• Don't Hate On Lelouch

    Almost everybody that Lelouch knows has a hard time putting up with him and his silly behavior. However, C. C. is a major exception, because she loves him with all her heart.

  • Lelouch Has A New Enemy?

    Lelouch starts becoming paranoid about a new opponent being after him.

  • Lelouch, C C's Clumsy Boyfriend

    Lelouch and C. C. might be in a happy relationship, but it's a relationship that's full of antics.

  • Even Batman Isn't Perfect

    Bruce Wayne decides to become a vigilante called Batman. Along the way, he learns about the value of being an honorable, honest hero.

  • Rory's Prom Date

    The big prom is coming up. Rory is planning on going, but things get complicated for her when Dean, Jess, Tristin and Paris all want to go out with her.

  • We've Got To Have Happiness, No Less, No Less

    Natsuki is a young woman who has a hard time fitting in with others. However, things change when she goes to a new college and meets Shizuru.

  • The Best Job

    Ayano gets a job offer from her boss, but it would require her to move away from the love of her life.

  • Turn That Frown Upside Down

    Unikitty wants to make everybody happy, but Master Frown is a true challenge.

  • True Love Never Bothered Me Anyway

    Elsa has moved to the Enchanted Forest. Honeymaren is there to help Elsa adjust to her new surroundings. The bond between the two of them quickly grows.

  • Lelouch The Boxer

    Lelouch is foolish enough to challenge Suzaku to a boxing match.

  • Batman: Gotham's Greatest Hero Or Most Fearsome Monster?

    Arkham Asylum's inmates feel that Batman fights them, so he can feel like a hero, rather than because he cares about justice. Also, a suspicious man is offering a medication that he claims can cure Arkham Asylum's inmates.

  • Wrath Of Cornelia

    Cornelia is determined to defeat Zero and the Black Knights. Lelouch's best friend, Suzaku, is assisting Cornelia, even though Lelouch believes that he and Suzaku have similar goals. C. C. is there to help Lelouch, because of her strong bond with him. Deep down, Cornelia has good intentions, but she proves to be a real challenge on the battlefield.

  • Elsa And Anna's Vacation

    Anna can tell that Elsa's been overworked, so she insists that Elsa goes on vacation with her. The two sisters go to a hotel. Elsa's expecting to have a quiet, peaceful, normal experience, but Anna and her towel-related antics get in the way. In order to enjoy the vacation, Elsa will have to let go of her stress, while also making sure that she doesn't let go of her towel.

  • Harry And Hermione's First Date

    Hermione makes plans to go on a date with Ron. However, after Ron messes everything up, Hermione asks Harry out. Harry doesn't want to come between Hermione and Ron, but he ends up agreeing to go out with Hermione.

  • Anna And Elsa's DC Superhero Adventures

    Now that Anna and Elsa are superheroes, they decide to help Batman and Superman fight crime.

  • The Monster Known As Fake Love

    Natalia is a poor girl that gets taken in by a rich man. Natalia becomes close with the man's son, named Anton, who goes to school with Bruce Wayne. However, during adulthood, relationships crumble and secrets get revealed.

  • Never Ending Trouble For Batman

    Batman tries to stop a jewel thief that's involved with the Penguin's latest scheme. However, this particular mission won't be so easy for Batman to take care of.

  • Lelouch's Three Weddings

    Lelouch is in for trouble, because Marianne thinks that he wants to marry C. C., the Black Knights think that he wants to marry Kallen and the Student Council thinks that he wants to marry Shirley.

  • Rise Of Zero

    Lelouch Lamperouge wants to save Japan. With an alternate identity, a group of teammates and the power of geass, Lelouch thinks that he has what it takes to be the hero that he needs to be. However, Lelouch's childhood friend, Suzaku, and his boss, Lloyd, have plans that get in the way of Lelouch's goal.

  • Lulu's Sweet Heart

    Lelouch is a weird, silly guy that often does questionable things. However, when Lelouch is around Shirley, he feels the need to grow up and act like a better boyfriend.