• Wedding Traditions

    In the week leading up to their wedding Narcissa Malfoy expects Draco and Hermione to honour a Black family tradition and refrain from being intimate with each other. With the couple and their wedding party spending a week in a luxury hotel, will the normally amorous couple be able to stick to the tradition? Fun, light-hearted 3 part story.
  • Returning to Hogwarts

    Five years after leaving for America Harry and Ron return to Hogwarts as part of a team looking to open a new magical school. During their visit they reconnect with Hermione and discover how different her life is without them in it.
  • Surprise!

    To celebrate Hermione's birthday her friends decide to throw her a surprise party. When the guest of honour arrives however she's not alone and more people than Hermione end up getting a surprise. Fluffy one-shot.
  • D is for ?

    When Hermione accidentally leaves her diary behind, her two best friends and their girlfriends can't resist taking a peek. They discover that Hermione is romantically involved with someone, but the only clue to their identity is the letter D. They make a guess as to the identity of D but when they discover they're wrong they set out to find the truth.
  • The Return

    Sequel to Murder at Malfoy Manor. After Lucius's death the Malfoy's have moved on with their lives, putting the past behind them. When Draco and Hermione's daughter starts school the past is revisited when she spots a young boy who is the spitting image of her father.
  • Murder at Malfoy Manor

    When Lucius Malfoy is found dead during a New Year's Eve party suspicion immediately falls on the three people he was heard arguing with over the course of the night. Is the killer his loving wife, Narcissa? His stubborn son, Draco? Or his son's feisty fiancé, Hermione Granger? Or was there someone else with murder in mind lurking in the shadows of the Manor?
  • Homecoming Surprise

    After four years travelling the globe Harry and Ron are finally coming home. Upon their return the boys are in for a surprise as they accidentally gatecrash a special event. Fluffy one shot. Dramione.
  • Torn Apart

    Hermione Granger has the ideal life with a job she loves and a gorgeous fiancé. However one tragic weekend changes everything for Hermione. While Hermione tries to cope with recent events her best friend, Harry Potter, sets out to find the truth about the shocking events that devastated Hermione's life.
  • Letting Go Of The Past

    After the war Draco and Hermione put their past behind them and begin a relationship. Can their friends and family also let go of the past or will they cause trouble for the couple?
  • Desperate Times

    Sequel to Desperate Measures. After fighting for so long to be together Draco and Hermione finally have their perfect life, they are happily married with a beautiful baby. But an unexpected occurrence suddenly finds the couple once again fighting for their's and their family's future.
  • Reunited

    Hermione sighed, beginning to suspect that Kingsley might have just managed to get her to do something she had been putting off for years, face her past. Ten years after the war Hermione agrees to do Kingsley a favour, bringing her in contact with her friends that she hasn't seen in years.
  • Look Behind You

    When Aurors Harry and Ron investigate the murder of a young woman, they discover a terrifying link to Hermione. Hermione soon finds herself the target of a killer and in need of protection, which brings Draco Malfoy into the picture. Will Hermione survive her ordeal, finding love in the process or will the killer reach their intended target?
  • Revenge

    Ginny Weasley has been in love with Harry Potter for as long as she's known him. When she notices the boy she loves is spending all his time with Hermione Granger she decides to get revenge on Hermione for stealing her man. But is Ginny right or is there another reason why Harry and Hermione are sneaking around and spending so much time away from Gryffindor Tower?
  • Desperate Measures

    When the war against Voldemort drags on, what lengths will Hermione go to, to be with the man she loves? DM/HG. Rated M for sexual scenes.
  • The Triwizard Tournament

    Twenty years after the war and Hogwarts is hosting the Triwizard Tournament. As the tournament begins Harry is surprised and pleased to discover that his old friend Hermione will be present at the tournament. What's not as welcome to Harry is the identity of one of the rival champions,Scorpius Malfoy,and his blossoming friendships with his children.
  • Oblivious

    As Harry watched his best friend getting his heart broke, he couldn't help but think things might have been easier for Ron if he wasn't so oblivious. All the signs were there he had just chosen to ignore them. Harry's realisation of a relationship forming between Hermione and Draco. Dramione from Harry's perspective.
  • Spellbound

    An Auror raid goes tragically wrong, leaving Draco Malfoy in a coma. When he wakes he must deal with a life he doesn't remember and a wife he despises.