We're Getting Through This

Chapter 6

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Saturday was bright and beautiful and Harry was up by 5am making sure everything was perfect. He'd decided to make Daphne some of her favourite desert; chocolate eclairs with a creamy filling and cinnamon sprinkling, he had started out with only a few and then suddenly by ten o'clock and the others came stumbling in; there were cakes and pastries covering every surface.

"Hey guys! What do you think?"

They gaped at him.

The shaggy black hair was even wilder than usual giving him the cliché Einstein riotous look, his glasses were smeared with floor and he had flecks of mix over the white t-shirt.

"Heya Harry. Good morning is it?" Remus said gingerly as he stepped over a couple of broken eggs shells on the floor and carefully avoided the spill of milk? Maybe cream and brushed the chocolate chips away from the edge of the counter.

"Yep, its blue skies and my outfit is all ready and I've been up for ages and do you think they'll have enough food? Coz I've made a few cakes and stuff but I wonder if maybe it is too much." There was genuine concern in his gaze as he looked around the kitchen.

Sirius held back a snort of laughter and nodded his head as he also moved over to the young man.

"I think we have plenty of cakes but we also shouldn't take all of these?"

"Why not? Do you think they won't like them? Oh no what if they're allergic!" The emerald eyes were wide and Sirius rushed to reassure him.

"No no no, I think they would be absolutely thrilled with them all but at the end of the day I'm sure they've got a dozen cakes already made and waiting for us. So why don't we pack up a few but not them all, eh?"

"Oh right, actually that's a good point. Aunt Petunia used to only ever take one. Well I need to take the eclairs for Daph and the cinnamon swirls for Tori, and maybe the Victoria sponge?"

"Sounds delicious." Remus said as he stole a chocolate finger from the packet spilling on the island.

"Now why don't we clear up and get rid of some of your energy and then we'll get ready to go after lunch."

The clearing up took a further half an hour with a quick food fight thrown in before Coodly had practically shrieked at them and in a state of semi fear of what she would do to them they stuck to the task at hand.

"Right, quick swim I think." Remus said as they surveyed the now sparkling counter tops.

"No I need to go and start getting ready. I can't meet the Greengrasses looking like…well just Ha-"

"Don't you dare say it." Sirius said, locking his arm over his Godson's shoulders. "You can look however you want, we all know that a special young lady is going to throw herself into your arms anyway. And her parents already love you because you saved her life for heaven's sake."

Harry's lips twitched up.

"True, and Tori finds muggle style hilarious anyway."

"Exactly and a swim will get rid of all this energy you somehow have. You're practically vibrating with it." Sirius said, clapping both hands on him and giving him a small shake.

"Alright alright, lets go." His Godson replied with a giggle, the nerves draining out of him as he considered his guardians words.

Ten minutes later; Theo was showing his young age by landing an expertly timed cannon ball and sent water in all directions as well as accomplishing his goal of soaking Remus who was just taking off his shirt. He let out a gasp as the freezing water connected with his body and spun with a mock furious look on his face before a mischievous smile and with a quick wave of his wand he sent a huge surge of the crystal clear liquid back into the younger mans face that left him coughing and spluttering.

"Ha ha! Revenge!" The brown eyed man cried out triumphantly before letting out a shriek as the Slytherin retaliated by slapping his arm on the surface and sending a wave back.

By this point Sirius and Harry were chuckling at the childish antics until Remus caught a glimpse of their laughing faces and they attempted to stop the smiles from breaking through.

"What?" Harry attempted to say innocently before a small snigger escaped.

"Oh is that funny, Prongslet?" He asked as he started walking nearer. Harry started backing away.

"No Remus, come on I didn't mean it like that…NO Remus!" He yelled half laughing as the man ran at him. With a yell, Harry turned and jumped into the pool as his Uncle and Godfather burst into cackles.

"That was so not funny." Harry said as he rose with his arms folded, a frown evident on his face with his glasses lopsided. Two seconds later and he joined with the laughter around him.

