Always wanting what you can't have." Dylan laughed breathlessly, her panic setting in. This couldn't happen, he was a terrible man who had killed innocent people, she couldn't let herself fall back into him again. She couldn't do this again. "Yeah?" His accent mangled the word, but she still understood him perfectly.

  • Revelations and Complications

    Fred and Go-Go see more than they let on; in which Baymax impossibly loves Hiro, and Hiro has feelings for his best friend. As they work through their feelings, the lines between love, lust, and taboo begin to blur. Rated M for possible mature language and adult situations.