The Return Of The Marauders Part I: Truths Revealed

Changes To The School And Truths III

Return Of The Marauders

Warnings: This is going to be a what if the Dursleys got all the information and accepted things with Harry living with them as though under surveilance. They accept the order and Harry's friends as part of their lives. And as they connect to them, so this is a change to what the storyline was in the books.

As the Dursleys change and accept Harry and his order now, as his two separate lives come together as one finally.

Disclaimers: Harry Potter doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to J.K. Rowling and Warner brothers

Chapter 18: Further Changes And The Truth Comes Out III

"You got to be kidding me, anyone that watches tv knows there's a double meaning in said words, but duck could mean get down or in this case a real duck. And conjuring one this size, you're asking for the punchline to drive you into the ground like a railroad spike. But that's taking bath toys just a little too far." Ted said laughing at this. "I'll say, but whoever put the engorgio on our muggle artifacts, go easy on the growing charms here, and before it breaks it."

"The whatever one this size gets launched at." Pomona said with an amused chuckle. "Well our bathtubs in this world are the size of an olympic sized swimming pool, so…." Penny said through her laughter and she nodded with a smile. "So create a ducky that can be put into it, and it's like a life saver, but one you can ride on now, like the inflatable bull ride floaties they create." Sarah said from behind me and she and Ted nodded and Minerva nodded with a chuckle at that.

"Now that's creative right now, just like the remark of yelling wolf, but this is that second half of the Muppets stint, after he said big sheep, and the wolf doesn't realize. That the leader of the flock's cousin was creeping up on him till he jumps on top of him. So with that in mind, if Ginny sees what's about to come up from behind him, she's saying that, not to you son. But to said death eater, just as he's answering, that lands on him." Addams said through his laughter then.

"Yeah just imagine the raid at the ministry department, once I grab the back up, Ginny shouts out Duck, and he thinks she's kidding till Luna drops this on whoever it is." I said and they nodded. "Well she did say duck, and you can't come any closer then that to get the meaning, just like. In truth, the duo ducked under the tables, before the homophone meaning becomes clear. As they annoyed said geese at the time here." Cunningham said with an amused chuckle.

As Minerva nodded with a smile. "Thanks for the help with the punchline, you wise guy, but you can go back to the pool sized tub now." I said and I heard a squeak in response from our bath toy and as every 11 year old in the room started laughing at the response. "Big ducky, needs big bathtub now, but where you from exactly?" I asked and it gave 3 squeaks. "You came from the Lovegoods' house, as a message your owner's on her way here?" I asked and it gave a squeak.

"Did they hex you to respond to us, or was that involuntary, big guy?" I asked and it gave two squeaks. "It was involuntary, you need your squeaker repaired, yeah okay." I said as they tried to pull it together. "I'm your sister's boyfriend Charlie, but for now stage one, best friends and borderline couple, after she reaches 12, me 13, we're on stage 2, till we're mid teens." I added and Charlie and the twins nodded smiling as Fred squeezed my shoulder in a brotherly way.

"That's fine, you're the type we wanted for her anyway, and once we get rid of Riddle forever, you guys get a normal life out of this. But as for practical jokes and punchlines here in adopted baby sister, well clearly Luna thought this was a good way. Just to drop us a line, with her not allowed to do magic yet with her and Ginny only 10 years old. Then again there's a reason the girls are so close, because she has her laughing all the time by joke punchlines like this."

"Though I think Luna over did it on telling us she and Xeno are on their way here, along with mum and the duo right now." Charlie said as he started laughing. "That's the understatement of the century, I knew your sister's best friend was a wiseacre, but this took practical jokes. In punchlines, just a little too far as the girls are like sisters." Minerva said with a chuckle. "If that's the punchline, I'd hate to see her idea of getting from here to London." I said with a laugh then.

"That's a rubber duck, only giantized?" Arthur said and I nodded. "We use these for bathing as cubs no older then 2 to 3 to play with in the bathtub, but don't go there. And it's because everyone is going to find that funny, as the man that did the voice. And of said Sesame Street character does the voice of the leader of the Muppets cast in the 7 here." Katie said and the full wizard born started laughing at that remark. "The Rubber Duck." Penny said smiling at that.

"Yeah I remember that, but it's like, for Bert, he's like what's going on in there right now, after it sounded like there was a pool party going on in the bathroom. For us that's normal with the size of the bathrooms in our world, both in this world and our's for a rich family. Said bathtub can be made into a pool no deeper then 8ft on the deep end, which explains Herman just diving in. But that bathtub was the size of jacuzzi." Ted said with a chuckle at our conversation at that remark.

"You know what they made, as usual yeah I get it Ted, but I prefer muggle means to my family's catch." Sirius said and the team started laughing. "And after they started coming in through the window, and even Kermit joined in and this was after he was made for his predecessor show." Katie said as she started laughing. "Gods that was ridiculous, but their bathroom was like our bathtubs here, but this took his demeanor way too far." Sarah said laughing and I nodded.

"Ernie?" I said and she started laughing at that. "Yeah and Bert is wondering what the hades is going on in the bathroom right now. But I'm surprised the liquid displacement never flooded the bathroom." she said and Arthur started laughing at that. "That makes two of us, but that show came out when I was no older then you baby." Ted said with an amused chuckle, smiling. "And surrounded by kids day in and day out, we're used to the punchlines." Severus said with a smile.

