We're Getting Through This

Chapter 2

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Harry James Potter sighed in contentment as he moved down in the soft, squidgy armchair, it was a deep red with gold lions running over it and apparently was his father's favourite. They'd been in Gloucestershire for four days now and Harry couldn't be happier, the last few days had been full of stories and exploring; the three of them had opened up to each other and bared their souls, their histories had huge insecurities rise up and bare ugly feelings but they had cried and shouted together and Harry had never felt more loved.

They'd spent the nights around the fire in the family parlour, only once had they actually torn themselves away to go to the separate bedrooms. The family parlour was oak panelled with large windows along one side with deep blue curtains looking out of the garden directly opposite the door, to the left was a large stone fireplace and above was the Potter coat of arms. Two medium sofa's were settled either side of the fire with three large armchairs in the middle. The window had a connecting bench under it and a long mahogany table in front. Filled bookshelves were around the room and having explored them, Harry was ecstatic to find his grandparents journals and several papers written by his parents as well as a large collection of art, statues and general mismatched objects that Harry couldn't help wondering about. His grandparents portraits were on either side of his family crest and according to the house elves had woken up as soon as Harry had entered the grounds and he'd had a brilliant time talking with them. They'd been delighted to see him and so interested in his life that he almost felt overwhelmed with the amount of love they showed him, currently they were asleep but the house elves had taken several of the other family portraits out of storage and he could barely walk from one room to another without a great aunt correcting his posture or a great, great, great, great grandfather explain courting.

It was a rare moment of quiet, Sirius had dashed off to the kitchen to make – in his words – "a culinary explosion in your mouth!" and Remus had decided to visit the village shop for steak (full moon was in a few days). He had a hot chocolate on the table next to him that Coodly (the head kitchen elf) had bought him, it was hot and sweet with a mountain of cream and marshmallows. Harry closed his eyes and soon found himself in his mindscape and tried to decide what to do next, he knew he was lucky in the graveyard. Riddle could have ripped his mind apart if he'd tried and Harry was thankful that he had had a few basic shields in place before, now though he was working on the more advanced protections.

He was woken roughly and hour later by Sirius bursting into the room while yelling a random string of letters.

"Padfoot what is going on?!"

"I finally perfected it!"

"Perfected wh- what is that smell?!"

"Good, huh?"

"It smells fantastic!" Harry said sitting up quickly.

"Voila!" He said and with a grand flourish he bought hands from behind his back to reveal a large round pizza. Harry's mouth immediately started to water, it smelt incredible. The crust was 2 inches thick and the tomato sauce was spread all the way to the edges and absolutely covered in cheese.

"I called Mauraders Dinner! It has peppers, chicken slices, pepperoni, prosciutto ham, red onion, sundried tomatoes and jalapenos…Plus four types of cheese including mozzarella and cheddar. I figured we'd need a snack before dinner." He finished with a wink.

"You really think we need more food?"

"Absolutely! After the trip up here, I think our stomachs are now used to more food and we must feed them!" Sirius said, settling on the floor and even produced a knife to cut it up.

"Why not use magic?" Harry asked as he watched his Godfather struggle to get the knife cleanly through the delicious masterpiece in front of him.

"Oh no no no, this whole thing was made the muggle way."


"Oh yeah, your mum taught me. When your dad and I were sharing a flat straight out of Hogwarts she got worried we weren't looking after ourselves, she realised one of the foods we would willingly make was pizza. As two purebloods we'd never had it before until Lily took James on a date in the muggle world and introduced us to it, we basically fell in love all over again." He sighed happily as he finally got the knife through and leant back, munching happily on a slice.

Harry grinned as he also plucked his own piece and started on it, letting his mind wander to when they had arrived.


The sky was a deep indigo as Josie pulled up along a low brick wall which had a pair of wrought iron gates in a twisting design enclosing another barrier of trees. The headlights illuminated the gates design and Harry felt a shiver of excitement as he realised the twirling iron made up a rough estimate of the Potter Crest with a large P in the middle.

