The Return Of The Marauders Part I: Truths Revealed

Reunions And Stereotypes

Return Of The Marauders

Warnings: This is going to be the night after he gets the map and without anyone doing anymore decisions as he decides on his own judgements now. And they decide to jump over a few things in this. As her second prophecy is delayed and the only thing left for them to worry about is getting the dementors out of the school as he spends the rest of the term in peace.

This story is going go a different route regarding the war with Voldemort as Harry takes his friends and family to another country as they prepare. And let the ministry do their deeds now as they have a way to train without interference now. As the truth is revealed to everyone by the story he creates through Luna and her father and everyone learns the truth.

Disclaimers: Harry Potter doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to J.K. Rowling and Warner brothers

Chapter 10: Calling The Ministry And The Trial

"Professor, you better let me deal with my brother, boys, he's your ward once he, Mione and Ron start school later on, okay." he said and the twins nodded smiling as Fred rested his hand on my shoulder protectively at that. "What are you saying Charlie." Percy asked and he crossed his arms. " I'm saying that your pride and arrogance are going to cost you everything if you don't control your behavior, we just got evidence now."

"That he can use this power to track down these items, and secondly you were the one harboring a fugitive death eater. Dad never wanted to be like characters like Malfory, mum loves him the way he is, and second and I don't have to hear the words too. But Harry is sharing his inheritance with us, we get decent clothes, we got enough. Now, to fix the burrow and it's because he's selfless to a fault, he loved us like family, Percy."

"You're a fourth year and I'm a seventh year, Percy, but I'm making this very clear, before I leave school and head for Romania right now. But your attitude to the twins, Ron and Ginny is ending right now." he said with a stern growl at him then. "Harry hasn't had a real childhood, since his parents died, he's going on 11 and he should act 11. So you got a problem with that, take it up with mom or the headmaster, but lay off now."

"If you force us to choose, it's going to be him, these books tell the future and he's trying to prevent that future from killing anyone he loves right now. Our family sided with him, from mum and dad, to me and Bill, the twins and even Ron. Ginny belongs to him, she loves him and he loves her, so what right do you have to treat the quartet like this?" he said sternly and I saw the desperation appear in his eyes, as Charlie held his hand up.

"I mean it, you are four years away from being written off in our eyes, if you keep this attitude up right now." he said and Percy looked between the twins and him and swallowed hard at that. "He's betrothed to Ginny and mum told me this, before I left for school right now, but nothing you say or do will change things. He's family and we protect our family, no matter what." he said sternly and turned to Dumbledore gently.

"I know I'm going to regret asking this, but when did he start acting like this?" Dora asked and he sighed as he told her the truth. "Since the twins started school, he's the odd one out in the family, but Bill was head boy, I'm quidditch captain. The twins are jokesters and at times they get in trouble but still get good grades. And Ron is the best in the family at chess, but Percy is the odd one out, but what none of us have."

"Aside from Ron, is the position of best friend to Harry, the boys are the best of friends and until he came home, he had no one. To Harry, he saw the 4 of us as older brothers, but right now with adding Mione to the family and with her, him. Percy is trying to do our teachers jobs for them in enforcing the rules, as it's isolating him. From the entire school here and now we find out that he had the traitor." he said and Minerva nodded to that.

"I do believe this blows your chances at getting named as a prefect right now Percival, but the one that does deserve it is Oliver Wood. This attitude of your's is the reason you never saw this whatsoever, but Harry is not just a sign of hope. He's still a child, who lost 9 years of his life amd is regaining them back by being in summer school training. As you saw his new team mates are the ones acting like family to him as are your brothers."

"But your ambitions, your lust can destroy your life if you do not control them, he needs me, the headmaster and others to settle in now. This coming year for you got cancelled, but you work hard and you can make sixth year, but this year, this next term. It goes to Oliver Wood, but you better be patient, as you guys got your owls to worry about." Minerva said and Dumbledore nodded in agreement to her thoughts at that remark.

"And Harry, tell me, regarding whatever Hagrid shows you, before you and Mione try to handle it yourself please." she added and I nodded. "Yes Mam, I will, but we better make a few changes to these chapters to prevent it from getting out of hand next year. But the noise you expect to hear after my training to be made the new seeker happens. Draco is trying to get me in trouble with you." I said and they all nodded as we exchanged looks.

"It could be my generation or your's and nothing ever changes here Harry, Riddle had the elder wand, wants the elder wand, I have the stone and you have the cloak. It's family heirloom, but at the moment we have to get this under control right now. Sirius, Remus and I can tutor you in our world as I grew up like you did at the time. But you're going to need this and practice until the time comes." Severus said, passing me a potions book.

"Wait, what are you saying if you say that Professor?" Charlie asked and he explained that to him. "His mother is my best friend, we had a fall out when we were 15, right after that years owls, and I wanted a chance to fix that ever since. But he's my charge now, though your brothers, the twins, are his warden Charles. Though knowing our third marauder is alive goes a long way to fixing the rift now." he said to him and they nodded.

