We're Getting Through This

Chapter 9

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The Farm was a part of the Potter estate near Norwich, the main house was about two miles away from where the farm was situated. While the house had been made habitable and was clearly a made of money home, it was the farm that Harry had had the vision for after they had visited it and then begun to talk about starting the organization. The main compound was originally the farmhouse with five other large buildings; two of which still had a few bundles of straw and hay inside them as well as various leather leads and a few bundles of wood and milk churns. The third had a vast amount of crates in it but nothing else to signify what it could be and the fourth had old tools in it which Remus had hurriedly turned Sirius away from before he could spot the scythes. The last building they'd turned into another farmhouse, it was smaller than the main one but had a large open kitchen and living space with a small bathroom and then upstairs was 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. The main farmhouse was a picturesque stone building with a large open kitchen; dining and seating area, there was a bathroom and a small study. Upstairs was another bathroom and 6 bedrooms, not large but not small either and all could fit a double bed, desk and wardrobe. The buildings were all opposite each other with a large paved centre which could comfortably hold up to seven cars. Behind the house was a large garden which Remus had decided to make into a kitchen garden with strawberries, blackberries, rhubarb, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, beans, courgettes as well as mint, thyme, rosemary, basil and coriander. He had high hopes for all the plants though Harry had had to give him instructions on the care they all needed as well as stopping the man from cutting down several of the plants as he mistook them for weeds…The estate had 1242 acres in total and it was only going to be partly due to magic that it would be able to run efficiently at least until more showed up.

The first meeting of them all was going well, Remus had previously met with all the lycanthropes a few days before in order to introduce them to one another and to help ease them all into it. He had returned looking both upset and angry and had delved into an hour-long rant about people's treatment of each other and how ugly and rotten some could be and why couldn't we all just live happily together. Now seeing those that wished to make the Farm their home Harry had to agree.

Anna Martin was by far the healthiest looking one, with short blonde hair and green eyes the woman still had noticeable strength in her body. Apparently after finding work so difficult to find in England she had travelled to France where she had worked in several different farms before various accidents caused her to move back. She and Remus had met a total of three times now and eagerly entered conversation with each other to discuss various new methods they'd discovered from crop farming. She had been bitten almost nine years ago and had coped with finding rooms with friends as well as finding work which allowed her to live enough.

Daniel and Melissa Perry with nine -year-old Samuel were the first family that had shown interest in the Farm and after Remus had added three more layers of wards to the original two before he had finally allowed them to join. It was Melissa who was a witch and had Lycanthropy and although the family had stayed together it was clear the stress had taken its toll. All three of them were slim and pale, eyes too big for their faces and clothes hanging off their shoulders. They had lived in Colchester with Daniel working in a restaurant as a sous chef and Melissa in a bank position when she had been attacked almost five years ago. Samuel had been almost four and although it had been terrifying, with the help of Melissa's parents the family had managed to stay together. Unfortunately, just two years later her parents had died and due to the anti-werewolf and anti-muggle laws the family hadn't been able to inherit the house leaving them without a safe place for Daniel and Sammy while Melissa transformed. They had been living on their savings while Daniel took the odd job and Melissa stayed out of work to home-school their son when they had found out about the Farm and figured it was the best thing for all of them. Sam had actually warmed up to them all fairly quickly as Harry and Sirius had begun asking him all sorts of questions and telling funny stories about each other; but his parents had taken a bit longer to relax in their surroundings and with a big group of people.

Oscar Shepherd had been working at the Ministry of Magic when he had been attacked at the age of twenty-four; he was quickly fired for a small misdemeanour that no one could actually prove was him but that naturally didn't matter. He had been on his own for a few years until he had reluctantly become a part of Greyback's pack, as soon as their article had come out, he had been one of the first to respond. Like the Perry's he was pale and skinny, his dark hair and eyes had lost the sheen of healthy living and his hands were covered in blisters from where he had taken on work as paper round boy, shipping assistant and unloading and reloading packages from Tesco's.