"How do you get in?" He'd asked hesitantly as the gates hadn't budged.

"I'm afraid that's on you."


"Yep, go up to the gate. You'll know what to do."

Having no reason to argue with his godfather, Harry left the warmth of the car and walked towards the gate. It did not look inviting and he felt very small standing, staring up at it. Then he felt a twinge, deep inside his soul. Nothing painful but almost like a recognition of something. Without his permission his hand stretched out to meet the metal, on the way it brushed against an edge and a shallow cut appeared on his palm. Resting it against the P, he felt a rush of acceptance as magic blew through his veins. He was suddenly aware of his property, the elves inside it and the wards that were tied to the place.

Allow me and my family entrance, please.

He spoke clearly in his mind and the gates slowly opened without a single creek. The pathway was shrouded in darkness, the trees gave way further up but the shadows filled every available space. He headed back to the car and both Sirius and Remus looked at him with a little concern as he got in quietly.

"Everything okay?" Sirius asked.

Harry nodded silently, looking at his hand in amazement, his palm that was without a cut and the energy he felt flowing through his veins making his head spin.

Silently Remus started to pull into the driveway and Harry watched as his ancestral home came into view. The mass of trees quickly gave way to fields and orchards, and Harry could make out the large building in the distance. It only took a few minutes to arrive there and soon Josie slowed just off of the white stairs that led to the red brick house.

"Well here we are, you ready Prongslet?" Remus asked and Harry nodded slowly. They all exited the car and stood in front of it as Harry wondered why he was nervous. They started up the stairs and immediately the large door opened and a small creature popped its head out, its expression light and happy as its large eyes focused on Harry.

"Master Harry you is home!"

"Erm…Hi?" Was Harry's response and the little house elf opened the door wider and waved them.

"We have been waiting a long time to see you again, little sir. And now you is here with Master Siri and Master Remmy. It is good to see you."

"And you, Linky. How have you been?" Sirius asked warmly as they moved into the hall.

"I is better to be seeing you, sirs." The creature beamed.

There was a pause as Harry looked around in curious awe while his guardians took delight in the familiar surroundings and the many memories that engulfed them. The hall that they'd stepped into was wide, easily a metre and a half in width and stretched high above them with a mini, gleaming chandelier. The floor was polished tile in blue and green swirls, the walls were a similar dark blue pattern but had flecks of gold spread through depicting swirling leaves. Roughly 6 feet from the door the hallway widened into a large lobby area, here the floor was long strips of gleaming wood; three, large, rectangle rugs were spread around, thick and colourful Harry could see why Remus and Sirius spoke of the place in such happy tones. The whole place was warm and comforting, with a large staircase wrapping around the walls leading to the higher levels. All the walls were split in two with the bottom half a creamy white and the top panelled cherry wood. Paintings and pictures were all around, some muggle and some magical, some scenic and others portraits.

Seven House-Elves were standing on the middle main rug and Linky had joined them as they looked up at the three men with complete adoration in their large eyes. They all wore a clean white pillow case with the Potter crest on them. They'd been introduced to the rest of the elves before being shown their rooms.

Flashback ends

Harry was brought back to the present by the return of Remus who eagerly dived into the pizza after dumping the bags by the door.

"Oh pizza! Been too long, Pads."

"Right, figured we deserved a treat."

There was silence as they finished their pizza and each sighed happily.

"Now what?" Remus asked as he settled back against the couch with a groan.

"Well Theo is coming tomorrow, we could check his room? In his letter he said he didn't want to bring much from home so but I figured if we could make it a little more personal?"

"I like that idea, personalised is always best I find." Sirius agreed with a smirk as he remembered the many ways he'd pissed off his mother with his personalisation.

"We are not putting up posters of bikini clad women." Remus said sternly and Sirius pouted at him while Harry snorted.

"Yeah I won't be doing that, but maybe we could add something?"

Half an hour later the three men were standing in the middle of the large bedroom with their arms crossed as they surveyed the chaos they had instigated.

