We're Getting Through This

Chapter 3

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Harry whirled to a stop and gracefully stepped out of the Leaky Cauldrons fireplace and scanned the pub, not immediately spotting his friends he made his way to the bar and asked Tom for a table for three.

"Right you are Mr Potter and may I say I think you were mighty brave this last year and I certainly am with you in this fight."

"Thanks Tom that means a lot, I hope more people are like you."

"Well I think that those who only believe the Prophet are empty of brains."

"No argument from me." The younger man said with a grin and the two shared a chuckle before Tom guided him to a smaller booth in the corner.

"Anything else for you, sir?"

"Just some water please, though when the others get here we'll probably want lunch."

"Not a problem just give me a wave."

The proprietor bustled away and Harry settled back in his seat, watching the coming and goings. Only a few people had properly noticed him and either given a nod and smile or the cold shoulder. He did see more than one finger pointing his way though and start to whisper with their companion and he had a fair idea over what they could be talking about. Three days ago a Quibbler article had come out with an exclusive interview with Harry. He and Luna had completed it before they'd left for the holidays and they were both proud of it, it explained everything that had happened in the final task and ended with the unveiling of the Dark Lord known as Lord Voldemort had returned. The prophet had countered with an opposing view and while they hadn't cared what the Prophet said about them he and Remus still had to hold back a furious Sirius Black from ripping the editors head off. Spotting a paper only one table over Harry figured he had time to waste and noticing the date, decided to read it once more to figure out the next interview he would give.

The Boy-Who-Lived or The Boy-Who-Lies!

Caring or Confused?

Are Teenagers now to be trusted?

Minister Fudged!

By Rita Skeeter

Recent events have terrified Wizarding Britain, over a week ago the final task of the Triwizard Tournament was completed and since then several figures in high authority positions have refused to comment to this reporter and the press in general. However it seems like their silence is finally broken as the youngest champion, Mr Harry Potter gave an exclusive interview to the well known and thoroughly untrustworthy publication – The Quibbler.

In this interview, Mr Potter revealed that You-Know-Who is back and has been helped this last year by presumed dead convict Bartemius Crouch Junior! During the final task is when the Dark Lord struck and found a way to bring himself back to life, Mr Potter has revealed several names of prominent citizens and some are wondering if the Boy-Who-Lived has a vendetta against those who disagree with him including the honourable Lucius Malfoy, father of Draco Malfoy who Mr Potter has a known rivalry with.

For those people who missed Minister Fudge's statement, here is a snippet.

"Due to the circumstances surrounding the final task, the Ministry have decided to listen to Mr Potters claims. On the night on June 27th Mr Potter was portkeyed away by the Dark Lord known as Lord Voldemort. He witnessed the re-birth of that being as well as those that he then summoned. Mr Potter has given many details to Madam Bones and she has received my full permission to conduct an investigation into every detail that has been recalled."

Since then numerous members of high society have been taken in for questioning and only a few have been once again released. Warrants have ben filed and arrests have been made and members of the public have questions. Lord Yaxley says "I am shocked that the Minister has taken the word of a fourteen-year-old, Mr Potter could easily have hit his head or had the exhaustion of a misdirected portkey effect his senses. The fact that the minister has given Madam Bones full access to family records with such a weak reason as 'Mr Potter said' baffles me. What's next? When a nine-year old claim he saw Grindlewald in Fortesque's Ice Cream Parlour will they arrest Florean?"

"You're not actually reading that trash are you, mate?"

Harry started and smiled up at the grinning visages of two of best friends.

"It kept me entertained before you two layabouts arrived." He slid over in the booth and Neville sat next to him as Theo went opposite.

"Well I tried to hurry him but you have no idea how long it takes for his lordship to perfect that messy look." Theo said with a grin, his dark eyes glittering as he looked between his friends.

"And if you had a Gran who used to chuck a bowl of water over your head if she didn't think you looked presentable, you'd be damn sure to take your time too!" Neville responded with a laugh.

"There there Nev, there's no need to defend your choice to us. Theo on the other hand just wants to look good for someone."

"I do not! Besides what about you with your raked back look, Potter?"

"He's got you there mate, we've all see Daphne lose her voice when you do that one move." Neville said as he gave an exaggerated pouty look and dramatically swept a hand through his blonde locks.

