The Return Of The Marauders Part I: Truths Revealed

Pettigrew Exposed And Sirius Goes Free

Return Of The Marauders

Warnings: This is going to be the night after he gets the map and without anyone doing anymore decisions as he decides on his own judgements now. And they decide to jump over a few things in this. As her second prophecy is delayed and the only thing left for them to worry about is getting the dementors out of the school as he spends the rest of the term in peace.

This story is going go a different route regarding the war with Voldemort as Harry takes his friends and family to another country as they prepare. And let the ministry do their deeds now as they have a way to train without interference now. As the truth is revealed to everyone by the story he creates through Luna and her father and everyone learns the truth.

Disclaimers: Harry Potter doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to J.K. Rowling and Warner brothers

Chapter 11: Pettigrew Exposed And The Truth Comes Out

"Alright we will grab Black and bring him to the school, be there in twenty minutes." We heard through a bear like patronus then and I nodded in relief. "It's time I said this, guys, fall in, all Gryffindor Muggleborns fall in now, Charlie, Fred, George." I said and they nodded sternly. "Whatever you're thinking here, if this is because of said target on your back and my prophecy, just say it and get it out of you, Harry." Sybil said and I nodded sternly to her then.

"You're the one that created that prophecy, before I was born, was he trying to keep secrets from his order, so that everyone would never know I can do this my way. As I barely got the one inside me out of me, after getting stabbed in the arm?" I said and she nodded. "If you waited another 3 minutes, that one would be dead, and your powers quintuple their's. As you found the perfect weapon to destroy the anchors after doing you and the diary." she said and I nodded.

"So basically the only ones that know the truth to that prophecy, what it really means and why the hades he keeps attacking me specifically. While putting my friends at risk, my family, are him and Severus, is that right?" I said and she nodded and we, Hagrid and the trio nodded. "This is serious right now, so basically, Severus knew, but the old fool said do not tell me anything, and Severus tried to protect us, and Pettigrew sold us out." I said and she nodded.

"Would that be connected to repeated headaches and spasms in his scar?" Fred asked and he nodded. "Yes it does Frederick, it's exactly the reason why, the only way to stop it, is by mind blocking training, what is called occlumency." he said and I nodded sternly. "Can you start me this young, so this prevents his tapping into my head, but I can spy on him?" I asked and he nodded. "Going to take all summer, but I can." he said and I nodded as I went to the next one.

"Severus could you clarify this for me, because he's one action or remark away from being arrested here." I said and he nodded and Dumbledore paled, realizing I had it with him. "I knew with your mother still pissed at me for calling her that, she would never listen to me. And I told him what I over heard and then said Riddle was after you, of course had I known. What I was doing when I told him, I would have told Minerva and you would be safe, your mother alive."

"Along with your father, and we could change this to being whatever was in said made up story happens right now, but his trying to be good crossed the line between good. And being a threat now, instead of destroying one dangerous wizard, he replaces him." he said and I nodded. "So you knew I had a piece of Riddle's soul inside me, you knew the only way to get it out. Was by getting the venom, and he prevented it by sending Fawkes." I said and he nodded sternly then.

"Oh Merlin, you mean if he just waited after stabbing the diary, we would destroy two in one shot!" Minerva said and they nodded. "Yes Minerva that is exactly what I'm saying, if he waited just a little longer and that one would be dead as well, as the prophecy changes course. But Basilisk venom and his sword, Slytherin provided the perfect weapon to destroy the anchors. So long as the one inside him lives, Riddle will never be gone, do it year 2 Harry, and we got 2."

"As we start destroying them one by one and by the time we reach the tournament, only the snake is left and you kill that, kill him and be done with it." she said and I nodded as Minerva, Severus and I exchanged relieved smiles. "So basically just 4 years, you can protect me till the tournament emancipates me and he's screwed right now. Because as an adult I can make my own decisions." I said and he paled, realizing I was about to derail his plans completely then.

"You never considered that did you, Severus suggests you let things unfold, and you go with his idea, unaware of the fact that what he's doing is making sure I'm emancipated now. She never considered that thought as it frees me now, the tournament also emancipates me. That he finished his job in the early training, and he's starting advanced now with me. As he trains me to block my mind further right now, as we got him and I'm free of this bloody prophecy now."

"I can choose where I want to live and who I want to live with, I'm an adult, so now, that his, your, choice to throw me in as bait. But your planning against him now worked like a charm, his now, in allowing me in that tournament. Said result is it backfired on him so highly, that he has no idea what he has done here." I said and Severus nodded sternly and she smiled. "Master strategist, I never would have thought of that." she said and Severus nodded to her gently.

"As to why, neither he, nor your mother, can tell me what to do, I'm not a kid anymore, I'm an adult, you're borderline 17, to full, so she refuses. I can contradict that, by creating my own order now, as you guys start following me now, as the new. And future leader of the light, but hey what finding the map, finding Peter and the tournament results in. He has no control over my life!" I said the twins and Charlie smiled in delight at that as I went to the next question.

"Good point, he has no idea of the type of live wire he created here by throwing you up as bait now in the tournament. Emancipation, for you, is a one way ticket to jail right now for him, he has no control over you, as you take up your birthrite. And, one by one, start arresting all the Death Eaters you named off, while at the same time make changes to the school now." Minerva said sternly, crossing her arms and he went white, realizing he never considered that thought.

"Did he interpret this as to kill him completely, I have to die?" I asked and she nodded. "So there is one inside me, to kill him, I need to destroy it?" I said and she nodded. "So everything, the last 11 years was to make sure he could control the situation here right now in truth. Just when did he become headmaster?" I asked she said it then. "The year your family started school here." she said gently and my eyes narrowed at that remark as I answered her then firmly.

"Then that prophecy is basically all just an excuse to commit murder, blackmail and a few other charges, ones necessary to put the headmaster in jail, so with that in mind. You got a lot to answer for right now, so in your eyes, I have to die to destroy him completely. I know a few hundred thousand people that would disagree with that opinion, right now, headmaster." I said and he swallowed hard at that as the faculty crossed their arms at the reveal then in shock.

"My friends and followers, my family, that's in-laws by the way, but them, Mione, Remus, Sirius, Dan, Emma, would disagree with that opinion right now. Reason being as they hear the truth, the true translation in your deluded power hungry mind. Over what is said in that prophecy, and your interpretation to it, what you intended, they'll crucify you. Back me, and the Ministry get what they want, to have you looking like what you are now." I said and he paled at that remark.

"I am the true leader of the light, Headmaster, I never been corrupted by power, my ambition is to make sure nothing I love is destroyed because of you keeping secrets. But in the words of a guardian angel, just how is anything you ever did the last 11 years ever for the greater good. Who are you to decide that exactly?" I asked and he froze up uneasily at that remark. "How exactly, how is killing a child ever for the greater good, slaughtering innocent children now."

