Someone To You

Chapter 1

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[1] Diagon Alley

The dark Manor stood upon a hill like a majestic castle looking like it belonged to some sort of rich family, not visible to people who did not know about the wizarding world. It was hidden to protect the wizards who lived there from intruders and curious muggles (non-magical people). Although it didn't guarantee any safety from other wizards who might not have the best intentions.

The family living in the impressive Manor was famous in their world. The Malfoys might not have been the most popular family in the world of magic but they could buy their way through anything.

The head of the family, Lucius Malfoy, was a former Death Eater who claimed to have been under the Imperius Curse while serving the Dark Lord. He had all the qualities you would expect from a rich pureblood Wizard (families with only wizards) under the name Malfoy.

His wife Narcissa was a direct descendant of the famous house of Black. Although she might have better qualities than her husband, she still was one of a kind.

They had two children; their youngest son, Draco, who could be the exact copy of Lucius as a young boy and their oldest daughter, Lyra, who wasn't anything like the rest of the family. She had her mothers long blonde hair and her fathers gray eyes but aside from that she could be mistaken as the daughter of someone else entirely. Lyra was as charming as her little brother, confident, intelligent and sometimes ahead of her age. She loved her family dearly but her father had never really been very important for her.

The day our story starts was a cloudy and rainy day with no sunshine whatsoever. It was early morning on a rather average Tuesday in July, when the young Malfoy girl came down the wide staircase into the great hall that was their dining room.

"Mother!?", she shouted looking around excitedly for the tall, blonde woman. A loud shattering noise was heard from behind her and Lyra turned around, not surprised to see her fathers house elf standing right in front of her. "Misses Malfoy wanted Dobby to tell the young Miss Malfoy that she would have to visit Diagon Alley with the little Mister Malfoy alone today, Miss. The Misses also wanted Dobby to inform the young Miss that she was allowed to buy anything required for her first year at Hogwarts, Miss.", the elf spoke in a rather squeaky voice.

Lyra's excitement died immediately. She didn't know why she had hoped her mother and father would actually accompany her and Draco on their little shopping tour to Diagon Alley. She didn't know what her parents were doing on a day like this but she didn't dare asking. So she only sighed and then nodded for Dobby to leave, who followed her orders immediately.

Lyra made her way up the staircase again before turning right and walking down a long corridor. She stopped in front of a large black wooden door and sighed again. She really had had hope for at least her mother to go with her for her first trip to Diagon Alley in assignment of Hogwarts. It wasn't like she didn't know her way around there, she basically knew the Alley by heart, it was just that she would be buying her wand today and that was something really special.

She sighed one last time before knocking on her brothers door five times and entering after hearing his call.

"Are you ready to go, Draco?... Mother and father won't be coming with us but we are still allowed to buy anything we need." Lyra smiled brightly at her nine-year old brother. Although he could be an arrogant brat sometimes she absolutely loved him. They had a really strong connection as siblings, ever since the day Draco was born.

The boy looked up at his older sister and seemed to think about whether he would comment on the fact that his parents were ditching them or not. He then decided against it and returned Lyra's smile with one evenly as bright. "I'm good to go. We'll have lots of fun today won't we? Remember that you promised me we wouldn't spend all day at 'Flourish & Blotts'! And you also said we would go to 'Quality Qudditch Supplies' and look at some brooms as well as go and visit Florean; we haven't seen him in ages! I mean I know we're going there to buy your wand and stuff, but still...", the young boy kept rambling while walking by his sister down the staircase and to their library.

They would use the Floo Powder System because Apparating wasn't an option with their parents not being there. While listening to her brother, who was still talking, but now about how excited he was to have their part of the Manor for himself for all of the following year, Lyra nonchalantly grabbed a hand full of Floo Powder and looked expectantly at her younger sibling. Draco immediately shut his mouth when he saw his sisters face. "Go on, Draco, get in. You'll go first so I can make sure you don't end up anywhere you shouldn't be."

Full of confidence Draco grabbed a hand full of the magical powder, threw it into the fireplace and stepped right into the now green flickering flames. Loudly and clearly he spoke the words 'Diagon Alley' before disappearing into the flames. Lyra, proud of her brother's improvement and of herself for not freaking out too much, did the same as Draco and in mere seconds she stood in the middle of the Floo Powdering Office of Diagon Alley.