Theresa Russell was another muggle-born lady who had been used to transforming for fifteen of her twenty-eight years. Having grown up in the muggle world she'd managed to dodge in and out to find work so although looking healthier than Shepherd, the way she kept rubbing her forehead and the stress lines around her eyes showed it had affected her. Having another Greyback survivor brought back a lot of memories for Remus and after hearing her story he had insisted on her staying for as long as she wished and even shared his personal experiences.

Timothy and Joy Baker and twelve-year-old Robert (Bobby) were the second family to respond, with Bobby having been a lycanthrope for only the last year. The parents were at their wits end, having grown used to locking their son in the basement for the last 12 months and yet not understanding how to help him or what they could do. Having a family-owned law firm it had been on a trip to Timothy's brother – a wizard – that their son had strayed from the house with his cousins and had been attacked. Apart from their son taking on a slightly more violent personality around the full moon, they'd had a constant use of wolfsbane with them both taking part time jobs in various stores as they took care of their son. Following an episode at his school they had withdrawn him and started to home-school while keeping him away from society; they hoped the farm would give them the chance to start saving again and give their son the ability to be able to start socialising once more.

Although there were twelve others still to come these were the first responders to the article and Remus had wanted to get them settled into their new place to get things started. The farm wouldn't be up and running until the 10th like Griphook had said but they figured it would be good for people to start to feel at home and be able to explore their new place as well as find other people like themselves. Apart from the fight of families and children, the biggest issue about the Farm had been the issue of where Remus would stay. He and Sirius had gone into a deep and long discussion about it after Remus had agreed to having children stay.


"You know they're going to need their alpha with them." Sirius remarked.

"Hmm" Came the uninterested response from Remus as he took another sip of his fire whisky and then frowned as the words penetrated his brain. "Wait, what do you mean?"

"Well you're going to have to live there Moony, make sure everything runs smoothly, make sure everyone gets along."

Remus' brow furrowed even more and he leaned back, the firewhisky he had poured only a minute earlier sloshing around the glass.

"I know in my head that I should do but I can't help but feel as though that's the wrong decision."

"What do you mean?"


Sirius frowned and sat up to regard his best friend who took the hint and spoke.

"We've only just got him back, I feel like if I leave then I'm saying there's other things more important."

"Oh Moony…that's not-"

"I know that's not what it looks like and I know he'd understand. But in my head that's what I'm doing, I'm leaving him and you and I just…I don't think I can."

Sirius sighed and took a gulp of his drink, settling back in his chair as he thought about the problem. It was an issue and he knew exactly what Remus meant by it. They'd only officially had Harry consistently in their lives for 7 months, and that was in an extremely stressful situation and they'd almost lost him. Harry of course would tell them they were being ridiculous and to get on with it and would probably drag Remus to the Farm himself.

"Moony, Harry knows you love him."

"I know, but-"

"No not buts. Harry knows you love him, end of story, okay?"

Remus gave a rueful grin.

"Harry knows I love him." He repeated.

"And he knows you would 100% rather stay with him."

"He does."

"But he also knows that we all have responsibilities that are bigger now than simply being with each other."

"You're still with him." Remus said somewhat stubbornly.

"Not when I have to keep running off to wizengamont meetings. Besides you had the whole of third year with him."

"Not really." He complained.

"Nah nah nah, just because you were too scared to say anything doesn't mean you didn't have the chance to."

Remus conceded to that with a huff while Sirius watched with a fond smile.

"Harry knows you love him, but you have a responsibility to others now too. A responsibility that Harry practically volunteered you for, you need to be there."

Remus sipped the rest of his drink in a sullen silence before raising his head in defeat and nodding to his friend.

"You're right and I know. It's just…I'm gonna miss him and you."

"We're not dying, Moony and neither are you." Came a voice from behind them and Sirius chuckled as his Godson walked in and settled on the seat next to him.

Remus glared half-heartedly at him before a smile broke through too.

"You heard everything, didn't you?"

"Of course. I'm the son of a marauder. And you should know I think this is ridiculous." He replied completely unashamedly.

"I feel like I'm abandoning you both."