"You're a teacher what do you expect, Severus, issues in this school go from strange, to just what is going on around here exactly. In this case, I would call Luna's idea for practical jokes like this as taking the wise guy manner too far." I said and he nodded with an amused smile. "That makes two of us right now, but not just one color or another, but the Bronze sextet." he said and I smiled. "Sounds about right, the 6 of us are the leaders of the D.A." I said and Minerva smiled.

"But there it is, train me to use occlumens and till I can block him out or fight back mentally, as I had enough of my scar hurting." I said and Severus nodded gently. "Getting a taste of what your mental defenses offer, it won't take long cub, because that's the scariest thing I ever seen." he said and Dumbledore chuckled at his opinion and nodded in agreement. "So you're a skilled leginimence, so 3 years with him, and spent 10 years a teacher?" I asked and he nodded then.

"That's 3 years being a monster and another 10 being a teacher, my capacity for good over weighs my past deeds, Son. I swear, once you start school next semester, I will train you as much as possible, so you can defeat him in your own prime now. Things change now, I love you son, he is not getting you if I have anything to say about it now." he said and I nodded as I hugged him tightly then and Dumbledore smiled at that reaction as he read it out then gently.

"Yes I chose your parents and you over being a Death Eater, but even after 10 years, I never stopped loving your mother, and I always will, if things had been different. You are my son, you are all I have left of her." he said and I nodded gently. "You mean to tell me, if he does the recall spell, while you and Igor are permanently retired. The others are going to go back to him, while we got his most dangerous followers in Azkaban?" Crouch asked him at that in stern shock then.

"That's exactly what we're saying, but I know that the trio are one way ticket to Azkaban, but what hexes cause just as much damage, so we can do self defense. Without being framed for murder and the reason I'm saying this is and was because said explosion hex hit a gas main. On the block, and spells like this and certain gases don't mix, what you call Potions. The muggles call chemistry, propane is a highly combustable gas." I told him and they nodded in shock then.

"Give me the wand." Kingsley said and I passed the wand to him. "Priori incanto!" he called out and I saw the red flash combined with an orangish yellow flash of light and they nodded. "You ever seen something like this before?" Arthur asked me and I nodded. "Yeah, that spell is like dropping a lit match into a bottle of gas it's going to explode instantly. Someone had a propane tank under their house now and he destroyed it." I said and Crouch crossed his arms sternly.

"There's a lot I don't know still, my family background, the ways of our world as being magical and know exact etiquette. So for those of us muggle born and raised, it's best we get a summer school catch as we learn, and then we teach you some of our ways." I said and the blood-traitors all nodded smiling gently at the news. "Wise thinking Harry, that helps as we get you settled in our world and you teach us yours." Crouch said and I nodded as I repeated the name.

"Igor?" I asked and he nodded. "That's Igor Karkaroff son, he's also a retired death eater, and headmaster of our counterpart school up in Bulgaria." he said and I nodded. "Do they do emphasis on what could be considered the darkside, Sir?" I asked and he nodded gently. "We teach you to fight the dark arts, they do real emphasis on the black magic son, as such. I forgot not all of the Black family was evil, Sirius's grandfather, Dora's mother and Sirius himself."

"Never believed that tripe, I'm a blood traitor, I just hated Andy's sister so much that anger got shoved at your godfather." he said and I nodded sternly. "Andy, Dora, what's her full name?" I asked and she chuckled. "Andromeda, like Princess Andromeda of the Perseus legends." she said and I smiled at the news. "Thank you for the apology, I accept, as for this, let me take a wild guess, Barty was involved with her sister and her husband?" I asked and he nodded sternly.

"Who was it they did, if you forgot to do a trial?" I asked and they sighed. "My son and his wife." Madam Augusta Longbottom said and I nodded in shock. "Don't show me that memory, till year 4, so he was naming names and then landed on your son. The professor shot him after he tried to run and you felt like you got hit by a bludger in the stomach?" I asked and he nodded. "Yes, but we got one chance at it, I think we both agree with this." Severus said and I nodded then.

"Professor, before you suggest this, and I agree with Severus, you need someone to get undercover, but in my world, that's muggleborn, the aurors have a saying. But to catch a killer you need to think like one, so why would my wand get used to send up that mark. Why is my name coming out of the goblet, why am I seeing what he's planning. Answer: he's planning to the tournament to come back, he needs me to insure it." I said and Moody and Crouch nodded.

"One other thing, year 3 is I'm staying out of trouble, I'm staying indoors, and training, I can lose year in going to village, I got work to do that year. Just to prepare for the next obstacle course, but your's Uncle Remus, is a good way to do it now." I said and they nodded. "Just when we think we can get a year off from the escapades then your name comes out of the goblet. Lord, can we get a break before something else happens." Severus said and I nodded to that.

"So the only way to insure we catch who is planning this, you need a student, problem is that I am his biggest enemy, so after 4 years of training. It's my life's work begins that night, as I already infused my sword with venom and destroyed the diary. You fused the link shut by spending 4 years teaching me occlumency, so that was a Order trap. Our's is a Death Eater trap, as they're trying to drag our names through the dirt to save themselves, so cross and double."