Turning on his stomach to begin some lengths, Theo joined him both racing up and down the pool. Theo had remarkably improved his swimming since he had joined them and was quite proficient in front crawl and breast stroke; they decided to wait a bit longer before backstroke considering his almost complete inability to float. None of them could understand why whenever they had tried to get him on his back he simply started sinking like a stone, even moving his limbs didn't help.

Sirius finally managed to get his flamingo lilo in the perfect position and settled on it cautiously with a triumphant grin as he managed to stay upright. Though that obviously wasn't going to last long if the quick grins between Harry and Theo was anything to go on. Remus quickly got the camera ready as he smothered his laughter. The two began to leisurely swim towards Lord Black who had his eyes closed – stupidly thinking he was safe – and was humming to himself. With a whispered suggestion both started duuuun dunnn duuuun dun dun dun dun to the Jaws theme tune, Sirius opened his eyes cautiously and took note of the circling that they were now doing of his lilo.

"Now boys there is no need for this, we're all friends here and you don't want to start something you can't finish."

"Duuuuunnn duuunn…duuuuun dun" Theo carried on as Harry dove under one side and reappeared on the other.

"Guys come on, I've housed you! Given you food! And I'm fun! Get Remus when he comes in! Come on, I'm all warm and tanned and ARGH!"

With a very manly shriek, the distinguished lord was heaved over the side as Harry and Theo teamed up to push the lilo up and tossed it over. The head of house Black rose out of the water amid an almost hysterical Remus and the other two exchanging high fives.

"That *cough* was not*cough* fair!"

"And since when have you done anything that's fair!" Remus yelled at him.

They passed a further hour enjoying the water and sunshine, occasionally resting and chatting but mostly playing games.

"Man I am staaarving!" Sirius said as they started the walk back up to the house.

"Padfoot, you're always starving." Remus replied.

"I know but this time I am staaaaaarving."

"Good to know the difference." Theo piped up with a grin.

"Indeed, right now my stomach is a gaping, empty, gnawing hole deep within me."

"Very descriptive."

"Why thank you Messer Moony."

The joking lasted the entire journey and together they entered the kitchen, humming happily at the smells awaiting them and the spread that lay before them on the table.

Thick white rolls with ham and cheese, two round quiches, some potato salad with tomato with chives, slices of cold chicken, cheese savouries and some of Harry's cakes too. Two jugs; one with water and the other with orange juice stood at either end of the table.

"Looks incredible Coodly, thank you very much."

"You is most welcome Master Theo. And Pipky says all your suites have been pressed and steamed and perfect for today."

"Excellent, lets hope we can still fit into them after all this." Sirius said as he sat down with a happy grin.

"Perhaps Master Siri would like the kiddy plate?" Coodly asked with a toothless grin on her face.

"Oh my, you mean to tell me you still have that?" Remus asked chuckling.

"Oh yes sir, we is finding its a good memory."

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"Well sir, Master Jamie and Master Siri used to always be eating too much food at lunch or dinner. So Mistress Euphy told me to serve theirs on kiddy plates to have less." Coodly said as she went to one of the lower cupboards and brought out a plate that was a couple of inches smaller than the ones that were on the table now.

"Did it work?" Theo asked and the little elf's ears drooped slightly.

"Not really, them boys just went back for more."

More stories were told of eating habits as the four finished up their meal.

"So Mum could eat more than Dad!"

"Sometimes, it depended what it was, but you have to remember while your dad and Srius were running around pulling pranks, your mum studied like there was no tomorrow, she wanted to be the best witch she could be so sometimes on the weekend she would get up early and simply study. Stuck in the library all day and only coming out when one of her friends dragged her out and forced her to eat, they she'd realise how hungry she was and simply keep going. I remember one day in our seventh year I went downstairs to find Pettigrew and your dad simply watching her practically open mouthed as she finished her fourth helping of spaghetti and then started in on jacket potatoes." Remus said smilingly.

