Harry Potter and the, ah man, ANOTHER trans Harry fic? Really?

The Minister

Chapter 5

~"Terribly sorry young man, here you are then," Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic, said while reaching down and pulling Harry back up to his feet.

"Uh, thank you sir. Sorry to bump into you like that." Harry gently tried to pull his hand back, but apparently this stranger wasn't finished.

"Quite alright, quite alright," chuckled Fudge. Once Harry was back on his feet Fudge glanced at the door as if expecting to see the child's parents. When none were forthcoming he took a closer look at the child in front of him.

"Wait a minute, Harry! Thank Merlin!" Fudge finally released Harry's hand, only to take him by the shoulder instead, making him jump. He started them toward a nearby table.

"Boys," he hollered over to the men at the table, "I've found him. You were right Kingsley, he headed for the closest Wizarding location." At this he looked down to Harry, "and a very wise decision that was my boy, far too dangerous to wander around unsupervised you know, of course we expected you to take the Knight Bus. Technically speaking you really shouldn't be out flying where muggles might see, still I suppose we can take extenuating circumstances into account. All that really matters is you're safe and that the damage has been fixed. That said, you really must be more careful with that temper of your Harry, blowing up your aunt of all things. I understand she was saying some rather spiteful things, or rather that's what Arnold told me, but still I'm sure you've learned your lesson and all's well that ends well right?"

Harry just stood there gaping at the mysterious stranger who, other than really liking the sound of his own voice, he seemed to know what had happened and was waiting for Harry with a whole group of rather intense looking people. Even the young woman with bubblegum pink hair had been rather intimidating looking until she smiled at their approach.

Wow, he thought, I guess that had been pretty dense coming here. Of course they'd be waiting for him at the Cauldron. They expected him to be looking for help and this was the obvious place to go!

"Umm, sorry but, who are you? And, umm am, am I really not in trouble?" Harry asked, practically whispering the last bit.

"Not at all Harry," Fudge said genially. "My name is Cornelius Fudge, and I'm the Minister of Magic." At this Harry's eyes widened to roughly the size of dinner plates. Fudge laughed amiably and continued, "Yes my boy, you gave us all a bit of a fright to be sure. After the accidental magic reversal squad, oh yes, I should tell you your aunt has been deflated and undergone a memory modification, but when the squad reported that you had run away well, we've had dozens of people out trying to track you down, especially with Black on the loose. Now, I understand families aren't always simple, by the way I just wanted to say that was rather an impressive amount of accidental magical energy you unleashed, lit up our boards like a fireworks display, but Harry, you can't just go flying away from home at a time like this. Now, from what I gathered your uncle was uh, well rather displeased by what you did to his sister and tempers were high. While I'm certain this was an isolated incident, I want you to promise me that if you ever feel like you absolutely must get away again, you'll take the Knight bus straight here. Then Tom," at this he gestured to a rather old and tired looking man in an employee uniform heading over from the bar, "the owner of this establishment can flu call me directly."

Yup, Harry thought, definitely likes to hear himself talk. "I'm, umm, okay, uh, sorry sir." Harry, looking rather confused, started counting off on his fingers, "Umm, what's a Knight bus, what's a Black, and umm any chance you guys, uh, modified Uncle Vernon's memory too?"

At this Fudge's demeanor sobered up some before he answered, "Ahh, yeah, no. No, we wouldn't modify your guardians' memories. That's not really how it works. But not to worry, While your relatives are perfectly willing to take you back at the end of this school term, we all thought it best that you not return this summer. You'll be staying here at the leaky Cauldron where Tom can keep an eye on you. Oh, and one more thing, please, you are not to step foot outside of the inn and diagon alley, understood?"

"I don't have to go back!? I can stay here? Yes, yes, of course! I won't leave, I won't go past the alley, yes sir!"

Fudge was smiling like a loon at the boy's excitement, but at least one person at the table was more than a bit disturbed by the intensity of the young child's mood swing. He had been so reserved before, but now he seemed just a touch too excited at the prospect of not having to go home. She figured she might just have to pay young Harry a visit early next summer, just to be sure.

Authors notes

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