"I know you do. And nothing I say will make you feel better but you know that I know you wouldn't leave unless I practically forced you to. This is a huge thing we're doing with the Farm, and it can only succeed with you there. I would love for you to be able to continue to stay here but we both know that's not possible, they need you. You've done a good job with me, I can now state firmly and fully believing that I have people in this world who care and love me." The young man said without a hint of hesitation. "That's been made possible by you."


"And Sirius." He amended with an eyeroll and mouthed 'so needy' at Remus who grinned back. "The point is, is that you're not leaving us, you're not abandoning me in my hour of need. You'll be two seconds away by fire call and we'll make sure to send letters too. And we're still gonna have a while before school starts again so we'll spend a few days down with you then too."

Remus nodded slightly happier about it than he was before.

"Okay then, looks like I'm moving out."

Flashback ends

Harry came back to the present as Theo nudged his shoulder.

"You alright?"

"Yeah just thinking. What do you think of everything?"

Theo shrugged and looked over the group that was starting to walk around the area that would be their new home.

"I think they'll get on well together, the families will especially connect even if the boys are different ages, I reckon they'll get on really well. The singles will decide on how to react and respond to each other as time goes but all seem to be eager and happy to be here."

Harry nodded. That's what mattered, that they were all happy.

"I hope they are, and with others arriving next month and more hopefully when the bill is passed it will get people more willing to come and be a part of the community. I'm thinking of donating some toys and kids stuff to."

"That's a good idea, although being in a new place will be exciting, I can't imagine it's too fun in the rain." Theo replied, looking up at the sky that was grim and smothered in clouds. "Some new clothes, might also be an idea. I know there are toiletries and food already in the houses but looking at the lack of luggage they brought… Might need to have the house elves pick something up."

Harry nodded, determined that no one that he had promised to take care of would ever need to wear hand me downs.

They followed the group who had just entered the smaller farmhouse, they'd decided the singles would stay in the large farmhouse and the families would share the smaller one in hopes the boys would find it easier to bond. They all seemed pleased with the size of the place and Daniel immediately began exclaiming over the kitchens marble surfaces and the two ovens. His wife merely shook her head fondly and said...

"You should see him in B&Q, I took him there for Valentines Day once."

"And it was the best one yet." Daniel quipped as he wrapped his wife in his arms and kissed her cheek, happily looking around and seeing the lives they could live.

"James and Sirius hired out a chocolate shop for my 18th birthday." Remus said dreamily. "That was the best birthday ever."

"You had an entire chocolate shop?" Sammy asked in awe.

"Well I only got it for an hour, but there was no else in the shop and I could buy as much of everything as I wanted." Remus said proudly.

"And he ate a lot of it and then was surprised when he got a stomach ache." Sirius injected and rolled his eyes as everyone started laughing at a mock scowling Remus.

"I wouldn't have kept eating if you hadn't dared me." He argued.

"Well where's the fun in that!"

The tour continued with the group asking each questions and each telling their stories of their pasts. Bobby and Sammy hit it off and began playing tag with each other and pretty soon the group heard the laughter of the two of them as they tripped in the barn and began a hay fight.

Moving into the main farmhouse, the kettle was put on and they all went to the seating area to slump down onto the sofa's. It was during a lull in the conversation that Theresa spoke up.

"I don't know how you all feel and I'm not speaking for anyone but I'd like to thankyou for everything. Honestly this place is so much more than I could have ever hoped for and thank you for doing this."

"Agreed, without this all coming together I don't know how the next year would have gone for us. And yet here we are in a safe place with people who understand us." Timothy Baker said warmly.

The others quickly chimed in with their own thanks and appreciation; Sirius, Remus and Harry didn't quite know what to say and simply blushed and the praise they'd been given. Theo smirked and quickly turned his head to avoid being caught though he nudged Harry to speak as the silence carried on.

"Oh erm…thankyou. We're happy to help provide such a place for you. It means a lot to know that you all already feel comfortable here." Harry glanced at his guardians who were smiling at him encouragingly and he straightened in his seat slightly. "I want to help people, my guardians want to help people, things have been unfair for so long and they need to change. Doing this for you all, is the least we can do. You guys deserve a place to feel safe and respected just like anyone."