This was the first time she had done it without any help by her parents or one of the house elves looking over her and she felt insanely proud of herself for it. She dusted her black robes off and looked around the office just to find Draco right next to a girl with dark brown hair. Lyra already knew that today would be a busy day at Diagon Alley. It wasn't as bad weather in London as it was in Wiltshire; the young girl could see the sun poking trough the windows of the room a little bit.

The new year at Hogwarts would be starting soon and some shops had amazing Sales going on, which brought many wizards here around this time a year.

Smiling, Lyra approached the young girl who stood in front of her parents and Draco. The man behind the girl looked up. Lyra saw that he wasn't really pleased to see her here. It was one of her fathers close allies and she had never really liked the man, although that feeling was seemingly mutual.

"Ah, the young Miss Malfoy, what a pleasure to see you here. Your brother already informed us about your situation, so if you would like to go with us for the day; we would be more than glad to help." Lyra wrinkled her nose. The man was talking in a voice that reminded her a lot of her fathers. The whole family in front of her looked rather displeased to see her here and she definitely didn't have a problem with that.

"No thank you, Mister Parkinson. Draco and I are here to buy my supplies for Hogwarts and we wouldn't want to keep you from enjoying you day to the fullest." Lyra smiled falsely at the old man before excusing herself and her brother from the family.

She had always disliked the Parkinsons and they had disliked her. She had been friends with the young girl, Pansy, through Draco a long time ago. But at some point the brown haired girl just became annoying and arrogant and Lyra decided she already had enough of that in her life.

And although Draco felt exactly the same way about Pansy, he still pretended to be friends with her. It was just something that he did. 'You never know when it will come in handy' he had said as an explanation. Lyra had just laughed and shrugged it off; that sounded strangely like a quote out of one of her books.

The siblings walked down the alley side by side and only stopped in front of a shop that wasn't as crowded as the others. The lettering over the wooden door said 'Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions' in beautiful letters.

Lyra sighed, this wasn't what she had hoped for. She had no idea how to approach the kind looking woman who stood behind the front desk and seemed to be scribbling something down in a notebook. Normally her mother would have done the talking; Lyra was not the best at it anyway. But her mother wasn't here and she already felt sorry for her brother who was not the most patient person in the world and today he would have to wait for more than once.

After sighing once more, Lyra opened the door and a bell rang. To her surprise the woman behind the desk didn't even expect her to say anything. Instead Madam Malkins face lit up and she gave Lyra a quick check down before approaching the young girl.

"Oh! Another Hogwarts student! And such a pretty one at that. These eyes– such beautiful eyes, really. And the hair– admirable! Your first year, young lady? I'm fairly sure it is- as far as I remember I haven't seen this pretty face in here or I would surely remember. - Follow me, dear! The usual isn't it? … If you would just stand here- I need to take you measurements." The woman seemed really excited to see Lyra in her shop- she didn't even notice Draco, who had moved a bit closer to his sister out of suspicion but know was forced into a seat by a young man, who looked like Madam Malkins' assistant.

While having her measurements taken by Madam Malkin, Lyra answered any question the witch had and took every compliment with a polite nod and a smile. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Draco who had his shoulders pulled back and his head held high; he didn't feel comfortable. Lyra didn't have to see him fully to know that. She hoped the kind-but a little overwhelming witch- wouldn't take too long with her robes. This was going to be a long day either way but it didn't have to be that bad for Draco.

Shortly after she had finished the thought, Madam Malkin smiled at her and told her that she was done. Lyra returned the polite smile and had to smirk as she heard the relieved sigh of her little brother who jumped out of the seat and walked up to the front desk with his sister. They paid 3 Galleons and 8 Sickles before heading towards the entrance door.

"Have fun at Hogwarts, dear. I don't lie when I tell you it is the most wonderful place on earth."

Before stepping out onto the street, Lyra gave the woman a short wave. She hadn't met someone so nice and positive for a while now.

Making sure Draco was right behind her, Lyra started making her way down the alley through the crowds. She hadn't expected so many people to be here after all. Usually Diagon Alley was less crowded and the place could be easily overlooked. Now you could hardly see the shops or even the lettering over the entrance doors.