"Double cross, we had this planned in advance when my name comes out of that goblet, I'm doing the truth spell immediately and we decide right then: Cedric. He's the real school champion, so we create a 4th academy, but the Potter Academy for Sorcery and Spells. So P.A.S.S.." I said and Dumbledore nodded as Severus hid a chuckle at my fast thinking. "Wise thinking Harry, there's no fighting, but this was a made up school, and your academy now."

"Was made of your muggleborn friends, the ones that hate the Slytherin Death Eaters picking on them, that academy becomes the Junior Order Of The Phoenix." he said and I nodded. "Agreed that is a very wise idea, so bending a rule or two, you're a cub auror, and going undercover. In the competition till we catch who put your name in that goblet." Amelia said and Severus and Dumbledore nodded. "We got a long 3 years of training." I said in response gently then to her.

"Just this once, use the obliviate, to erase those memories, I never want to remember what happened and how close we came to losing Cedric." I added and Poppy nodded gently. "We understand and that's what I consider the wizard version of giving you time here. Till you're ready to talk about it, just leave it be." Minerva said and Poppy nodded in stern agreement. "But everyone we lost, is a clone, we can do human duplication." Severus said sternly and I nodded.

"Everyone we lost is a clone, all muggleborns evacuated from Wizarding Britain, my age to your age, Uncle Severus, and that's including you. You're being cloned, so everyone I love is still alive here and I never lost anyone, my ring of friends is alive. My friends outside of my circle are, my family and extended, you're all alive, we just clone all of you. But that greater good remark, just shifted to another way to handle this, but my prophecy, I wear it." I said and they all nodded.

"You also spent 3 summers training me, 3 school terms, so I am so overly qualified for this in going in as a cub auror, I can do this, just a couple burns and cuts, nothing big." I said and Remus covered his eyes. "I get where this is going, just be careful when you try it, you scared me enough already the last few years." Severus said for the trio and I nodded. "Remus, you're seeing this from Minerva, Hagrid's and my point of view what they do." he said and he nodded.

"And like I said, you would think after 3 years of this we can get a break, and frankly we can't even get that, before something else happens." I said and the trio nodded in agreement. "And to repeat your sister, I'm worried about you, as are Severus, Remus, Alastor and Hagrid. So listen to us already." Sirius said in response and Minerva nodded in agreement. "That's my adopted twin sister, Mione Granger, her father is Severus's best friend." I said and they nodded gently.

"That short for something?" Sarah asked and I nodded. "Mione is short for Hermione." I said and they all nodded to me. "And we all started calling her Mione of Maya." Fred said and I looked at him. "Call her that, she'll blow you into the sofa, so watch it already." I said and everyone started laughing at that. "Alright cubs, watch where you aim that pillow, I get smacked and you're both going to get it and I mean that." Remus said and we nodded smiling then gently.

"So Lilly, Mione's father and Severus?" Fudge asked and Severus and I nodded. "Yes Sir, dad was Remus and Sirius, mom was Dan and Severus." I said and they nodded smiling. "Peter, as of this moment, I never want to see you again, you are dead to me, you return to him. I will do it myself, because you should have died, died rather then betray my parents. But you should have realized here, that if he never did it, well then the quartet would have, but not necessary here."

"As you are being eviscerated by the public finally here, once I get everyone who never started yet here, along with the parents of the current students here at the academy." I said sternly and he looked down and Minerva nodded sternly at that response. "Indeed, a public death is better then cold blooded murder right now, because this is mercy, vengeance is a path to darkness." Crouch said and Alastor and Dumbledore nodded in agreement to that opinion then gently.

"The truth is out finally, and though we can't bring back the thirteen, or the others who he killed by being a spy, they get justice, like I do finally." I said and he nodded gently. "You are only human, like everyone else baby, you hate him, and you have every right to. But don't let this call to vengeance keep you from being everything you become in 7 years now." Dora said gently and I nodded as she ran her hand through my hair gently and I leaned into her then.

"He's mine, but after 7 years, to put this bluntly, with all the death eaters my parents age or a little older, he's, what we call in the muggle world, a Sithlord. They are a different type of wizard and their swords are lasers, red lasers." I said and the wizard born nodded. "So what are we, they're enemy order or their counterpart?" Charlie asked and I heard the muggle borns start laughing. "We're arch enemies, white side, called Jedi." Sarah said and they all nodded gently.

"Nice wording little brother, that works great!" I heard a 14 year old muggleborn Hufflepuff call out to me and I nodded gently. "Just wait till you got the 11 and 12 year old muggleborns running amok as we teach our full magical counterparts about this. As this will result in a backlog of the recreational reading or watch lists, what we call books come to life, movies lists." she said and Minerva nodded with a chuckle as Madam Longbottom nodded amused at that.

"Whoever buys those things as toys, they're training only guys, so no one loses a limb here!" Jack Forestor called out and every muggleborn all nodded. "To explain that, these weapons cut through any substance known, no blood, but immediate cauterization. But the pain is like after winding up with a broken arm or worse, the bone broke the skin and was sticking out." she explained and they nodded gently as Charlie hid a grimace then at the explanation then.

"Makes a good excuse to get an under age wizard or witch in there, because you're an undercover auror." George started to say and he and Minerva looked at him. "I really hope you're kidding young man, because this is not a joke, you never spent 2.5 years. In repeated dangerous situations here, that going in there without the proper training. That's going to get you hurt or killed here." Minerva said to him sternly and he nodded as I hid a chuckle then.