"Sounds like Tracey to me." Harry said, nudging Theo who laughed.

"Oh yeah, is it true about the Yule Ball?"

"What happened?" Sirius asked almost as eagerly as Harry had done.

"Well obviously, dinner had been early in the evening and then she had dragged Neville out on the dance floor for the next five hours, the poor bloke could barely stand by the end of it. But after we got told to go to bed she declared herself to hungry to sleep and practically dragged us all down to the kitchen where she partook in a midnight feast! Daphne was falling asleep on me but Nev and I couldn't help but stare at Tracey as she gobbled down what could feed a small army!" Harry said as he recalled that night.

"Yeah, plus Tracey always has snacks where ever she goes, in the first few years she used to smuggle sweets into her robes pockets and have them during lessons." Theo said with a snigger.

"Well as wonderful as this all is, I think we should all go and get ready." Remus said, being the practical one and having set an alarm to tell them to do so.

Harry took his time getting ready, he even shaved after his shower and used the spell that Sirius had taught him to somewhat tame his hair. Next he carefully slid on his suit, they'd decided to go muggle today except for Theo who said he just felt slightly more comfortable with the robes on. Harry's suit was a light grey with silver thread running through it and a light green shirt and brown leather dress shoes, he decided to take the jacket too but had a feeling he would discard it soon enough. After checking himself in the mirror that declared him "practically droolworthy my dear!" He decided he was ready, walking over to his desk he slid his Head of House ring on, once again feeling a rush of love for his family as well as a slim black box into his pocket and held the soft, baby blue rose carefully in his hand. With a final nod to himself in the mirror he went downstairs.

Only Remus was down there, the man was in a checked light blue suit with violet thread and a plain white shirt, he had his jacket on with the buttons undone. The cakes and pastries they were taking, neatly packaged and tied with sparkling silver ribbon.

"Well don't we both look dashing." He said with a grin and a pose as his nephew came down the stairs.

"Don't clean up too badly, do we?" Harry responded as he gave a spin at the bottom of the stairs.

"Feeling alright, Prongslet?"

"Better than I thought I'd be, can't lie. I've really missed her." He said quietly, fiddling with the rose and Remus had to smile at the fact he just knew Lily would be awwing at this moment.

"I'm sure she's missed you too, especially if the hours you spend talking to her are anything to go on."

"Its not hours, the last one was only 132 minutes" He returned.

"Oh I do beg your pardon not hours then simply two and ten minutes."


The two were disturbed by Theo coming down the stairs looking very prim and proper in his dark green suit, white shirt and the pale grey robes made of the finest acromantula silk. His hair was swept back to one side and his dark eyes glimmered at them as he walked towards them and held out his arms with a smirk.

"Kneel before me, peasants!"

"Oh mighty sir, you honour us with your presence!" Harry said struggling with his straight face while Remus went down in an attempted curtsy. "Mate, you look awesome!"

"Thanks, you both look good too."

"Aye, I can't see us embarrassing anyone tonight with our appearance." Remus said, buffing his nails on his shoulder.

"Apart from me you ragamuffins." Came a voice from above. They turned to watch Sirius make his grand entrance.

Dressed in a deep burgundy three piece suit with a black shirt and red tie, he had never looked more unlike the fugitive he had once been. His tan was deep and his hair tips stylishly brushing his shoulders, the sunken look was gone, leaving a cheeky grin on his lips while his eyes glinted at them. He made his way down the stairs with his arms spread wide and Harry could just catch a glimpse of the Head of House ring as well as miniature golden lions running over the mans tie.

Harry kissed his fingertips before flinging out his hand.

"Stupendous, beautiful, amazing! Why you're a work of art!"

"Agreed! And I would have to add stunning! Incredible! Sensational!" Remus agreed enthusiastically as he even clapped. They both turned to look at Theo who merely shrugged his shoulders and said with a wink.

"Passable of course."

