• Trial by Stair

    Sometimes, a boy just needs to slide down some stairs to be believed.

  • A Single Star

    He's not afraid for he knows where the light shines, even if he can no longer see it for himself.

  • An Amalgamation of Drabbles and Oneshots

    A series of unrelated oneshots and drabbles inspired by prompts given in various competitions.

  • Preparations and Distractions

    Preparing a bat mitzvah is a lot of work; luckily, Luna's roped in Cedric to distract her when it threatens to become overwhelming.

  • Subtle Words

    Albus is a master of words and he uses them with devastating efficiency.

  • Untamed Journey

    The roaming Hogwarts saloon is a place of happiness and laughter—and some healthy competition.

  • Aiding Atlas

    Atlas may be holding up the world by himself, but Luna will not let her fellow students do the same.

  • Aaron's Legacy

    Before Salazar Slytherin, before Hogwarts, there was just Helga and Aaron.

  • Through the Looking Glass

    Harry had been held to duty his entire life. The Dursley's had controlled him, Dumbledore had guided him to death, and now Wizarding Britain was demanding his services every day. His friends have something to say about that.

  • For Mother

    Tom's mother had given her own life so that he could rule the world. He was determined to make his mother proud and the Muggles pay.

  • Lost and Found

    Despite losing the one thing that could lead them to each other, they still managed to come together.

  • Haywire Emotions

    After years of dealing with spikes of negative emotions from her soulmate, Lily finally says no and rejects the binding.

  • New Strategies

    From Transfiguration essays to going over Quidditch strategies, Marcus is happy to help.

  • When Killing is More Profitable than Stealing

    The heads of the Shadows and the Thieves Guild share a bottle of wine.

  • The Call

    The stars were aligned and it was time to call the four home.

  • Ziva and Crow

    Hidden in the earth (and the Earth), there is a network of tunnels that hides those who watch and record. In these tunnels, there are two beings who are rather fond of cocoa and shiny trinkets (and each other).

  • Into the West

    In the end, there was only one choice.

  • Food Wars

    What starts as returning the favour becomes so much more.

  • History Lies

    History has a way of reducing facts to mere legends and turning mere legends into facts.

  • Disaster in the Kitchen

    Helga learns that passion does not mean skill, Salazar learns how to make a cupcake. Properly.