"To stop him is destroying every last one, but I don't have to die to kill him, all I got to do is either take a fang to the arm, cut my hand with the blade or. And this is the more likely scenario and what you wanted now, I take the shot willingly." I said and he started shaking, realizing I figured out what he wanted to keep his position then. "But my being trapped on Privet Drive, Sirius never getting a trial, Peter still running loose right now in truth, Severus working here."

"You blocking the truth at every turn to prevent the ministry from getting their jobs done, what if Peter escaped, and a member of the TWT trio is murdered, because of your secrets. You realize that's enough to wake me up from your manipulations and I decide I had enough. I decide to hell with you listening to you, my friends chose you, so screw it now. I will join with my own kind, that kind is all Ministry born, as I start dismantling your image now finally here."

"And the ministry decide they had of this already and start interfering here at the school now, as I start a case of investigations. As the faculty start to realize they let this go on far too long, as they start to realize everything they let you get away with gets them in trouble now. What happens if I choose to leave you looking like everything they said you are. My injuries from the end of the tournament, my body battered and exhausted, I could be hallucinating his return."

"To them, they see it as the venom in my leg and possibly exposure to the cruciatus curse, by Barty Junior now. Not Riddle, but by Barty, he had it coming, no Barty senior, he's gone, so Fudge does the decision for him now. And as he and Amelia realize it then here now, these have me too feverish to realize I could be seeings things. I play that up for them, and then say you blackmailed me by the Dursleys to go into the tournament." I said and he paled at that remark.

"Minerva, Hagrid, Filius, Pomona, Jeremy, Poppy, Rolanda, Alex, choose now, before we reach 5th year, because this is critical, you want to be seen as sheep. He's become so good he's turned into Riddle of the lightside and you cross that line, you're a lightside version. And of the death eaters, you're vigilantes, going against your own government, I just woke up. I can't trust my own teachers, because you all trust his word." I said and they all went pale at the news.

"I tried to tell you about the stone, I told you it wasn't me that did Justin and Nick, so this continues and what happens right now?" I said and Minerva nodded as she said it slowly. "My remarks on him, he says, he believes, that will crucify me, I put too much faith in him. And I never spoke up, I just let him get away with whatever, but your parents, I loved them." she said and I nodded. "Then time to change now Grandma." I said and she nodded as I knew that did it.

"Seems to me that the second the twins got their hands on that map last year and gave it to me, your plan to hide the truth was destroyed." I said and he swallowed hard, realizing I was right. "That map belongs to my father, and only that map, giving proof that Peter was still alive exonerates Sirius, knowing you the way I do, the second I pass the map to Fudge. He's going to say you're a menace to society for allowing a death eater to hide this long in the dorms."

"Well I agree with him, you're dangerous, when it comes to desperation to keep control of anything, but you're as dangerous as Riddle is, only trying to be good. Becomes too good and that crosses the line between light, and being so good, it becomes you're a threat to society. But Minerva had the right idea, I could have been raised by the Grangers, the Tonks's or whoever. So why not leave me with one of them, at least them I would never be so clueless, or was that."

"In truth what you wanted, me becoming like everyone else, conform to the ways of the magic world by being like the other good full bloodtraitors. Worshiping at your alter, you're nothing but a power hungry hypocrite." I said and he jerked at the venom in my words then. "Well I know where my loyalty lays and that loyalty lays with the Magical Law Enforcement. I'm an auror, they'll protect me to the death, as they get the meaning behind my words in my sleep now."

"Exact words, 'Don't kill Cedric': I mean Peter by that remark, 'He's going to kill me, mum': I mean Barty, and they just insured Barty never comes near me again, by his getting the kiss." I growled and he started shaking. "I will hunt down Peter and make he gets the kiss as well, ending both traumas at once, but all 6 anchors are destroyed. Long before he comes back, how is killing me ever for the greater good, who are you to decide that." I said and he paled at that.

"You lost your mind 30 years ago, over the power-lust headmaster, but how, how is killing a child ever for the greater good, who the hell are you to decide that. After I got the one in me, out of me and I become so powerful, that once I take that elder wand. As I kill him and be done with it, in year 4, the second wizarding war ends before it can even begin now. As once again, the Boy Who Lived destroyed the infamous Tom Riddle." I said and he started shaking in fear.

"Books 5 to 7 are the aftermath of his killing Cedric, and everyone I love starts dropping like flies, because of you, so in the eyes of your order. Especially if we lose Ted, Fred, Remus, Dora, the Professor, Severus, Dobby now, it's your fault, as they see it. Thrown in with me, we got a battle plan worked out 7 years in advance, no misplaced information. The war ends as quickly as it begins, as I destroy the prophecy, so he can't check it." I said and he swallowed hard at that.

"But I stop him and everything changes, on the cornerstone of being children still and entering life as young to mid level teenagers, the door on our childhood shuts forever. And life as an adult begins once I get involved in the tournament, we're 13 to 17, in truth here now, my clan. The Potter/Granger/Weasley clan, had spent years together, working as one, once children. We're, thanks to you emancipating me, turned me, us, into an adult." I said sternly and he paled then.

"What working out a battle plans years in advance, before he can return to his body once again, results in doesn't it, I don't need you, I can get the mission done early. Kill him, cut my hand with my sword and destroy the last and it's over, no second war. No traumas, no prophecy, no deaths, because they're trying a coup, nothing, the war is over. Because I covered all the bases, leaving you looking like a crackpot, in their words, you: are you daft or are you dangerous."

"My version of the bloody prophecy, I can just stab myself in the arm, or cut my hand, the venom takes care of the rest, the one in me is destroyed. I destroy the diary, that's 2, and I hunt down the quintet and destroy them one by one, before I kill him. After they killed Cedric's clone, but in your deluded mind, I have to die to insure this is over, you are mad, totally mad." I said and Minerva nodded slowly and in shocked disgust at the reveal, and I knew that did it.

"Issues in the night terrors, you're seeing Barty getting ready to kill you every time you close your eyes, we got to go to dreamless potion so you can actually get some rest for once." Oliver said and I nodded. "Those aren't night terrors, not my nightmares if I don't kill him, before we hit year 5, I'm seeing through him, his trying to get into the department of mysteries. And your father being killed by the bloody snake, if I don't take action immediately guys, all his planning."

"Said is derailed, as Percy had the right idea, don't trust the professor, he lost the plot from the time Percy started school." I said and they nodded. "So we start early, we lose nothing." Charlie said to me then. "Yeah that and the phantom pains in my leg, my arm, to recover, I have to face said trauma and make sure the bloody thing is dead for sure. But the first one, I'm seeing Peter killing Cedric, and the second is the phantom pains from the cruciatus curse here now."

"So what's your next thought, if you hear that and my reaction, and every adult knows what addictive drugs do to you?" I said and they nodded in understanding. "Head off you taking a swing at us, while we try to wake you up, you been traumatized by that tournament. But dreamless sleep, is the best way to go, as we erase the memories from your mind as you recover." Fred said gently and I nodded. "He's done." George said and Dumbledore went white.

