Cheeky Slytherin Lass

  • Knights with Red Hair

    Luna wasn't a damsel in distress. But that didn't mean Ginny couldn't be a knight in shining armor.
  • Whisper All Forgiven

    The war is over, and Ron still finds himself wishing he could hate Percy. Truth is, he never will. Light Weasleycest and mentions of alcohol abuse. Don't read if it offends you.
  • The Greatest Fear

    Percy spent much of his life afraid. But he never knew the true meaning of fear until Penelope was Petrified.
  • Testing Faith

    As Regulus tests Peter's loyalties, begins to question his own. Rated T for brief depictions of torture.
  • Reflections of a Broken Heart

    It was inevitable that Andromeda would lose someone she loved. But it didn't make Ted's death any easier
  • Tangled

    Arthur tries his hand at knitting in hopes of surprising Molly.
  • Magenta

    Verity didn't mind the stares at the funeral. Fred would have appreciated the splash of color.
  • Almost Honorable

    Lee Jordan never thought he'd be anything more than a prankster. Funny how war changes people.
  • Shades of You

    Really, Victoire's favorite color changed a bit too often. Drabble for ToxicRainfall
  • When Thin Ice Cracks

    Alice's mind is gone, but sometimes she almost remembers.
  • Her Silver Savior

    Bellatrix was her father's favorite. And maybe that fact saved her life.
  • The Well of Memory

    He knows what's waiting for him at the bottom of the Pensieve. He's been there a thousand times. This is his penance.
  • Free From Me

    Narcissa knows she can only break Marlene down. But how can she save someone from herself? For the Emilie Autumn Challenge.
  • Stranger Things

    He likes logic. She prefers daydreams. Stranger things have happened.
  • Forever Frozen

    Narcissa is ice that refuses to melt.
  • People Talk

    And in the kiss, she whispers her love, as she always does, silently praying that one day Parvati will hear it.
  • Game of Numbers

    In a game of numbers, how low will Astoria go? Warning: Depiction of anorexia and bulimia.
  • The broken way

    Tonks attempts to comfort Remus after Sirius' death. Will he let her?
  • The Hard Way

    Everyone knows that Moody only drinks from his personal flask. Has anyone ever wondered why? For the Potions Competition.
  • Flowers in the rain

    For just one moment, the summer rain worked a magic no spell or potion ever could. For the Summer Theme Competition.