"Well, I think he'll definitely notice he's not home." Sirius said as he looked around with a critical eye.

Whereas before the room was relatively normal and had what Sirius had termed "hotel vibes" with caramel walls, white trim and a plain double bed with white sheets and a black blanket now it was a riot of not only colour but also objects. When they had visited the village the other day, they had found several charity shops and antique places that they had eagerly dived into.

The walls were still caramel but now had posters and banners hanging down hiding the colour. Sirius had been the first to decide that posters needed to be added and once Harry had also spoken of Theo's interests Remus had quickly been convinced. Now several a3 and larger prints were scattered over the walls with an array of subjects, a magical one had the night sky with the constellations that moved on it, another was a map of the world with lists of rare ingrediencies shown where to get them. A Slytherin banner was hanging across from the bed -Remus had suggested that- and Sirius had then decided it was too green so had added a bright violet one as well as a black shimmering silk one that did nothing but make Harry feel slightly uncomfortable as it reminded him of Dudley's 'fancy' stage. They had added four shelving units and three dressers, all filled with 'elegant junk' as Remus had put it. Photos were already plastered over the walls of the gang and several empty frames showed various sights over England that Harry had remembered Theo mentioning he liked, they'd had Narkly – one of the house elves – pop to each place and take some photos, it had been surprisingly easy. The objects on the shelves were quite eclectic; Remus had decided on some plants, just little succulents and one orchid that gave the room a homelier feel, he had also decided on several books some were magical text books about potions as well as an introductory guide to muggle chemistry he thought the younger man might like. Sirius had taken a trip into the attic and returned with several questionable items. There was what seemed to be a plastic mannequin head except it was alive and spoke rather flirtingly with anyone that walked past; there was also mortar and pestle, a mini galaxy in a glass bottle as well as a ship stuck in a tempest, a globe that had mythical creatures flying or swimming over it. Harry had decided to go with muggle objects found in the village; he had gone with books like Utopia, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, My Family and Other Animals as well as several of the Stephen King novels. Also knowing of Theo's obsession with coffee he'd brought his friend a selection of antique cafetiere's and mugs with funny slogans on them like Coffee first, Schemes later. He'd also got a rubik's cube and a dart board that was hanging from the back of the door, a lava lump stood on the desk next to a bright pink piggy bank and some miniature pirate chests.

The bed had also changed though not as much, Remus had changed it to a deep emerald green before Sirius had decided bright pink was better, the two had gone at it in a battle that Harry felt was parallel to a scene from the Sleeping Beauty movie he'd seen in primary school. The warfield had ended with the previous white sheets being splashed with different colours of varying shades and the men themselves being much the same. The House-elves reactions had been particularly amusing, with even wider eyes and lots of squeaks as they took in the 'decorating'.

"Well, least he can't say we're boring." Remus intoned with a big smile as he looked around.

"What will Theo think, Prongslet?"

"I think he won't know what to think." Harry answered with a chuckle.

"Right come on then, fun time is over. Studying time to be done." Sirius stated and he spun to exit the room.

"Woah woah when was this planned?" Harry said indignantly, turning as well.

"Since just now, I have a feeling Theo will be a veritable trove of how a modern heir should act but House Black and Potter is far superior in every way so clearly we must have a small bit of extra training." Sirius and Remus both laughed at the younger mans groan before Sirius turned…serious. "I get that its new and mostly boring but it is stuff that will help you. Especially as you start to go into politics if that is something you feel a need to be in."

"I know, I know. Plus what the guys have told me during this year, the whole mind field that is etiquette and politics is pretty fascinating." Harry said thinking of the brief moment he met Lady Longbottom. "Just do me a favour, and don't make it too much like school." He said with a grin as his guardian took in a exaggerated gasp and mimicked a wounded expression before a grin slipped through.

"I'll try my best, come on lets head to the library and figure out a starting place."