"But boys were you waiting till I brought him home, before you produced that map?" Dumbledore asked, finishing his sentence and they nodded. "Yes Headmaster we did and we were and now that we know he's harboring a traitor. He's busted when dad hears this, we thought he was dead and it turns out his animagus form is a rat. And said rat clue is right on the map, Wormtail." George said and they nodded as I answered that remark.

"The rumors on Crouch are true, but you go on rumors you see less then you expect, you barely know him or me and you are basing everything. And on hearsay and second hand reports, you're already failing your training, you have everything you want. But this greed, for more, can destroy you, lust, envy, greed, anger, sloth, gluttony and pride. I learned enough from studying the bible to know where the sins take you."

"And you check family history, your future boss is a criminal, his son is a death eater, who is the reason the Longbottoms are in Saint Mungo's." I said and he paled at tha. "How do you know that?" he asked quickly, before I heard Madam Aggie answer that. "Because Alice is his godmother, young man, that's how, hey baby." she said and I smiled and gave her a hug at that. "Missed you nana." I said and she smiled at the title gently.

"Hey Aggie, welcome back." Minerva said to her and she smiled at her. "Thank you, so we found our perpetrator, well wait till Amelia, Kingsley and Alastor hear this." she said and I smiled in delight I was going to see the professor this soon finally. "Alastor?" Charlie asked and I smiled. "It's Mad-eye Charlie, I get to see him again finally." I said and they smiled. "Hey son, it's good to see you!" I heard and smiled in delight as I saw Remus.

"Uncle Remus!" I said as I moved to him and he pulled me into a hug as I buried my head into his chest. I didn't have to see the faculty then to know they were all smiling happily at the fact I was being reunited with my extended family then. "Remus, you mind about tutoring him until he starts school?" Dumbledore asked and he shook his head. "Not at all, and neither will Sirius." he said and Dumbledore nodded smiling to the news.

"Honestly I need several years by the ones knowing their stuff, could you call in Professor Moody if Dora is choosing that as her major?" I asked and they smiled and nodded. "We can, but we got to get you caught up in our ways now cub." Remus said smiling gently and Severus nodded in agreement to that. "He lost five years of being trained our way and it's time now to deal with it, you got dark creatures, Moody is auror training."

"I got wordless spells, but every summer once his one month at Petunia's is done and we start after that. But Remus, I'm doing the potion for you still, but you got three years here til you start work here, speaking of which tonight is a full moon. So you better come with me." he said and Dumbledore nodded in agreement. "Grandpa, is it alright if I go with them?" I asked and he nodded, before Charlie stepped in at that remark.

"Professor I think it would be best to call the ministry here right now, as we get Black out of Azkaban and here to hear the truth. That my family was harboring the traitor all this time and we never knew it." Charlie said and I nodded in agreement to his thoughts. "Indeed your father is not going to like this right now." Severus said in agreement to his thoughts, as Peter woke up then and saw the group looking at him in disgust.

And paled as he looked between them. "Been a long time, Peter." Severus said sternly and I nodded. "So it was you, you killed my parents." I said and he paled as he saw me then. "Before I could hear the truth in reverse, we catch you in the act last night, before you can even destroy my trio." I said sternly and he swallowed hard. "Well there is no divide and conquer here now, I never needed to cast said spell, did you forget the map?" I asked and he went white then.

"So you been alive all this time, correct Mister Pettigrew?" Dumbledore said sternly and he backed up at the look on his face. "Who killed the muggles exactly Peter?" Hagrid added with a low growl. "Remus, I'm innocent." he said and Remus crossed his arms. "Right now I find it very hard to believe that an innocent man would want to spend 10 years as a rat." he told him at that remark firmly. "And why would you be in hiding with my in-laws?" I added sternly at that.

"Before we do this, we need Sirius's wand, and a true proof positive as the muggles know everything, from the present to the future. So if we want to make sure some of this stuff never happens, you better send me along, to pick up the boys. Before Arthur's car exposes us to the muggles." Severus said to Dumbledore and he nodded in agreement. "Alright laugh it up cubs." Remus said as he tried to hold in it to the twins at that.

"And don't even think about it, you get into enough trouble already guys, we don't need to add this to it, with my leaving soon enough. And mum would kill you if you did try that right now anyway." Charlie added as our table started laughing at that. "Days like this I swear it's not a good idea to let your guard down right now. But we get enough pranks and practical jokes we need to take it down a notch." Madam Aggie said with a chuckle.

"Cornelius, could you, Amelia Bones, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Barty Crouch and Alastor Moody go to Azkaban and bring Sirius Black here to the school. Because Harry Potter is now the victim of our belief system, it also seems that what we thought is not it at all. The Marauders, that's including James Potter, are animagi, Peter Pettigrew is alive, and has spent the last four years as a rat in Hogwarts." she said and sent out her patronus.