After some extra ribbing to each other they decided to go on, Harry even restricted himself to going after Sirius who grabbed the boxes of goodies.

"Greengrass Manor, Vivere gratis."

With a swirl of green and black flames he stepped gracefully out of the fire and with another step he had swept his girlfriend up into his arms as he swung her around, giggles spilling from her mouth. Reluctantly setting her on her feet he was gratified to find her arms tightening around his neck; holding him to her. He squeezed her tightly back, resting his head against hers as he revelled in the scent of vanilla and the warmth he found.

"I take you missed me?" He asked gently.

"Only as much as you missed me." Came the slightly muffled voice and he pulled back an inch to be able to look into the deep almost violet eyes that met his.

"How are you?"

"Better now." She said, rising up on her tiptoes to quickly press a kiss against his lips before cuddling back into his arms.

"I have missed you."

"You'd better have. Tori said I was like a troll yesterday."

"A troll, surely not. Mayhap only a banshee?"

They were quiet again, simply enjoying the moment before a cough interrupted them. Daphne groaned as she pulled way.

"What?" She complained as they both turned to face their families who were grinning from ear to ear at them.

Harry took a quick glance around in slight awe. The room – he had already been told by Daphne – would once have been the ballroom, the area of entertainment and excitement. The floor was polished wood, shining so much he knew they must have cleaned it that morning. The walls were white but covered in deep gold décor, mirrors, light holders. One side of the room had several double doors that were at that moment opened to reveal the garden, these doors were also edged with gold and had white curtains by the sides. It was a magnificent room and he had no trouble imagining couples swirling over the floor.

"Stop hogging him." Tori said as she finally escaped her mums grasp and threw herself at Harry.

"Heya Tori, alright?" Harry said as he hugged the little girl back.

"Daphne tried to hex me last night."

"Because you were mocking me!"

"See she even admits it!"

"Alright girls enough; everyone, how about we go outside before the guests arrive." Aquilla said with the same smile as her daughter.

"An excellent idea, my love. Girls why don't you show our guests."

"This way guys!" Tori exclaimed pulling on Harry's sleeve and catching Theos hand as they walked past.

"Do try not to pull their arms from their sockets, dear." Cyrus said with a chuckle.

Harry managed to halt the blonde just as they were passing her parents and held out his hand to shake Cyrus' before pressing a kiss to Aquilla's.

"Thank you for the invitation, it is a pleasure to see you both again." He just about succeeded to get out before the youngest girl pulled hard and had him stumbling after her.

"Pleasure to see you too young man." Cyrus called after him before holding out his arm to his wife and gesturing for Remus and Sirius to follow them. "I'm glad you arrived early, Tori has been almost as excited as Daphne to see them."

"Harry said he was up by 5.30, we almost had to sit on him for him to eat lunch. I'm afraid we decided to bring the fruit of his labours otherwise we'll be eating cake for a month."

"Oh how delicious! Though I hope he did not feel as though he had to." Aquilla said in concern.

"Oh no, not at all, he was simply awake and didn't know what else to do."

By this time they had also made their way out onto the patio and watched in humour has Tori dragged both boys -and Daphne who was still attached to Harry's hand - over to the tables where a few cakes were already laid out protected with fly food covers and from the sun by the large umbrella's that would give some of the guests shade. Several small tables and chairs were laid out while more benches were spread on the lawn. The sun was still beating down softly and the breeze was a touch more vigorous than it had been the day before.

"And here we have some lemon tarts, and these are the scones I helped Mimsy whip the cream and these are –"

"And what are these delicious looking morsals?" Theo said, gently guiding the girls attention a little further away and accepting Harry's grateful smile with a shrug.

"I don't think I've told you, but you do look beautiful." Harry whispered, making sure Tori wouldn't overhear them.

"Thank you, you look rather handsome yourself."

"They don't make a bad looking couple, do they?" Aquilla murmured as she held her husband's arm and watched her little girl.