The lycanthropes beamed at him and conversation picked up with Remus taking over and explaining the roles of the place and how it worked as more people would begin arriving. The boys dragged Theo and Harry out for a game of football that quickly got competitive and the adults sussed that they'd split into teams of Harry and Sammy versus Bobby and Theo as shrieks came in through the window.

"That's cheating!" Came little Sammy's voice sounding incredibly indignant but also giggling.

"It is not!" Theo's equally indignant voice came back.

"As team mate I would have to say that what you did was cheating." Came Harry's.

"I'd say it was using his strength to his advantage, well within the rules of the game." Came Bobby's and then more shrieks and laughter was heard. The adults shook their heads at the various arguments but it was when Sirius went to get some more butterbeer that Joy followed him to express her thanks once again.

"Its been so long so we heard him laugh, he's struggled so much this last year, he's become so withdrawn. It means the world that you all have managed to make him so comfortable, thank you for giving my son his life back. I hope your family remains happy always." She said and quickly took the tray from the Lord who was trying hard not to let his emotions get the better of him. He turned to look out the window and smiled as he watched his own Godson sprint past followed by Theo – who was already an important part of their family – and a Bobby who was yelling for his team mate to "get 'im!"

Sirius hoped so too, but with the next year looming and the threat of Riddle out there…he was so unsure.

By the time they had returned home, they were all exhausted and it was almost the next day. They'd stayed to discuss everything and anything and then dinner had been brought out and they'd spent even longer talking about their lives and the directions they were all taking.

Harry had been proclaimed adorable by the women after he had teased him mercilessly about Daphne and blushed brightly. Of course Theo hadn't been much better after he had stammered out an excuse after the question of why he hadn't asked his crush out yet.

The conversation had turned to Hogwarts and Sammy had been full of questions about the moving stairs, talking portraits and the forbidden forest. The marauders kept them entertained with stories of their days, leaving out any that involved the rat. Harry also kept the magic alive by explaining his wonder during his first year, meeting unicorns and dragons and his first conversation with a real ghost! Sammy was completely enthralled and though he downplayed his excitement, Bobby was eager for more tales too. Most of the adults had gone to Hogwarts too though Theresa had been home schooled after her attack as had Oscar and they all described their first years too and the excitement they'd faced. A darker tone was added when they spoke about the prejudice that they'd faced and extra work they'd all had to do in order to prove themselves to certain classmates as well as professors. Bobby had caused an awkward silence when he'd asked Sirius about his years after Hogwarts.

Noting the silence he'd immediately begun apologising and retreating into the corner of the sofa as he glanced around the adults with trepidation.

"Oh no its not that." Sirius had said with a strained smile. "It's just not a very happy time. But I spent some time in the aurors, occasionally being lent out to the Hit Wizards."

"Really?" Daniel leapt in, eager to help shift the conversation from the time in prison. " That's an elite squad."

Sirius puffed up immediately and his family rolled their eyes.

"Well of course, you see although the auror worked like regular police, the hit wizards were in charge of tracking down and taking out the dark wizards."

As he told stories of the team that he and James had made and their quick advancement into situations, Boddy gradually came back and began to question the man. By the time they left, things had smoothed over and after a hard enough struggle to say goodbye the three settled into the parlour beds like they'd been doing for the last however many nights inside Potter Manor.

"I think that went very well, don't you?" Sirius said as he gratefully accepted the juice from Coodly.

"They seem awesome." Harry said enthusiastically, remembering the way Sammy had giggled as he'd swept him up onto his shoulders when they'd won a goal. "Though its strange that Remus isn't here."

"I knew something was missing." Theo said from his curled-up position and they all grinned though it faded quickly.

"He'll be okay, won't he Padfoot?" Harry asked, scrapping his thumb over the edge of his glass, turning dark green eyes onto his guardian who shrugged and nodded simultaneously.

"Moony can handle himself and he is needed there, he just needs to make sure that they all seem him as Alpha."

"I don't think that will be a problem, did you see how he fielded all their questions and made sure to keep an eye on everyone." Theo said.

"True, and they made sure to ask him everything first." Harry remarked, remembering the way that each person looked to his uncle for guidance.