The three of them trooped to the gorgeous room that housed the impressive collection of the Potters books, notes and journals. While the more recent additions were in the parlour as they'd discovered, the main library was a humungous collection of work over all eras and countries. Some of the work, they'd been informed by the elves was unfinished and unpublished. Pieces that researchers had started before being distracted by another quest, some were donated to the Potter family. Others were done by wards or those indebted to them but most were written by Harry's ancestors and despite only being in this room a few times since arriving, he basked in the knowledge of how much of his family belonged in the room.

Like all of the rooms in Potter manor this one also had a large fireplace, directly opposite the doors with a six-seating table and chairs infront and to the left while to the right was a few armchairs with small side tables. Rows ran around the walls while eight long bookshelves – four on each side of the fireplace - took up the floor area of the impressive room that took up most of the upper left side of the house.

It was to the table that Sirius led the others.

"Sit. And allow your education to commence. You too, Remus." He said loudly while pointing to a seat. With a weary look at each other both men slipped into the comfy highbacked seats and watched in amusement as the dog-father actually wheeled a blackboard out from behind one of the shelves.

"You have got to be kidding."

"Nope, I have this planned. Please get your books out."

"What books?" Remus asked, half amused and half exasperated at his over dramatic friend.

"The book in the draw." Sirius said pointing at the table. The two looked down, and exchanged an incredulous as they realised the table had miraculously got draws since the first time they'd seen it. They glanced back up at Sirius who had an extremely smug expression on his face.

"I am prepared."

With a chuckle they reached in and brought out a notebook and a pen.

"Right first basic manners." Sirius said and so the lesson began.

They ran through the correct protocol when meeting different layers of society and the measures of address. Harry was a little surprised at how fun the lesson actually was as well as how much information Sirius had on what to do.

"It was the way I was raised. My parents never demanded less that utter perfection." Had been the reply when he'd asked.

The 'professor' -Sirius has insisted- had gone into detail about how dress makes a difference and influences how people speak to you. Most of the stuff Harry had managed to pick up for how his friends had acted over the last year but Sirius was determined that he understand why it was important. He even shared several memories of his grandfather and various parties he'd attended to show how outfits can highlight attributes that someone might wish to emphasize or disguise.

"If you strolled into the Ministry of Magic wearing muggle jeans, leather jacket and a baseball cap do you think any of them are going to take you seriously? Of course not, its ludicrous. Wear a three-piece suit like Julian did and they'll know you mean business but if you want to command respect, if you want them to notice you and know exactly what you bring to the table you need…?" Sirius asked motioning for Harry to catch on.

"Well we'd want something subtle but also obvious, something that would make them pay attention to us not needing it to be flashy. Plain, simple robes but made from the silk. Sombre colours too it will make people see you're serious."

"Siriously me." His guardian responded with a wink.

"If you're going for the image that you're shouldn't be messed with…open robes, shows you can move around better, tight fitting clothes under but with a element of loosesness. Leather fighting trousers, probably all black, something an auror might wear. But if you wanted to be seen as submissive or at least less of a threat, robes that are restrictive and buttoned, a tunic or waistcoat and smart suit trousers." He said promptly.

"Exactly, body language is a whole other thing entirely but I think you know quite enough about that after this last year. So now on to language and debates."

"Padfoot is that a pointer?"

"Why yes it is my dear Moony and don't call me Padfoot its Professor. Now Harry you'll find that a lot of people say one thing and mean something else entirely and its up to you to try and figure out the catch of these situations and the pros and cons to them."

They continued to speak and discuss the double meanings and all were left snorting with laughter as Sirius brilliant suggestion that they role play distracted them all. But Harry understood the basics and made a mental note to pay extra special care to conversations with people.

"I think that's enough for today, it's a whole lot of information to swallow and we don't want you to burn out before you get going on nitty gritty stuff. "

"Thanks Sirius, I do enjoy the whole learning thing. Its much better than doing math! And it also makes me realise I have a few more things to learn before really being Head of House Potter."