"Oh dad, is it illegal to do it this way, by erasing a traumatizing memory, to give them a chance to heal emotionally?" Charlie asked and Arthur shook his head gently. "No thank Merlin, but this is best, after said trauma that night, he needs time, as he's still emotionally wracked up. He'll get over it if we give him time." he said and Fred straightened. "Then do it with Ginny, we erase that memory and give her time!" George said for him and Poppy nodded as I said it in relief.

As Sarah took chapter 4 out of the book and passed it to Poppy, Minerva, Sirius and Arthur. "The narrator was in the state Gin' was, but the Slytherin that tried to drown her counterpart. Harry's double killed him, and he came to, to find that knife blade covered in blood, and then checked. And saw said Slytherin lying in a pool of his own blood." she said and they nodded. "Exhaustion, shock, minor concussion, translation: Harry's fight with the bloody snake in 2 years here now."

"After losing his friend and the tough boy of their gang, he was in denial, leading into anger and then acceptance, but said doctor. And that's healer to you now as well Professor, said never bring up his lost gang members. He was still wracked up, mentally and emotionally, he'll get over it if they gave him time." she said and they nodded. "After the chamber and the fight in the grave yard, do not bring it up again, I need time, as it was too blasted close here right now."

"She and I suffered a trauma in the chamber, but you know what she means to me, a muggle song read it out, but walk the wire, fight for you, die for you. I nearly killed myself saving her, she's my everything, Dad blessing…." I said and he nodded smiling as the trio all smiled as they realized what I was asking. "Her mother and I would be honored to have you as our son-in-law, Harry, yes." he said and I nodded. "Welcome brother." Fred said I nodded then.

"Was there a betrothal already set?" I asked and he shook his head. "If there was, we had to let you and Ginny make the first move, you saying that, just cemented it." he said and I nodded. "Well next year is messages back and forth, her starting school, for the following 5 years, expect us to be wrapped up in each other. So we got those things running loose on the grounds, I can miss a few trips to Hogsmeade and go the following year." I said and Minerva smiled gently.

"Nice thinking, there are two ways to handle that, use the passages or wait till she's 13 and go the following year, as we don't have those demons on campus." Poppy said and Minerva nodded in agreement. "Before anyone suggests it, I'm doing it for you, but I'm a cub auror, so this is my mission in year 4, Professor, you know what I'm saying here." I said and Severus covered his eyes. "We get it, just be careful, cub." Remus said for all of them and I nodded gently then.

"There better be a good enough spell to restrict this unless…., bone of the father unwillingly given, flesh of the servant willingly offered, blood of the enemy forcibly taken. You will resurrect your…, there it is, not forcibly taken, give it willingly and the strength. Of your mother's charm is going to kill him, by eating him from the inside out!" Severus said and I nodded then. "So Harry gives it up willingly and the power of his love will be a cancer?" Dora asked and he nodded then.

"We call that a flesh eating virus in the muggle world, bio-lab IV, highly contagious, what we call hemorrhagic fever." Severus said and they nodded sternly. "So this contagion has a zero percent survival rate if you never find said cure?" Arthur asked and he nodded. "That's what my blood and skin do, for him, touch my skin it will be like he's burned to ashes. And I saw this directly with Quirrell, he couldn't touch me without hurting himself." I said and they nodded then gently.

"Said books give my memories of everything, we make a few alterations, but everyone we lost is cloned and the clones die, as you get proof the 'I was imperiused' remark. Now gets derailed permanently, Mr. Fudge." I said and he nodded sternly. "One other question, just who is this Igor exactly?" I asked and Crouch sighed. "A Death Eater, I tried for dragging up a few names, before he dropped said bludger on me, my son was with the Lestranges, in doing the Longbottoms."

"I threw him in Azkaban for that, but you're everything I wanted him to become Harold." he said and I nodded as I looked into his eyes. "Stand by, okay, proof of I'm his heir by conquest, I never put my name in said goblet and I saw him return. And all of the Death Eaters claiming on the imperius, truth spell, truth spell, uh.., I swear on my magic. I am not the true heir of Slytherin, but his by conquest, to catch the real heir, I never put my name in the Goblet."

"The Goblet of Fire, as the Fourth Champion, but am an undercover auror to catch who framed me and I saw Voldemort return and all of his death eaters named returned to him. So mote it be!" I called out and his wand flashed. "Expecto Patronum!" I called out and my patronus flashed out of his wand in response and Moody nodded. "Wicked!" I heard the current first years say in amazement then and the ministry and the faculty nodded in gentle approval then to that.

"No wand and it gets channeled through ours instead, well it's no wonder Voldemort targeted him, 7 years and his powers will dwarf both sides, Albus. You and Voldemort, he's that powerful, the new leader of the light in his prime." Moody said and Dumbledore nodded in agreement. "That's actually what said space epic is really about, Harry's counterpart, who became the second villain, was like Harry at this age, but as he grew up, both sides realized it now."

"Stays good and his powers can be used to save billions, but turn and it's a massacre waiting to happen here." Sarah said and they nodded. "You and the Dursleys have something in common here, they hate the dark arts, like you do." I said and he smiled gently. "Lucius, MacNair, Avery, Nott, Crabbe and Goyle have lied to us all this time!" Fudge said slowly and I nodded. "Yes Sir, and I'm sorry you had to learn about it like this, but everything Severus did now in truth here."

