Dark Humor

Chapter 38

The Mighty Wolf Lord

Written for The Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Title as Prompts Challenge

Prompt - Silver Fang

To the people of the Wizarding world, he was known as Fenrir Greyback. But amongst his own kind, he was known as Silver Fang the Destroyer. He was the leader of England's largest underground wolf pack, and his cruelty was known far and wide throughout the land. He was a monster, an unremorseful killer who thought nothing of murdering children and eating them alive while they were still screaming.

He was powerful. He was a savage beast. Whenever the name Silver Fang was uttered in darkness, or whispered in shadows, the hearts and breaths of those who heard his name became still, pausing in anticipation, waiting for the attack, as if saying his name was enough to summon the foul beast from his lair. It was enough to make some people fear the name, while others dare not speak it.

Everyone thought Greyback was monster. They couldn't imagine him being anything else. Until one day when he was caught in a most unpleasant and embarrassing situation. He was running from Bellatrix when they saw him, up the stairs and across the hall, trying his best to escape the mad witch. He was running on all fours, and there was something in his mouth, but he ran past so quickly it was hard to tell what it was.

Bellatrix ran up the flight of stairs, where she cornered the werewolf in the hall and demanded that he hand over her underwear. Greyback shook his head, causing the lacy pair of black panties to wave back and forth.

"I said give it here, you mutt!" Bella shouted. She then grabbed the pair of panties dangling from the werewolf's mouth and started yanking on them. They began a tug of war over Bella's underwear, with Bella pulling Greyback across the floor as his long nails dug into the carpet.

"She's rather strong, now isn't she?" said Lucius, as he stood there with a glass of wine in his hand, watching the scene unfolding before him.

"Yeah," said Rodolphus. "Tell me about it."