"Alright alright, so we all spend the correct amount of time ensuing our hair looks good, agreed?"


Soon after the rest of the road trip was spoken about and Harry had his friends in stitches at the thought of Sirius being chased by cows. Tom brought out three dishes with shepherd's pie loaded on them plus three glasses of water and the teens dug in eagerly.

"What about you guys? How's Longbottom Manor? Still standing?"

"Its been brilliant!" Neville said as he reached for his water. "We've done loads actually. Games, research, gardening."

"Theo did gardening?! You mean he willingly got his hands dirty?" Harry teased.

"Oh hardy ha ha, when the gardening is needed or my potion ingredients I can be persuaded to help out."

"Though he did insist or wearing an inner and outer layer of gloves and apron."

"We both know what would have happened if I'd got mud on my clothes, his Gran really is quite an exacting woman."

"That she, but she means well. Did she make you guys do lessons?" Harry asked.

"Actually she was quite restrained-"

"She was restrained!" Theo burst out.

"Well yes, usually she has me in the library for several hours a day looking into past years wizengamot sessions. This week I've only done two! Though she still made sure I kept up on my heir duties, luckily Theo can do that too. She loves him."

"Oh please, she kept complaining about my gait."

"Your gait?" Harry asked in confusion.

"Yes, apparently I walk too fast. Makes me seem rushed and hurried and gives a bad impression to others."

"Ah I have noticed that." Harry said, nodding his head sagely. Theo slowly turned his head to glare at him while Neville sniggered.

"In all seriousness though, Nev. I've had a great time, please make sure your Gran knows it. I'm already thinking of sending some flowers or something but she might expect that and I'd like her to know I've appreciated it."

"Will do my good sir. Anyway Harry what have you got planned for him?"

"To be honest, not much. Sirius still has a lot to teach me about heir and head of house rules. He keeps saying I need to release my Slytherin side, so for a least a bit of the day I'll be stuck with him and Remus as he teaches-"

"Does he teach, you know, seriously?"

"Amazingly enough yes. He and Remus combined are brilliant at it and its not like school where its all that writing stuff done, most of it is discussions and them trying to get me to figure stuff out on my own. Its actually pretty fun. Theo, if you want to you're welcome to join.

"I think I will, my father; although he taught me a lot was very traditional and stern in his training. He simply told me the do's and don'ts, I would like to see how the Head of House Black trains."

"Great! But apart from that there's no plans until my birthday and I guess yours, mate." Harry said with a nod to Neville who nodded happily. Their guardians had announced their plans for the boys to have a formal joint birthday party on Neville's (30th of July) which included inviting high society members and then an informal with just friends and family on Harry's (31st). Everyone was looking forward to it but Harry still thought that Sirius was leading in highest excitement level.

"And now we're going into Muggle London?" Theo asked and if either of his friends noticed the slight trepidation in his voice, they ignored it.

"Yep, it's going to be fantastic, you'll see! I'll take you guys around the touristy bits and Sirius has named a few places that he thinks we'll enjoy. And we all have travel cards so we can either walk or travel by tube."

"Oh I've heard of that, it's the train that goes underground isn't it?" Theo asked and Harry had to suppress a grin at the lack of knowledge his friend had.

"Yes, exactly. Its easy to use don't worry. Shall we go?"

They cleaned up, said their goodbyes to Tom who waved cheerfully at them and then left the pub to enter the clustered area of the West End.

"Have you two ever actually been through here?" Harry asked as he weaved through people, hopping down to walk along the curb when the pavements got too busy. His friends followed quickly but they kept an eye on the going ons around them more.

"I've come two or three times with Gran, she felt it important for my education to see the Old Bailey, Courts of Justice plus St Pauls and a few of the museums and war memorials. She says people need to know the past to live in a better present and prevent a worse future."

"I think I've only been through here once and it was when my mother was still alive. I think she took me on a horse ride through a big park. You?"

"Could have been any number of them, London has a lot of parks. I've been a couple times with my relatives when our neighbour couldn't babysit me and I've done some school trips too. I've enjoyed it, there's always so much going on and you find some pretty cool things."

The three continued chatting, happy in each-others presence as they wondered down the streets.

"First stop, Covent Garden!"

