• Goddess of Vengeance

    When Hermione Granger discovers she's really the daughter of The Dark Lord and that The Order of the Phoenix were behind her kidnapping as a baby and her parent's murders, she sets out to gain revenge against everyone who had wronged her. Dark Hermione!
  • Baby Days

    With Hermione off out for the day, Draco is left alone with their baby son, Scorpius. But while Scorpius may only be little, he's already a Slytherin in the making and causes Draco nothing but trouble. Cute, fluffy family one-shot.
  • Shattered Trust - Betrayal

    A mindless threat from Voldemort during a fight with Harry leads the Order down a dark path which will shatter lives, ruin friendships and tear families apart. Among those most affected by their rash actions are Harry's best friend, Hermione Granger and her secret boyfriend, Draco Malfoy. Part one of a four part story.
  • Taking a Chance

    On a date with Draco Malfoy at a fancy charity ball, Hermione Granger is feeling slightly out of her depth and has doubts if she belongs in Draco's world. But Draco is about to prove to her just how much he wants her in his life. Fluffy, Dramione one-shot.
  • Ron's Return

    After a few years away, Ron returns home to find a lot has changed in his absence. But the most surprising thing is to find his two best friends are together - or are they? One-Shot.
  • Mother's Day

    It's Hermione's first Mother's Day since having her son, Scorpius, with her boyfriend, Draco Malfoy, and after spending the afternoon with Narcissa, she returns home for a Mother's Day surprise she will never forget. Sweet, fluffy Dramione one shot.
  • Buried Secrets

    When writer, Cho Chang, is found dead in her house, the investigation team of Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger must unravel a thirty year old mystery if they are to solve her murder. Mystery story set in the same universe as Femme Fatale.
  • The Ring

    While visiting the family vault at Gringotts with Scorpius, Draco find an emerald ring and tells his son how the ring led him to the love of his life - his wife, Hermione Granger. Fluffy one shot.
  • Worth the Wait

    It's Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy's wedding day, but more importantly it their wedding night and their first chance to spend the night together as husband and wife. Saucy, fluffy Dramione One-Shot.
  • Mystery Santas

    When Dumbledore decides to throw a series of Christmas parties for the students of Hogwarts, he decides it would be extra fun if the wizards attending the sixth and seventh year party wore Santa suits. But that then leaves the question of which Santa is wooing which witch. Fun, lighthearted festive one shot.
  • Santa Snacks

    On Christmas Eve, Lyra Malfoy wants to leave a treat for Santa and his reindeer, but her older brother, Scorpius, can't help but cause a bit of mischief. Fluffy, festive family Dramione one-shot.
  • The Switch-On

    Draco and Hermione are visiting England over the festive period and together with their son, Scorpius and Draco's parents, they attend the big Christmas lights switch-on in Diagon Alley - complete with celebrity guest. Festive Dramione one-shot.
  • Christmas Confusion

    After several years away from home, Harry and Ron return at Christmas only to find things have changed since they've been gone, and there is now a strong Slytherin presence at The Burrow. Fun, lighthearted festive one shot.
  • Snow

    When it snows a week before Christmas it's the perfect time for two year old Lyra Malfoy to enjoy her first experience with snow. However, Lyra isn't at all sure about it and not even her parents can convince her to give it a chance, so it falls to her big brother, Scorpius, to convince Lyra that there's nothing better than playing in the snow. Fluffy, festive Dramione One-Shot.
  • Wicked Game

    When Dumbledore discovers that Hermione is The Dark Lord's daughter and is working against the light, he vows to use the lies she's told against her and tie her loyalties to the Order. However, Voldemort and the dark are not willing to let the Order just take Hermione and they will go to any lengths to get her back where she belongs - at the heart of the dark side. Dark Hermione!
  • Rising Phoenix

    When an accident forces Harry Potter to prematurely end his quidditch career, fate smiles on him and gives him the chance to run his own club. Partnering up with his best friend, Hermione Granger, Harry buys the Chudley Cannons and sets out turning them into a team which can win the league. But have the friends bitten off more than they can chew with the disastrous Chudley Cannons?
  • The Bet

    With the final quidditch match of the year drawing near, and Gryffindor and Slytherin both in contention for the quidditch cup, Ron Weasley makes a rash bet with Draco Malfoy over the outcome of the match between their teams. But will the loser really be able to pay up, or will they face being humiliated in front of the entire school? Fun, lighthearted five part story.
  • Survivors

    Narcissa Malfoy has spent a year without her husband while he is in Azkaban, but when Lucius puts in a surprise appearance at the manor he finds a lot has changed in his absence. Both his wife and son have suffered at Voldemort's hands, and the Malfoys will have to stick together if they are to survive the rest of the war. Lucissa One-Shot.
  • Havoc in the Head Dorms

    When Harry and Ron pay an unexpected visit to the head dorms, they get more than they bargained for when more than one secret is exposed. Fun, lighthearted one shot.
  • First Date

    Hermione Granger has been looking forward to her date with Draco Malfoy for ages, and all she wants is for their night to be perfect. Unfortunately for Hermione she's about to learn you don't always get what you wish for. Lighthearted, fun Dramione One-Shot.