Krimson Kakarot

  • Harry Potter: StarClass

    The vision was a false trick by "Voldemort" to trap Harry and friends within the Department of Mysteries, hunting them for the "prophesy". However, Harry makes alarming discoveries about his memories and it wasn't the Death Eaters who messed with his mind. The Order. Harry's friends. It was all a lie, and maybe its only time that could save them from the Greater Good.
  • Harry Potter and the Terra Storm

    Harry was gifted to fight the dark, but fate had more in store, as a catastrophe threatens all life on Earth. The Veil of Terra is breaking, and with that, worlds will be set on fire, and the innocent enslaved by monsters. It will be down to Harry to lead the Earth. Every one thousand years, a hero is called: The Calm Before the Storm - of Dragon and Phoenix. The Hero Will Rise.
  • Shifter

    AU! 3RD YR plus. If you had a dark fate forced on you, and found your power to shift your form and take on the form of any living being you've touched, personality included; what would you do? For Harry Potter his options become clear when he discovers his power when he's attacked by his Uncle, and chooses to hide in plain sight, at Hogwarts, and taking back a stolen freedom.
  • Stop the Monster

    Daphne Greengrass watched the GWL as she was forced into the triwizard tournament. She knew the girl had so much potential wasted by the monster: the leader of the light, so she set about to make the GWL into the new leader of the light, and set her free to be a powerful force to fight the darkest evils. "The world will change! I will gather your victims! I will stop the monster!"
  • Fairy Black

    A runaway with secrets and powers. Twins who never knew each other existed. One twin: a hero kept and loved while the other was thrown out accused of evil yet to happen. Truths uncovered. Siblings united. Friends are made. And powers formed as they push forward through year 6 at Hogwarts. But a great evil is stirring. And then they have Dumbledore and Voldemort to deal with.
  • I Know Your Secret

    AU 4th year! Fairytale is the company our hero builds to fight the lies of the magical UK. Bringing out the Frontier paper to begin fighting back. The balance jumps as Voldemort tries to return. Dumbledore & the ministry try to control Hogwarts & take it after being 'expelled'. Hope will build the Unified Mystical Commonwealth to be independent from magical UK.
  • The Magical Codex to the Multiverse

    AU - Odd ideas within the Harry Potter multiverse. A repository of one-shot, standalone, and short multi-chaptered fics that can and will meet and crossover to save the day and their worlds.
  • Harry Potter and the Creation of Evolution

    In ignorance it was believed that only humans could, and would evolve until a young magician abused by his human family proved differently, as he gained a magical mutation. To control symbology. Using his power as a conduit for psychic control, and destruction of minds, along with power over mana (magic) in its purist forms. Swearing to use his powers to protect the weak.
  • 7 Dark Emperors

    5th year! Voldemort in a fit of inspiration or stupidity found the Tomb of the Lost Darkness & freed the Dark Emperors from their eternal sleep. However, the 1st was different & left where he would find a new world in distress, & train Harry & Valkyrie to their full potential as heroes in ancient magic's to protect the world from sorcerers that should have long since perished.
  • Paradox Era

    Harry took Ginny & his friends on vacation to Japan once the war had ended, but always the hero, Harry and friends are swept away to the past where Draco, Astoria, Tracey, & Daphne (who 'secretly' loves Harry) are taken along for the ride. There they'll have to fight in an Earth of the past that is only populated by females. This becomes a new kind of adventure with new friends.
  • The Essence of Time and Space

    Harry has been favored but that doesn't make the 13 yo boys life any easier when a simple trip back in time to save Sirius from losing his soul sends him & Hermione back to the Roman Empire with their Time Turner broken. Harry is angry with her for messing with time just for her classes and leaves her in his anger, and joins the Roman army. ON-HOLD!
  • Classes of the Future

    DISCONTINUED! Please Check out my complete redo, Star Class! AU: end of 5th yr. How would you feel, thrown into the future? You find out much of your true life had been modified from your memory? How cool would it be to meet alien witches and wizards? And to find out in the 27 century magic is known by all?
  • White Flames

    AU 4th year: The White Flames, a mysterious sentient magic with the power to change worlds, and Harry now holds their power as its avatar. He will fight the dark with the ultimate 'light' power and bring to light great secrets. Harry is involved in an ancient tournament with dangers, and finds love in the arms of some cute girls, of the light and dark, with a balance.
  • Tails of Nine Natures

    Its the night of Halloween and Lily is alone with her twin sons, Harry and Edward when Voldemort attacks. However, they're not alone as two spirits watched as Lily fought to stop Voldemort. The mother spirit ended us sealed in Lily, while the child spirit in Harry. Lily wanted to take credit to protect her boys, but no matter the marks, Dumbledore will choose HIS "Greater Good!"
  • Flip: Fate or Destiny

    Harry's bored of all of the messed up choices other people make for his life without even talking to him first, like he's an idiot. So when he's in a kids park before his 15th birthday with his 'stalker' Tonks and finds a weird coin, he chooses to let it decide for him from then on. Yes, or no? Its simple, yes? Well, it could be if his life wasn't such chaos and mayhem.
  • Rose Potter and the Destiny Mirror

  • Light in the Order of Souls

    Harry was never free; not until he was dumped in those woods. He meets her who's soul shines brightly. They'll realise real magic & begin a plan to change the unchanged-broken-world. They bring forth the Black Order, not light nor dark. They learn the way magic should always be, & together they'll bring a balance! Together, they'll gather & fight with others, into the darkness!
  • Balance of Gaia

    In a world threatened by war, the dark fails & many secrets come to the light. The balance is tipped too far one side, & awakens an ancient evil. New dark enemies present themselves as gods. The light & dark must stand together to face a great challenge that could destroy all they have ever known, & realise that dark is not evil, & light is not good, just 2 sides of the same coin!
  • Spirit of the Phantasm

    AU: year 6! Harry dies, but not quite. He becomes a half-life, part ghost, part human. He hears his godfathers will & gains freedom from Dumbledore and his Order where he'll use his new ghost powers to protect people & defeat scheming Death Eaters. He finds his godmother, & listens to Sirius's will about bedding some girls. Harry\Daphne\Gabrielle\Fleur\Astoria\multi!
  • Order of the Covenant

    Triplets, sisters, separated after the attack & death of Lily & James Potter. 1, taken in to be raise by the Covenant of Witches is happy, another, with the muggles is smart, & then, the G-W-L, left with the Dursley's, to be bullied & to let out her dark thoughts. 3 sisters with different lives will come together, alone they'll be strong, together, they can do anything!