"He's been playing Riddle for a fool and the Death Eaters with them, he's turned on them to save my family and Pettigrew sold us out!" I said and they nodded in stern fury at that. "I want this piece of filth dripping veritaserum from every pore, I want every name written down. I want their images destroyed permanently, Amelia whatever you need, to do the investigation. In the right way, is yours for the taking now, I was foolish to believe they'd ever change right now."

"Aiding and abetting a known fugitive is a criminal offense here." he said sternly and I smiled in relief and delight, we headed off what the future hold 4 years in advance. "I delayed his return for 2 years, but they brought it about by third times the charm, the tournament. Sir, I wish to go undercover now, as a junior auror, to arrest Barty, Barty Junior, he escaped custody." I said and Crouch nodded in shock. "Undercover, the tournament?!" he said in shocked disbelief to me.

"Yes, after the Longbottoms, this means severe payback, I arrest the death eater that made them worse then dead and he gets the consequences for that after being in prison." I said and he pressed his forehead to mine. "You're everything I ever wanted him to grow up to be son, my pride, just be careful, these missions to prevent his returning get more dangerous every year." he told me and I nodded. "Son, be careful, you're a cub still." Fudge said gently to me then.

"Going on a guess, Barty?" I asked and he nodded. "Yes, but how did you know?" he asked and I sighed. " I know Sir, I know he's alive, but your elf Winky told us the truth, after Bertha found him at your house. But there is a single way to change what's coming as those books are a good visual aid in help. Alternate reality you might say, so we use those to change what's coming, and as you as the ministry combine together with dad's friends finally, make amends for past."

"Said past, past wrongs in the old bigotry." I said and he nodded. "But our exploits as alternate reality now are being printed in stone, the woman creating these books. She knew our entire 4 years, leading into the parting of the ways between us and you, and he killed you. Before attempting to kill me, before being unmasked by the professor, Minerva and Severus." I said and he nodded sternly. "Plan Cornelius, Bertha, now." he said and they both nodded sternly then.

And she nodded sternly and Moody and Crouch exchanged furious looks at that news. "Harry only has to see their faces or hear their names to confirm what we tell you the night. Just after we arrest Junior in the tournament, but he lays a hand on him, I'll kill him myself." Severus said sternly and they both nodded. "Once done, I can give you my memories of this, but afterwards, I do not want to remember what happened that night." I said and Fudge nodded sternly then.

"Agreed, we just get you back and we're not having you exposed to a crazed maniac." she said sternly at that and Fudge nodded sternly. "If he escapes and returns to 'him' we don't have a choice, I'm going undercover in the tournament." I said and she nodded in shock to that news. "No, no you're not ready for this yet." Crouch said to me quickly. "He killed Cedric." I said and Amos closed his eyes. "Him or me, I choose me, I'm protecting him." I said and they sighed.

"Cedric was his sacrifice to be a full death eater now, he was a spy before becoming a real one, Sir, I'm suggesting cloning both of you, before we do this." I said and he nodded as he left his hand on my shoulder gently. "The courage to face a tournament for adults and protecting a friend if that doesn't say chosen one then nothing does now. If you have to do this, then be careful baby." she said and I nodded as I looked between her, to Fudge and Dumbledore gently.

"Sirius what happened that night exactly?" he asked and he explained that. "James told me to go after him and turn him into you and Amelia if he turned them in and when I did. I arrived an hour after Severus probably dropped by their house to check as well. And told Hagrid to get him out of the house and take him to Albus, as I changed into my animagus form. I'm a Black German Sheppard, though I look like a grim in form, as I traced to him to London now."

"And cornered him, and just as I was about to arrest him, he screamed out I was the one that did it and blew up the gas main on the block and killing them. If you found me looking stunned, I was suffering a 3rd degree concussion, I was also in shock. As it was he cut his finger off and transformed and turned into a rat." he said and they nodded in shock to that news. "On my magic, I swear all of which I have said is true, so mote it be." he added and then did it again.

"Expecto Patronum!" he called out and a Stag appeared and they nodded smiling in relief at that. "Alright there we go, time to make amends, all parents, I want everyone to come to Hogwarts, repeat. All pure-blood parents of the Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw come to Hogwarts. We're doing a re-trial for the so called murderer Sirius Black." he said and sent his patronus out and I knew it was going to everyone all over England with us up here right now.

"So all this time we had an innocent man in prison." Fudge said and Amelia nodded in agreement as Moody turned to Crouch at that. "I do believe you have something to say, he may be the cousin of Bellatrix Lestrange, but he's nothing like that whore." he said and the order surrounded me at that. "Don't you remember the girl looking like Bellatrix's twin happens to be sorted into Hufflepuff, and Sirius was put into Gryffindor." he said to him and he nodded.

"I get the point Alastor, and I'm owning up to my mistake starting now, Sirius I'm sorry, and you got your job back as an auror." he said and Sirius nodded. "I better tell you this now, but like him right now, I had bigger problem in truth, said is now, I'm a parsel-mouth, Riddle left his power of parsel-tongue in me." I said and he nodded. "Riddle?" he said and I nodded. "That's his real name, Tom Marvolo Riddle, re-arrange the letters, Sir." he said and they nodded sternly.

