Harry Potter and the, ah man, ANOTHER trans Harry fic? Really?


Chapter Ten

~ Harry was contemplating just how wild his week had been as he hurriedly packed the rest of his things. Most of his own things were packed already, but wanting to make sure his Christmas gifts were complete and everything wrapped, he'd carefully spread them all out the night before. Seeing them all had made him so happy though, that he hadn't wanted to put the gifts away again. He simply stared for a moment, taking in the colorful wrapping one last time, and enjoying the satisfaction of finally being able to give people actual gifts. He finally tucked them all away in his trunk's spare compartment, then locked it tight. Once everything was packed he debated using the shrinking rune and walking down with just the tiny box in hand. He was sure he'd at least get to see Ron's bewilderment, and maybe one or two others, but Mr and Mrs Weasley would probably recognize it for what it was. Although, it might be more amusing to wait, then he could give Ron and Hermione their trunks already shrunk and watch them try to figure it out!

A few moments later there was a knock on his door, which was still open again, dang it! Oh well, he'd eventually get used to being allowed to close his door again. That really had been an oddity this summer. Normally the Dursley's insisted he keep his door closed, preferably with him behind it, unless he was actively doing chores.

"Come on in, I'm packed," Harry called out brightly.

The twins walked in with their customary grins. "So then our dear and wee compatriot,"

"just what are you attempting to hide, hmm?"

Harry was far too used to their back and forth conversation style for it to affect him one way or another. But hey, turnabout's fair play right?

Harry made a shushing motion and leaned in, whispering, "can you two keep a secret?"

"You already know that." Offered Fred, well probably Fred... maybe.

Harry abruptly stood back up and grinned, "I can too!"

One of the twins fell back into the other's arms, hand over his heart, "aagh, no. You wound us sir!" But they were grinning. They loved that he would so often play along.

Harry just smirked and reached over, placing his hand over one of the carvings in the trunk lid. A couple seconds later they all felt the gentle brush of a minor enchantment's activation.

"There you go, featherlight charm. It's kinda too bulky for me to do much more than drag it though. So, could you two maybe...?" Harry started out okay, but kinda just trailed off at the end. The twins were used to this though, having long ago noticed Harry's reticence to ask for any kind of favor.

"No prob little Harrykins," they replied, one of them mussing his hair as they got into position, each took an end to carry it down the stairs.

Fred, Harry was pretty sure it was Fred whistled, and the other offered, "Seriously though, Harry, this is a nice trunk. Triple compartment?"

"Yeah! Have you seen any like it?"

"I think one of Bill's friends had one right?" probably George, asked the other. Said other nodded. "Are they expanded compartments, or full rooms?"

"Mine and Hermione's have complete rooms, but Ron's is just the expanded compartment with like, enchanted fold out drawer thingys. That's their Christmas gifts though, so don't say anything about it please! I've got something fun planned."

The twins easily agreed, it's not as if they were about to mess up someone else's prank after all. They did ask Harry why he was carrying a backpack, instead of just putting it in the trunk, but he insisted that he'd rather hold on to it.

The three of them made their way back down to join the rest of the red heads, plus Hermione, chatting about Harry's various adventures over the week. They were positively giddy at his description of 'Blowing up' his aunt.

Sunday morning saw Harry startle awake bright and early, on a cot at the foot of Ron's bed. He'd been back in the chamber of secrets, only instead of Ginny or a basilisk, Dudley was there and trying to melt Harry's face by touching it, like he'd done to Quirrel. His aunt and uncle had laughed at him from within the Mirror of Erised. Harry couldn't really be sure, but he vaguely remembered Ron and Hermione being there. Either they'd pushed him down the trapdoor, or they had been trying to jump in too, only he wouldn't let them? It was a jumbled mess, but as there was no chance of him falling back to sleep, he figured he might as well get up. Harry was as quiet as a mouse as he dressed, there really wasn't any need, Ron could likely sleep through an air raid, but the years of silence instilled in him at the, oh so loving hands of his aunt were now his default setting. Especially when he was upset, and he wasn't yet completely over his nightmare.

Harry made his way down to the dining table, only to find it occupied by Mrs Weasley and a young man with the ubiquitous 'Weasley red' hair.

Harry stopped cold in the doorway, before giving a tentative smile and an awkward, "Umm, hi?" He didn't exactly relish surprises, like suddenly finding extra adults in his proximity, but this was clearly a relative, likely another of Ron's siblings. Charlie, if the nearly imperceptible burn scars on the man's arms, and even up one side of his neck, were any indication.

Molly was first to greet the youth, "Good

Morning, Harry dear. You're up awfully early, did you sleep okay?"

Harry shrugged, glancing at the other Weasley before, "yes ma'am," but scowled slightly, tiredly mumbling, "weird dreams's all."

The brawny looking Weasley offered Harry a cheeky smile before, "Good morning oh mighty savior of wizarding worlds, Hagrid's, and little sisters. I'm Charlie," he paused for a moment, taking on a much more serious, but not unkind, expression, "and Harry, I'm forever in your debt for saving my baby sister. I'm sure I can speak for the whole Weasley clan when I say that I don't think any of us would likely ever have managed to get over losing little Gin."

Harry definitely hadn't expected that, the Charlie from Ron, the twins, and even Oliver's stories always seemed to depict a lovable goofball with a mischievous side. Granted that the first bit was playful, but the last bit was completely serious, and Harry had no idea what to do when faced with that kind of gratitude.