"Unforgiveness is the first step to turning evil, how about forgiving everyone is the first step to destroying evil in the world?" I asked in a counter and he went white at that. "Sirius spent 10 years in jail for a crime he never committed right now, Severus now. Though he's atoning for his mistakes, needs an attitude change, but Peter and the others now. Don't talk to me about forgiveness, as this is the reason you're in this mess, they atone by serving their sentences."

"All you do is forgive past transgressions or block investigations, until the Ministry is waiting for a nervous breakdown to claim you're dangerous." I said and Charlie straightened. "You're the reason the future generations are threatened not me, not him, but you. Because of what you done, you ever consider instead of destroying a total monster, you created one?" I asked and he paled and Minerva crossed her arms sternly at my opinion then as Filius said it sternly then.

"How so?" he asked and I explained that. "In my world, we have moving stories, called movies, not like said projectors, but real stories come to life. One of those genres are called horror movies, one of that category is focused on a dream menace. Who was once a normal man, but after the parents of the town, supposedly, killed him by cremation. He became something much, much worse, as he gained the power to turn dreams into reality now, but killed in there."

"You die for real, instead of stopping a killer, they created a monster, going back in time, every time there was a killer supposedly super human here. The person that created them was only doing what they thought was best, all for the greater good. I guess mum thought this prophecy was a bunch of hogwash, and decided to get out while the getting was good?" I asked and they nodded. "She did, but your idea is the best I ever heard of." Pomona said and I nodded gently.

"That remark, that sounds like….." Penny Clearwater started to say. "It is, it's Brian after he figured it out, and Drew was dead." I said and she nodded. "But you're right, how is killing a child to stop a madman ever for the greater good, who is he to decide that. You saved us, again and again, we're your only family, to keep us alive, you got to risk suicide." a Ravenclaw boy said and the others nodded slowly as they exchanged looks as my team-mate said it finally.

"He's mad, this is ludicrous, the venom alone can destroy it, as you get a bit phoenix tears, a bit of elixir, and the one is in you is destroyed, so with that. You think he had a psychotic break finally, with his obsession on you and that prophecy?" my older counterpart asked and I nodded. "Wouldn't be the first time Katie, in truth, we both know what stress and exhaustion does to you, till they got to call a relieved of duty order, and get the person that suffered it now."

"The rest their body so desperately needs right now, Daniel for one, he suffered it, after getting infected with that symbiote killer." I said and the 4th years nodded in agreement. "Good point, our media created enough of a way to understand mental illness now. With advanced technology or magic, but we were born and raised muggles for some of us who are muggleborns. That seeing his interest in you is un-nerving to say the least." the girl next to me said gently then.

"Yeah that, and though Jim was a comedian, his trying to play a man feeling like his mind is scary enough already, while the tv show based on the movie. Elm Street part 3, all of these say it directly lack of rest is you're emotionally close to a burn out." I said and she nodded. "Talbot and said psychiatrist trying to debunk lycanthropy?" she suggested and I nodded. "What you want a bet most of these guys had loyalty and compulsion hexes put on them in the wizards."

"As for Daniel in season 2, and I never seen him like that before as well in truth here now, just what the heck did they do to him. On that planet exactly, if he actually attacked her and pulled said gun on O'neill." she said and I nodded. "Whatever he meant when he said he knew what it was, or when he been in prison, POW." I said and her eyes narrowed. "You think they did to him, what whoever did to O'neill, just in alien form?" her counterpart said and I nodded sternly then.

"As he's been run ragged, these idiots are holding onto 'her', so they can drive him into exhaustion, as their first idea backfired now." I told her and she nodded gently. "Now that's really cruel, they can't admit they're the weak ones and try to set him up. Representative Chapman is ready to fry their behinds for attempted murder here. But their idea backfired, after the Jacksons turned back the clock as well." she said and I nodded and Dumbledore jerked.

"Whoa, the muggles turned back time, before the three of us did, if we had done that?" George repeated and I nodded. "Daniel is like us, but someone like the headmaster killed his parents, by an accident, in his profession, he's a scholar of history. This person was molding him into becoming the perfect weapon in the last one, did it a second time. And I chose the night we did it to do it at the same time he did, so you're seeing the show later." I said and he smiled then.

"But problem is that people like him never see their actions as the words and actions of a mad man." I said and and his eyes narrowed sternly then to the news. "But first him, that's Daniel, then Jim's character, Pointer's character had a good point, but no dreams. Their bodies get the rest they need finally, all they need is a good dreamless sleep for once. Or, in Daniel's case, a break from being run ragged right now, till his mind's playing tricks on him here right now."

"Anyone seeing a pattern here, every person that suffered one was out of stress and exhaustion, till said psychiatrist had to take action, before they become a threat. And to themselves and everyone else around them here right now, but I call this he snapped finally." my 14 year old counterpart said and Katie nodded in agreement. "Someone want to explain to us what you in the muggleborn and raised are talking about?!" Charlie said, ending the conversation at that.

"We're saying the Headmaster is an egomaniac." she said and he nodded in shock to that news. "All his titles have gone right to his head, you ever consider that though he stopped Grindelwald, he took his place, what happens here, if Harry takes out Riddle next. And in his place, we got a new Darklord, said trying to be so good, he crossed the line here. Better call the mental healers Madam Pomphrey, he's needs a psyche evaluation, now!" she said and Minerva nodded sternly.

"What's that exactly?" Percy asked and my 14 year old counterpart explained it. "It's a determination on mental illness, Percy, in truth now, is he's suffering from egomania. While the subject of our conversation, while the one he just explained is where your mind has a phase out. And can't tell the difference between what's real and what is considered a delusion here, it takes time for you to recover from it, by extended rest and potions." she said and he nodded gently.

"Jim's character 2 years ago, his mind opened up to the fact, everything is a facade." I said and they all nodded. "Yeah, and even trying an escape in the first half didn't work, as he finally wised up to the fact, everyone was faking it. Even his wife, mother and friend knew, but his fling told him him 10 years prior, and he now realized what she meant. But these things, everyone can see it, but you, we know you lost your mind finally." she said sternly and I nodded to that.

"Well hearing voices was considered a bad sign, unless you're able to speak the language, as the words become english now." I said and she nodded in agreement. "Well wait till the register hears that you had an innocent man in prison all this time right now." I said and they nodded in agreement as Charlie crossed his arms at that. "But I'm thinking I should just leave the country, you created the monster, you be the one to deal with him." I said and Dumbledore paled at that.

"Just get out of this country, after everything I been through, you claim my death is only for the greater good, who the hell are you to decide that?" I said and he went white at that remark. "In all truth, how the hell is killing a child ever for the greater good, tell me that exactly, huh. You are such a hypocrite Headmaster, claiming everything you did is for the greater good. All I see is you're a deluded old man, one carrying so much power it went to your head here right now."

"I don't have to die to complete the prophecy, not when we got basilisk venom." I said, taking Katie's wand and pointing it at him and he swallowed hard. "But destroy all of them in year one, the basilisk kills the one inside me and I destroy the others. In years 3 and 4, the prophecy is complete or finish it in year 4, I don't care, but I don't have to die. To complete the prophecy, but you lost your bloody mind on interpretations." I said and he started shaking in fear then.