The older men glanced at each other as Harry's voice got quieter towards the end of his sentence and Remus quietly rose and walked into the stacks to give the two a moment.

"Harry, you know how proud Remus and I are of you, right?"

Harry nodded hesitantly, even though he still sometimes wasn't sure why he did know that.

"Well your parents would be ten times what we feel but more than that is how happy they are for you. That what they would care about, they only ever wanted you to be happy. Are you happy?"

Harry nodded quickly, not quite trusting his voice and Sirius squeezed his shoulder as he smiled at him.

"Then that's what matters. You are already a brilliant Head of House Potter, you're restoring your family's wealth, treating people with equal respect and from what our talks have revealed you have a few ideas to shake up the wizengamont. You're not even 15 yet, you're allowed to still be learning. Hell, I'm still learning and I'm – well at least 25."

"hmm closer to 35 I think."

"Cheeky bugger!"

They both burst into laughter and Harry felt another weight loosen around his chest.

"Thanks Padfoot."

"Anytime, Prongslet."

Together they rose and went to search for Remus who was flicking through the pages of Theories of Transubstantial Transfiguration.

"Anything of interest, Moony?"

"Only if you want to turn yourself into a table."

"I'm alright thanks. Anyway I'm hungry."

"You're always hungry, Padfoot."

"Hey I'm a growing boy, I need substance."

"Growing out maybe."

"Oi! I'll have you know I'm a very respectable size."


"What does that mean? Moony! Moony come back here and tell me."

"I thought you wanted the kitchen."

"Nope clearly I'm too fat for any food."

"Padfoot I didn't call you fat."

"But you were thinking it!"

Harry hurried down the stairs before he burst with the laughter he was trying to hold in, he could hear them still going at it as he entered the large stone kitchen.

"Good evening Master Harry is you wanting dinner, sir?" Asked Coodly as he stepped back from the counter where he'd been whisking something. No matter how many times he'd asked them to call him just Harry they still refused.

"Erm, I think so, but something small please Coodly. Still a bit full from the pizza."

"Master Paddy does make good pizza, very big too."

"Has he done it before here?"

"Oh yes sir. Master James and he made it at least once a week when they was living here. Mistress Euphy used to just laugh but the mess they made….Oh! It used to go all over the walls and floor!"

"Yes and then your grandfather made us clean it all up." Sirius said as he and a bright blue Remus came through the door.

"He did?"

"Oh yes, he used to say we made the mess we clean it up. Made us mop the floor if we trooped in mud too."

"Oh yeah, remember the dancing sponges?" Remus asked as he waved his wand over his skin and scowled as it turned lime green instead.

"Oh the master was very upset about that." Giggled Coodly.

"What happened?" Asked Harry eagerly.

"Well your dad and I were playing Quidditch when out of no where a freak summer storm happened –"

"It had been windy and raining for two days!" Remus butted in, this time a dark mauve.

"There had been a lull! Anyway we'd been out playing and it threw it down! James had fallen off his broom and it had broken so we were sprinting to the house and then I stacked it and James feel 'cause he was laughing too hard and we slid into the house covered and soaking wet and Linky was absolutely furious with us, I'd chased him into the ballroom and the trail of mud caused the poor elves to cry. Then your grandfather got involved, he was furious couldn't believe that we'd made such a mess and made us promise to clean things without help of any kind. We decided to be a bit inventive and thought we'd speed up the process…So we tied sponges to our feet and set up the gramophone and started swiping. We did it pretty well too, got most of the mud cleared up when the parents realised what was happening, they spelled them to dance. After an hour we were still at it, we ended up polishing and waxing the entire ballroom and we were absolutely exhausted, we'd been spinning and strutting and had no control. We'd done samba, tango and even waltz, finally Mama Potter took pity on us and we were finally allowed to stop. It had started off fun and ended exhaustingly draining."

"They never brought the mud in again though…even if it meant stripping outside." Remus said with a wide grin as with a triumphant shout his skin turned back to normal.

