Harry Potter and the, ah man, ANOTHER trans Harry fic? Really?


Language and mild violence warning.

Chapter 3

"Don't you fucking dare talk about my mother like that you miserable, fat, stupid, AAARRHHH!!!" As Harry screamed out in frustration, a powerful gust of hot air exploded out from him, crackling across everyone's exposed skin. For a moment everyone just stared, Dudley's fork falling stupidly from his mouth. As Aunt Marge began to swell up with indignation, preparing to unleash hell upon the small child, she continued to swell. She just… kept swelling up, and suddenly, like the balloon she was beginning to resemble, Marge floated right out of her seat.

Marge's flying trick, apparently, was the catalyst. Suddenly everyone was jumping to their feet as chaos unfolded. Marge was shouting for help, Petunia was shrieking, Dudley screamed and ran out of the room, and Vernon roared an unintelligible battle cry. The only thing saving Harry was that Vernon was seated on the opposite side of the table, and Harry was closer to the door.

Harry had almost made it to the cupboard door, which had sprung open at another, much smaller, burst of Harry's magic, when a beefy hand snatched the back of his shirt, and threw him bodily back into the wall. There was a sickening sort of crunch as Harry slammed back first into the wall. His breath exploded out of his lungs, and he slid down to the floor. Due to the agony in his back and the stars in his vision, Harry barely registered it as several pictures fell down around him.

Suddenly his uncle was there, reaching down, filling his line of sight, and bellowing something about "make her right BOY!"

As a bolt of terror shot through Harry, an immense pressure built up in his chest only to burst forth, and this time Vernon was the one to be thrown bodily through the room.

Harry jumped up, gasping in pain, he ran over to his trunk and fell shakily to his knees. He threw open his trunk, and Harry's wand swiftly flew up to meet his hand. The child stared for a moment, unsure if that was him doing more wild magics, or if that was the wand responding to his desperation. Whatever, he didn't have time to think about it, Vernon likely wouldn't stay down long. Harry grabbed his broom, his invisibility cloak, and his messenger bag he used at school.

"Ahhh, what else, what else," Harry agonized, desperate to get away but terrified to leave behind anything he couldn't replace. "Okay, think think think! I can buy new clothes and books, OH RIGHT, money!" Harry fumbled around and pulled out his Gringott's vault key and coin pouch; he also spotted the picture album of his parents Hagrid had given him. After stuffing everything in his bag he thought hard for a moment before snagging a beanie he'd found at the local Park earlier this summer. It was a bit of a girlish blue green, but he liked it, and it matched his eyes well, more importantly it would hide his scar. Harry wasn't sure exactly where he was going, but he knew he had more than a few enemies. Plus, what if he'd be in trouble with the ministry! He'd just blown up his aunt, and he'd used magic outside of school!

"So not the time to worry about that," he fretted.

Harry quickly went through his pile of books, pulling out two battered muggle fictions, The Hobbit, and Bridge to Terabithia, those two books had helped him survive life at the Dursley's for years, and he couldn't stand the thought of Uncle Vernon burning them. Last he threw in a second hand non-muggle fairy tale book Ron had gotten him for Christmas. Hermione, of course, had gotten him a fascinating but huge book last year, and there was no way it was fitting in his bag too.

Harry ran up to his, sometimes anyway, room and yanked open the window. Throwing on the invisibility cloak, Harry climbed onto his nimbus 2000 and shot up into the sky. After gaining a few hundred feet Harry stopped to tuck his cloak away. From this height, and at night, he'd just look like a funny bird. Plus, the cloak was still much too big for him, and it would be awkward to fly in.

Harry was pretty freaked out. He had been slowly circling the neighborhood for almost ten minutes, completely at a loss for what to do. Ron's family wasn't back to the Burrow yet, not that he had the foggiest notion of how to get there. Still, it might not be a good idea to go to them even if they had been home. Now that he was begging to calm some, Harry's niggling worry from before was coming back. What if he was in serious trouble? This wasn't really like that mess with Dobby, not that that had really been his fault. This time Harry had done some pretty serious magic, and someone had been hurt, even if the evil trollop had deserved it, thought Harry. What if they tried to take Harry's wand, or what if they tried to take him to Azkaban!

"Shit!" Harry yelled, feeling like maybe saying the unfamiliar word out loud might help him calm down, but no such luck.

"Agh! Crap crap crap." Harry was really starting to panic. Just as he was beginning to spiral into a full blown panic attack, far from the safest thing you could do at nearly 500 feet in the air, a loud hoot snapped his attention back to his surroundings.

"HEDWIG!?" Cried out Harry. "You were supposed to be at Hagrid's! What are you… how.. how long have you been back!?"

Hedwig alighted on the end of Harry's broom, nuzzling into Harry's extended hand. She warbled affectionately as Harry gushed how happy he was to see her.

Thanks to Hedwig, Harry was finally able to calm down enough and come up with a bit of a plan.

"Alright girl," sighed the youth. "I don't know what the ministry might do. I think Professor Dumbledore would try to protect us though. I'm thinking we lay low for a couple weeks, and if he hasn't found us by then we can make for Hogwarts. If we are gonna hide..." Harry trailed off, gently rocking the broom side to side unconsciously. "I don't have any muggle notes, and it'd be easier to hide in muggle London than somewhere with a lot of people that might recognize me."

Hedwig gave a low trill, seemingly in agreement.

"Right," Harry chuckled, stroking Hedwig's chest gently, "So I think we need to pay the goblins of Diagon Alley a visit. Umm, me and Hagrid took the tube... All I really know is that it's in London, and London is huge, it could take us days to find it!"

Hedwig gave Harry a brief nip before taking flight, circling Harry once before hooting and flapping northward. Harry smacked himself in the head!

"GAH, of course! You're brilliant, you know that right girl?" Harry shouted out, flying along after her.

Authors note

Probably not doing this note part right but whatev's.

So yeah, fat shaming is not okay, child abuse is not okay, and neglect is not okay. Unfortunately that's kinda where the story is when utilising JK's world.