"Anyone of 5 things could happen and they all center around the fact that every time I had enough, you do everything you can to prevent me from leaving your control. Why don't I just tell Crouch you're fixated on me and you're arrested for crimes against the wizarding world. And they have driven up on charges high enough you either end up in Saint Mungo's, kissed. Or put in Azkaban, as to everyone, they see you as an ego maniac." I said and he swallowed hard then.

"Minerva, Severus, Hagrid, you can make it up to me now by your next actions, but his actions condemned him to being under the telescope for megalomania. You knew me in a way he doesn't to understand this, but second chance and we bond tightly. You can make it up to me now this way by siding with me, Severus, as you fulfill your promise to mum." I said and she, Severus and Hagrid smiled in relief I said that remark as she said it for all of them gently.

"You mean that, you're giving us a second chance to fix past mistakes now?" she asked me gently and I nodded gently. "I do, I mean every word, but you need to open up your eyes to what he really is and the only way to do that. Is by cutting the cord, and doing things your own way now, with the jump back through time now, Minerva. The headlines in the Daily Prophet are going to say, if Fudge refuses to listen, 'Dumbledore: is he daft or is he dangerous now.'."

"In truth it's both, to me, I just woke up from his manipulations, and used the fact the hat wanted to put me in Slytherin, against the Death Eaters and the headmaster himself. But to save yourselves from being arrested and printed as a vigilante group here. Being seen as the Death Eaters Of the Lightside, then now might be a good time to wake up. Before Mione makes herself sick, in realizing what she did here." I said and she nodded as the faculty nodded sternly.

"She gets too worked up, she's going to lose total control over her stomach, as the pedestal she had the headmaster on, comes crashing down finally. He's nothing, but a posturing egomaniac, power lust driven, claiming everything he ever did was all for the greater good. Everything wrong in my life is because of 2 people: him and Riddle, Minerva, in truth. To free yourself, time to choose sides now, you want to be painted with the same brush as he is, Professors, you too."

"As the board of directors get called in, the curriculum needs a serious over haul, to make it more interesting, so no one falls asleep in class here. Binns needs to be retired, we got the future by said books in our lives, if we don't change now, so Sybil. Her class is exceptional, the others are mandatory, if Severus wants to keep his contract, time for an attitude change now. Is physical education a requirement here, in the wizarding world, if you have a music class."

"But my point is right now, you scoff our ways, claiming your's are better, but we were born muggles, we should get to enjoy our first heritage. Why give it up exactly, we have ways to insure we stay healthy, we stay fit in exercise, added curriculum. Said that in middle school and that's 11 to 13, is non negotiable here when you're under 18. In our world, our parents make the decisions, but our lives are run by adults till we're 18, after we hit that age, we're adults."

"But even so, so long as we live at home till college, to you that's our chosen careers in academies, we're kids." I said and she nodded sternly. "While updated, the points system has become a mockery, since my parents died, time to fix that to. While the M word is being banned from the grounds, permanently." I said and they nodded. "Oh what's the problem headmaster, afraid of what my decisions are going to result in for you?" I asked him sternly and he paled.

"Uh let's see here, by you leaving me to handle things alone, I decide to expose my medical areas to the Magical Law enforcement. And then tell them said truth, said truth is you blackmailed me, by using the Dursleys to do it now. Till I come to out of your manipulations, and turn the tables as I confirm their suspicions of you, after Barty was kissed. Undercover of darkness as I make new friends here, I start endorsing their ideas right now in truth here."

"You want me back under your thumb, as you, by allowing me to be in the tournament, just emancipated me." I said and he went white in fear at that news then and she nodded, listening closely. "You now realizing that you allowing me to take the fall backfired so highly, it's now, one by one, your puppets are arrested as everyone sees them as the lightside version. And of the death eaters, I'm now working as the next step up in position from head boy finally here."

"So though Umbridge is annoyed here, we can set aside our differences for the greater good, as we got a common enemy: you." I said and he paled at my remark in shock then to my remark. "And as I refuse to be taught by Severus, as piece by piece of his anchors are destroyed, you have no way to stop me. You're left looking exactly as the prophecy described you, daft and dangerous, out of power lust." I said sternly and he started shaking in fear at that remark then.

"So a little change is in order, instead of them with you, it's just you, Dumbledore: is he daft or is he dangerous, the responding headline coming with it is. And was, 'Hogwarts Faculty, Puppets Free Of Their Puppeteer And Following The New Leader Of The Light.'. And the last, 'Potter: The Boy Who Lived, Taking Back Control From Power Hungry Headmaster. And Revolutionizing The Teaching Industry At Hogwarts School.'." I said as the faculty crossed their arms listening then.

"Sometimes the truth is scarier than fiction, because that truth says, once Rita talks to Muriel, Aberforth and whoever else, just created a few embers. So why don't I just fan the flames and a brushfire gets started now, to open up every student you taught's eyes. To what you really are, as I show them the truth." I said and then said it sternly. "But it's time I said this right now in truth, she and I discussed this, before we did it, headmaster, but we both think this now."

"You pushed us, Mione and me, you pushed us, and pushed us and now you push us too far, Headmaster what if I never fell for Ginny, but Mione, I give her my family ring. We're married, is there anything you can do to stop us from leaving the country?" I asked and I saw his face go white in horror at that. "But I could make several recommendations to the former head of the Magical Law Enforcement, as your word is now no longer enough to save someone here now."

"But in the muggle community we have a saying, but keep your friends close and your enemies closer now, what's wrong with the truth coming out. Said truth is you based everything on a prophecy, all your actions, regarding me are focused on a prophecy." I said and he froze in shock at my consideration. "There are two ways this can go down now, 1) is you leave me alone and I get the mission done years in advance, and remove the anchor from my scar now."

"And we only have till year 4, as I kill him when Peter returns him to his body, or 2) and this is going to fry your but in the wizarding courts now. You explain right now, why all your actions are based on said prophecy, as I had it with you controlling my life." I said and he quickly said it to that. "Harry you don't understand." he said and I nodded. "I don't huh, well why not enlighten me, why shouldn't I throw in with the former head of the Magical Law enforcement, his deputy."

"If her top auror is Dora's future partner, their mentor, as I want to get to the bottom of why can't I live normally, be a normal 11 year old wizard. Why am I living with mum's sister, why are you so fascinated with me exactly?" I asked and he started shaking, as these were questions he did want to answer. "That's what I thought, you have an aversion to telling the truth, because all your truths are based on your interpretation of said prophecy right now, what are you afraid of."

"That with Peter alive, Sirius was telling the truth, he's free to go, and I can leave the Dursleys, freeing me from having to return every summer. In hearing from the Dursleys now, the Ministry learns you placed me there illegally, so this results in destroying your reputation permanently. You're protecting Severus, why exactly?" I asked and he swallowed hard. "Finding Peter alive, all your plans just got unraveled now, as Crouch gets his wish." I said and he went white in fear.