The young Malfoy girl kept looking behind to ensure herself that her little brother didn't get lost.

The two siblings made their way through various shops, such as 'Potage's Cauldron Shop' and 'Amanuensis Quills'. After the course of two and a half hours only a few things from Lyra's Hogwarts letter were left to buy.

Draco had started complaining after they had left 'Scribbulus Writing Instruments'. First he started complaining about the heat which led the two to 'Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour', then he complained about how all day they'd been shopping for Lyra and not once had they looked for anything for him (not quite the truth)- which was why they went to 'Quality Quidditch Supplies' and bought him a new Broomstick Servicing Kit.

He had stopped complaining after that but when he saw which shop would be the next he groaned. He might not have hated 'Flourish & Blotts' all that much if it wouldn't have been his sisters favorite shop and she wouldn't spend endless hours in there.

Lyra, who obviously knew that her brother wasn't looking forward to their next stop, turned around and looked Draco in the eyes. "Look; I promise that this time isn't going to take all that long. I'm just going to get my school books and the books Mother has written down here, alright?- We'll be out of there before you can say Quidditch three times!" The girl smiled reassuringly at her little brother before walking into the book shop.

She immediately saw at least three books she wanted to grab and take with her but she could stop herself. She walked up to the front desk and smiled at the employee. The man smiled back at her. "Miss Malfoy, good to see you here again. Which book did you choose today?"

"I haven't yet and I probably won't. My brother's here with me and he isn't very patient. I'm here to pick up the books for my new year at Hogwarts and a few books my mother had ordered a few days ago." For some reason Lyra felt bad for talking to the old man so bluntly. She didn't intend to sound so rude she just knew that her brother was waiting and that was making her feel a bit uneasy.

To her surprise the old man didn't stop smiling- he looked rather pleased even.

"I expected as much, Ma'am." With a flick of his wand two separate stacks of books came flying onto the desk and landed in perfect order next to each other. "That will be 7 Galleons and 5 Sickles for you school books and 2 Galleons and 8 Sickels for your mothers order."

The young girl paid for her books before putting them in her cauldron and leaving the store.

She found Draco sitting on a bench reading a thin book (probably about Qudditch). After having a short argument about how long Lyra had been in 'Flourish & Blotts', which Lyra let Draco win, they made their way through the other shops.

They went to 'Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment' to get Lyra a brass scale and a telescope and to the Apothecary where they bought the glass phial for potions class.

Lyra also decided to buy a Tawny Owl as a pet in 'Eyelops Owl Emporium'- who she named Amelyn- much to Draco's dismay because he had to carry the owl who didn't seem to be very fond of the youngest Malfoy.

They both were packed with things and Lyra couldn't feel her left arm anymore- the cauldron with the books was way to heavy. The sun had already set behind the roofs of the many shops of Diagon Alley and the street was barely lightened up by the light of dawn.

The siblings stumbled down the street until stopping in front a shop with a black exterior. It was rather narrow and shabby. The gold lettering above the door read 'Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 BC.'

This would be the most exciting part of the whole day and even Draco stopped looking grumpy when they entered the shop. It was looking rather dark inside. There was a spindly chair in one corner of the shop which Draco quickly claimed for himself after putting Amelyn down carefully and throwing the other things carelessly next to the owl's cage. There was a noise that sounded strangely like a glass breaking and Lyra sighed- she would have to let that be repaired with magic.

She threw a strict glance at he brother- who just shrugged and leaned back in his seat- while setting down her cauldron and the package with owl treats, before standing in front of the black wooden desk in the middle of the shop. Lyra took a look around; there were thousands of narrow boxes piled neatly right up to the ceiling. She didn't have to guess more than once to know that each one held a wand that was special and different from all the other ones in the shop.

She jumped when she heard the sound of a soft voice which greeted her with a warming "Good Afternoon, Miss Malfoy."

In front of her stood an old man with white hair and wrinkles all over is face. Although he had rather dark circles under his eyes, he seemed more awake than Lyra or Draco at the moment.

