• Future Echoes

    A weeks worth of lessons focusing on the futures of the seventh years culminates in a Potions lesson, designed to reveal how many children people will have in the future. However, an unfortunate accident brings six boys from the future into the present. Can Dumbledore and Snape return the boys to their own time before too many future secrets are exposed? Light-hearted short story.
  • Jumping to Conclusions

    When Harry and Ron keep seeing Crabbe and Goyle standing guard for Draco Malfoy, they instantly think the Slytherins are up to no good and vow to find out what they are doing. However, nothing can prepare them for what they find when they finally manage to sneak past Malfoy's guards. Light-hearted oneshot.
  • An Afternoon at the Races

    Draco and Hermione, along with several of their friends have recently been involved in a bit of a baby boom, so while the mothers decide to have an afternoon pampering session at a spa, they leave the fathers holding the babies. What sort of trouble can possibly occur when you have six fathers, seven babies and Lucius Malfoy on hand to offer his wisdom? Fun, fluffy one-shot.
  • After The End

    A collection series exploring what comes after the end of some of my stories. Each piece will be a short follow up to one of the stories I have already published on this site. Mainly Dramione focused, but some pieces will focus on other people. Requests accepted and very much appreciated.
  • New Beginnings

    When Hermione Granger buys herself a house and sets up a business in a magical village after leaving Hogwarts, she has no idea that the decision will change her life in ways she never saw coming. Not happy with Hermione's decision, Ron Weasley leaves the country, but when he returns several years later he finds life has changed for the people he loves. Short, reunion style story.
  • The Malfoy Chronicles

    Collection series about the lives of the Malfoy family. Featuring fluff, romance and fun family moments. Lucissa centric with a strong side dose of Dramione.
  • Precious Diamonds

    With Draco Malfoy determined to make his own way in life and make his own decisions, it brings him into conflict with his father, Lucius. When ultimatums are issued, a divide forms in the Malfoy family, leaving Draco adrift from his parents. Can time heal such deep wounds, and will the key to mending fences be the youngest Malfoy?
  • The Proposal

    When a work crisis forces Draco Malfoy to ask his friend, Theo Nott, to pick up his birthday present for his girlfriend, he doesn't think anything can go wrong. However, even the simplest of tasks can take a wrong turn, and Theo ends up in a bit of a pickle as he tries to do his friend a favour. Fun, light-hearted Dramione one-shot with a side of Theo/Ginny.
  • Lady of the Manor

    After not hearing from their old friend, Hermione Granger in years, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley are shocked to read a newspaper article about her stepping into the late Narcissa Malfoy's shoes as the new Lady of Malfoy Manor. But is there more to the story than meets the eye, or has Hermione really replaced Narcissa in all aspects? Short reunion style story.
  • A Rescue to Remember

    When Draco Malfoy rescues a drowning cat from The Black Lake and takes it back to the Head Dorms, things take an unexpected turn. Saucy, Dramione One-Shot.
  • Tales from the Dark Side

    A collection of dark stories each featuring a Dark Hermione! Tales of darkness and deception, featuring Hermione and Draco. Rated M for dark themes and saucy moments. Dark Hermione! Dark Dramione!
  • Under the Mistletoe

    When Draco brings some mistletoe into the house to help celebrate Christmas, he decides to tell the story of how he and Hermione got together in school thanks to some mistletoe. But the story turns out to have twist he knew nothing about, which prompts his daughter, Lyra, to use the mistletoe to get what she really wants for Christmas. Festive Dramione one-shot.
  • Christmas Mix-Up

    After a decade away, Ron Weasley returns home for Christmas vowing to make amends with his family. Determined to prove that he can deal with the unexpected changes in the family, Ron goes all out to prove to his sister that he can accept her new family. But has he got all the facts, and are the children he's about to spoil really his flesh and blood? Fun, festive short story.
  • Revel in Darkness

    After finishing their education abroad, it's time for Harry Potter and Hermione Granger to return home with their family so that The Dark Lord can escalate his plans to take control. But, The Order aren't prepared to give up without a fight and their plans to scupper Voldemort include both Harry and Hermione. Dark Hermione! Dark Harry! 3rd and final part in the Darkness Trilogy.
  • Christmas the Muggle Way

    It's Hermione's first Christmas living at Malfoy Manor, and she's determined to do things the muggle way - whether Draco likes it or not. Fluffy Dramione Festive One-Shot.
  • Festive Pictures

    As the Malfoys gather to take their annual Christmas picture, Narcissa shares some of the older pictures and some memories with her granddaughter, Lyra. Festive one-shot starring the Malfoy family.
  • Delve into Darkness

    After two long years spent with the Order, Harry Potter is turning seventeen and preparing to leave the past behind him. Meeting up with his best friend, Hermione Granger, Harry must decide whether he should follow her lead and delve into the darkness. Dark Hermione! Dark Harry! Part 2 of the Darkness trilogy.
  • Dramione Allsorts

    A collection of Dramione moments. Each chapter is a new moment featuring Draco and Hermione. Different universes and different scenarios are explored in every chapter, ranging from light and fluffy fun stories, to serious stories, and even a little bit of saucy action.
  • Scandal

    When Scorpius Malfoy, who was born and raised in France, signs for an English Quidditch team, he ends up having a liaison with an older witch. However, the liaison has unexpected consequences and the engulfing scandal doesn't just threaten his future, but it threatens to destroy an old friendship of his mother's. Short six part reunion style story.
  • Family Collection

    A collection of Dramione themed family moments. Each chapter is a new moment, in a different universe. Fun and fluff with Dramione and their family.