"Your image is permanently destroyed by the twins passing me my map, I expose you for the liar and Master Manipulator you are now. As there is nothing you can do, I claimed my head of house position, I'm married, what's to stop me from. Now, after I destroy the anchors, from leaving these shores and taking my family and friends with me. Prophecy complete, with the help of the Goblins, so I'm free of it now finally here." I asked and he swallowed hard at that.

"Or is that the problem, the Goblin way to destroy the anchors means I don't have to die to complete the prophecy, as once it's complete, my mission's over. And I can move on and leave the country if I want, and create said 4th school now. Where Muggleborn are equals, not inferiors to full and half blood." I said and he swallowed hard. "I mean you're a headmaster, your only jurisdiction is the school itself, sure you're the head mugwump, but you can hold it."

"Said only so many positions, before the power, now, goes right to your head, but you can't keep me here. From leaving the country, I mean trying to force me to stay is over stepping your bounds. But if I want to leave the country to go on vacation, I can, if I want to live my life somewhere else on the globe, I can. Are you my magical guardian, or just over stepping your so many positions, I need to make a call to the lightside members of the ministry here now finally."

"And so they can strip you a few positions?" I said and he swallowed hard. "I see it clearly here, but in your deluded mind, I have to die, so that he can never return. Only not so easy, the Goblins and my wife's love for me can destroy the anchors finally. But those Goblin made swords only take in that which makes them stronger, ergo, we got a Basilisk in the chamber. So I use it's venom and impregnate my sword with it." I said and he went white in fear at that news.

"But all 7 anchors are destroyed, leaving only him, possessing the body of a weak minded wizard, I kill the wizard, I kill him and it's over finally, mission complete. I'm free, that's the second option here, if you don't back off right now, and we work as one. I turn you into a bloody crackpot, while I get hailed a hero, once again of destroying, now. The Infamous Tom Marvolo Riddle, AKA: he who must be named, Lord Voldemort." I said and he swallowed hard at that.

"Where I come from, there is a saying, power corrupts, but absolute power corrupt absolutely, my adult counterpart. A scholar had the knowledge of his stepson's paternal race downloaded into his head, you know what happens after he created the weapons?" I asked and he shook his head shaking. "The power went right to his head and he turned the weapons on Russia and the Ukraine, that's what power like that wand causes, or just all your sum positions here now."

"But if Murial Prewett knows plenty about you, all it says to me is you're addicted to power, but with great power comes great responsibility, and the power to affect great consequences. You and Horace Slughorn created the monster, well you be the ones to destroy him." I said and he went white in shock. "I maybe a wizard, but I grew up in the muggle world, Headmaster, in truth, my people are the people he hates, the trio your father killed, out of misconception."

"So why didn't your sister do that in the house, you could have shown them what she did in more definition. It's not their fault, she was a stupid little girl, or your father crossed the line between anger and murder." I said and he swallowed hard at that. "But in all honesty, now that I seen this world with new eyes finally, I would rather be a muggleborn. We all share one thing in common, we know how pureblood supremacists see us, so why bother staying in this country."

"But I'm the leader of the cub Muggleborns, being their champion, showing them, we don't need approval by your type, we can create our own school. And we can show we can just as good as you, do magic just as easily as you can, simple as that, Headmaster. But wizards see us as dangerous, why, well it's because your powers can corrupt you here. And till you do an evil that cannot be taken back, where I come from, we got movies showing the dangers of power now."

"A ring, a wand, a desire to save who you love by the very power your mentor carried, lust for power, and the person craving it, it either kills them. Or worse, they become the very thing they swore to destroy, these stories give a direct understanding. And of how dangerous men like you are, the more desperate you grow to be, the more dangerous you become. But you are not my people, my people are the owners of said stories, the stories that show this now in truth."

"But you know what, we got another saying here, and said is good people can do bad things, but the only victory for bad people is the good people to do nothing. Well I plan to, and I will do that prophecy my way, my way my people survive this right now. As 6 in 7 years, if the last is inside me, I destroy it, and then kill him myself right now. If you're still alive and deluded, to protect my people, you're next." I said sternly to him then and the muggleborns looked down happily.

At the fact I was being their champion now. "Nice wording, to our parents we're cubs, and we're muggleborns, compared to an adult muggleborn. So cub muggleborn now, you'd rather be with us, then reduce yourself to the likes of the Slytherin Purebloods, that's good to hear baby." a fourth year Gryffindor girl said gently and I nodded, looking at my counterpart gently. "Mum's name went down as the bravest Girl adult muggleborn there is." I said and she nodded smiling.

"And you thought being a simple muggleborn was dangerous, I got it even worse, but not normal even by wizarding standards here…." I said and she and the others nodded in agreement. "The words in the book, 'You're not a normal wizard, even by wizarding standards and in your case, different can be deadly.'. And case in point is the things you get yourself into right now, every year to prevent his come back." a 4th year muggleborn Hufflepuff said gently.

"You'd take my offer if I did right?" I asked and they all nodded. "Yeah no questions asked here, after 5 petrifications next year, we get out while the getting is good, create a fourth academy. And the gloves come off right now, with the fact we know that was a trap to bring him back, but hey, we know you're constantly risking your life to protect us. But we're not Pure-bloods, or even Half, we're Muggleborns at times it's dangerous." a Ravenclaw said and I nodded to that.

"And even they had enough, I'm their protector, but if I want to leave, her, that's Mione, with me, as she decides she's safer in the muggle world now. The rest of our friends in the first year muggleborns will follow suit, as this world, when the death eaters now. Rule the courts, is dangerous, we're safer normal, I mean 18 year old in an 11 year old body. So was all this a set up, the Weasleys, you planning my future till I decide to hades with it, you created a monster."

"Umbridge, Malfoy senior, Peter, one by one I take out each danger, till I come to him and you, and you're the last to go, as it leaves me two options. Leave and I live to see 20, my friends with me or 2) You stop this now and we can work together finally. And we got a game plane years, before he destroys everything I love." I said sternly and he swallowed hard. "But the first option, is why, why I should trust you, you created the monster, he's your responsibility here."

"You destroy him, I'm getting the hell out of this country while the getting's good and taking the Grangers, Sirius, Remus and whoever else that wishes to live to their 25th birthday. If they're muggleborn with me, you want to get rid of Riddle you do it, I quit, Mione with me." I said and he swallowed hard at that, realizing I was serious at that remark. "But my first true friend was your supporter, his entire family with him, while Percy sees you for what you are right now."

"A manipulative old man, one using a child like you're playing chess, so was all this orchestrated, you're raising me till I decide to sacrifice myself. What if Muriel Prewett tells me everything, finally opening my eyes to your manipulations?" I said and started shaking in fear at that remark. "Was that remark of everywhere else on the train was full, how about when we found Remus in the compartment, was that too a set up?" I asked and he swallowed hard then.