"Oh my gosh!" Theo gasped as he looked around. Business attired people were rushing through the cobbled square, barely taking in the white main building and surrounding markets stalls. Groups of 'youths' as Neville's Gran would have called them were shoving and laughing at one another in oversized t-shits with weird images on them and baggy jeans. Theo grabbed onto Harry as one particular girl walked past with silver gleaming in her nose, eyebrows and lips; wearing tight black trousers and a dark purple top that showed her belly button!

"What? I mean how is that style?" He asked.

"To be honest its not my thing, but it's the 90's people are comfortable with expressing themselves through clothing. It represents who they are." Was Harry's rather logical answer and Theo looked down at his shirt and sweater combination and black trainers that he'd thought casual enough but now he wondered otherwise. Neville caught his look.

"Theo, if you want to experiment with clothes, now is kinda the time to do it."

"Just seeing those sorts of things, I was never allowed to even consider muggle anything. But that jacket looks kinda cool." He said pointing to one of the clothing shop windows.

"They're called bomber jackets, I think." Harry said. "Dudley was obsessed with getting one last year. Go on, give it a try."

The next hour was spent with the boys racing from shop to shop and trying on absurdly 'muggle' outfits. Harry and Theo were practically crying after Neville came bursting out from one of the dressing rooms in a bright green jumpsuit with a heavy gold chain around his neck.

"The assistance women said it would look good!" He had tried to reason as Harry had clutched his side in hysterics.

In the end it was only Theo who brought any of the clothes, including a dark brown leather jacket that a woman had wolf-whistled at when he had left the changing area.

The three quickly walked back through the main market area, full of paintings and knitting stalls and made their way to the tube where Harry took them to Piccadilly Circus and enjoyed seeing their expressions as they took in the amount of traffic and people around. They decided to make their way through Green Park and round Buckingham Palace and through to Trafalgar Square. Most of their sightseeing was filled with largely inane comments followed by stupidly deep discussions like what the Queens daily routine was and did she have enough time to just put her feet up or did she just get completely overwhelmed by everything. By late afternoon, Neville had demanded they try one of the hot dog stands(delicious), Theo had been hit on by two cashiers(hilarious) and Harry had bumped into someone and had been sent into a two-metre large puddle which a car had then splashed all over him (priceless). Their trip had finished with a visit to London zoo which had ended with one of the attendants asking them to leave after they had disturbed the penguin show when a little boy – called Sam had overheard Theo asking where the Demiguise was and the three had to quickly make up a vast and enthralling story which had all the kids in the audience demanding to know where the Demiguise was and frustrating the zookeeper to the point of crying.

At last entering the Leaky Cauldron at about 8 o'clock and almost regretting the divine Greek wraps they had for dinner at a small restaurant Sirius had recommended when they smelled Tom's roast beef and potatoes they said their goodbyes to one another and after Neville's grinning face and disappeared through the flames, they each stepped in to return home.

Two days later and having someone else around the house, only now started to seem like a bad idea…at least according to the house elves. According to everyone else it was a blast! Since Sirius prank – dying their hair a bright yellow and causing Harry to sneeze uncontrollably whilst Theo kept neighing randomly for the next 7 hours – as they'd got out of the fire place a war had commenced. Only the elves were safe and even then it was touch and go, for the most part the food was safe though Remus had fallen pray to a operatic voice for three hours after he'd tucked into a cheese toastie. There hadn't even been a 'safe time' Remus had caught Theo off guard as he was coming out of the shower and the younger man had sparkled for the next day, Harry had attacked Sirius while he was sleeping and he had almost had a heart attack after waking up bald – he'd chased his godson around the house as Padfoot after that one – and Theo had caught Harry as he came in from flying and attached a clowns nose onto the end of his glasses that couldn't be removed.

Theo had quickly fit into the weird dynamic that made up the family and the four men were enjoying the summer. As Sirius had predicted the heir of Nott had a wealth of knowledge that Harry dived into knowing. While Sirius and Remus had at first been worried that Harry would find it all boring, they were pleasantly surprised to find that he enjoyed learning the history of the wizengamot and the laws and that he was quite a bookworm.

"I never thought I could try at school because of the Dursleys, then when I got to Hogwarts and met Ron I just wanted to keep a friend, you know." He'd said when Remus had enquired as to why his grades were average. "I've always been able to get the practical in stuff, theory is just a bit harder, and Hermione always enjoyed taking control of that. I guess though I could have worked harder."