Daphne in her soft yellow dress that showed off her form and beige heels practically glowed and she talked quietly with the dark-haired boy who looked like he'd never been happier.

Her husband grunted softly.

"Oh come on, you can admit you like him."

"I do like him! Buts that my little girl Ella." He said almost whining, reverting back to his nickname for her.

"She'll always be that, and I think it's safe to say we've got a few more years." His wife lifted his arm and tucked herself near and he pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

"I mean why did they have to look so much like you, why couldn't they be ugly."


"Well you know what I mean! If they looked like Parkinson then I wouldn't have to deal with suitors so much."

"Please don't insult our guests today."

"I won't, I'll merely congratulate them on the fact their daughters won't leave." He said with a grin that had Sirius chocking on air. "You can laugh, but imagine how you'd feel if you had a Goddaughter…"

Immediately Sirius stopped laughing and paled.

"See, you've got it lucky." He said nodding at him.

"As do we, our girl has found a man who clearly adores her, now you tell me that's not wonderful."

"Still don't have to like it." He grumbled once more and Aquilla rolled her eyes to Remus and Sirius who both looked amused rather than insulted.

"Of course you don't darling."

"Neville and Tracey should be here in about 15 minutes, then we have some of the traditional crowd. Dad's Mum will be here with some of her friends and obviously we have some of the wizengamot and Dad's business friends as well as old school mates."

"Quite the do, I didn't realise it was quite as big as all that." Harry said, sliding his arm around Daphne's waist as she moved closer to him.

"Unfortunately it is, Mum started it a few years after Tori was born. I think it started small but once Dad realised, he could make more connections without having to pay extra to attend the races he asked Mum to up it a bit. To be honest none of us really mind and they say its good training for us to keep our tempers and how to deal with people in a more subtle context."

"Ah one of those things that Sirius has been testing me on."

"Hmm, no doubt this will be a practical learning experience for you."

"Well as long as you stay by my side through it, I think I'll be okay."

"Oh of course, I wouldn't leave you to deal with them all. Speaking of dealing with people any more letters about the organisation?"

"Not anything of note, there were a few this morning but I got distracted pretty quickly which is when I decided to bake. Oh that reminds, Sirius can I have the – thank you."

Carefully taking the white box from his guardian he held it out to Daphne who gently pulled the ribbon off it to reveal the cakes.

"Oh Harry, thank you! But why you knew there'd be cake here."

"I didn't want to show up empty handed." The teen said blushing as he remembered the mountain of cake still at home. "And I know you enjoy your eclairs."

Immediately she reached up and stole a kiss before glancing down in delight at the cakes awaiting her, putting them carefully on the table she wrapped her arms back around his waist and gave a small happy sigh. She had really missed him; Tori wasn't wrong when she'd called her a troll. Tracey had found it hilarious especially after Daphne had admitted to already completing all her homework and finished three new books all in the first week despite the business of seeing friends and family. The next week had been taken up with researching more on horcruxes and different methods of occlumency, she'd also decided her summer project was going to be creating a rune of her own. The procedure would be extraordinarily complex and would be similar to a pensieve except images/memories would be projected from the object rather than force a person to be sucked in. It had managed to distract her for a lot of the time and it didn't hurt that her mother had taken both her daughters out for a special day in Diagon Alley where they'd reconnected.

"Children, the wards are ringing. I think its safe to assume that your friends have arrived." Aquilla called, interrupting the discussion that Cyrus and Sirius were having about the legislation they were hoping to put forward in August.

Hurriedly walking back into the cooler house there was a great deal of hugs and noise as Tracey came tumbling through. Her red curls bounced around her head and her aqua green dress matched her pale skin perfectly.

"Oh my gosh I've missed you guys!" She practically shrieked, flinging her arms around Theo and strangling him half to death.

"Missed you too." He gasped out.

"Well obviously, I'm too wonderful not to miss." She said beaming at him before turning to her next target.

Harry grinned nervously at her.

"Heya Trace."

"Harry! My love how are you?"

