• Night Clubs and Neon Lights

    He was looking at her roguishly, as he did. She kept looking. The atmosphere around them changed. She remembered suddenly WHY she and Sirius kept their relationship to a stringently flirtatious friendship. They had both dated half the school at this point. But she had always considered HIM strictly off limits. There was a magnetism to their similarities that felt too big to risk.

  • When Draco Knew

    He was clearly not in any state to properly discern between a girl in his office and Ginny Weasley, human tornado, in his office. So. The point was, that it was really no big deal. What his body had just done. The swooping lightheaded thing. It was a hangover.

  • The Element of Surprise

    Nobody is more surprised when Lily Evans starts to have physical reactions to James Potter that are ENTIRELY beyond her control- than Lily Evans is. His secret weapon? Indifference. (Seventh-Year-Dabble-Drabbles).

  • Witch Weekly, Which Wizard?

    Twenty-something Ginny Weasley picks up an issue of the obnoxious tabloid, Witch Weekly, because, well, her face is plastered all over it. 'APPARENTLY' her and Draco Malfoy are in love. Filled with mirth, she looks at the picture of her and her reluctant new business partner, at a lunch meeting in Hogsmeade. Filled with horror, she sees exactly what the headline is talking about...

  • Graduation Day

    Alice reflects the day before they Graduation.

  • Drinks at Draco's

    Draco reunites with old Slytherin friends, and hosts them at his house post-party, amid tabloid rumors that he is in 'Star-Crossed' love with Ginny Weasley... (One-shot companion to Witch Weekly, Which Wizard)

  • Malfoy and Muggles

    Ginny Weasley makes the most grievous mistake of inviting her quasi-friend and incorrigible business-partner, Draco Malfoy, to a Muggle Artifacts and Awareness Convention put on by her father. Oneshot. G/D.

  • The Sands of Time

    In the perfectly wrong place at the perfectly wrong time, Ginny Weasley follows a crazed and desperate Dennis Creevey into the heart of the Department of Mysteries. In the perfectly wrong place, at the perfectly wrong time, a freak accident occurs... leading her to an entirely different time altogether...

  • The Mission of Inappropriate Chaos

    The Mission was simple: To de-flower Remus Lupin. He's kind, honorable, and innocent, and Marlene loves a good heart, as well as a good deed. But she's not expecting or prepared for the Human-Atomic-Bomb that is Sirius Black; impossible to run away from, with a tendency to accidentally take down everyone around him with the tornado of chaos that stems from his own blinding charm.

  • Merlin's Great Trick of Irony

    Sirius Black has spent years coping with the luckless affliction that is unrequited love. In life's biggest irony, he was given the tools to win over every woman he has ever met... but was also gifted with the loyalty to never use them on the only one his heart has ever recognized.