"We all feel that way in things, I was rubbish at potions but Lily used to keep me up for hours going over every single ingredient's and why they effected the potion in this way. But I remember she gobbled up everything she could on the magical world. I asked her about it one day when she was reading Hogwarts: A History for the billionth time in second year, her response was that she'd only just been introduced to a world that she'd never thought possible. Where unicorns and Dragons existed and you wave a wooden stick and something extraordinary happens, she said if she could find out as much about it as she could then it would never be boring."

"I get that now, Hermione is the same, something so new and different its like how can people not be excited about learning everything."

"Exactly, now what is the registry of proscribed charmable objects?"

Theo had been amazed at the amount of food they had consumed as well as the pillow/blanket forts they'd set up in the parlour for sleeping. When they'd explained some of the talks he had hesitantly asked if it would be alright that he join to. So three forts became four and more stories were told and anger was felt as well as sadness that in the end helped them to feel closer.

Theo walked into the kitchen on his third morning to see Harry at the stove making pancakes; jam, Nutella, honey were already on the table and Coodly was sitting at the head of the table cutting up banana and strawberry's.

"I never thought I'd see the day when the Boy-Who-Lived made breakfast."

"Be grateful, I practically had to wrestle Coodly for the spatula."

"Master Harry should bes letting his elves do that, its why we're here." The elf said importantly, complete with a small sniff at the end to which Harry rolled his eyes.

"And I told you I'm not about to start making you all work so hard after so long. You sleep alright, Theo?"

"Yeah thanks, though Padfoots snoring woke me up."

The first morning, Theo had woken up to the softly snuffling face of a large black Grim. He'd screamed blue murder, scrambling back and ended up hitting his head on the table which has caused the swearing to start. Remus and Harry had both been jolted awake with wands out before they realised what had happened and cried with laughter. Sirius had sheepishly changed back, explaining that he sometimes transformed when he'd had a bad dream as it was easier to deal with and since then Theo had been able to deal with the idea of the death omen cuddled up on the sofa.

"Its pretty rumbling, Remus got up a while ago. He wanted to double check the house was secure."

"Is he okay?"

"Hurting, tired but I think alright."

The full moon was that night and they'd all decided that the groundskeepers cabin would be perfect to transform in. Remus had it in his head that he should lock himself up in the dungeon before Sirius had shot that idea down furiously. The two of them would leave after dinner and not return until at least mid-day. Harry and Theo had strict instructions as to what spells to erect should the worse happen but Remus had his Wolfsbane and they were all confident that the night would go okay. The wolf and the Grim had been running together since they'd been re-united and after Sirius had insisted that Remus go to a few therapy sessions in order to come to terms with almost killing their best friends so, he had been feeling more confident in his form. Now that they had an actual draft and several meetings set up to review the magical being's law, he wanted to be able to prove his control.

"So what do you want to do tonight?" Harry asked as he put a large plate piled high with buttery yellow circles of delight and sat down next to Coodly who immediately got up and started washing the pans.

"I'm up for anything, though another film please?"

"Haha sure I promise." Harry said in amusement. Last night had been Theo's first time seeing a television. He had been shocked when Remus had first switched it on and demanded answers very quickly at this piece of muggle technology that could make pictures move. The three-hour discussion into TV's, computers, gigibytes and electricity hadn't made things much clearer for the wizard bred boy until Sirius' exasperated "It just works! Like magic!" had seemed to help. They'd watched Cool Runnings and Theo was amazed at the lunacy of some muggles and their versions of 'fun'.

"They were racing down ice!" Theo said, astonishment and disbelief in his face.

"Surely you've heard of the Olympics and the Winter Olympics before?" Harry had asked.

"Sort of, it was one of those things that our parents might have mentioned to us but duelling competitions, broom racing and the world cup were more interesting." He'd replied with a shrug.

The two looked up as Remus came in looking a bit windswept but otherwise normal.

"Morning you too- ohh pancakes!" Said the former professor, happily pulling the plate towards him as he sat down.

"Feeling alright there Moony?" Harry asked with a straight face.

"Better than usual, Prongslet. Being with you all and the therapy has really helped this past year. I feel different about my furry little problem." The man said, eagerly tipping more honey onto his pancake, rolling it up tightly and munching on it.

"What do you mean?" Asked Theo as he quickly put another pancake on his plate before Remus could snatch it.