"Fine thanks, you? How was the holiday?"

"Glorious, absolutely wonderful, nothing compares to French bread!"

Just then the fireplace flared again and Neville stepped out looking quite dapper in a grey suit with a pale blue shirt and light grey robes with blue edging. He stepped out and performed a spin with a grin.

"Not bad eh?"

Just as he finished speaking the green flames went up once more and Lady Longbottom stepped out looking regal in purple robes of noticeable quality. Neville immediately held his arm out and the two swept towards the Greengrass'.

"Lord and Lady Greengrass, it is a pleasure to see you again and thankyou for the honour of the invitation." Neville intoned seriously as he bent to press a kiss to Aquilla's hand as Cyrus did the same to Lady Longbottom.

"Its wonderful to see you again, we hope you enjoy your time in our home." Cyrus said deeply as he shook hands with the younger man.

"Woah, that's daunting." Tracey whispered to Harry who nodded furiously.

After the correct introductions were made, they moved closer to the group and Neville dropped his Grans arm in order to shake Sirius and Remus' hand and hug the others.

"And is everyone enjoying their holiday?"

"Oh yes! Mum, Daphne and I went to London the other day and -"Astoria immediately charged ahead with her holidays while the others watched in amusement as she scarcely took a breath.

Luckily Sirius and Remus took charge of her and kept up an endless stream of questions to keep her occupied while the teens caught up with each other and all that happened.

"Grans actually doing a lot better, letting me make more of my decisions and contribute more to the seat, she's also eager about August even if she doesn't show it. And your interview with the Quibbler! That was fantastic!"

"It was brilliant, wasn't it! Even Mum said you sounded older than she knew you to be. And Dad said he'd have to 'keep an eye on what you do next' I think they're secretly looking at contributing to the organisation but not 100% sure." Tracey said grinning widely at them

"So far we've had four letters from people with lycanthropy who want to be a part of it, Moony is so excited about it, we have a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the details and actually get the ball rolling."

"And when are the Unspeakables getting in touch?"

"Well Sirius and I have been talking and he's agreed to have a meeting with them after Griphook just so that we have more of an idea but nothing is being done until after our birthdays. Besides we're still pretty busy for the next few weeks with double checking the laws and ultimately trying to stop the Prophet from making wild accusations about us. We are also having an official 'conversation' with the Minister and Madam Bones. They want to go over the details again to ensure they have everything for when the trials start."

"I'm amazed that Fudge actually allowed her to do her job, Dad told me that as soon as Moody had recovered, he was up and about back to his old job of rounding them up." Tracey said.

"Yeah Gran told me the same, apparently he's been even more thorough and paranoid."

"Well he was stuck in a trunk for a year…if that doesn't make you paranoid I don't know what will." Tracey replied.

"How are you guys feeling about O.W.L.'s?" Daphne asked quickly before the conversation could get too dark.

What an extremely English party. Harry thought two hours later as he looked around.

The event was clearly in full swing, older ladies sat on the table with huge hats that had giant flowers or pieces of fruit on them. Younger couples were standing in circles with glasses of wine with flowing robes of quality discussing politics or education or the broom racing tournament. The tables were overflowing with the cakes and now several people dressed in plain shirt and trousers with aprons walked around offering small sandwiches or salmon rolls.

Harry and friends had been split up about half an hour ago; starting with Neville who'd been dragged by his Gran to socialise with the 'grey area' people (his words). On that cue Sirius had waved Harry over and introduced him a few people, he'd only been allowed to escape after a Mr Roland Fawley had finished his explanation of dark creatures and why they needed to be contained.

"You look like you just escaped the firing squad." Teased Tracey as he joined her on one of the benches, she already had several plates on the small round table in front and gestured at him to eat up.

"I feel like I have, I never knew people could go on so much." He complained as he tucked into the cheese sandwich ravenously.

"It'll help, I promise. I could see the way he responded to you, he listened and that will help in future and I'm pretty sure your guardians were impressed with how you handled his comments about lycanthropes."

