• Pretty Little Purebloods

    Magical, pureblooded, wealthy, the pretty little purebloods of Hogwarts were enshrouded in a dainty veil of perfection most could only be envious of from the shadows. However when Daphne Greengrass dies a mysterious death and Harry Potter was tasked with this private case from his auror training...everything changes. [Haphne, slowburn]

  • The Thing about Dreams

    Draco wishes he was idolised for being good. Pansy wants him to complete her perfect life. Astoria wishes her dark magic wasn't so dark. Theo thinks he's perhaps he's the only sane one. Ron's thirst for glory had been dampened, not vanished. Hermione wishes her grades and common sense could give her a different reality. But when their dreams come true...not is all as it seems.

  • M-Land

    Draco always thought it was suspicious his wealthy, pureblood, magical father bowed down low to what could best be described as a slimy slippery social climbing git, but consequences were huge and the sacred house of Malfoy find themselves one of the centres of a brewing magical war so something must be done about it. An old magical place from his past saves the day.

  • Pansy's Pain and Peace

    My name is Pansy Parkinson and everyone thinks I have it all. Wealthy socialite pureblood family, most popular girl out of all Slytherin, Draco Malfoy as my future husband to be. I liked Draco, crushed on him, loved him even, but life...is not so simple, and it was an unexpected new man who ended up catching my eye. Welcome to my pain and peace...

  • How Magic Works: A Ravenclaw Harry

    Lord Voldemort discovered the secrets of magic and rose to power on his own. Harry Potter was supposed to discover even deeper secrets of magic and defeat him on his own. Death is angry that Harry did not do this and instead chose to sacrifice other lives in a path he was fated to take alone. He gets one last chance but will the Ravenclaw truly uncover enough to save the world?

  • Heaven or Hell

    After defeating Voldemort and before beginning his auror training Harry Potter thought he'd done and seen a lot of the magical world. However when an invitation to a ball throws open the real pureblood politics of courtship and marriage (and not the extremist pureblood views Voldemort made of it), he feels like he's in another world entirely, but is it heaven or hell?

  • The Fragile Little Thing we Call Existence

    Socialite events, wealth, status, everyone thinks purebloods have it all but Astoria Greengrass knows the truth is anything but. She walks the tightrope of pureblood society, Slytherin girls, and a familiar stranger called Tom Riddle from a book that should not in her possession at all in this fragile little thing we call existence. Slow-burn.

  • The Froggy Princess

    Horcruxes can't be stopped by a 12-year old boy with a hat and a songbird - no matter how heroic that story sounds. Ginny Weasley dies, the muggle-born attacks stop, and Tom Riddle is back to world domination only with a new thirst to add to his legacy - break the heart of the most desirable girl of the century. Hello Hermione Granger, o froggy princess in a slowly boiling pot.

  • Shakespearean Tragedy

    The Greengrasses are pureblooded but broke beneath the beautiful shimmering facade, Slytherin house has taught the Greengrasses all the survival skills they have to thank for their existence but it's being mocked more than ever, Tom Riddle's diary finds itself in the hands of another young witch, and the life of Astoria Greengrass has the faint echoes of a Shakespearan tragedy.

  • Ebbing Innocence

    We all know what happens when the diary gets in Ginny Weasley's hands. But what if it ended up in Hermione Granger's instead? She was the golden girl of both the muggle and wizarding world - intelligent, determined, simplistically successful, but when feelings of jealousy, hatred, and darkness emerge, was it just this year or were they always there? Dark Tomione.

  • Sometimes Love Lasts, Sometimes Love Hurts

    Draco and Hermione have never seen eye to eye but when presented with extra potions lessons together to improve Hermione's grade things were bound to happen. They were supposed to make a lust potion, make being the key word, but then Draco suggested a bet for whoever could withstand the temptation of the lust potion for the longest. Who would you bet on?

  • Do You Believe in Magic?

    Hermione is a math prodigy. Hogwarts is a test of the impossible, there's no such thing as magic and all it is, is just the term people use to describe phenomena they do not currently understand. As Hermione attempts to prove magic never existed and everything can be explained simply in muggle terms the question of the century remains - do you believe in magic? [Crackfic]

  • These Castle Walls

    Hermione Granger was having breakfast with Ron 15 years after the war, when suddenly the room went dark and she awoke in a crumbling battlement, mournful willows, wind-swept moors and - Draco Malfoy. Winds howled, time passed, she thought he was just a figment of her imagination, trapped in this place with her demons, until one day he reached out to touch her and said "I'm real-"

  • The Red Room

    July 17th 2005, Harry's thinks he lives a peaceful life. However, one day he disappears from his office and awakens...head on hard surface, body against floorboards, he slowly opens an eye; maroon bed post, amber drawers, snakings of scarlet curtains, ruby study desk, garnet wardrobe, bright red door...shadows turn to darkness inside his mind, no escape...the red room...

  • The Wonderful Adventures and Enthralling Mishaps of Tom's Diary

    Location: Pantry. Lots of yummy snacks to steal. Mood: Not hungry. What a waste. Mood: Cunning & Vengeful. Current Plan: A frog shall be acquainted happily with Martha's soup at dinner. Haha, her screams. Diaries are stupid. This isn't a diary. It's a conglomerate of my innermost thoughts. Hahaha. Yours sincerely - Tom. [Voldemort gets a diary] [Humour]

  • Spellbroken

    Ever since Merope drugged Tom Riddle Sr with the love potion the last few months flew by in a blissful state of intoxication. However, when one day she decides she's had enough and leaves his pitcher clear of the potion...Tom's eyes fluttered open, surprise and agony mixed on his features. The spell had broken...enchantment gone...it was just fate and them. Tom/Merope Romance. AU.

  • The Convivial Requiem

    Harry is eager and excited for the adventures of the present, moving into a new flat with his fiancee Ginny two years post-war, only to find none other, than the transparent hook-nosed, shallow-faced, greasy-haired professor staring right back at him. "I thought you moved on." "Evidently I have not." "You are stuck here for all eternity." "And your lifespan." Hilarity ensures!

  • One-Way Ticket

    The Hogwarts Express takes everyone to the station, then wizards go home by portkey right? What if Draco and Hermione, enemies, bade goodbye only to be reunited outside Hermione's neighbourhood. "I think..." said Draco softly, "They screwed up my portkey. And they only run twice a year, I think...I'm here to stay." Hermione paled. Romance. Modern Day AU.

  • Dramione Prompts Challenge

    Hermione and Draco lost in New York. Glimmering lights and stars outside the window view. Small condo they have to share. Opportunities and firsts in the air. The old war of Hogwarts stinging like a fevered wound. They each want to put the past behind, close that chapter of their life, kiss the pages goodbye, but what would the new one bring? Modern day AU. Romance. Uses prompts.

  • One-Way Ticket

    The Hogwarts Express takes everyone to the station, then wizards go home by portkey right? What if Draco and Hermione, enemies, bade goodbye only to be reunited outside Hermione's neighbourhood. "I think..." said Draco softly, "They screwed up my portkey. And they only run twice a year, I think...I'm here to stay." Hermione paled. Romance. Modern Day AU.