"I'm starting to see this for what it is now, I was told that there was never a witch or wizard that went bad who wasn't in Slytherin. And I meet evidence to that statement by meeting Draco and Severus, only they're both misunderstood. Being Slytherin doesn't make you automatically evil, it's your choices that do, as is Sirius, was born Slytherin. But went to Gryffindor, Dora's mother also born Slytherin, but went into Hufflepuff and married a muggleborn Wizard, Dad's mentor."

"Slytherin, but became an auror hunting down his own house to put them behind bars, so do I need to go further, friends?" I said and my muggle-born peers crossed their arms. "It's like from the second my parents died, you were doing everything you could to keep me. And under your thumb, your control, say the Slytherins are evil, I choose to be a lion. Everyone says Severus favors his own house, I take an instant disliking of him picking on me for whatever reason."

"Everyone says that Parseltongue is the mark of a dangerous wizard, and I learn my scar absorbed some of his powers. And now, I get the truth in reverse, and my eyes have opened truly to what a master manipulator you really are, you phony!" I growled and he swallowed hard, now knowing the gloves have come off and I was free of his manipulations. "My friends, my followers, the headmaster is a master manipulator all his actions combined together."

"Are because of a prophecy, one along the same lines as the chosen prophecy, and you know what happens when the Jedi misunderstood this. And they never see it coming till it's too late that the said Sithlord was standing in front of them all this time!" I shouted and they all stood up at that remark as they surrounded us in shocked fury at that. "He's Sidious of the Lightside, is that what you're telling us Harry?" I heard from a Hufflepuff muggleborn and I nodded sternly.

"Sidious?" Charlie repeated and we nodded. "The leader of a group of Death-Eaters only their swords are a red lightsaber, swords with lasers for the blade, the laser itself is red. Harry just opened our eyes to the truth, that truth is we all spent anywhere from 1 to 6 years. Believing the headmaster is a force of good and it turns out that he's really just another Sidious. Harry is the one we should be following, conformity is a one way ticket to an early grave now to us."

"Harry never conformed, he's opening our eyes to the master manipulator your headmaster really is, all his actions are based on prophecy with only one meaning. But there could be hundreds of ways to translate it, so we follow Harry, we survive this. We follow the headmaster and 1/50th of us muggleborn cubs and adults are slaughtered by Death Eaters." she said and the half and purebloods nodded slowly in anger at that news that they were blinded to his faults.

"I just gained another side-note, but my power of parseltongue is because Riddle left a bit of his powers in me, when he gave me this scar, so question. If I was really the heir, and we're looking for the entrance, wouldn't I, out of fear of being discovered, attack my trio. And be done with it, I mean the cat, a ghost, three muggleborns: Why not just kill a pureblood. To really put fear into the hearts of everyone that knows what Riddle is here?" I asked and she crossed her arms then.

"You make a good point if it was really you, you would target the purebloods and half-bloods, the ones that are Death Eater Spawn or associated. But not us blood-traitors, you're our champion, not us and the muggleborns, for aggravating you. And put fear into the hearts of the people that wronged you, as you petrify the Death Eater spawn, but leave us alone." Oliver said and Dumbledore paled at that remark, realizing they never thought of that in the last round.

"But really, how can you be in two places at once: the cat gets attacked, you're in detention for whatever reason, Colin: you're in recovery from your arm. Justin and Nick: you're in the middle of a debate with Hagrid, Hermione and me: you're on the pitch. So consensus here…" Penelope Clearwater asked and Minerva read it out. "That it was never you, he's trying to get us to point fingers at you, because of your ability, but you're a good boy, so why would change overnight."

"And there it is now, you're going to claim he's turning dark, because he won't worship at your alter, oh don't even go there Albus. Harry in my eyes, is an enlightening young man, a boy I would be proud to have in my house. And the same could be said for the trio, as for this, I made a mistake in letting you get your way. I'm fixing that mistake after we get and are getting Barty, Cornelius, Rufus and Amelia here." Minerva said sternly and he went white in fear at that news.

"Well how about I turn the tables, get them to point fingers at the Death Eaters, I mean Norris was the first target, there's a catch called taxidermy in the muggle world. People treat animals like trophies, I can get a copy of Norris, and put that message on the wall. But 'Allies of the Heir beware, you're next, spawn of my Death.'." I said and they started laughing and nodded smiling in agreement. "Ingenious Harry, nice way to put fear into them." Poppy said with a chuckle then.

"Spawn of my Death, translation, 'The Heir and I are one and the same, Spawn Of My Death Eaters, your fathers abandoned me, I will return and you face my wrath like your fathers.'." Fred said in response smiling sternly and I nodded in agreement. "Oh that's beyond genius Harry, you put the fear into god into the Death Eaters and their cub versions. By picking a blood traitor to pass that diary to, instead of a neutral." Katie said as she started laughing at that translation.

"Professors, is anyone else thinking this after I exposed to you that Peter was alive, and we all know that appearances can be deceiving. Case in point here, is Severus, he looks dangerous and he's not, Hagrid, looks dangerous, but is harmless, Remus, Sirius. While Peter looks harmless and he's not, Malfoy, Quirrell?" I said and Minerva crossed her arms. "Why did Sirius end up in jail, but Peter escaped custody now, seems strange, an innocent man ends up behind bars."

"But the Death Eaters go free, and every light wizard says this, these people never had a reason to go to the darkside, but their beliefs. Peter wanted power and sold his soul to the devil himself to get it, while the Death eaters all claimed on the imperius curse. How about I prove that finally, they answer the recall button, and they all get the same jail sentence. Their counterparts are doing?" I said and Dumbledore stiffened, realizing I was about to vocally crucify him then.

"Don't say it Headmaster, but the environment, you placed me left no room for forgiveness, and I turned into this." I said, my eyes holding a stern look and he swallowed hard. "But give me a reason, I beg you, to claim you're Riddle of the lightside." I said and he went white in fear at that. "Severus never got a trial, just your word and he's free just like that, while Sirius trying to arrest Peter goes to jail, and no trial, why exactly?" I asked and he started shaking in fear then.

"Just say that after after the end of said tournament, that I know exactly what happened, I tell Amelia, Scrimgeour and Fudge, and instead of keeping up the act. What you want to continue claiming is true, I reveal you're a manipulative old man, as their headlines come true. 'The Boy Who Lived turns On Headmaster, Claiming Injury In Maze Had him Hallucinate The Fight. After Crouch Junior Tries To Kill Him, Before Getting Unmasked, Dumbledore: Daft Or Dangerous.'."

"Does Acromantula venom make you so feverish you start hallucinating, does the Crucio curse do that, my body is battered and exhausted from 8 months of Stress." I said and he swallowed hard and she nodded sternly. "All I claimed here was part of my injuries, I saw Cedric's clone killed here, I could have been seeing things, as I tell this to them. And now that they know I take back my statement they start working on you as you prove to be highly unstable now."

"Believe me when I say there will be an investigation into why I ended up at the Dursleys, but your arse is ending up in court for this, headmaster." I said and he swallowed. "Just saying this now, before this gets into the court rooms, just consider here, I figured it out. Before Severus could tell me the truth, he was the one that passed that information to 'him'. Before quickly realizing what this meant, did you want a scape-goat, so you can get Sirius out of the way."

