Cheeky Slytherin Lass

  • The Greatest Fear

    Percy spent much of his life afraid. But he never knew the true meaning of fear until Penelope was Petrified.
  • Testing Faith

    As Regulus tests Peter's loyalties, begins to question his own. Rated T for brief depictions of torture.
  • Reflections of a Broken Heart

    It was inevitable that Andromeda would lose someone she loved. But it didn't make Ted's death any easier
  • Tangled

    Arthur tries his hand at knitting in hopes of surprising Molly.
  • Magenta

    Verity didn't mind the stares at the funeral. Fred would have appreciated the splash of color.
  • Almost Honorable

    Lee Jordan never thought he'd be anything more than a prankster. Funny how war changes people.
  • Shades of You

    Really, Victoire's favorite color changed a bit too often. Drabble for ToxicRainfall
  • When Thin Ice Cracks

    Alice's mind is gone, but sometimes she almost remembers.
  • Her Silver Savior

    Bellatrix was her father's favorite. And maybe that fact saved her life.
  • The Well of Memory

    He knows what's waiting for him at the bottom of the Pensieve. He's been there a thousand times. This is his penance.
  • Free From Me

    Narcissa knows she can only break Marlene down. But how can she save someone from herself? For the Emilie Autumn Challenge.
  • Stranger Things

    He likes logic. She prefers daydreams. Stranger things have happened.
  • Forever Frozen

    Narcissa is ice that refuses to melt.
  • People Talk

    And in the kiss, she whispers her love, as she always does, silently praying that one day Parvati will hear it.
  • Game of Numbers

    In a game of numbers, how low will Astoria go? Warning: Depiction of anorexia and bulimia.
  • The broken way

    Tonks attempts to comfort Remus after Sirius' death. Will he let her?
  • The Hard Way

    Everyone knows that Moody only drinks from his personal flask. Has anyone ever wondered why? For the Potions Competition.
  • Flowers in the rain

    For just one moment, the summer rain worked a magic no spell or potion ever could. For the Summer Theme Competition.
  • A Little Blood

    Charlie Weasley was always the seemingly invincible daredevil of the family. Nothing could shake him...until he met his match. For day five of the Summer Writing Camp.
  • Seashell Tales

    A collection of unrelated drabbles set during Dean and Luna's stay at Shell Cottage.