Cheeky Slytherin Lass

  • starting fires

    1. Bellatrix appears in Alice's bedroom on her wedding night.
  • Soon, Soon

    A case of mistaken identity leaves Helga in the lair of a mad inventor, and her only hope of escape seems to lie with Godric and Rowena.:: steampunk Founders for Em
  • Delay By Chickens

    Was Charlie only catching up with Bill and feeding the chickens to keep his mother's scissors away from his hair? Absolutely.
  • You'll Be My King (I'll Be Your Castle)

    In which I attempt to ship Kingsley with literally everyone.:: 1. Kingsley and Rosmerta find some solace after the war.
  • The Family We Chose

    Collection of the Marauders. Non-linear. For Elizabeth:: 1. James gets a Quidditch injury, and Sirius blames himself.
  • When You Wish Upon a Star

    Piers makes a wish on the stars because it's just silly fun, and wishes don't actually come true. Right?
  • Up to Something

    Kingsley is acting awfully suspicious, and maybe George is trying a little too hard to keep Harry from figuring out what.:: silly KingsleyHarry fluff for Bex
  • Cookies In the Morning

    Piers has never had homemade cookies. His cousin plans to fix that.
  • All the Broken Pieces

    Draco survived the war, but the war didn't really leave him. He's haunted, and maybe Astoria holds the key to his healing.:: for Aya
  • An Imperfect Proposal

    Neville has planned to propose to Hannah for a while now, and it's finally happening. There's just one small problem.
  • how lucky we are (to be alive right now)

    Remus has lost everything. Regulus is searching for something.:: Voldemort wins!au for Sophy
  • you will break (you will heal)

    Dean is still haunted by the war and tries to drown his demons with alcohol. His boyfriend's cousin understands a little too well.:: for Lo
  • the fist becomes a flower

    Muggle!au:: Draco has maybe gotten in over his head after joining Tom Riddle's gang to redeem his father's name. Maybe there's hope for him. Maybe an unlikely tattoo artist can help him find his way:: PercyDraco for Grace
  • grief becomes a window

    In which Percy dies saving Fred, Fred has to live with the guilt, and Hermione wants to help.:: canon divergence:: for AnaLovegood23
  • Beneath the Hood

    As a Red Hood, James knows it is his duty to protect Hogwarts from the wolves of the Forbidden Forest. But what happens when those wolves look a little too familiar for comfort?:: Red Riding Hood!au for Elizabeth
  • Confessions In the End

    Rowena is dying, but, before she goes, she has something to say to Helga.:: for Ari
  • Almosts and Maybes

    Or three times that Rabastan and Andromeda almost kissed, and one time they finally did.::for Danie
  • Don't Look Back

    Dean enters a Death Eater camp to bargain for Piers' life. Things don't go as planned:: Orpheus and Eurydice!au for Lo
  • Should Have Stayed

    Theo decides to stay and fight during the battle. Blaise can't just let him go.::for Ana
  • A Grief That Can't Be Spoken

    They're all trying to carry on:: eight snippets of the Weasley family after the war:: for Elizabeth