Cheeky Slytherin Lass

  • Broken Road

    Sometimes it takes a few broken roads to get to where you need to be.
  • Wishes

    Lysander has a magic a lamp, and he's determined to prove its power to Dominique.
  • Little Oddlet

    Small collection of unrelated drabbles about the lovely, loony Luna Lovegood. For Dani4Short.
  • Unconventional Evenings With Friends

    Because sometimes detention isn't so bad if you're with the right people. Light Nuna drabble for Mockingjaybird.
  • Let the Games Begin

    Seamus thinks football is pointless. But, for Dean, he'll try.
  • Love Makes Liars

    What's a relationship without a few lies to protect one another? Percy/Oliver snapshots.
  • A Born Slytherin

    Percy was a Slytherin at heart, even if he couldn't see it. But Marcus could.
  • Because It's Bitter

    Bellatrix could never have their master. It was a bitter triumph, but, for Rodolphus, it was enough.
  • Bedtime Stories

    Tonks refuses to sleep unless Remus tells her a story. Fluffy little drabble
  • Cheap Scares

    Dean tries to introduce Luna to a few Muggle Halloween traditions by bringing her to a "haunted" house.
  • Finding Home

    It had never felt like home. Not until Sirius found himself safe and warm in Remus' arms.
  • A Sense of Normalcy

    Even as the world changes, Molly is the only thing Arthur can hold on to.
  • The Darkest Shade

    Because when you're a Black, there's no such thing as taboo. Bellatrix loves and Andromeda, and Andromeda is surprisingly okay with it. Blackcest. Rated M for smut in future chapters.
  • Chosen Family

    Sirius knows you can't choose your family. But that doesn't stop the Potters from welcoming him like a son.
  • Laughing is Contagious

    He should have screamed when he saw the kitchen. But Luna was laughing, and Percy couldn't help but join.
  • Different Dreams

    Gellert dreams of power and position. Albus dreams of Gellert.
  • Love in the 21st Century

    Seven romantic drabbles about the Next Gen girls.
  • Butterfly in Flight

    Her mother says her name means beautiful. Her father says it means butterfly. When she's in the air, Cho has to agree with both.
  • Knights with Red Hair

    Luna wasn't a damsel in distress. But that didn't mean Ginny couldn't be a knight in shining armor.
  • Whisper All Forgiven

    The war is over, and Ron still finds himself wishing he could hate Percy. Truth is, he never will. Light Weasleycest and mentions of alcohol abuse. Don't read if it offends you.