Coodly placed three plates on the table with some egg, ham and chips and they all tucked in. Flobsy – one of the garden elves- came through and although hesitant Harry managed to convince him to take five minutes to talk to them about his work. Sirius looked on proudly at the way his godson included the elf into conversation and took a genuine interest in his life.

"And you sure you're happy with the garden? You don't want to do something else?"

"Oh no Master Harry, the garden is what I love!"

"Well are you wanting to do anything different? Maybe do you have any ideas?"

Flobsy's eyes widened and his ears quivered as he looked between the three men.

"You is asking me?"

"Yes, really. I'd like to know if you want to do anything different?"

"Oh I is not knowing really… What is Master Harry wanting?"

"I want to know if you think the gardens could look better. Maybe some different flowers or a design?"

The little elf stared up at Harry and his mouth opened and closed several times before Harry took pity.

"I was thinking that the main garden – while gorgeous – could be changed. When was the last time you guys changed it?"

"I is thinking it was Mistress Euphy birthday celebration."

"Quite a while then… Have you ever thought about doing something like pattern wise?"

"I erm I erm I could do that. Tilwy sometimes struggles with the fountains, we could just have one?" He asked hesitantly his tennis ball eyes fixed on Harry.

"I like that idea, fountains have a special place in my heart, I think one could be brilliant. With some small gardens around it with different flowers of different colours?" Harry said with an encouraging smile that had the little creature practically wilting in relief.

"Yes sir, I is liking sunflowers but we have none here."

"Do you think that you and the other garden elves could come up with some flowers that could make a really pretty spot around a centre fountain?"

"Oh yes sir, wes could have the wildflowers and and the tulips and some water ones in the fountain?" Flobsy said excitedly, bouncing slightly in his seat as he realised he wasn't going to be punished.

"Sounds brilliant!"

"Oh and some dahlia's!" The little elf sprang up from his seat and rushed out still blabbering about foxgloves verses lavender.

Harry looked after him in complete bemusement and turned back to Sirius and Remus with a shrug.

"Seems like he is happier."

"Speaking of being happy don't you have a special someone waiting for a floo call?" Remus asked with a wink.

Harry checked the clock and cursed, jumping from his seat to run into the lounge. He and Daphne had had their first floo call the day after they'd arrived at the Manor and it had lasted three hours, Harry missed her more than he'd ever missed anyone but the time away to focus on just him and having fun had been good for him and Daphne had even commented on how much more relaxed he was.

Hurriedly, Harry threw some powder into the grate before saying clearly "Greengrass Manor." Sticking his head through he recognised the form of his girlfriend curled up on the sofa peacefully reading a book, he cleared his throat and watched in amusement as she startled and immediately rose to sit in front of the fire. She looked comfortable in loose white trousers with a green sweater and her smile was beaming as she looked at him.

"Hi, how are you?!" She asked eagerly.

She had waited impatiently for his first call and had almost burst with happiness when his head had first appeared in the fire place. She had known it was ridiculous but she had missed him awfully and Astoria had made sure to tease her for at least an hour a day about it. The trip had sounded amazing for him and he was so much settled in himself since she'd seen him at Kings Cross, having the full attention of Sirius and Remus had already helped him and she couldn't wait to see him in person but for now this was worth it.

"I'm alright, just finished doing Theo's room and having a basic lesson in etiquette apparently."

"Ah I remember that, having to learn all the cutlery and the correct posture."

"Yeah Sirius keeps threatening to tie a rod to my back to help with that. Apparently its what his mother did to him."

"Huh…you think he'll actually do it."

"Nah he slouches worse than me. Anyway enough about me, how are you guys? Did you have a good time with Tracey?"

Sirius and Remus quietly closed the door in the parlour and went back to the library to give them some space. They'd said their hello's the other night and remembering how James got when they interrupted his hello time with Lily they had decided to wait until they all met up again to tease the younger man.

"So whats the main plan for this year?" Remus asked as they got settled in the armchairs.

"Keep Harry alive and happy."