"Because this is illegal, you had to get rid of a single obstacle, what happens when your followers start wising up to what you are?" I asked and he started shaking in fear. "But the Great Albus Percival Wulfric Brain Dumbledore, becomes Albus, Pariah Wiping out family trees. And Banning the real magical guardians from making contact with their charge, Dumbledore. A power hungry wizard, corrupted by a prophecy." I said and the faculty crossed their arms then.

"But your remark is like saying 'For the greater good, sacrifices must be made', just who are you to decide that exactly." I said and he swallowed hard at that remark then shaking. "For the Greater good, sacrifices must be made' or and this case from a tv show. 'Please, you have to understand, I'm only doing this for the greater good', but tell us right now. How is killing an innocent child, one who has never done anything yet for the greater good, or, Headmaster."

"Just how is mass genocide ever for the greater good exactly, explain that to me right now, how is killing the boy babies of a people. Said people who later became known in religion as Judaism how is killing their ancestors, ever for the greater good?" I asked sternly and he swallowed hard at my question. "You speak of sacrifice like it's holy, all the while you're slaughtering innocent children." I said, trying to control my anger as I saw him for what he was then finally at this.

"All muggleborns from current first year to 7th fall in!" I called out and they all moved behind me. "Brian realized what said headmaster was planning, after meeting the good version of his demon, this elder killed his son's adult self. To kill his 18 months old infant son, so is anyone else thinking this, to complete that prophecy, I have to die?" I said and their eyes narrowed in fury. "Who is he to decide your dying is for the greater good?!" Katie said in shocked fury then.

"How is killing a child, ever for the greater good, who are you to decide that?!" the 4th year shouted at that. "Where have we heard that before?" a 2nd year said, before her eyes widened. "The cartoon version of Exodus, you're quoting, in paraphrase, what Moses told Seti." the girl said and I nodded. "All I ever known to be true is a lie here, I'm not who you think I am, I was never a pampered prince, I'm an orphan, my life destroyed by a blood prophecy here."

"Further destroyed by a power hungry man, deluded into thinking my destiny is to stop this planet's most dangerous wizard, that I need to work with him. To fulfill my destiny, but are my parents deaths not enough, are you trying to wipe out the entire Potter bloodline?" I asked and he jerked at the anger in my tone and I said it. "You lied to me, again and again, and I had enough of the lies right now, but nothing you do, can erase the damage you've done now."

"I will not follow you, what are you going to do, I mean I am not a student not yet, I can just get Mione, and all my muggleborn friends. We can create a school that becomes the fourth champion, as I spent 4 years hunting down every single anchor. And destroy them all, and he comes back, I killed him, I take the venom and stab myself in the arm. And that's the very last one, I stopped him, before we lost anyone and I'm hailed as the new leader of the light now."

"As the ministry get their wish of doing some digging on every person, you crossed, as they further investigate your crimes." I said sternly to him and he paled. "Nothing you say can change what you done, even if it was 'for the greater good', how is killing a child. Ever, for the greater good, who are you to decide that?" I asked and he went as pale as a ghost. "Really, really now, I could get rid of it, and I'm free, how can he come back if I destroy them all."

"And long before he does, and I destroyed the one inside me, and I'm free in year 4 as I become 5x's stronger then both of you together. And kill him in year 4, exactly 13 years after Barty was arrested for the Longbottoms!" I said and he started shaking in fear. "The Longbottoms get justice finally, Mione does after Lucius tried to kill her right now. Justin, Colin, Penny, they all get compensation by my claiming that basilisk corpse and selling it for a few hundred million."

"Like 8 equal shares now, 2 go to the Weasleys, 1 to Mione, 1 to the school, Justin, Colin and Penny, and the last one to me. And before you say that isn't that a little stingy to the school, are you really complaining about the amount I offer to get the school out of the hole. That snake corpse is worth 100,750,000,000,000, so 100,750,000,000,000/10=10,075,000,000,000. So the school doesn't go bankrupt, Ron and Ginny get compensation for what happened here now."

"Argus gets his money back for 8 lonely months without Norris, he wants her back." I said, before feeling something rub against me and I looked down, saw her and smiled as I ran my hand through her head fur and she started purring as I went on. "But the trio get compensation as well, and as for me now, well I can use my portion to create said 4th academy now. So problem solved, as I finish my mission here, as I'm undercover in the tournament now as well."

"You intended for me with a finders fee of 5% and expect me to be happy with that, you're so arrogant you never see it coming. I'm doing what you blocked at every turn, in Crouch's case, time to end this, before he puts you in Azkaban." I said and he swallowed. "Barty gets arrested, Lucius for attempted murder of the Muggleborns, and the war ends before it could even begin. As I create a 4th academy, and I'm not under your control, as this emancipates me completely."

"I'm free in high school of living with that boulder on my shoulders, what's this going to do to you in the ministry now, Headmaster?" I asked sternly and the muggleborns all nodded sternly to my opinion as Minerva crossed her arms at that sternly then. "Well what then now, does this do, for your so called greater good?" I said and he went white at that remark."Didn't we hear that remark on….." Katie asked me softly at that then and I nodded, as I said gently to her then.

"Brain's character said that to the headmaster/elder that tried to kill the future Riddle, but Brian is me as an adult." I told her and she nodded as the muggle-borns crossed their arms. "But he, you're right, how is killing a child ever for the greater good exactly, who are you. Headmaster, to decide that right now, especially when you're doing nothing to make a difference here now. But Harry destroys what is keeping him going, and if there is one in him, right now in truth."

"That rids him of the said anchor, and he doesn't have to take said shot like you wanted, if that's your plan to get rid of this character. If there is a venom strong enough to destroy these anchors, or a Goblin way to, we can destroy them all and when he makes his appearance. Either as a memory or as possessing someone like a parasite, Harry saved us, all without. In truth here, needing to sacrifice himself?" A 4th year muggleborn Gryffindor said in shocked disgust.

And I nodded sternly. "That's his plan alright, and I just woke up, only problem is after waking up in the past here, metaphorically. Said is the potions to keep me under his control are not in my system, I can think for myself, but my suggestion. Especially if every muggleborn wants to live, I'm creating a new academy, all expenses paid." I said and they all smiled then. "Yes and now you done it Albus, Jamie's cub self finally developed a mind of his own here finally now."

"You would claim he's turning to the darkside, just because he doesn't worship at your alter, he's opening up our eyes to how corrupt and power hungry you really are now. That to me finally in truth here, you lost the plot 12 years ago, that I'm close to saying. That you need a severe stay in Saint Mungo's or a lifetime sentence in Azkaban for your crimes against 3 wizarding houses." Minerva said sternly and he swallowed hard at her remark and I looked at her then gently.