As he wrote it out at that and then swung his wand and they re-arranged themselves into a sentence and I heard several shouts of shocked disbelief at that. "My fight with him, after killing the bloody snake resulted in nearly killing me while doing it. But try to improvise twice, Ginny's going to kill me herself if I get hurt again here." I said and they chuckled and nodded. "You guys are cubs still, keep it clean, young man." Minerva said and I nodded smiling gently as I went on.

"Ginny's my girlfriend, Ginny Weasley, to be exact." I said and the ministry nodded in amazement. "You're close to dating Arthur daughter right now, once she starts school in 18 months?" she repeated and I nodded. "Yeah, since running into each other last year, my friends and I get together every chance we get right now. But currently imprint, as the years go by, and I'm about to give her the first of the trio." I said and he smiled at the news, knowing I meant it.

"His first anchor is in Malfoy senior's hands, but Tom was interested in knowing how I survived the fight, I asked why should he care as I said this, before he revealed himself. Tom Riddle is Lord Voldemort, that diary was one of his anchors, and he was trying to purge the castle. And of muggleborns, but for all his annoyance, I just happen to be said thorn in his side. No matter how many times he tries, I'll always be there to stop him now." I said and they all nodded then.

"As for Peter, my father and his trio created this map, but it never lies, revealing Peter has been alive all this time, but he turned on us to save his skin." I said and they nodded sternly. "And this is again going to get him ripped apart by everyone in our world later finally. Now that the truth is out, but if we can arrange a new regime with the Dursleys finally. Then we have an adult wizard living in the house, for 6 weeks, you spend the other at Sirius's house and that's it now."

"As I understand these blood wards, they need to be recharged every summer once you start school at the moment, minimum is 3 weeks, maximum 12. We'll split the difference here, every summer for 6 weeks, leading into your 17th birthday." Augusta said and I nodded in shock to that. "He said as long as I considered Privet Drive my home, they stay strong, so just 6 weeks, I can spend 6 weeks there, and another at Sirius's house." I said and the quartet nodded then.

"Albus don't start, 6 weeks is plenty, Harry has his adoptive father now, he's a cub needing his father bear, so let him have his childhood now." Crouch said and he nodded. "Our dark wizard and murderer is a half blood, and all this time our world is too damn scared to say a bloody anagram." Fudge snapped at that. "The spell backfired on me, and reducing him to nothing more then a mere parasite here, but I think he created a few anchors, and he did right now."

"That's what I'm meant to do, destroy the anchors, and I destroy his immortality and the final face off right now, but I destroy them all one by one now. And we got him after his however many year return to power and we're free finally." I said and the ministry nodded gently to me. "He left one in you by accident after trying to kill you, and the spell rebounded off whatever charm your mother put on you, and there's the ending result?" she said and I nodded to her.

"That's the meaning of neither can live while the other survives, to kill him I got to take said shot willingly." I said and she nodded. "So destroy his anchor in you, and you're three times more powerful then he is in your prime." Fudge said and I nodded. "Yes Sir, but it was after I did this, in writing out the sentence, that I took each letter and created a name, his name is on a trophy in the trophy room." I said and they both nodded to me as the order hid a smile then.

"So for you, with you not doing writing with a wand yet, you had to rewrite said sentence, and put the letters to each place in the name." Moody said to me and I nodded. "Were it not for the twins, I never would have learned you had it in reverse, the map belongs to my father and his friends." I said and they both nodded. "The Marauders: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and James Potter, so PMP now." I said and he and Cornelius nodded sternly at that news then gently.

"Padfoot, Mooney and Prongs, Sirius, Remus and dad." I said and he nodded smiling. "Getting off to a good start, as you show us the error of our ways, and now we can make it up to you finally, before you return to our world for good now." he said and I nodded. "Yes, but there's a couple of adjustments to make, and my uncle, that's adopted uncle. He is my sister's father, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and I are called the Golden trio." I said and they nodded to me.

"And we are the true Marauders, but I would die, I'd die rather then betray my friends." Sirius said and the duo nodded sternly. "The dirty coward after calling out that I did it, blasted the entire block and killing everyone on said block to make sure you never got the truth. And then cut his finger off and turned into his rat form." he said and Crouch nodded. "Harry!" I heard and smiled as I turned to see Ron, Mione and Ginny and with them were Molly and the Grangers.

"Guys." I said and they moved to me as Ginny hugged me tightly as I pressed my forehead to her's, before the duo moved to me as well and I hugged them at that and I stepped forward. "Everyone the truth on Hagrid and Moaning Myrtle is the book, Tom Riddle is a parselmouth and he killed Myrtle, there were a few key truths that had the story in reverse, but I think the person that wrote up my series now is a seer in truth." I said and they double checked it at that news.

"I just gained an added truth here, but Riddle is the heir of Slytherin." I said and they nodded in shock then. "Voldemort is Slytherin's heir, who's the maternal family exactly?!" one of the aurors asked and I said it. "Who lived in range of the Riddles exactly?" I asked and he said it sternly, before his eyes narrowed. "Tom Marvolo Riddle, I know only one Marvolo and it's Marvolo Gaunt, they're parselmouths." he said and I nodded sternly at the news then as I answered him.

