Andrew Joshua Talon

  • Uninspired Voyages

    A trouble magnet Starfleet Intelligence Agent finds himself on the USS Voyager. Hilarity and complexity ensues. NOT a Self Insert, AU.

  • No Man is an Island

    Barty Crouch Jr. had one more trick up his sleeve-A randomized Portkey to send Harry somewhere else. Over a month later, Dumbledore and Harry's friends have tracked Harry down to a tropical island full of danger. Where Harry has definitely undergone a change, and Dumbledore's original plan to defeat Voldemort is scrap. Time for a new one, then.

  • Harry Potter and the Heir to Gondor

    A very different take on the classic Harry Potter/LOTR fusion. Read and review please, so I know if the experiment is worth continuing.

  • Crumple Horned Plot Bunnies

    Random Harry Potter ideas that I haven't found a place for yet. But maybe, you can. Enjoy!

  • Anniversary

    When Luna's mother died, Ron remembered his mother and father rushing him over to the Lovegood house... One shot.

  • Ouroboros

    AU 7th Year. Hogwarts' defenses are falling apart, due to a thousand years of neglect, poor maintenance, and now a Dark Lord's army assaulting it. How does the Trio fix it? Well, sometimes all you can do is go back to the beginning... One shot, no pairings, just for fun.

  • Ramen Doodles

    Omakes, story snippets, and random ideas for stories collected into one neat volume. Enjoy.

  • A Pureblood's Duty

    Draco Malfoy tries to live up to his mother's expectations. He succeeds... Unfortunately. Oneshot, AU, no pairings, R&R please.

  • Kings and Queens

    Daphne Greengrass wants to know if those points Ron Weasley got for Wizard's Chess in First Year were earned, or given. Ron demonstrates his skill, and soon is in for more than he expected. One shot, Chess themed, RonxDaphne. R&R please.

  • Stumble

    Harry stumbles into Susan Bones on an important anniversary. One that turns out to be more significant for both of them. Harry/Susan, one shot.

  • A Veela Bonds

    The Yule Ball sucked. But Fleur Delacour wasn't about to let that spoil her evening... Harry/Fleur, Smut, One-Shot, everyone's Aged up. R&R please.

  • Happy Accidents & One Aggrieved Bookworm

    Septima Vector hadn't meant to fall in love with Harry Potter. Like everything else involving the Boy Who Lived, it was unplanned, unexpected, and filled with chaos. Slow burn romance, eventual smut, HP/SV/Multi? Read and review.

  • Destined Lovers

    Hermione has the perfect plan to get Harry all to herself in Year 6. Which, sadly, doesn't go quite according to plan... Septima Vector/Harry Potter/Katie Bell. Just for fun. R&R.

  • Hinata's Harem

    Saucy shorts about a new take on the Naruharem concept. Enjoy!

  • Immortal Coil

    Mysterion and Call Girl bust a meth lab, and then Mysterion dies. And then things REALLY change... Kendy, no longer a one shot, just for fun.

  • A Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action Please

    How to reconcile all the DCAU shows, the Animated Teen Titans, and put Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne, Jason Todd and Cassandra Cain into the DCAU. Enjoy!

  • Sparks Fly

    On the day Superman appears, Leslie Willis, the shock jock Livewire, is saved by a newcomer to Metropolis: Reporter Clark Kent. Rated for language and maybe other adult things. DCAU

  • Paint and Powder

    Short views of a universe where Starfleet vessels (and others) had AIs running their systems... In the form of shipgirls. Inspired by Kancolle and Azur Lane. Covers all the series. Enjoy!

  • Wavelengths

    While the Justice League deals with things on Earth, the rest of the galaxy has been dealing with the Sinestro Corps War. Young Green Lantern Arisia Rrab never thought she'd be in the thick of it, but thanks to a certain angry prisoner on Oa, she's going to have to prove what she's made of. Whether she likes it or not... Part of the DCAU Plus AU, but no need to read those first.

  • Short Hand

    The myriad misadventures of a plucky human in Equestria. Sequel to "The Stars Revolt!"