Lyle Rose

  • Point of Divergence

    Harry lived a decently happy life, he thought he'd find peace in the afterlife but no, he meets death and is set a task. He saved the world once, now he has to save it again. Not quite the peace he wanted but hey, its a whole new adventure to jump in the time line and find that one point to save them all. And those nifty tricks he can do? Totally cool, if he may say so himself.

  • Dragon Handler

    When dreams are crushed. Harry slumped to the ground and sat with his back against the wall. "It's all too much. I need a vacation!" Ron has a brilliant idea and soon enough, Harry has the pleasure of visiting the Dragon Sanctuary. It seems peaceful, but, is it?

  • Road Trip

    Instead of Hogwarts, he went the other way. Instead of graduating and becoming an Auror, he went on a Road trip, with Draco Malfoy of all people. Instead of sight seeing, he must fight, not necessarily for his but definitely for his companions' life. He always find himself in trouble, but hey, that's the life of a Potter, isn't it?

  • A Dead Man Walking

    It's a literal race against the clock, they need to figure out who's killing Draco before the time runs out. Luckily Head Auror Potter has plenty who want to help, even if his entire office doesn't. But is there time enough? Established Harry/Draco - Canon couples.

  • Accidentally shared

    Harry's walk gets interrupted by his least favorite person. He wants an answer but Harry doesn't know if he should give it, after all, why should he? They hate each other, right. No slash. Oneshot.

  • Needles

    Harry loved his shop and his art, even if its paired with a side of blond. He loved it, until the Aurors came and his world was turned upside down. Now the fight is on all over again and he wonders if he'll ever gets his peaceful live back. Slash. Slight wizarding world/ Weasley bashing.

  • Dee and Diablo

    AU. "Because, last time he checked, babies were innocent sweet creatures and not dangerous, evil little things." Of a boy slighted, of seeking revenge, of bunnies and dark arts, of a Dark Lord in the making and his personal hero; He who didn't threw away the key.

  • Dysfunctional Strawberry

    Sitting there, like every year before that, Hermione wondered again if they had taken the easy way out and looked around. Graveyard party with the Weasley clan. Warning: small, not very detailed mention of slash, addiction, disorders, obesity. Sequel to Strawberry Gashes.

  • Belial Jack

    Belial Jack, guardian angel of one Harry Potter, once lost, once found and one surprise for everyone.

  • Chase

    A chase. I like you. One shot. DM/HP

  • Atop of the hill

    He'd heard the children whisper about the scary scarred man atop of the hill.

  • Sleep and Death

    1. Sleep and death aren't a good combination.. 2. Living on coffee. It's all about Grief... -Both Harry and the why, envolves around Death.

  • Exiled

    The Malfoy heir is exiled and thrown into the muggle world, he's struggling to keep his head above water. And then there is Jamerson, a mystery worth to unravel. Full warnings inside.

  • Pixie girl' power

    Luna Lovegood, she's sweet and adorable, a little bit quirky and somewhat odd, then she snaps and goes on the run. Well, that escalated quickly. No pairings.

  • Strawberry Gashes

    Nothing happy 'n go lucky for the students who came back for a repeat of their seventh year because, couldn't they, the wise adults, see, that even if the war was fought they, the youngsters, were still fighting? Or, how Harry was killed by Voldermort eventhough Harry had already killed him. (Trigger)Warning: selfdestruction, drugs. A brief mention of slash.

  • The music is all around us

    Following his nephew, it resulted in a chance meeting that put his nightmares at ease.

  • Changings for my benefit

    Harry goes back for his fourth year. While everybody thought he'd spend another summer locked up at the Dursley's things went a little different. He tells his well kept secrets from that and the years before to the ones he trusts and the big changes for everyone because of that come to light. Old friendships grow unsteady or stronger and new ones gained.

  • Books

    Harry fell. Literally. Stacking books, of all the things he could do. Not so much of an haunted house but oh boy, did he dislike that Library. HP/DM. Rated for cursing.

  • Have a nice day

    What new rule? He's Harry Potter, no one is going to tell him to stay put or share. He won't give up his secret and he will leave Hogwarts with it, in fact, he won't allow it any different.

  • Coz candy

    Sirius makes a little trip to make Remus happy.