Harry unconsciously took a small step back, and he was looking anywhere but at Charlie or Mrs Weasley, "but, umm, I... You don't have to… I mean, Ron and Hermione helped too. And even Neville went to find help so…"

Mrs Weasley shared a look with her son that clearly indicated his was not an unexpected reaction. Charlie only smiled, and then knelt in front of the kid. Seriously, thought Charlie, he was so small, no bigger than Ginny herself, how on earth had he managed to self appoint the task of finding and then rescuing his beloved sister. It was mind boggling really. "True, and I will absolutely be giving them my thanks as well, but Harry, you had the bravery to continue on after being separated from Ron, you fought a basilisk, and you destroyed one of the darkest artifacts I've ever even heard of. You are one hundred percent worthy of my gratitude."

Harry continued fidgeting at the hem of his shirt, clearly uncomfortable at the praise and trying very hard to stop the tears that were threatening to fall. Charlie figured the kid would appreciate a chance to compose himself and stood from where he had been kneeling in front of Harry.

"So mum, when are you finally going to come to Romania and meet my wonderful boyfriend?" Charlie pouted.

Inner Harry dialogue, 'Wait, boyfriend? Yes please, a topic change!'

"Not anytime soon, you great dragon baby, I'm getting far too old for all this long distance travel. Even using a portkey, the trip to Egypt and back left me seasick." Charlie snorted at the thought.

"You should have just brought him back here for the week," finished Mrs Weasley with a huff.

"So, umm, your gay then? But, well isn't that supposed to be, like… bad?"

Harry had only been trying to keep the conversation on something other than himself, he hadn't really thought his words through, and only realized after it was too late that he was surely being offensive. That was the last thing he wanted to do to any of the Weasley's. They'd been good to him. Sure Molly was a bit overwhelming at times, and Arthur constantly bombarded him with muggle questions (Though to be fair, they were usually pretty funny), but none of that mattered because staying with them was like… like climbing under a nice warm blanket after having spent all day freezing. From everything Harry had heard, Charlie was a lot like the twins, and really the twins were almost like big brothers to Harry, though he really wasn't sure if he'd been the one to adopt them, or vice versa.

Harry took a hurried step forward, stumbling over his words as he tried to fix his perceived slight, "I mean, that's not what… I- I don't think it's bad! It's just what my… what people say, I uh, I mean, umm-"

"Woah woah, easy Harry. It's okay, I'm not offended."

'Okay so that's a weirdly strong reaction to just asking a common question,' reflected Charlie. He had a sinking feeling about this.

"So uh, yeah I mean, some people think you should only ever fancy people of the opposite sex, but those people are arseholes-"

"Charlie Weasley, you watch your language!" Interrupted Mrs Weasley.

For his part, Charlie just grinned and kept going, "thing is Harry, most of those people are the same shi- uh -crap people that think blood purity matters, or that wizards are naturally better than other sentient creatures. They aren't worth listening to alright? Being true to yourself and those you love is what matters."

Charlie had been keeping a close watch on Harry's body language while he talked, and the kid's breathing at least had slowed, but he still didn't like the veiled fear he suspected he was seeing in the kid's eyes.

"Mind if I ask who it was that's been saying bad things about *gasp* the gays, huh small fry?" Charlie hoped the good natured pestering would help Harry relax, figuring anyone that was apparently doted on by the twins would be used to a little good natured ribbing.

And sure enough Harry gave a small grin before murmuring, "Hey, I'm still growing. Just you wait, I'll catch up to Ron before you know it."

"I don't know if anyone's gonna be able to catch up to Ron once he's finished. I'd swear he grew a foot this summer alone." Laughed Charlie. It was an exaggeration sure, but yeah, that kid was gonna be a tall one for certain.

Harry, after a few moments of silence, quietly admitted that he'd been thinking of his cousin Dudley who'd said being gay was bad, and then admitted, even more quietly, that he often called Harry a poof too.

"Sounds like your cousin isn't a very nice kid huh buckeroo?"

Harry made a face at that, causing Charlie to chuckle, "what's a 'buckeroo' supposed to be?" Harry asked

"No idea, you'd have to ask my friend Tonks," Charlie admitted sheepishly. "Do your aunt or uncle ever tell him off for it?

Harry gave a derisive snort, "hah, no way. According to them, Diddy dink-ums, hasn't ever deserved telling off in his life. Besides, they're where he gets most of it from."

Charlie and Mrs Weasley exchanged a pointed look, neither had missed the way Harry's countenance darkened at the direction the conversation had turned. Molly had half a mind to send Albus Dumbledore something stronger than just another letter about those miserable muggles, and this time she'd need more than simple platitudes about Harry's safety.

"Harry, dear, won't you go ahead and get Ron and the girls up then, and I'll go ahead and get breakfast going." Mrs Weasley chirped brightly.

~Harry nodded enthusiastically, and bounded back out to the stairs.

Authors Notes

So my boyfriend pointed out a few nights back that my southern roots were showing. Apparently fault and fought sound different when pronounced correctly, but as my accent (which isn't very thick at all thank you lol) apparently doesn't do a very good job sounding things out, I've misspelled it once or twice so far, and just barely caught (Wait, caught has the same sound, annnnd now I'm overthinking it) it in this chapter.