"Well, I've never felt comfortable or happy in my wolf form. As is the situation with a lot of us, we try and suppress those instincts and that part of us as deeply as we can. The changing into the wolf is painful, total agony to be honest. Your bones break, they snap back, dislocate. You can feel your mind change as your human-self kind of retreats and lets instincts and the 'animal' brain take over. Its horrible, made worse by the fact that you know the torture you will probably inflict upon yourself and the stress of everything. When I was in Hogwarts it was worse until 7th year when my friends became animagus. The human and wolf recognised them as friends and they distracted me from the pain. But the years since then …well they've been less that pleasant, I've actually only been on Wolfsbane because of Professor Snape. I couldn't afford it before. This last year, I've been able to have it each time and had my best friend by my side, then with the mind healing that Sirius went through he suggested I do the same. Its really helped, helped to confront my anger to my dad and the Fenrir. It also helped my esteem, giving me much to be thankful for and allowing the past to be the past. As a result from about Easter, my change hasn't been as painful because I accept it rather than fight it."

"That's incredible, do you think it could be the same for others?"

"I imagine so, its why I'm trying to contact so many of the packs. I need them to know that there are wizards trying to make a difference."

Just then Sirius stumbled in and Harry had to hide a grin as the difference a year had made to the man. His eyes were half closed but gleamed and the sunken cheeks were filled in and a healthy colour complete with creases from where a pillow had been pressed into it. He wore casual black jeans and a short sleeve red t-shirt that showed off tanned arms with a few scars just visible to the eye. The ex-convict passed a hand over his godsons head as he slumped into the chair next to him and blearily poured some orange juice.

"Morning Padfoot, how'd you sleep?" Remus asked with a big grin.

"I don't think that last fire-whisky was a good idea." Was the mumbled reply.

"Oh you think that now do you?"

"Shut it you stupid werewolf with healing stuff."

The two younger man quickly looked away from each as they hid their sniggers. They had been allowed two glasses of the strong liquid but had watched as Remus and Sirius both fought to out-do each other, the battle had ended when Sirius had toppled into the plant-pot and emerged from the soil claiming he was a snail from the deep but would emerge a butterfly. Harry and Theo had simply watched them while enjoying their butterbeers for the opposite sofa as they slumped over each other and feel asleep.

"So you two are keeping out of mischief tonight?" Remus asked semi casually.

"Putting on a film, probably some homework too."

"Excellent, and you know the spells?"


"Okay okay I know, you'll be good and safe and we'll be good and safe."

Theo reached over and squeezed the shoulder of one of the man who he admired most in the world.

"We'll be fine. What are we doing with the rest of the day?"

"Well Harry still needs to do some lessons, we were thinking of also looking into defence spells and maybe some good old fashioned muggle fighting techniques."

"Really?" Harry asked interested. In all his training no one had mentioned muggle ways, yes he had worked on his cardio and practised basic moves in case but that was it.

"Yeah, Sirius and I spoke about it a while ago but then the prophecy distracted us. We thought it would be a good idea mainly because any pureblood and most half bloods won't think about it, therefore if you do lose your wand you still have something to your advantage."

"That sounds great, are you guys trained for it?"

"I used to do boxing when I was younger and Sirius had to learn in the auror academy. Theo do you know anything or would you like to join?"

"I'll join, my father actually taught me a little before I went to Hogwarts. We went to Japan and although I had to beg he eventually agreed to have one of the masters of Judo. Do you have a pensive?"

"Do we have a pensive!?" Scoffed Sirius who finally had joined the living. "What, did you think the Blacks were peasants. Course we do, it's in the library."

"Well hurry up and finish your pancakes Moony, we have stuff to do." Harry said.

"Ohh pancakes." Sirius moaned, looking a touch paler as he looked away from the mountain of sugar that his friend had in front of him.

"Hmmm, pancakes. Filled with thick cream, and delicious chocolate spread and even a little dribble of sickly-sweet honey –"

Sirius groaned loudly and quickly left the kitchen, his hand rubbing his stomach as the others burst into peals of laughter.

"No that would only work if the caster had frozen the water."

"Well what if you used a different element, maybe sand or dirt or something?"

"Possible I suppose, however the surrounding environment will impact how effective it is, as well as the casters spell power."

