Harry Potter and the, ah man, ANOTHER trans Harry fic? Really?

Freedom's Flight

Chapter 4

~ Flying with Hedwig started off as great fun, Harry honestly wondered why he hadn't ever done so before, but after almost half an hour of flight, Harry was tired, his back where he'd been thrown into the wall was on fire, and even though it was summer, Harry was starting to get pretty cold. He was grateful for the beanie, and even though it was too big, and fairly threadbare, at least his old hoodie had long sleeves, but still Harry's fingers and nose were starting to ache from the damp and the wind.

"I'm freezing Hedwig! Are we getting close yet," Harry called out, not that Hedwig could really answer him. "Don't suppose you know the incantation for that warming charm Oliver casts on the team sometimes, huh girl?"

Hedwig gave a mournful little hoot, and swooped past, just brushing his hand with her wing tip.

Harry smiled at his friend's antics, but it was still cold up this high.

"It would probably be warmer closer to the ground, but it really wouldn't be safe to fly any lower. Maybe though…"

Harry focussed, trying to feel the sensation of magic building up in his chest again. If he could channel that, maybe he could use it. They hadn't actually been taught anything about wandless magic yet, that was strictly for seventh year, but Harry was done following the rules if it was only going to result in him hurting, cold, and scared like he was now. Harry thought about how, if he'd been allowed to use magic outside of school before, then he wouldn't have had to suffer any more of his relatives' abuse for the last two years.

Harry tried to clear his mind, he was pretty good at stuffing down his emotions after so much practice over the years. Once he thought he'd managed to call back up a little of that magical energy, he imagined being toasty warm. He pictured it flowing out to his fingers, his toes, flowing up his face and into his frozen nose and ears. And then, without any actual trigger the magic released and Harry felt warmth spread from his torso out to his limbs. It wasn't perfect, his left foot felt like he was standing on coals, he suddenly got the hiccups with no clue as to why, he was pretty sure his right ear had steam drifting out, and yet despite all that it was bliss. Even the muscles in his back loosened up a bit.

Harry let out a great whoop and took off through a couple corkscrewing loops. Shortly after some of his elation wore off Harry realized just how exhausted he was. The whole week had been exhausting, but he'd used a ton of wandless magic tonight, which seemed to drain him much faster than the spells he'd practiced at school, and on top of that, tonight had been such an emotional rollercoaster.

Just as the youth was beginning to be in serious danger of nodding off, Hedwig released a shrill hoot and began to bank through a wide circle. Harry looked down onto the various streets below. Squinting through the web of light and shadow caused by the irregularly spaced lamp posts in this area of muggle London, Harry eventually spied a dingy storefront that might've been the leaky cauldron. He could see the tiny lot behind it, though beyond that there was an odd sort of haze. If Harry stared straight at the haze he could just make out a distorted sort of alley, but if he looked to either side there didn't appear to be any gap to the buildings around it at all!

"Must be some sort of muggle repelling charm. Strong one too if it's even affecting me," Harry mused.

"Alright girl, I'm not at all sure about this, but I'm going in. You best find somewhere safe to hide, and hopefully I'll see you again first thing tomorrow night… if I'm not in jail anyway."

Hedwig glided over, landing on his broom handle and nipping on his finger. Harry floated there for a minute or two longer, trying to work up his Gryffindor nerve.

"Okay, okay. I'm going. Here's hoping Ron was right about Gringotts always being open," and with that Harry once again donned his cloak and landed in front of the tavern.

After a quick glimpse around to ensure there weren't any nearby bystanders, Harry whipped off his cloak and quickly tucked it into his bag. He tugged his beanie down tight, gave a silent prayer to any deity who might show him favor, asking that he wouldn't be recognized, and stepped into the inn… and right into the minister of magic.