"Dad?" I said and she nodded. "That was our nickname for him, Jamie, though a young adult, he asked us to continue using it. In our eyes, you look like him as a near 11 year old. But your personality is entirely your mother." Poppy said and I nodded gently. "I take it the entire faculty and everyone in the order was against his leaving me at the Dursleys?" I asked and they all nodded. "I tried to save you and your parents, Harry." Severus said and I nodded sternly then.

"Minerva, Poppy, Filius, Pomona, time to take sides, Hagrid you too, it seems you were lied to, all of you raised to worship the so called all knowing Albus Dumbledore. But he's appearing to be power crazy, but looks to me, he's Riddle of the lightside now." I said and they and every student in the school all looked at him, as Percy smiled in relief I said that. "Lose the smirk Percy, you're in trouble here." I said and he swallowed hard at that remark and Minerva nodded.

"Supposedly just returning to our world, my mind is not clouded by hero worship here, headmaster, but if you don't want to spend a good 80 years in Azkaban. Then there better be a very good explanation, because you left my godfather rotting in that hellhole. All the while knowing what you were doing is illegal, praying no one got wise and started questioning you. You and your decisions, well someone just did, your pawn just developed a mind of it's own."

"But that Prophecy could be an excuse to commit a multitude of felonies and each one driving me closer to taking all my friends in the school and leaving the British shores. Never to return now, as you created the monster, well you be the one to defeat him, he's your creation. You destroy him, but I wonder how the ministry will take you playing god with people's lives. All for the greater good, that's no excuse for what you have done." I said and he started shaking.

"Yes, now you done it Albus, he's finally had enough of you treating his life like a chess game." Minerva said sternly to that. "That's it, that's it, I had it here right now, you want me to kill him I will, but that said last anchor, to kill him, I got to destroy the one in me. That it, you want to do it, but you lost your blasted mind out of the power lust, we destroy one mad man. And a new one takes his place, that man is you!" I snapped and everyone looked at me in shock at that.

"Is that fight localized to Wizarding Britain, or is he a threat to the rest of the planet?" I asked and Hagrid answered that question. "With him a Slytherin and the Slytherins 'iving in Wizarding Britain, the 'ight is stuck here, 'Arry." he said and I nodded sternly then. "So what's the immediate response going to be, if I decide to get my muggleborn friends out of the country. Since no muggleborns, means no monster of Slytherin." I said and Minerva nodded sternly.

"Everyone that remembers you defeated him, will be desperate to keep you from just leaving us after you just came home right now in truth here. If this means to hell with listening to anything Albus says, they'll all do anything you ask, right now. As would I, you're my adopted grandson, so even if it means throwing Albus right to the werewolves, and Severus with him. If he doesn't change that attitude, we would all do so in a heartbeat." she said and I nodded as I said it then.

"Try to improvise by the Dursleys, you just screwed yourself over, as you knew all along, say I leave, and it means the snapping of my wand, yeah okay. I snap my wand myself as my wand is snapped, and my magic bound, I'm free of that bloody prophecy." I said and he started shaking in fear, realizing no matter what piece of coercion he used, I had a counter. Meant to throw him behind bars, as Minerva crossed her arms sternly at that remark then, knowing I was right.

"With you not a student yet, just go ahead and speak your mind Harry, what are you thinking now that the truth is out, and we found your parents true killer." Poppy said gently and I nodded. "Before you tear him a new one, magical diagnostics spell, before school starts, because this was his refusal to come see me. Before I actually come to you, and Minerva and Severus gave Vernon and Petunia a talking to." I said and she did it and her eyes narrowed.

"Under your exact weight for a boy your size, 20 broken bones, 18 concussions, lord Merlin, what has been going on inside that house, before Minerva actually gave her a stern talking to?" she asked in shock and Severus crossed his arms and Dumbledore swallowed hard at that. "Her sister's husband hates magic, Petunia herself resents it severely, simply because she lost Lilly. To me at the time, till I revealed myself to her last night." he said and Poppy nodded sternly then.

"I'm starting to wonder why all the secrets, why haven't you fired Binns, or why didn't you send Minerva to come get me, like Mione said you sent her to her. Why is Sybil working in the castle, and why, why for the love of Merlin, have you never controlled Severus. Till we realize Peter is still alive and with my in-laws, what is going on here exactly, what are you hiding?" I asked and he swallowed at the questions as Poppy and Minerva crossed their arms at the questions.

"Yeah something strange is going on here, while his house loves him, thinking they can get away with everything, we're being penalized for some very stupid penalties here. Or is it because of Mr. Potter and his gang now, they're Gryffindors, and you hate us with a passion. Or, the more likely possibility is because of his mother, she chose his father and you hate us, because of it?" Fred asked and Dumbledore swallowed hard and I nodded as I went right for the throat at that.

"Minerva, did you have your reservations in leaving me with the Dursleys?" I asked and she and Hagrid nodded and I nodded. "You knew Uncle Dan, right?" I asked and she nodded sternly at that remark. "Why not leave me with the Grangers, Mione and me are the smartest kids in our age group, this way Ron never gets jealous, she calls me brother, I call her sister. Our soulmates are Ron and Ginny, and there is no fighting, because our trio does this repeatedly here now."

"What's discussed between you, Severus and Albus gets told to me, and I tell it to them and we keep it strong, adult order to cub order, we're the cub order." I said, waving to the twins, and the trio and she nodded. "It's making up for lost time, but Dan and Sirius, Remus were your parents first choices, if not them, Frank, Amelia and Severus." she said and I crossed my arms. "So you said it was a bad idea and he still thought he knew best, let me tell you something."

"Well I guess Riddle rubbed off on you." I said and he jerked at that. "Leave us out of this, your plotting is going to get you eviscerated, if this gets one of the Weasley boys killed. But the you know what in the school and whatever happens next, this is reckless endangerment." Minerva said and he went white and I nodded. "That a set up as well, I find Ron first, before I meet Mione?" I asked in outrage and he swallowed hard at that remark and Charlie crossed his arms.

"Alright that's enough of this already Headmaster, our lives are not your's to play with, the ones that don't follow you, you find a way to punish us. If you don't get your way, say I decide to forgo the tournament, how far you will to go to keep me at the castle. Do Mione and I have to get protection by the ministry from you, so we can have some peace. If I refuse to follow you, will you drug me or create a freak accident for my parents friends, to keep your way, what."

"How soon, before the words turn true in the eyes of the ministry, I take a stand, and your idea of letting me take the fall, backfires, and I become a ministry lackey?" I asked and he swallowed hard. "As everyone of Malfoy's attempts at bribes get circumvented, by my actually, tripling it, and then by endorsing whatever he plans to do. All the while to drag your name through the dirt to save my reputation, as the reason for those pains in my scar stop all at once right now."

"As you're now persona non grata: Dumbledore, is he daft or is he dangerous?" I asked and he started shaking. "Answer to that question is both, you're an egomaniac now in the wizarding world, trying to stop a dangerous man, and now. Now, you're looking like Riddle of the lightside, and no one knows who to turn to till I say it out loud. They can turn to me, I got more done in 4 years then you did in 14." I said and he swallowed hard as the faculty crossed their arms then.