Lyra had of course heard about the famous Ollivander from her parents but she hadn't imagined him to know her name. He had probably seen thousands of wizards in his life- why would he know her name?

She was pretty sure that she hadn't voiced her thought out loud but she still got an answer by the old man.

"Ah, I have been told not to do that anymore- people claim it scares people. You are just so unmistakably your mothers daughter. Fourteen inches long, not very flexible, dragon heartstring core, walnut wood- very loyal wand, won't be easy to get rid of."

Lyra couldn't do anything but nod. She couldn't know if it was true what Mr. Ollivander was telling her but his big eyes scared her. Suddenly she felt rather uneasy.

When she took a glance at her little brother she saw that he had closed his eyes and was snoring lightly. That didn't reassure her either.

"Ah, I see that the young Mr. Malfoy has taken a trip into a rather light sleep. Oh well- we will be done in less than ten minutes I'm sure. … Let me see-"

The man suddenly was in the back of his shop and seemed to take a look at a few wands. Lyra could only hope that the right wand would find her rather quickly. It wasn't just that she didn't really feel comfortable in the dusty shop- she was also really tired and needed to get some sleep. She suddenly felt jealous of her little brother for being able to take a quick nap, as long as his sister was waiting on her wand.

"Ah, let's try this one- 11 inches, dragon heartstring core, mahogany wood. Just give it a short wave." Ollivander handed her the white wand and then looked at the young girl curiously.

Lyra hesitated but then did as told- much to everyone's dismay. The wand maker quickly snapped the wand out of Lyra's hand and the young girl heard a gasp behind her. Draco had woken up- it seemed like everyone had felt the weird energy coming from Lyra when she held that wand.- She wondered if it had meant anything or if it was completely normal for a wand to give such energy when he was held by the wrong person.

Mr. Ollivander had hurried into the back of his shop again, as he didn't seem very pleased with what had just occurred.

He came back with two other boxes in his hand. "Let us try this one, Miss Malfoy- ebony and unicorn hair, eight and a half inches, springy.- Go on, don't worry."

Hesitating again, Lyra waved the wand- feeling a bit foolish- and the eyes of her brother on her back. Almost instantly after the quick wave, Mr. Ollivander reached for the wand in her hand and shook his head.

The old man kept murmuring things like 'A Malfoy's wand hasn't been so hard to find in ages' or 'No, no- this surely won't be it' while unpacking another wand and eyeing it suspiciously.

"No offense to you or your family, Miss Malfoy, but if this wand is the right one I will be surely surprised. Go on- give it a wave!"

Lyra wanted to ask what the ancient wand maker had meant by that but was distracted as she felt warmth embracing her whole body while being handed another wand.

For some reason the young witch knew that this was the right one.

Mr. Ollivander suddenly had a big smile on his wrinkled face. "Ah- good things can be expected from you, Miss Malfoy. This wand is black walnut wood with a unicorn hair core, twelve inches long and reasonable supple flexibility. It's not the easiest to be mastered, Miss Malfoy, which surely tells us a lot about you. It belongs to someone with good instincts and powerful insight. Although, it does have a quirk- which I am sure you won't need to worry about- The wand will loose his power drastically if the possessor should practice any self-deception." The man suddenly went very serious again. "Don't be fooled by your environment, young lady. It is not important what your family expects of you if it just doesn't feel right."

Confused Lyra stared at the old man- what the hell did he mean by that? He surely couldn't know the future, could he?

Unbothered by the sudden confusion of his customer, Mr. Ollivander struck another smile. "That would be 7 Galleons, Miss. Have a good night."

Lyra handed the gray haired man the money before waving him a hesitant goodbye and leaving the store with her brother- again packed full with things.

"What did that old git mean by saying that, Lyra? Why would he think our family's expectations wouldn't feel right for you?", Draco asked with a sneer and looked at the narrow store as if it had been packed to the brim with Muggles.

Lyra only sighed and frowned slightly at the lettering above the shop. "I don't know, Draco.- I don't know."

Author's Note: Thanks so much for reading through this very long Prologue with me. I hope you enjoined and as this is my first story on this site I would appreciate you Feedback very much.

I will try to stick to canon as much as I can. You can also look for hidden meanings in details I give throughout the story if you are interested ;)