"Exactly, even if they haven't formally declared their allegiance to him. I'd bet my entire inheritance that their wolves have already submitted to him and recognised him for what he is."

The others accepted his word on the matter and only a few minutes later did everyone start to drift off.

The next morning Harry was the first to wake, noticing the time he decided it was perfectly adequate to call his girlfriend who he hadn't spoken to for several days, being too busy with making sure the Farm was ready.

Swiftly moving from the parlour to the library he settled down quickly, muttered the password and stuck his head through to the Greengrasses living room; Cyrus was already seated, a plate of fruit by his side as he idly flipped over the pages of the book that rested on his lap.

He glanced up and smiled at the floating head of the Boy-Who-Lived.

"Good morning, Lord Potter. How do the last few days treat you?"

Harry grinned at the man's incredibly formal tone and returned it.

"Excellently, my Lord Greengrass. The sun doth shine and the air is pure."

"Indeed, magic has smiled upon you."

"Indeed she has, and you sire? Has the magic spread to your family?"

At this the older gentleman grinned and leaned forward, resuming his easy going nature.

"We're all well thankyou, Aquilla is still brimming with joy over the success of her garden party and Astoria is still moaning that her cheeks are aching from all the smiling. How did the visit to the Farm go?"

"More brilliant than we could ever have hoped for, the people are very kind and eager to settle into their new home. Remus stayed with them last night and will again tonight but will be back soon to give a report and then we'll have a night with him before he returns."

"I hope its favourable, I've had quite a few grey area Lords ask me about it and I'm pleased by their responses."

"Yes, we've had a few more asking what they can donate and do, The Quibbler was an excellent idea for advertisement use. Now we just need to make sure it actually runs."

"I think it will go brilliantly, Harry. Would you like me to call Daphne?"

"If its not too much trouble, she did say if I wasted any time in not telling her about my trip she wouldn't make our next greeting as nice as it was for the party."

"Ah then I shall make haste!" The father said with a wide grin and said goodbye before going to find his eldest.

Harry took the chance to look around the area, he'd seen it a few times now and Daphne had even told him a few of the stories that occurred within the room. It was the private living area and apparently almost no one had access to it apart from close family. When Lord Greengrass had political meetings, they were taken to the library; when Lady Greengrass had her society meetings they were taken into the parlous. Even Tracey had only been in there once. It was kept private for many reasons though one of the most important was that it was where the Greengrass' kept their family grimoire. It had been started in the fourteenth century and each member was only allowed to view it once they came to be the age of thirteen. It held many family secrets, including spells, wards, safehouses, family history and recipes; Daphne had told him about it after he'd found his grandfather's study and he had told her some of the things written in various notebooks. The room itself showed off the family life to perfection. Pictures covered the walls, some of them magical, some of them muggle. Craft pieces that the girls had done when they were younger were framed or placed up on the shelves. The bookshelves had educational, fictional and non-fiction books piled in and many other interesting displays of the familial love stood around him. He grinned at the sight of a badly drawn portrait of Daphne and Astoria that he knew Daphne had done when she was nine. She'd told him that although it kept her constantly embarrassed when she saw it, it also made her happy to see how carefully her parents treated the things that she may once have thought were rubbish.

Wondering what his parents would have saved of him he was knocked out of his thoughts as the door and opened quietly and Daphne slipped in. She hurried over and quickly settled in front of the head of her boyfriend.

"Long time no see!" She said with a grin and Harry laughed in response.

"I know I know, I've just had so much going on. How are you? You look great."

"Thanks, we went to Italy for the weekend and spent time by one the lakes. It was glorious! Now tell me about the Farm?"

They spent time talking about the people and how they seemed and the impressions Harry got from them. Daphne was delighted to hear about how well they'd all got on and their wanting to settle in quickly.

"It sounds like an excellent start, though I'm sorry you're missing Remus."

"I'm not missing him per say." Harry hedged before crumpling under his girlfriend's gaze. "Fine it was super weird not having him here last night."

"I know but it'll get better and you know this is important. But it does suck, I remember my first night at Hogwarts. Even though I'm used to being away from my parents for sleepovers and things and Tracey was in the bed next to me I still felt alone and missed them so much."