Sirius and Remus watched proudly as the younger men debated a hypothetical duel and the different paths it could take. They were both matched evenly though it was clear that Theo had more theoretical knowledge as he thought about his spells a little more carefully compared to Harry's rather rushed explanations. It had been a couple of hours stuck in the library going over duel etiquette and Harry had sent a few letters to Professor Flitwick in the hopes he could provide some more information about styles of casting than the basic understanding the books gave. As lunch came and went with Popsky appearing in to place some sandwiches, treats and squash on the table they decided to turn to the physical side of things and therefore made their way out to the training area.

When they had explored the manor, they had discovered some rather nasty looking cages in the basement. After deciding they were maybe a touch unnecessary they had cleared them out; put a spot of paint down there, fitted some lights in, placed a wall of mirrors on one side(Sirius's idea) and turned it into a indoor training area with some weights, mats and dummies. However, as the summer brought blue skies and sunshine, Remus had made the executive decision to have an outdoor training area too. It was right away from the manor, near the swimming pool and tennis court. It was a soft surface with the same equipment as the indoors one but with a few additional pieces like a set of bars and a place to do pull ups etc.

"Right then, basic boxing. You need to put your feet here and your hands like this, no not quite…perfect. Now this is a basic stance, you will keep your head protected and keep light on your toes, okay."

The rest of the boxing lesson went well with Harry quickly understanding the simple steps as a beginner. All the training he had done the past year had helped with his co-ordination and agility, the street fighting style suited him from years or watching and evading Dudley and his gang. By the time it reached three o'clock all four of them were sweaty and smiling, a few bruises were colouring and some moans were heard as they trekked back up to the house but it was with a strong sense of family pride and happiness that they each headed to their showers to wash the days efforts away.

"Okay, so wards are in place?"


"Plenty of food?"


"Fire roaring?"


"Films for tonight?"


"Popcorn too?"


"Extra blankets? For them and us?"

"Check and check."

"What are they doing?" Whispered Theo to Harry sat next to him, hair still slightly damp. His friend was seated on the second to bottom stair watching his guardians with a fond smile as they literally ticked off items on a clipboard that Remus held.

"I think checking for the fifth time that we have everything in case of a flood, earthquake, hurricane…They just want to be sure we're gonna be okay."

"Nice to be cared for." Murmured Theo, a warm glow in his stomach at the easy way Harry had said 'we' and he caught Harry's nod from the corner of his eye.

"Still can't believe it sometimes, two years ago I never would have thought it possible."

They stayed quiet as the older men carried on signing things off before they eventually turned back to the youth with a weary grin.

"Alright, we're good and done." Sirius announced.

"Sure? You left a plan in case of an alien invasion, right?" Harry asked but he wrapped his Godfather in a tight hug who returned it immediately.

"Well Moony was planning on it but I think the elves will be able to handle that occurrence."

"They do well in halting invaders, especially if your and James' battles are anything to go by." Remus said as he released Theo from a hug. He stepped forward to embrace his nephew as Sirius clasped Theo's shoulder and double checked he was okay for the night.

"Okay, we have everything and you guys have everything and its for one night and you will be fine, won't you?" He asked quickly and Harry stifled his laughter at the worry in the amber eyes.

"We'll be fine, we have the elves and enough food for an army. Go. Keep safe and be careful." Harry said sternly.

Finally after several more goodbyes the two disappeared into the darkening evening and round to the safe house. Immediately Harry closed the door and locked it, calling the wards to protect it from any spell fire or being until morning, although he rolled his eyes he had promised a worried Remus that he would ward the place and he didn't intend on ever breaking a promise to those two.

"So film first or…" Harry tailed off and Theo returned the cheeky grin with one of his own.

"Let's be honest they'd be disappointed if we didn't do anything."

"Right, it would just be rude of us not too. Though set a timer on Remus' he needs to sleep for a few days without worrying, Sirius will be fine for the evening fun."

Moving into the parlour they both drew their wands and started to spell various objects and possessions, after ten minutes they nodded in satisfaction and started to go upstairs.

"Which room is yours?"

"I'll take Remus's, if he smells you in there he will suspect something."

"Good point."

They moved to the respective rooms and entered the en suits. Another 15 minutes passed until they met at the top of the stairs again, smiles on their faces as they shook each-others hands.

"So movie time?" Harry asked nonchalantly as they walked back into the parlour and sta with a sigh.