"I like that plan, did it take long to come up with?"

"About .5 of a second."

"Given it the proper thought?"

"I think the correct amount."

"Agreed. Off to a solid start, then. Other plans?"

Sirius sighed and leaned back in his chair.

"I think I need to start to make more of a move in the wizengamont. My grandfather would be rolling in his grave to know that we have a lot of power and have done almost nothing with it."

"In your defence you only got made a free man in January and been making sure your godson remains alive in a deadly tournament since then."

"True, but there is no excuse this year. Besides I think we could actually start to do some good, actually do the lessons I'm teaching Harry."

"Okay, what things are we working on?" Remus asked as he thought over the 18 plans he had in his planner that he and Sirius had discussed over several nights of drinking, most of which included Harry living to a fine old age, getting married and having a bunch of kids.

"We need to do something to help the werewolves, that should be obvious. I think the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures need to have their butts kicked for allowing such archaic laws to be signed and the people of the wizarding world in general too."

"Sirius, you know I appreciate that but come on, these views have been around years longer than any of us and I don't think you can just –"

"Moony no you can't allow thinking like that, its gone on long enough and we can do this. Harry wants this, I want this and you want this! You need it. The wizarding world needs a good shake up, and if you don't want to do it for you do it for the hundreds of people with lycanthropy who can't work full time or even in the areas they want to be in. Moony this is serious, its not just about needing a distraction from last year or needing power. This is about ensuring people have a quality of life that they are entitled to, they deserve the chance to not be glared at or laughed out of interviews, will you help me?"

Remus sighed.

"Padfoot, I know you mean well but you know how vast this is, right? You know how quickly people will wave you out the room? How many won't even consider it?"

"I'm Lord Black, they wouldn't dare laugh me out the room. And all we need are a few supporters and people will listen. Plus imagine how far we'll go with the approval of the Boy-Who-Lived…"

They gave a chuckle at that before returning to solemn faces until Remus stared up at the ceiling and shook his head with a weary grin that Sirius remembered all too well.

"Go big or go home, right?"

Immediately a large smile spread over his friends face and Sirius immediately waved his wand and summoned the blackboard over to their area. That day's lessons were wiped clean and they began planning for the next session. 78 minutes later a happy Harry walked in and stopped short at the set up created.

Three blackboards now stood in front of the fireplace, one with a pros and cons list, one with light/dark/grey sided people and the final one had bullet points of a plan.

"This is…intense?" He said as he observed his godfather ad uncle in hunched positions over the table with several books in front of them and were scribbling furiously on notepads.

"Hey, how was the call?"

"Great, thanks though Astoria is leading their pranking war 4-3. Daphne says hi and hopes I'm not driving you crazy by the way."

"He turned you crazy yet, Moony?"

"Wellllllll, nah I'm okay."

"Ha! You wish."

"Okay okay what's going on with all this?" Harry asked.

"We decided –"

"You decided!"

"Fine then! I decided that it wouldn't do anyone any more good if I sit here and do nothing so Moony and I are drafting some legislation for the upcoming wizengamont meeting on werewolf rights."


"Yep, we have already completed a few drafts asking for meetings with several of our like-minded friends in order to have some support and just going over the current laws and statistics to make sure we know what we're up against."

"Awesome! What can I do?" Harry asked eagerly as he sat by Remus who immediately handed him a ledger.

"These are all the new creature laws that have been passed, can you note down their negatives and their positives. We need to have a strong foundation in order for people to listen to us. We can prove that these laws are unfair and doing more harm and restricting werewolves and other creatures we can prove that we have a basis for a law re-do."

"Sure, what are you doing?"

"I'm trying to remember ever werewolf I came in contact with during my spying days and asking some questions. I figure that the more who know we are trying to do some good we can get more support. Plus, with the threat of Riddle coming back I want to make sure that he doesn't manage to recruit more."

"And I am deciding on the biggest objections that our opponents will bring up and how I can eradicate them before they become a problem." Sirius added.

"Great lets get though it then."