• moonlight

    ever since she was born, she knew – like she knew the sky was blue and the sun can burn eyes – that she would be dying young, consumed by the powers brought into her bloodline by some ancestor whose name had been lost – or erased – in the genealogic tree they kept in the living room. {remus/oc, marauders era. hints of wolfstar. book one in "of curses and daydreams" series}

  • Bubblegum

    Sometimes I think the universe really hates me - or, you know, loves me enough to screw me a little too much every single day. {year 1 - year 7} { harry potter x oc }

  • Heirloom

    It started with a fight between a brother who liked darkness to much and a sister who was made of light – and ended with a bloody war, a newfound family and a broken heart that couldn't be mended. {ocxoc}{part of the galaxy series}{first war}

  • indelével

    "Lord Voldemort nunca amou ninguém – isso não quer dizer que Tom Riddle não o fez Ou O quão diferente amor e obsessão podem ser?" [TOM RIDDLE X OFC][SLOWBURN] Livro I