"I take it you arrested his son, back in the 40's?" I asked and he nodded. "I did, and the old tosser is a senile old fool, turns out he's Slytherin's heir, and passed the ability to his family. Before Riddle got it and unleashed the bloody snake till it killed a muggleborn." he said and I nodded. "Well how about turn about is fair play, as I exchange enemies for allies right now, until the leader of the adult Death Eaters exposes himself." I said and MLE members smiled then.

"But with that in mind right now in this case, first was your predecessor, Mr. Fudge, and then Sirius." I said and he and Crouch nodded. "So two injustices served and Riddle is behind them both, okay we understand and we can fix that now." Fudge said and I nodded. "Professor, are you a teacher in addition to auror?" I asked and Moody nodded to me gently. "I'm retired from auror work, and I'm teaching at the academy." he said and I nodded to him gently smiling.

"You part of the order?' I asked and he smiled. "I am, son." he said and I nodded as I looked from Minerva, to Sirius and Remus and Hagrid and they nodded. "Yes we all are son, if this conversation is heading where I think, time to reactivate. And start recruiting, before you start school now?" Remus said and I nodded. "Yeah exactly and Minister, if you and the order join forces now, we can nail your under secretary for espionage." I said and he smiled sternly then.

"Join together, and this, in truth, is going to get you such high voting call now, that if something happens to you, and your counterpart, are now in league. And with us, as the junior and senior Orders of the Phoenix, if that's what they call themselves." I said and he nodded smiling. "If she's working with the death eaters and they're paying you to keep themselves out of Azkaban. Well how about one of their own turning them in finally." I said and he smiled and nodded then.

"Because something Barty told me comes to mind when he was impersonating the professor, a load of witches and wizards claim they only did his bidding. And by being under the imperius curse, how about I find that out for real, once he summons everyone. To where he wanted this confrontation, finally and before I get it to all of you, before we have further trouble." I said and he nodded. "Now I know you've been listening to me too much." Moody said to that, bemused.

"How could I not, if you trained me for years, I love you like another father, you're my mentor." I said and he smiled gently at that. "Issues in where training gets a little out of hand, and your reflexes are so quick, it's a wonder no one ever survived this with you, when showing off." he said and I started laughing. "Severus." I said and he nodded. "And again maybe it would be wise to teach you kids to block unfriendly spells." he said and everyone started laughing at that.

"And to repeat my book double, he shouldn't have let you teach us that one." I said and he nodded with a chuckle. "Heading off a shoot out in Lockhart's office, just as he yanked his wand on us, that's Ron and me, and I blasted him, but the blast hit him so hard here now. He got knocked over his trunk and right into the wall." I said and he nodded. "Like you said, he shouldn't have let me teach you that, I'm an expert dueler." he said and I nodded at that news.

"And you're a real teacher, not a fraud, you know what you're doing, my teacher, but skilled potions expert, skilled duelist, so I got a lot to learn from you. Clearly, so as to that, I'm taking my training by you seriously here right now, but potions. The block out connection training, and you can teach me in dueling." I said and he smiled, and I knew that did it in his eyes. "Yeah now I started something here, between us, he's so good, he'll do fine." Remus said and he nodded.

"Then you wouldn't mind in training me for several years, as I get all the classes needed to make it into your class?" I asked and he smiled. "You want to take your father's place as my prize pupil?" Moody asked and I nodded. "Getting the truth out, and being who he would have been if he was alive now right now, as to that. I'm taking his place at both your sides now, your prize pupil, if I start this Sir, if that's okay with you." I said and he nodded as he looked at me.

"I am and it is, son, and I see what you're asking me and I would be happy to train you, is that your future career, you wish to be an auror?" he asked and I nodded smiling. "Yes Sir, that's exactly the reason why, but if you need reason #2. Well the trio gave the ultimatum to the Dursleys now, that they're under investigation starting now, as of now. But you're second in command of the auror department." I said and he nodded gently to that news.

"I get it son, but they lay another hand on you, specifically Dursley and his sister themselves and they are going to jail, I promise you that. I finally get to watch you grow up from today and forward starting now, I missed you more then you know. Like my own cub, well us members of the order are taking care of you starting now." he said and I tried to keep from looking down at that as he gave a gentle smile as he ran his hand.

And through the hair at the back of my head as I felt the warmth of his remark shoot through me at that. "Missed you too Professor, I missed all of you, but things change for the better." I said and he nodded and said it to Fudge. "Minister, I am Harry Potter, I wish to discuss making an exception in the case of under age magic. Sirius, Remus and Professor Moody, as well as Professor Snape are tutoring me to get me settled."

"In our world, before I start school, you switch sides and you got a chance to be named as the best minister. That we had since Professor Dumbledore took his position as head master." I said and he nodded. "How so exactly?" he asked and I passed him the books. "The muggle that wrote these books was seeing our future, with the fact that Peter is alive, we delayed three years until that day comes." I said and he checked the titles.

"The Sorceror's Stone, The Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban and the Goblet of fire, four books, and you're going on 11 in a couple months. You mean to tell me these books are our next four years, before we have a repeater of the war between us and..." he started to say and I held up my hand. "Wait it gets better, Charlie." I said and he gave his wand and I closed my eyes as I summoned my magic and wrote it out.

"Tom Marvolo Riddle= I am Lord Voldemort, oh you got to be kidding me, you mean to tell me that our entire nation is too scared to say a bloody anagram?!" Dedalus Diggle said in shock and I nodded to him. "He's after the wand, possibly the headmaster's wand, I got the cloak and looks like Professor Snape wanted the stone to bring mum back. In all honesty, Mione and I are everything he remembers in our parents, they're his best friends." I said and he nodded to me.

