• 365 Days of Regulus Black

    [21] "I can't see this going well," Regulus muttered to himself. [22] "Sirius!" Regulus shouted across the crowded platform, ignoring the disapproving stare of his mother which promised later retribution. [23] "What flavour do you think this is?" Regulus asked, holding up the white Bertie Bott's Bean.

  • Fifty Shades of AU

    [29] Percy/Oliver (mostly platonic) [Prison!AU] He had thought he'd managed to escape the expectations of his family, to escape this inevitable outcome, but apparently not. [30] Cedric&Myrtle [Haunted House!AU] "I have to make sure: you are aware of the … incidents?" she asks carefully. "You mean the deaths?" Cedric blurts out. "The murders and suicides and accidents?"

  • Inclement Weather (can still be nice)

    "Why are we going for a walk in the middle of the night?" Draco asks for what is quite possibly the hundredth time. "I told you," Percy says with the endless amount of patience that can only come from living in such close quarters with such a loud family, "it's a surprise. And anyway, it's not the middle of the night, it's eight PM."

  • Do the Impossible

    [1] When the World Gets in the Way — Ron&Draco — The Fox and the Hound: Not all friendships are built to last, some are broken by time or people, but others pull through.

  • Love (leads to broken hearts)

    She had decided that today would be good as soon as Daddy had opened the cardboard box to reveal the tiny lavender kitten sitting inside, and she is determined to keep it so.

  • Harry's Eulogy

    There are no guarantees of survival, especially when you're actively walking into danger. Harry knows this, and he wants his friends to be a part of his funeral in any way they can.

  • Goosebumps

    [1] Welcome to Dead House – When Lily decides to unearth the secrets of the 'haunted house' she gets a lot more than she bargained for. [2] Stay Out of the Basement – Barty's plan to get Regulus to explore his own home backfires spectacularly. [3] When James, Peter and Sirius decide to investigate the Forest, they find a lot more than they bargained for.

  • Lucy Weasley: A Study

    I'll be keeping all my Lucy Weasley RPs here, so that I can keep track of. If you wanted to give them a try regardless, hopefully they'll be fun to read :)

  • Alone in the Woods (is my favourite place to be)

    He is born on the night of a full moon, the first one of the year. It is a moon for fresh starts, new beginnings. For the light to rise above the darkness. His mother takes this as a good sign.

  • Falling For You (before we've even met)

    Draco traces a finger over the name on the inside of his wrist, right over the spot where his pulse pounds beneath his skin. The handwriting is still the blocky scrawl of youth, but he suspects his own is similar.

  • The Sacrifices We Make (in the name of quidditch)

    "We're still gonna win the cup!" a voice yells. The boy from the match. Kingsley has absolutely no idea who he is, or why the boy seems so obsessed with him. He decides it's best not to engage him in conversation.

  • The Day The Dragon Attacked

    Dust falls from the ceiling. Not a lot of dust, mind you, but enough to give Ulmluk of the Gringott's clan pause.

  • When The Memories Crush Us (we find each other)

    Percy has not been the same since … since that night when everything changed. Since the ceiling quite literally crashed down upon them and his brother was stolen from this world.

  • Up Against The Wall

    She is not scared, she thinks, as she curls in on herself tightly, her small form shivering in the cold, and she cannot help but mewl softly to herself. There is no one around to hear.

  • The Choices We Make

    Harry wipes down the bar-top, sending a rueful smile Hermione's way. "Didn't think we'd wind up here, did you?" he asks in that self-depreciating way of his.

  • For You (i will relive the past)

    Theirs was an unusual friendship, built upon too much loss, too much responsibility, all at such a young age.

  • The Little Miracles in Life

    "The fact that you're both still alive is a miracle," Lily says wryly, staring down at the heap James and Sirius make on her living room floor.

  • Leave The World Behind

    She was just clutching at straws now. She'd been told a fairy might be able to grant her a wish — or was that a Genie? The mermaids had been a complete bust — and really all Cho wanted was to get home.

  • Running

    He spent his life running - never stopping - but he wasn't really going anywhere. And when he finally had a destination he just... stopped.

  • Sleep

    Ron's having a little difficulty focusing in class.