"I almost lost it when he called them dark creatures, had to stop myself from hitting him. I didn't want to cause any embarrassment." He admitted.

"Oh Harry no, the only way you could be an embarrassment is if you didn't stand up for what you believed in. You stood firm in your convictions and you responded well, be proud of yourself!"

"Thanks Trace, I appreciate it."

"Ah no problem, go try those biscuity creamy things. Super delicious!"

Soon the group got back together, Daphne and Theo joining them from their conversations and eagerly diving into the food with Daphne settling onto her boyfriend's lap to give Theo a place to sit in the middle.

"How does she do it?" Harry asked as he watched Astoria glibly talking to one of the wizengamot members, her mother standing by her side interjecting every now and then.

"Tori's always been a little more out then than me. When Mum and Dad had people over, she would go down there in her best dress and just…shine." Daphne said with a fond smile as she watched her sister. "She can't only talk it up but she fully acts like it, she loves acting the part and her personality always has people trusting her. For only being barely a teen, she can act the part of being out in the world for years."

"She's alright though, your parents look out for her. And you." Harry said kissing her shoulder quickly, sensing the slight worry in her voice.

She smiled at him quickly before returning her gaze to her little sister.

"I know that she's okay all in all, just sometimes I remember when she used to run in my room because there was a spider in hers and she refused to sleep in there. And now here she is talking about the Decree of Justifiable Confiscation, I can't believe it half the time… she just switches on the charm."

"She learnt it from the best."

She huffed a laughter and put down her plate to wind both arms around his neck.

"To be fair your boyfriend is right. I remember times at the Ministry ball and other events when you could easily have politicians eating out of the palm of your hand. Father hated that because I never put myself out there like you did." Theo said, remembering his father's agitation when his son refused to suck up to Malfoy like Crabbe and Goyle did.

"Well in all fairness I was never pushed to making connections with the 'dark side' at most it was the grey area and even though only in business terms. Dad made sure I was never alone at those events because he wasn't sure what some people would try to do to me."

"What do you mean?" Tracey asked having never really heard more detail about those events than 'it sucked'.

"It doesn't happen often but a number of times the oldest daughter had been taken advantage of an made a deal that she technically wouldn't be qualified to make but the opponent has worded it in such a way that to no go through with it, it would seem dishonour on the family. There have also been a few occasions especially in the olden days where children have found themselves engaged to spare the family embarrassment as they have been caught in compromising situations." Neville said as he came to stand with them.

"They really do that?" Tracey asked in disbelief.

"I'm afraid so, it was how the houses of Avery and Burke joined in 1740. Until his death Mathias Burke insisted nothing had happened but Dolores Avery had tripped and yet they were engaged from the ages of fourteen and fifteen. Of course the fact the Avery's needed money and several suitors had already rejected Dolores had nothing to do with it. Oh and Harry, Sirius is looking for you."

"Thanks, I'd better go." He said standing up quickly and scanning the patio for his godfather and heading towards the cake stand where Sirius was standing with Lady Longbottom and a gentleman who looked to be in his late 40's and wore causal day robes with a suit underneath.

Before he could join them however a man stepped out in front of him and held his hand out with a sneer.

"Mr Potter, such an honour to have you here with us. My name is Simeon Rosier, Head of House Rosier."

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance though it is Lord Potter, Lord Rosier."

As they shook hands Harry attempted to remember all he could about the family, they were one of the 28 families, followed the Lestranges, spent most of their time abroad, claimed imperius.

"I must say I am surprised to see you and your…guardians here. Such an event is not one I would picture you at."

Trying not to allow his annoyance to show Harry tried to remain as polite as possible.

"Well we were delighted to receive an invitation from Lord and Lady Greengrass, how could we possible have said no. If you'll excuse me, my Godfather needs me."

"Oh I'm sure he can do without your company for a little while. You've managed without his for 12 years after all. Now tell me more about this fascinating venture."