"Do you still?" Harry asked.

"Oh definitely, I mean its easier now obviously but that first night still is difficult, and when a day has been tough. But as I said it does get easier."

"Thanks Daph. I just worry as well, Theo says there's little doubt the wolves have accepted him but he's still unsure as an alpha, you know."

"I think its wise to be concerned but not overly so. Remus is a very smart, very brave and very understanding man. He knows he is in charge and he won't be afraid to show it but I think his experiences as a lycanthrope and also as a teacher has shown him to treat people in a different way in order to show he's in charge rather than throw around orders or anything like that."

"That's true, Remus would never feel comfortable acting like an army officer. Thank you, I appreciate it."

"Anytime, now how are you feeling about your birthday?"

"I think Sirius is more excited than me and even Theo can't wait for it."

The rest of the morning was spent talking about birthdays and by the time they called it off Harry was feeling a little better about missing his uncle.

He went downstairs and found Theo still asleep while Sirius made a menace of himself in the kitchens by trying to sneak food while Coodly tried to organise breakfast.

"Honestly Master Siri you is as much trouble now as you were as a boy!" The house elf said completely exasperated though a smile was breaking through.

"I can't help it! It all looks and smells so good!" The man whined as he nicked another piece of bacon.

"Padfoot how old are you?" Harry asked sitting at the table in his usual place.

"A very good looking thirty-year-old, thank you very much."

"Really, thirty…that's what you're going with." Harry asked with an exaggerated look up and down his guardian who gasped indignantly.

"And what is that suppose to mean?"

"Well you're closer to forty now…"

Sirius stood up straight and pointed an unwavering finger at his Godson.

"Treason! Mutiny! Off with his head! Walk the plank! How dare you sir we shall fight to the -!"

"There be no fighting in my kitchen!"

Sirius froze immediately as the high voice that shrieked at him and his eyes turned away from his godson to the house elf who was waving a rolling pin in his direction.

"No fighting or no breakfast!" Coodly squealed with a growl in her voice and a scowl on her forehead. Immediately Sirius dropped his hand and mumbled.

"Yes ma'am."

Harry burst out laughing and it wasn't long before Sirius joined in alongside the other house elves who continued with their work, glad of the laughter in the house that stood empty for so long.

"So how was Daphne?"

"Oh she's good, they went to Italy for a few days and Astoria pushed her into a fountain. But they had a brilliant time and her runes project is going well, she helped me about talking to Remus too which was nice and can't wait for the party either. She says hi by the way." He said taking a couple of grapes from the bowl and fiddling with them.

"You alright?"

"Yeah its fine."


"It's just…fire calling isn't the most comfortable position to stay in for two hours. And don't get me wrong I love talking to her but I find ash everywhere and its not the nicest feeling to be in… within the heat and all. Daph has said its still kinda peculiar to see my head bobbing amongst the flames too. Just wish I could speak with her a bit more easily. Mobile phones are getting better, I've been thinking about buying her one for her birthday or Christmas but she won't be able to have it at Hogwarts only at home so I'm not sure if it's a bit much, you know?"

Sirius suddenly smacked his forehead.

"Of course I completely forgot, wait right here."

And in another second he was gone leaving Harry to gape stupidly at the space he use to occupy.

"Anyone know what that was about?" He asked the room at large.

"Master Siri has always been an oddball." Said Kipsky, one of the other kitchen elves.

Harry bit his lip to stop the smile from breaking through and in a choked voice agreed.

Just as he reached for his orange juice Sirius came crashing back through the door.

"Here, your Dad and I made them at school. Used them when we were in separate detentions so we could still talk. Used to drive Slughorn mad." He said cheerfully as he handed Harry a small rectangular box about the size of an A5 page. Opening it up carefully he was surprised to see himself looking back, raising an eyebrow at his guardian he took the mirror out and held it in his hands.

Sirius looked at it with pride and a little bit of sadness too.

"We made them ourselves in third year, we'd began designing them through a change in the protean charm. Took us months to figure out which runes to use and which spells to adapt but eventually we got it."

"What do you do?"

"Simply say my name."

