• Between the Shelves

    Fred and George's new listening device causes a stir when they reveal it to a portion of the Order and play back some conversations they've picked up. Fun, light hearted One Shot.
  • Feline Fun

    A run in with Harry and Ron leaves Draco in an unusual condition. While trying to find help, he discovers a secret the Head Girl has been hiding. Light Hearted One Shot.
  • Return to Love

    After an accident, Hermione slips into a coma, where she experiences a very different life. Can she manage to fix things in her dream reality and return to her normal life, or is stuck in her dream world?
  • Contraband

    When McGonagall finds Weasleys Wizard Wheezes products have been brought into her classroom, she decides to check for any more contraband her seventh years are in possession of. What she doesn't expect is for every student in her class to be carrying around something they shouldn't. Fun, One Shot.
  • Under Suspicion

    When a mysterious accident at the Burrow leaves Hermione unconscious in hospital, Harry and Ron find out a secret about their friend. But the main question Draco wants answering is what exactly happened to Hermione?
  • All for Charity

    At a charity fundraiser for St Mungo's, Hermione runs into her old school friends – who are not at all impressed to find out who Hermione is now married to. Five part reunion story.
  • Future Adventures

    During a joint Potions/Charms lesson, Draco is accidentally given an overdose of a potion that will allow him to experience time in the future. During his time in the future he sees plenty of unexpected things, but will he like how his life is going to turn out?
  • The Wedding

    Draco and Hermione are getting married, and nearly everyone in their lives has an opinion on the matter. Snippets of people's thoughts as Draco and Hermione tie the knot. One Shot.
  • Deception

    Events of the final battle leave Hermione broken and abandoned by the people she thought of as family. When she discovers the truth about that fateful day she sets out on a path of revenge. However, things don't go quite to plan when her revenge includes a certain blond Slytherin and her heart decides to get involved in matters, leading to unwanted feelings and complications.
  • Uninhibited

    When Hermione accidentally drinks an aphrodisiac potion, it leads to an interesting afternoon for the Head Boy, Draco Malfoy. Fun, light hearted one shot.
  • Secret Rendezvous

    While at a hotel, Lavender is shocked to see Hermione checking into the hotel as Mrs Potter. Are the two friends really having a secret affair, or is there something else going on? Two part mini story.
  • Misunderstood

    Eavesdropping isn't the most reliable of ways to discover what's going on in your friend's life, as Harry and Ron discover while paying a visit to the head dorms. Fun, light-hearted One Shot.
  • Wedding Bells

    When Lily Potter announces her intention to marry Scorpius Malfoy, it brings her family back into contact with Hermione, whom they abandoned for getting involved with Draco. Will Lily also be abandoned by her family, or will they learn to accept the man she loves? Dramione and Scorpius/Lily.
  • Christmas at Hogwarts

    A ferocious storm forces Dumbledore to shut Hogwarts for the Christmas holidays. However, in their haste to leave the Professors end up leaving a small handful of students behind. How will three Gryffindors and three Slytherins cope with spending Christmas at Hogwarts? Fun, festive story.
  • Mistletoe Mischief

    Blaise and Theo are on a Christmas mission, they're going to unite the Head Students using enchanted mistletoe. However catching Draco and Hermione under the mistletoe proves harder to do than they first thought. Light hearted seasonal One Shot.
  • A Christmas to Remember

    When Hermione offered to play hostess at Christmas she didn't expect to have so many guests, she also didn't expect her boyfriend to give her a reason to remember the day for the rest of her life. Romantic, seasonal One-Shot.
  • Secret Santa

    Dumbledore's latest attempt to promote house unity is a Secret Santa present exchange. However a mix up with one present leads to a secret between the head students being exposed. Fun, one-shot.
  • Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

    When her snowman begins to melt, Draco and Hermione's daughter gets upset, prompting Draco to find a way to make his little girl happy. Can Hermione find a way to persuade her daughter to give up her snowman, or will she have to put up with a snowman in her garden all year round? Dramione festive family fluff inspired by Frozen.
  • Family Matters

    Shortly after Lucius is released from Azkaban, Narcissa is attacked and ends up in hospital. Draco and Hermione return to the country to support his parents, and while Hermione is getting to know her father-in-law she also has to deal with seeing her friends for the first time in years.
  • Deja Vu

    After catching Draco and Hermione in a compromising position at school the last thing Snape expects is for a similar thing to happen twenty years later with the couple's son, Scorpius. Fun, One Shot.