Ignoring the dig for now Harry focused on the latter part.

"I beg your pardon? What venture?"

"Why your little werewolf project of course!" Rosier said loudly and Harry saw several eyes immediately turn his way. "It seems like such an extreme outcome to something that our ministry has dealt with for years."

"Sir, I believe you have misunderstood the purpose and goal of what I and my family are trying to achieve. We believe that people with lycanthropy deserve respect, freedom of movement and the right to live anywhere at anytime they want. The organisation created will help these witches and wizards to improve their quality of life. I think the Ministry have handled this as well as they can, unfortunately something like this not only takes times and money but also a passion, an insider motivation in order to complete the work which some people in the Ministry do resent."

"Tut tut Mr Potter, it almost sounds like you resent the Ministry. Perhaps for the wrongs that have done against Black?"

"Certainly not, I hold the Ministry in high regard particularly Madam Bones who worked so hard to exonerate my Godfather from his illegal incarceration."

"Yes and we were all so grateful to see the Black Lord be free. You must have been so alone these last few years it can be hard on a young soul, where were you living?" The man asked with a strange gleam in his eyes.

"I grew up quickly in my relatives house." Harry said shortly wanting nothing more than to be away from the man and even half turned away to carry on.

"Yes well they protected you from the Dark Lord, didn't they?" He said with a sneer.

Harry froze and turned back slowly to face him a small smirk on his face so as to not show how concerned he was.

"Yes, I survived and have escaped death twice now. Not sure how many people can say that."

"I hardly think you managed to defeat him, boy. Did not the aurors come quite soon?"

"I certainly managed to stand against him and his pets." Harry said coldly and inwardly winced at his language knowing it was too much of a snap decision.

"Pets?" Came the almost mild response, but Harry could hear the cold rage boiling below.

"Oh perhaps that's a rather derogatory term isn't it, but you must admit they do nothing but follow their master. Every decision that was made, he made for them. Without him they just…are nothing." He said looking straight into Lord Rosiers eyes and seeing the simmering heat that had him wondering if baiting the man was a good idea in the end.

"I think they managed to fight their fair share of battles, they followed a cause they believed in." The sentence was practically growled out.

"Hm led by a half-blood."

Rosier reared back, his eyes wide in shock and rage.

"You lie!" He hissed.

"Check it yourself then, now if you do excuse me. My guardian is most insistent I join him."

As he stepped away Rosier hand shot out and hated him.

"Be very careful Potter, you won't always have friends to help you out." He murmured, holding Harry's gaze.

"Funny, we seem to be quite isolated now, don't we?" He said back bluntly and felt the mans hand flex before abruptly removing it and walking away.

Harry exhaled and put a pleasant smile on his face as he neared his guardian who was looking at him in semi-concern.

"Alright there, Prongslet?"

"Got through it, Pads. Madam Longbottom, how are you holding up?"

"Very well young man, and I don't know what you said to Lord Rosier but I commend you for it. I have not seen him so discombobulated in years. Bravo."

Harry bowed his head with a smile, if the scariest woman in existence thought he'd done well then he wouldn't think any more of it.

"Thank you, my lady. Forgive me sir but I don't believe I have made your acquaintance, I am Harry Potter."

"A pleasure Lord Potter, I am Giffard Abbot. I'm sorry I cannot stay, I promised my wife I would be home by five however I look forward to August session."

After he had left, Sirius excused them for Madam Longbottom's presence and ushered him to a corner.

"You're sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine really, though perhaps when we get home you can watch the memory, I think he's someone we need to watch out for."

"Hm, Madam Bones sent me a note about the Rosiers, they were in Switzerland at the time of Riddle's disappearance which is why they were never brought in for questioning."

"Should we consider him a person of interest?" The vast amount of crime films they'd watched breaking through into his speech.

"I believe so, now get back to your friends or actually have some cake first before I eat it all!"

"Aye Aye sir!"