"That's why he tried to protect you, he loves your mother, she was his best friend when we were your age?" he asked and he sat at the bench as he looked into my eyes. "It is minister and that is why James, through this map, told and named me his magical guardian now." Severus told him and he nodded to him. "I can agree to that, Sirius, what do you wish exactly?" he asked and I explained that to him gently at that as duo smiled.

"Sirius, Severus and I share the guardian status, but for his safety and I know they only gave it a month in his staying at Petunia's. But Sirius decided he was living with Harry at the Dursleys and the next 11 months he's completely immersed in our world." Remus said and wizengamot nodded as they exchanged a fast discussion. "Agreed we can place you there as a way to keep an eye on them." Madam Aggie said and Amelia nodded.

"My trio and I tended to get involved in the unusual happenings that happened every year as we investigated things, but one D.A. teacher was killed. Another lost his memories and the next two are friends of the family. With me checking into everyone, I'm a junior auror in training, so what I look into. I can turn it into Kingsley or Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape." I said and they nodded in acceptance to that.

"Alright we can allow that, but get that under control and before you scare us into a coronary please." Amelia said and I nodded as the three of us exchanged looks at that. "You're lucky your mother is gone or she'd have a heart attack by the time you're fifteen from all these stunts you keep pulling every term." Molly said and Emma nodded that. "At this rate I'm not going to make it to his 13th birthday if they keep it up Molly."

"And the bonehead trying to do something completely foolhardy is getting extended training sessions for three months. Especially if we catch you without one of us with you during the said emergency." Severus added and Dan checked it and closed his eyes exasperation. "Like a mountain troll getting in for one." he said and we nodded to that request as Fudge nodded in agreement to that the decision was made then.

"Speaking of which and you got a better chance of changing things now Cornelius, if you join the order, because with them paying you to look the other way. Well you can save a lot of lives, if you start arresting or confiscating things in Knockturn Alley. And running raids on death eaters like Lucius Malfoy, this says here, that every death eater."

"The ones that were excused immediately returned to him when he came back." Arthur said read it to him. "So you want me to keep tabs on them right now?" Fudge asked and we nodded to him gently at that. "What else does it say exactly?" Crouch asked and I looked at him. "That your son just barely killed me, before being unmasked, and with it, the tournament was a trap to bring Riddle back." I said and his eyes narrowed in anger.

"That was a death eater trap, he got you into a tournament for adults to bring him back, and barely missed killing you, before being unmasked?" he said and I nodded. "Yes." I said simply and he nodded. "Cornelius, my wife asked me to get him out, but I'm calling a parole, so he even tries anything else, he's also back in Azkaban, and the final sentence is the kiss. I'm giving authorization directly for almost killing a child." he said and Fudge nodded sternly to him.

"By getting you into a tournament you're too young for and every single task nearly kills you in the process we lose Cedric and he returns?" Crouch said sharply and I nodded. "I saw the hearing on your son and what you said, regarding Frank and Alice Longbottom. But I know everything, but if you wish to let Winky go, I can take her as my elf." I said and he nodded in acceptance to my request then as he answered me gently.

"The night of the cup and us finding your wand in her hands, I pass her ownership over to you now, if that happens twice, as for the dementors. I suggest you train hard in the patronus charm, because your more traumatic memories. Those are your parents being murdered by Riddle and you in a match we're not risking you being killed. And by falling off that broom, because you got too close to those things, but son."

"Who do you suggest does the field reports for you to get the truth out?" he asked and I smiled. "The Quibbler, it's owned by the Lovegoods, but they're also friends of the family, but my gang is us three, the twins, Ginny, Luna, Daphne, Susan and Neville. While Cedric is acting big brother for us, but all the ancient wizarding houses come together to protect our world." I said and he nodded as he smiled at my suggestion then gently.

"You got a deal, but regarding things such as your using magic at home, with your godfather living with you there. We can let it go for now, but for training we want you on a wizarding home property, say the Weasleys. Or at the Longbottoms, Diggories, Greengrasses or the Lovegoods and if these were your adventures now. With your friends involved, that's Miss Granger and Misters Longbottom and Weasley each year."

"Well then we can make an exception for your gang, who are preparing to create a junior version to the order." Fudge said and we smiled in delight at the news. "I'm making an exception for younger then second year on the house teams at the moment here now. But Charlie is training him to take his place, Cornelius." Minerva said and he nodded in acceptance to that. "We better get this under control before next semester turns into a circus right now."

"The reason being the sextet are the ones dealing in multiple members of every house in the school right now, and with him acting as the alpha as we train him and his year. That's minus Draco Malfoy, Theodore Nott, Victor Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, from what this says right now, that even if the Daily Prophet tries it. To claim everything that is said in book four is a lie well no one is going to believe it's a lie in the muggleborns now."

"And the reason is because of these." Molly said and Fudge nodded. "Yes I agree with her, we can save a lot of lives by doing it this soon, 5 months. We can set the stage and Harry and his friends, our daughters and others that don't believe he's the heir by blood. But by conquest and I think that means he was meant to decontaminate everything. That Riddle infected with his soul if he did what I'm thinking." Arthur said and Madam Aggie nodded.