"Sirius Black." His image wavered and he heard a faint buzzing, glancing up he watched as a grinning Sirius held up his own mirror which was vibrating slightly. As soon as he held it in front of his face Harry's own mirror reflected that of his guardians.

"That's brilliant! Does it have a maximum range? How does it work?"

"It doesn't have a maximum range, we even used it when we would travel. It's a nifty thing I'll show you later but right now all you need to know is that that is for you. Keep it on you whenever possible; I'll do the same, Remus also has one and we can do calls between all of us, the mirror will simply split into two. Use it whenever you want, okay?"

"Of course –"

"No Harry I mean it. Whenever you want okay not need."

Harry watched his Godfathers grey eyes and nodded solemnly.

"I promise."

Sirius nodded happily and then tucked into his full English.

Theo came through rubbing his eyes free of sleep and slid with a humph into his chair and practically inhaled his eggs..

"Sleep alright?"

"I thought I was quite a fit man, I run, work out and obviously duel with you lot." The Nott heir said still scoffing down his food. "I never knew kids had so much energy. I ache all over."

"I know exactly what you mean, this one used to have five adults running after him and still managed to have more energy than all of us, the only way to get him to stop was literally to strap him down even eating was a disaster."

"I remember doing sports at primary school. That was pretty tiring but Quidditch has more adrenaline so I don't feel it as much. I guess all the gardening and chore work I did for my relatives plus the walking to get away from them kept me relatively fit."

"I spent my years running around the castle, I'm fit as a fiddle. Though your mum would have made sure you did every muggle spont imaginable."


"Oh yeah she loved it! Badminton and swimming, tennis, even tried gold at one point. But rounders was one of her favourites. Many a time did she drag us all out for games, your parents would have made you into one fit man plus your grandfather was mad about cricket…never understood the game myself."

"My father never had time for me in that case. Once my mother died everything was left to the house elves, he was only interested if I did anything to 'disgrace the family name'. He was furious when I rejected Malfoys offer to be one of his lackeys. Can't imagine what he would have done if I showed a bit of interest in something so common as sport." Theo said darkly.

"Join the club, my parents only made sure to see me when punishment was necessary; which in my case was rather regular, they certainly didn't care about me enjoying sports. After all the Black heir need not mix with less worthy children, especially those who were tainted." Sirius said looking off to the side with a frown.

"My relatives locked me in a cupboard for 10 years and pretended I didn't exist, can't see them driving me down for my sporting events."

They were all quiet, contemplating their lives and the mood in the kitchen was quite dark with the house elves nervously glancing at each other when a voice broke through sounding slightly amused.

"I leave you all for one night and you turn into a bunch of depressing daisies!"


Came the great cry of voices and within 2 seconds the man was ensconced in a smothering hug between his two-favourite people until Sirius dragged Theo into their fold too.

"Now that's what I call a nice reception, but seriously why all droopy." Remus asked still slightly worried.

"Talking about the rottenness of our old families." Sirius said cheerfully as he kept his arms locked around his friend who had his arms pinned to his sides.

"Ew why?"

"Coz we're stupid without you." Harry said with a cheeky smile, his arms not quite reaching round his uncle and his godfather.

"Always knew I was the brains."

"Yes exactly how could you leave me with these two." Theo said, whose left arm was awkwardly placed between Sirius and Remus after he'd been dragged into the mix.

"So rude, why do we keep him again?" Sirius asked with a pout.

"Coz he has his awesome moments." Harry responded.

"Don't we all."

"Well you less so Pads, anyway how was last night without me?"

"Meh, we got through it alright, what about yours?"

"Got through it alright actually...are we gonna let go anytime soon or shall I just carry on talking?"

There was a breid silence.

"Keep talking." Sirius said leaning his head on his friend's shoulder and batting his eyes up at the man.

"Oh geroff me!" The brown eyes man said with a laugh and they all parted with wide smiles and sat down with expectant looks towards Remus who accepted a cup of coffee from Coodly with a smile.

"Hope they've not been driving you mad, Coodly."

"They is tough to manage, sir." The house elf said with a grin before leaving the men to their breakfast, much happier than they had been five minutes ago.